Juiced UP with Tom Segura | Chris Distefano Presents: Chrissy Chaos | EP 10 

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WELCOME to Chrissy Chaos!
This episode Chrissy Chaos is chatting with Tom Segura! THINGS GET WILD! The boys talk about steroids and how they wish athletes were just allowed to use them! MAKE SPORTS GREAT AGAIN. Chris talks about the side effects he had from his steroid use. How much better you feel after you loose weight. Leading man face best friend bodies. Tom and Chris talk about how much it sucks to be embarrassed of your body. They share a few stories about how their bodies have embarrassed them over the years. Some WILD stories about Chris' dad. Chris thought Tom was from Ecuador but he's not! Chris read him facts about Ecuador anyway. 48 LAWS OF POWER gets real this week. Then they close out the show on an anxiety tuesday break about how Tom was affected by the BRUTAL injury he had recently.
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Apr 6, 2021




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chrisdcomedy 8 days ago
Impossible is Just An Opinion
Chrissy...Que te pica mi amor? Miss you Bbcito...😘
Jordan Jae
Jordan Jae 4 days ago
Andrew Sykes
Andrew Sykes 5 days ago
Costone90 5 days ago
@chrisdcomedy - why are you shouting, we’re all right here
Dave Hockenberry
Dave Hockenberry 6 days ago
@Bittaminsooo stoked
The Vinny Capp
The Vinny Capp 6 hours ago
Love the 48 Laws Of Power segment 🤘🏻🔥
Hugh Jainis
Hugh Jainis 12 hours ago
Those ads are way too long.
Jon Guev
Jon Guev 14 hours ago
Viva Ecuador
jrr2146 16 hours ago
Chrissy: there are absolutely no negative effects to taking steroids *spends the rest of the podcast talking about all the negative long term effects of taking steroids*
Christopher Montalbano
Oh my fucking god now they are talking about breaking bones oh my fucking god so fucking relatable these guys get it I thought nobody knew
Richard O'Leary
Richard O'Leary 16 hours ago
You can't get cancelled in therapy. 👍
Christopher Montalbano
Oh my fucking god I cannot relate to these two talking about their body types more than anything, I thought I was the only one
Austin G
Austin G 17 hours ago
Chrissy, you and the Seguras are great together. I am really looking forward to your career. If I could buy stock in Chrissy Chaos, I would buy the stonk.
Hunter White
Hunter White 19 hours ago
I don't think the Ecuadorians gave African Americans freedom
On The Gunline Podcast
Just found this pod...This has become top 5 podcasts!
Jarvis Sdot
Jarvis Sdot 21 hour ago
Tom always reminds me of will forte they could be brothers
jalal Nowhereman
jalal Nowhereman 21 hour ago
These girls, talking about their weight.
John Lynch
John Lynch Day ago
love the close up camera shots
Wake and Bake Now
Christie comedy. Got it 👍
Snoozer tbh
Burrito Jack
Burrito Jack Day ago
If life was fair Chris's pop's would've materialized during their starbucks, south-west-veggie-scramble convo.Lmao
Joe Pipito
Joe Pipito Day ago
Tom lookin good Chris always lookin good
Matthew Allum
It's nice to see Tom finish a sentence and enjoy a conversation. Fire Bart
L5P JP Day ago
Half the episode was ads lol
Jesse Santos
Jesse Santos Day ago
Lmao 💀 💀 Leroy
Robert Foglia
Come to Denver Chrissy bitch hips
Stacey Armes
Stacey Armes 2 days ago
Chrissy totally looks like he lost weight. Or is it the tan?
Z Corrupter
Z Corrupter 2 days ago
wow, Tom has a guy who talks more than Bernt Chrysler on a Podcast with him! What if Bernt and Destafno do a pod together ? Will the universe end ??????
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 2 days ago
Is this guy on speed on top of roids? 😆
Ysabella C
Ysabella C 2 days ago
Toms so chill every time he goes on a podcast he turns into the host 😂
Enders Gone
Enders Gone 2 days ago
4mgs of nicotine is actually pretty intense for a gum, lol
D. Almeida
D. Almeida 2 days ago
I cant believe Brenda Schaub can compete with this guy... Chrissie is hilarious!!!
Paul M
Paul M 2 days ago
You’re Everywhere Babe!! ... Chrissy Content!!
Paul M
Paul M 2 days ago
I think i should reply to me , soo that i can see how fucking loose I’ve got again .. on my first week off the goodtimes 😅
RuthlessRogCBD 2 days ago
Discovered you thru Tommy Bunz and love your stuff. Hilarious💚🤘subbed
James Winter
James Winter 2 days ago
I hope Chrissy Chaos take roids again and hires Tank Sinatra to train and gets fucking Yoked and gets movie a big part. Then when he’s on a talk show instead of saying blah blah 2 sessions a day chicken and broccoli he can just be like Steroids bro everyone’s on steroids.
