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An angry Chris Arreola reacts to his loss over Andy Ruiz Jr, as he cant believe how the judges scored his fight and goes off on them! As Chris Arreola gives Andy Ruiz credit for his win but feels the fight was alot closer than what the judges had it
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Alberto Osuna
Alberto Osuna 8 hours ago
Ahora las quijadas se llaman guantes yo mire todos los golpes que te entraron lloron mira la repetición de la pelea y pídele disculpas a tu hijo por tu lenguaje
Бунша 13 hours ago
He is right.
kevin ramirez
kevin ramirez 17 hours ago
He is still a champion to me.respect for that guy.
wes dryden
wes dryden 19 hours ago
In the thumbnail he doesn’t look real
Willie Beamen 2x
Willie Beamen 2x 20 hours ago
Hang em up Chris , you have never won a big fight ya known for Crying and getting ya pumpkin swollen, go buy ya a food truck you and ya son can sell tacos ....but boxing your a never was
Issac Ben Avram
Issac Ben Avram 20 hours ago
What are you doing with your 4 year old child talking like a dirty sailor? Shame on you exposing your child like that.
Larry Lamonts
Larry Lamonts 21 hour ago
He's got the right to be pissed. His old ass clearly worked hard as hell, got himself in great shape,fought a good fight only to be disrespected with such wide cards. Judging is a problem that's made it clear it ain't going to change
Sami 23 hours ago
0:28 that’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard. lol
WakeUp. TV
WakeUp. TV Day ago
Yeah the judging was very off. Only won round. He took 4-5 rounds easy
Thanos 809
Thanos 809 Day ago
Wowwwwww, I’m not surprised his kid gonna be just like him, nice mouth in from of ur kid... 🤦
Leon Banner
Leon Banner Day ago
Chris why didn’t you cry 😢 like this when wilder was Cheating you the whole fight.You talking about hit in a glove when wow wilder was hit u with the full arm really got hit and lost 😞 La you should of come back on wilder with your dirty game but no you got him hit 🙋‍♀️ in you with the full inside four arm that’s how you eyes 👀 Swoll up the first time in the fight you know what I’m talking bout you should of bitch on the judge’s 👩‍⚖️ then or come out at wilder blaze in but you didn’t. And now you got beat Straight up you crying Andy beat you nigga hands 🤚🏿 up
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Day ago
He’s a G
His son at minute 3:00 hes asking to god Let me out of here before i get rapped too Like my dad 😂🤣🤣🤣
Mohammed Rizwan
Feel for him, it's not all about the Money for people like him. He should get the respect he deserves from the Judges.
Y M Day ago
Biggest sore loser 🤦
BAMBAM Jackson
Ong man judges bullshit
Alberto Gonzalez
Andy my man here but before Andy there was Chris not just cause he go way back but because of his work ethics and skill too!!! He right on this one!!!🤟🏽👊🏾
Jason Forsyth
He’s son is clearly use to some poor language at home.
Srt8loco392 Day ago
And he is taking about respect talkin bad words in from of his son not good buddy👎🏽
Phalcon Spring
Bruh i fw this man he is real af dude. This guy is a good guy and im sad he feels the way he feels. He deserves better
He's got a valid point; judges in boxing suck! There has to be ways to make it a much fairer system. These guys give and sacrifice too much to be heartlessly cheated the way they are.
Mikaele Manua
One knock down doesn’t factor weather you win or lose you can clearly see Andy won the last few rounds by points cause he clearly was getting hit pretty hard by Andy those last few rounds he was eating then but still was getting hit a lot!
k 123
k 123 Day ago
Stupid dude... Hitting gloves is not a point, but you letting him hit you is no point as well.
Guile Miran
Guile Miran 2 days ago
BIG REDD chronicles
I can tell how these ppl talk in front of they kids is the reason why they grow up fucked up in life!
El_Pinche_ Gordo
El_Pinche_ Gordo 2 days ago
I agree 100%
Marcus Morrison
Marcus Morrison 2 days ago
Talking such trash in front of his kid is disgusting. What kind of father is this man? The child should never hear this type of filth coming from any adults mouth, let alone his papa? Trashy human being.
Nick M
Nick M 2 days ago
Arreola is stuck going back to fighting in backyards
Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill 2 days ago
Would you say Arreola won more then 2 rounds though maybe 3 ?
Oluyemi Ogun
Oluyemi Ogun 2 days ago
He said Andy was in great shape and will beat AJ, but did not beat him, AJ will beat anyone right now, you’re not even in the same class, Wilder beat you with one hand lol, Areola is getting old I think he should retire, Ruiz out boxed him he should take the loss like a man and stop disrespecting AJ
tom cats
tom cats 2 days ago
This kid is like...just a normal dad vocabulary, why do people look weird at us??😁😁
Farque Matthews
Farque Matthews 2 days ago
So sad hes career is practically over, all he doing now is collecting paycheck for rent.