Jordan Veillon
Jordan Veillon 2 days ago
We don't deserve Chris!!! I've been putting so many of my friends on him. Dude is just so naturally funny.
Daniel Dominkush
Daniel Dominkush 2 days ago
I just imagine mac’s dad from always sunny every time chris talks about his father
jayknight139 3 days ago
A lil ad heavy but content is epic.
Cursive 3 days ago
Two unfunny's don't make a funny.
MotherAce 3 days ago
Nobody ever told Chrissy Manboobs that steroids causes tits in men?
E 3 days ago
we all know Tim Dillon is only coming to LA to pod with Chris
Michael The Chairman
This is one of my favorite podcasts! CHRISSY CHAOS IS A KING! YASSSSS!
Michael The Chairman
Get a little closer to that mic Tommy! 😂
Susan Thursdays
Susan Thursdays 3 days ago
I believe that Chris has tried, but try, try again, cuz YOUR LIFE IS WORHTY OF an award winning Comedy - is whichever form you see fit (you can ‘SELL IT’) - cash in , Make Dadddy proud - OMG!!! YOU HAVE TO CONNECT your DAD (Chris) with Cigar DAVE, “THE GENERAL” who Broadcasts via Radio Staions from Tampa, to Buffalo , NY every Saturday from 12noon to 2pm Eastern Time - IS ALL OLD SCHOOL PATRIACH, RESPECT!!!! Great Cigars if Dad is down to smoke or, a great whiskey/bourdon/cognac ..... CHRIST CHRISS, details DONT MATTER .. ARE THE PERSONALITIES- YOUR DAD & CIGAL General or CORNAL DAVE ” is the most OLD SCHOOL, PATRIARCHAL MAN, LIVING IN FL - ARRANGE IT - and Make IT HAPPEN FOR YOUR DAD!, CHRIS!!!! IS THE LEAST YOU Can DO = WIL BE EPIC!!! GET YOUR PEOPLE to reach DAVE’s radio People (i believe based in Tampa) ... and JUST, GET IT DONE, CHRISSY!! YOU”LL make YOURE DAD THE HAPPIEST MAN ON THE PLANET. -- Promise ME YOU WILL HOOK HIM UP W/ the Coronal!!!! yOU owe it to you’re DAD; Distefano! Get it DONE!!!! - you can hold it over him for years (not jk, will BE PERFECT, given what I KNOW OF YOUR DAD’s PERSONALITY!!!!! I’m going to hound ya! SO DONT MAKE ME!!!!!! I SWEAR, I LISTEN EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON via, old SCHOOL , AM ‘TALK RADIO” - Now I’ve missed a few months, this year BUT THAT’s NOT YOUR EXCUSE ,,, SO DO IT!!! We gonna be fckin your ASS , til I hear DiSTEFANO/ SR. Over the AM Radio Waves on Saturday NoON - 2pm!!! THIS IS A SACREMNT!!!! GET IT DONE CRHISSY!!!!! NO EXCUXES!!!!! IS MEANT TO BE, IS YOUR DAD”S LEGACY WAITING FOR HIM TO COME!!!! General (Cigar DAVE) , General, Col ... whatever - Cigar DAVE!!! AM RADIO, Sat noon - 2pm -- GET THIS TO CHRISSY BEFORE HIS FATHER FINDS OUT, it’ll Break his heart! We CANT let that Happen! - ON US-first - @Cigar Dave - US-first channel: Cigar Dave Show
Carlito Uptown 👟
Big bro can you do a podcast with your dad please
Jason Moser
Jason Moser 3 days ago
Are we sure Adam Sandler isn’t Chrissys Dad...🧐
Samuel Graebe
Samuel Graebe 3 days ago
Papa Distefano moved to Florida and didn’t say nothing based on rule #3!
Micah James
Micah James 3 days ago
Fuck man I wish they had more time!! Both these guys can click with anybody and they had perfect energy together. Sucks they had to rush it at the end. We need Ecuadorian Sénior Segura round 2
cybertree 3 days ago
Those zoom in reaction shots are just **chefs kiss** mwah, what every podcast needs. Nice touch Chrissy Chaos.
Anthony Pelletier
To be honest toms injury got me to start losing weight, doing mobility shit and stretching cause he got fuuuuuuuuucked
John 3 days ago
I enjoy listening to Chris but I have to listen to him at 25% volume to not get ear cancer. Much love from Sweden.
Michael K
Michael K 3 days ago
You can definitely carry an episode fully solo, like burr or theo, I hope you'll try it at some point.
Jordan Wood
Jordan Wood 3 days ago
I wonder what Chrissy’s dad would say about Tom weeping because he had a broken bone 🏳️‍🌈
Andrew White
Andrew White 3 days ago
Words to rebuild the nation: "Some people should just shut the fuck up..."
Andrew White
Andrew White 3 days ago
I love Chrissy Chaos, fast paced, info driven, energy! Makes me feel awake.
EDDO 3 days ago
Juicing = small pee pee dont ever admit on air
Magottx 3 days ago
this fk is the definition of "loud is funny" so annoying
Dave 3 days ago
I need more Chrissy podcasts. Laughing my ass off while driving by myself.
Baracuss 3 days ago
Brent looks in good shape today
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson 3 days ago
Who tf cuts your hair bro? My pops hates it when I look like a bitch..
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson 3 days ago
Let me be a guest. Your father is fucking hilarious.
Rob Pane
Rob Pane 3 days ago
Roids=puffy nipples
Tyler Mulvihill
Tyler Mulvihill 3 days ago
Ayyy Chrissy, were you doing P.T at the Hospital for Special Surgery, back in 2013-16?
Heitor Alves
Heitor Alves 3 days ago
side effect : of steroides tities
michael coelho
michael coelho 4 days ago
Is Chris's parents Adam Sandler and Ben Affleck??
Rob Kosha
Rob Kosha 4 days ago
It's this running at 120% speed or are the on cocaine?
David Lloyd Miller
In 2021 does Distefano only have 10 episodes in his podcast. Little late to the game no? You gonna invest in Apple now also?
Ross Hart
Ross Hart 4 days ago
So good!
Caitie W
Caitie W 4 days ago
Get fat or Chris Pratt
enlightenedapple 4 days ago
fucking pure entertainment. thanks Tom and Chris.
Angie b
Angie b 4 days ago
This energy is great
Angie b
Angie b 4 days ago
2 dad bods I could get around
lucy evelyn
lucy evelyn 4 days ago
my name isn't common so it feels so weird when i hear strangers say it
Jack Landon
Jack Landon 4 days ago
Back Acne and Hair Loss and Gyno other then that just do your research and work hard!
Stoke Heart
Stoke Heart 4 days ago
full idiocracy
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath 4 days ago
"48 laws of power" is an awesome book to read fyi
Simon Leak
Simon Leak 4 days ago
Chrissy d the big body shotty abusing tommys lobby, it is what it is
Tiffany Wolfe
Tiffany Wolfe 4 days ago
I guess I really did come here to watch Tom Segura talk for a whole 5 mins
bryquan 4 days ago
holy shit your outro is really similar to dunkey's this is a chicken wing. that non-copyright music
SUP BRO 4 days ago
Call black coffee George floyd. Cream would be shouvin. Lmao!
DIVINE 4 days ago
That one unexpected close up of Tom at @10:06 has me crying
C A 4 days ago
Don’t do it! Steroids = no balls
Adriel Compean
Adriel Compean 4 days ago
“Oh man, yeah, if my pops could read he’d be reading everyday.” 😂 😂
X. Y.
X. Y. 4 days ago
Doesn’t make a dent! Is this the right Chris?
Macy V
Macy V 4 days ago
Come on chris tell us are you really Marvin Vittori#ufc 😁😁
Aaron Cutting
Aaron Cutting 4 days ago
Something tells me that black people in Ecuador aren't called African-American.
Ray White
Ray White 4 days ago
My fitness pal for real works. I was 330lbs now I'm 250 and going
Matt Grafmuller
Matt Grafmuller 4 days ago
I'm convinced his dad is Karl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
William Cutting
William Cutting 4 days ago
41:20 now imagine not being able to pay for any of it, especially PT. Then the doc gives you pain killers and pushes you out the door.
ObiPwnShinobi 4 days ago
Force Geek
Force Geek 4 days ago
Where has this been all my life?
Jon F
Jon F 5 days ago
The big guy paradox. Every skinny guy wants to be big. Every big guy wants to be skinny. I’m 230. Same everyone thinks I’m shredded. Best friend bod gang
hardcore tj
hardcore tj 5 days ago
i love this guy his awsome
James Fuqua
James Fuqua 5 days ago
This is worlds better than 2Bears.
Savannah Cranford Gonzales
I didn’t know any of that about physical therapists. You guys should do an episode going in depth on that whole topic. Speaking from a patient perspective and a therapists perspective, throw Dr. Drew in there...
Jeremy Duddles
Jeremy Duddles 5 days ago
Oh man, can’t wait to hear the same content as the last 3 weeks on every other podcast in their same circle jerk
Cloutless Bafoon
Cloutless Bafoon 5 days ago
said my hometown of waukegan wrong lmaooo
IGOR 5 days ago
6:42 hahahahahhaahah
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 5 days ago
Honestly I think if Chris would die his hair blue he'd have much more success! 💙
CalypsoRaz 5 days ago
Chris is easily one of the funniest, most charismatic comics I've ever seen
Tyler Petty
Tyler Petty 5 days ago
That last line!! Nice joke Christopher
Ron Ward
Ron Ward 5 days ago
Love how Chris is starting to get his just dues my dude deserves everything coming to him. Love this dude.
Lance Duggar
Lance Duggar 5 days ago
Here comes the more plates more dates reaction
The Dwight Mamba
The Dwight Mamba 5 days ago
I personally believe a little bit of steroids would be good for everyone.