Chilla The Lad
Chilla The Lad 2 days ago
For crying out loud don’t rape this man
infamous kuwan
infamous kuwan 2 days ago
Always with his PENDEJO attitude I'm right foo
Ryan Machowski
Ryan Machowski 2 days ago
His son is soo well behaved. I would too with an old man like him. LoL straight up the ass LoL bro your kid is on your knee eh!
James 2 days ago
*Kid goes to school* "These teachers give me no fucking respect, I would have got all A's if they had blindfinds on..."
lewisyates_ 1021
lewisyates_ 1021 2 days ago
His nose tho 🤫😂
Martin Johnson
Martin Johnson 2 days ago
Lost the fight but wins parent of the year 😂
Antoniie Jimenez
Antoniie Jimenez 2 days ago
Wait he wanted to cry 😂😂😂😂 is not fair look at his eyes and Wait he’s F this F that F Judges in front of your kid..!!!! He lost big time he was complaining about his left arm been broken..!
Duane H.H. Lyon
Duane H.H. Lyon 2 days ago
Jesus Christ Saves!
Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts 2 days ago
Keep your head up man. Fuck em judges, you're the one in there doing it! Great fight
Cry baby ass foo
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez 2 days ago
Teaching his kid that its ok to be a cry baby.
Johnathan Andrus
Johnathan Andrus 2 days ago
Judge scored the fight right at 117-110. Chris can only blame himself for lack of output. Once he dropped him, he started waiting too much looking for the same counter shot again. Youd have to be stretching to try and give him more than 2-3 rounds. I understand the rounds werent lopsided or anything there were many close rounds, but only 1 guy can get the round, and when scoring round by round this is how it goes. The score doesnt always give a good representation of what happened in the fight. If every round was close but 1 guy barely won every round it looks like a blowout on cards. Just cuz you knock someone down and hurt him in rd 2-3 but get stalked and outworked for every round after that its gonna be an L.
Dane Name
Dane Name 2 days ago
"They rape me and don't even kiss me", the fuck lol. You rape someone before my guy?
ray edmonds
ray edmonds 2 days ago
What a beautiful looking boy. God bless him!
slimey salinas
slimey salinas 2 days ago
I want to see andy ruiz reaction to this video lol
Chris Maronen
Chris Maronen 2 days ago
Chris won maybe 3 rounds and had a knockdown vs Andy. Regarding what they scored he still would have lost, I don't understand his scoring defense even if he won 5 rounds he still would have lost. Andy outboxed him .
manuel vanegas
manuel vanegas 2 days ago
He's fucking right bro
manuel vanegas
manuel vanegas 2 days ago
I love andy but Chris deserve a rematch
manuel vanegas
manuel vanegas 2 days ago
But I agree with you you definitely won more rounds then 1
manuel vanegas
manuel vanegas 2 days ago
The crowd was on your side
manuel vanegas
manuel vanegas 2 days ago
Nah bro all they saying is you def won 3 but some was tied and the rest canelo rounds
Bosco _ Bosco
Bosco _ Bosco 2 days ago
Classy dad...
L Capo
L Capo 2 days ago
#ChrisAreola speaking #facts about the judges in boxing are trash af, the nba improved with the refs significantly to be more accurate and accountable and boxing definitely needs a shakeup in every way from the judges to the boxing commissions with these gloves 🥊 as well cuz the shit is out of control
bryce bronson II
bryce bronson II 2 days ago
Should have been a lot closer than what the judges called it. Maybe split discission I was thinking
J HAWK 2 days ago
Wow who ever got into your head before this interview is making you look like an ass! You lost and not by a debatable margin! There is no doubt Andy won and here you are shaming your people! Shameful
Jimson Ford
Jimson Ford 2 days ago
He looks like a slimmer twin Brother of Ruiz
W C 2 days ago
I can't disagree with him. He is not claiming he won the fight. He is saying score a bout fairly and tell the proper story on the score cards. All fighters put themselves at great risk to do this, have enough respect to take scoring seriously.
Tony Okafor
Tony Okafor 2 days ago
The face is so funny you cant tell if he's Mexican or Arab!
grease addiktz
grease addiktz 2 days ago
Javier Landeros
Javier Landeros 3 days ago
I’m a Ruiz fan. But. Arreola is right. They didn’t give him the credit he deserved
Raw Woo
Raw Woo 3 days ago
You're a good role model for that son of yours talking like that
Kenny Belew
Kenny Belew 3 days ago
Everyone who is all butthurt that he’s cussing 😂
Jose Araiza
Jose Araiza 3 days ago
Too bad Arreola didn't take his earlier boxing career as seriously as he did this fight. Arreola for once looked like a real professional heavyweight boxer; in shape, sharp and fluid. This can't be said for the majority of his earlier fights. I hope he made some money from this fight and his previous fights because I would hate to see him end up another burnt out, dirt poor fighter with not all of his senses. So far it looks and sounds like Arreola is doing well physically...best of luck to him, I hope he retires now and that is one well behaved young son he has. I wish my son would have been that well behaved when he was that age. Credit to you and his mom for raising such a well behaved and polite young son.
abzinho10 karim
abzinho10 karim 3 days ago
Arreola is deluded...
abzinho10 karim
abzinho10 karim 3 days ago
His son is deaf.
robert williams
robert williams 3 days ago
Bubba Gump The Shrimpboat captain
Didn't get to see the fight but heard about the knock down. So i won't judge, but if what he says is true its boxing politics. Ruiz can bring in a big payday for the powers that be if he fights a Tyson Fury or Deontaye Wilders voltron suit havin a$$.
richard granado
richard granado 3 days ago
Rematch. This is boxing.
Santana, WA State MF 420
His son looks just as mad as him lol
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 3 days ago
Pinchi llorooonnnnnn
PINCHE CABRON 3 days ago
His son straight giving everyone the middle finger on the downlow in 2:00😂😂😂
James Mcdonnell
James Mcdonnell 3 days ago
Set up your own boxing le league
We Post Viral Videos
Yung Gandpa
Yung Gandpa 3 days ago
4:15 he def caught him more then 2 times😂 but I do agree the judges weren’t too fair to him
Antonio Villalobos
Sore looser...I give him 3 rounds at the most. Thats no way to show sportmanship to his son...take your lose like a real man and get back in there and train harder. Sucka material...
bigheadrhino 3 days ago
Maybe judges should be graded based on how their scores match up with post fight video analysis. Judges shouldn’t be allowed to officiate big events unless they have the highest “grades”.
Desmond Blade
Desmond Blade 3 days ago
I love Chris man Wish I could drink a beer with him lol
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 3 days ago
no lube... thats effed up
Leap Som
Leap Som 3 days ago
No fairs/justice around the world
Jax Cat
Jax Cat 3 days ago
Arreola means titty nipple area
Dj Borracho
Dj Borracho 3 days ago
Good parenting cussing in front of ur kid
Dj Borracho
Dj Borracho 3 days ago
Daaammm BIG ears lol
Joseph Armenta
Joseph Armenta 3 days ago
Sore loser never leave it for the judges plus you should have learn to win on points
John Treadwell
John Treadwell 3 days ago
That’s why you never leave it to the judges. That’s his own fault for not being better
Keith Carey
Keith Carey 3 days ago
Why is your face messed up if you didn't get hurt.lolz Chris come in dude
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 3 days ago
No black eyes but look at your nose
gg allin
gg allin 3 days ago
arreola needs to get his kids ears pinned back, geez imagine if the kid grows with arreolas nose as well
gg allin
gg allin 3 days ago
swearing in front of his kid, by the way he clearly lost the fight
M V 3 days ago
Cry baby! 😆
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 3 days ago
I am getting tired of these unfair judges in the sport of boxing. The scorecard was way tf off and especially since Chris was hurting Ruiz more than one time!
Clark Wayne
Clark Wayne 3 days ago
Terrible father. I'm glad he lost. Make Hispanics look bad. He know he gonna cuss everyone out but still puts his son on his lap. He need to have "Accountability"
El Cid71Garcia
El Cid71Garcia 3 days ago
IMO Ruiz hurt Arreola with the punch in the blade of his back. Definitely affected his shoulder, I just had shoulder replacement 3 1/2 weeks ago and that shit hurt me just watching his cringed up face when he got let his hands loose in the many melees they had. Shoulder pain aint no joke.
Corey redding
Corey redding 3 days ago
Great way to speak in front of your kid!
Mauricio Gutierrez
Mauricio Gutierrez
There's ways of losing and he knows he lost one of the most important things is that that Andy did was show companionship to his fellow partner for 40 years in the business being that said he showed compassionate he didn't want to knock him out he showed respect and he did so for him to talk bad and say all those negative things that's a horrible thing to do specially what his son in his hands bad role model really really disappointed to watch his attitude towards his loss
Jonathan Dusty
Jonathan Dusty 3 days ago
What a great fight! I think it was close so proud of you Chris. You are a amazing boxer! You deserve a few more rounds for sure. Please fight Wilder I know you would smoke him. God bless
78mcfc 3 days ago
No chance his lad cant hear it with the size of his luggs.
protopigeon 3 days ago
That kid's haircut is child abuse