JSR Funny Moments - Best of 2020! 

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JSRMAS is on the horizon, so I thought I'd share with you my favorite JSR moments of 2020!
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Reacting To The FUNNIEST 2HYPE Moments
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Reacting to SUS 2HYPE Moments!
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Nov 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Master RJ
Master RJ Month ago
4:31 now he yells this all the time
kohxyn Month ago
haq469leq ;pip'feb
The drunk statement incidentally disappear because gallon contrarily arrest following a sincere ex-husband. superficial, illegal taxi
Dubs Sports
Dubs Sports Month ago
4:03 made me laugh so hard.
Noah Labbe
Noah Labbe Month ago
I spilled my drink when that scary thing popped up
Ball Player32
Ball Player32 Month ago
7:14 OGS know
BudderCreeperz Month ago
The boxer portal is so classic 😭😭
spxmm :p
spxmm :p Month ago
2hype goated.
Karanbir Ghotra
Karanbir Ghotra Month ago
Why are his comments off?
Luke Dunxan
Luke Dunxan Month ago
VGR L Month ago
Rip from the new vid and real ones know why Jesser has used that portal
Iamcasey Month ago
Jacob Abraham you not a real one
Jacob Abraham
Jacob Abraham Month ago
What portal
C B Month ago
RIP for the new vids comment section 🙏
Elite Sports
Elite Sports Month ago
@Jacob Abraham Yt does it on their own most of the time
Elite Sports
Elite Sports Month ago
@Jacob Abraham He didn’t
Jacob Abraham
Jacob Abraham Month ago
Why he disable it
Yamil Vidal
Yamil Vidal Month ago
hey jesser
Teresita Puno
Teresita Puno Month ago
Six pack by December
Dominic Mcknight
3:57😂😂 wtf
Alexander Zilora
React to king of nut shots
Logan Gaffney
Logan Gaffney Month ago
4:37 Jesser” no one just yells disappointed after being disappointed. Also Jesser in the fast food vids. “DISAPPOINTEDDDDDDDDD
Isaac Horsman
Isaac Horsman Month ago
jesser we love u man
Khalid Elmi
Khalid Elmi Month ago
That lady sacred the crap at of me 🤬🤬🤬🤬😂
Benas Miliauskas
six pack by december?
Tucker Guerrero
Tucker Guerrero Month ago
The pause scene bro
Ian Swanson
Ian Swanson Month ago
What happened to daily JSR
Zaux N
Zaux N Month ago
3:58 sus sus
Greyson N
Greyson N Month ago
Time lapse of Jesse getting skinnier
Julio08M Month ago
69 dislikes nice
msi snipez
msi snipez Month ago
you are my favert youtuber keep griding bro you are gonna get bigger and bigger
Elijah Lester
Elijah Lester Month ago
Tell Siri 112
ProjectRedHawk Month ago
The good old days lol
Deven Hiraoka-Lee
even though you didn't do that good in the golf challenge just be proud that with the limited amount of time training and playing golf for one of the first times getting out of your comfort zone is pretty impressive. Not many people would try to attempt that.
Aaron Mendoza
Aaron Mendoza Month ago
Can we get another try not to flinch? It's kinda funny seeing Jesse get scared
That Boy Brian
That Boy Brian Month ago
JSRMAS is going to be INSANE
Vin Chiofalo
Vin Chiofalo Month ago
Jesse I love you
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball Month ago
Boxers story never gets old
James Power
James Power Month ago
His face makes me want to cry
Mason Gnagie
Mason Gnagie Month ago
Dude the boxer story is legit the best story ever
Rip juicewrld And chad
You jumping from the woman running at the screen scared me
James Martin
James Martin Month ago
RNW. JEYSKII 2 months ago
Candy ken might be normal now look at his tiktoka
Brian ok
Brian ok 2 months ago
Nate 😂 😂 😂 😂
TD Tony
TD Tony 2 months ago
Jesse should react to the Bryce Hall yt lol
Munir Ahmed
Munir Ahmed 2 months ago
Raymond Bacolot
Raymond Bacolot 2 months ago
Where is Jesser’s Cold War live stream at?
2k Tryhard
2k Tryhard 2 months ago
10:54 what vid was this??
MRPOTATO DUDE. 2 months ago
Can you do something for me........... can you react to morgs mum doing distract on morgs please it will be funny and also can you please do it with Michel
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 2 months ago
165,000th viewer
Mattzy 2 months ago
5:50 is the best
Mr Right
Mr Right 2 months ago
Starts out with 2k I'm happy
Hoop Productions
Hoop Productions 2 months ago
Nicholas DeMarco
Nicholas DeMarco 2 months ago
congrats to papa megas for winning the golf tourney
Dominic Kuzniar
Dominic Kuzniar 2 months ago
Look at candy kens new TikToks he is jacked
LovableOak41 2 months ago
The thing is that I remember all of these
Phard 2 months ago
You and james are terrible at making thumbnail faces
Wendell Weaver Sr
Wendell Weaver Sr 2 months ago
Da da da da baster
Christivn 2 months ago
Jesse needs to make a vid reacting to this
Antmansavage blow
Antmansavage blow 2 months ago
After I got jump scared I turned it off I'm just got watch another jsr Vedio
PARKER HELLER 2 months ago
12:04 was my favorite part
PrimeTimeW 2 months ago
7:10 only the ogs remember when this first happened.
The Child
The Child 2 months ago
jesser: no one shouts dissapointed Also jesser: yells DISAPPOINTEEEEEEEED after every time he is disappointed
Davin 2 months ago
Jesse: only got two shot on the green Also jesse: disappointed!!!
Andrade Almas
Andrade Almas 2 months ago
Still the best @ 5:56
Joe Arroyo
Joe Arroyo 2 months ago
That rap low key slap
JuJu Snicker
JuJu Snicker 2 months ago
Anyone know who won the golf contest
Batman 17
Batman 17 2 months ago
Let the 2hype react to the song sunshine rainbow white pony
Miso 2 months ago
Apolo Miguel Sa-onoy
jesser is carrying 2020 with 2hype
Dark Steel
Dark Steel 2 months ago
Mans joins 100 thieves and starts leaving his second Channel in the dust😢
Yung 9Teen
Yung 9Teen 2 months ago
I think this is funny how I’ve started watching jesser when I was 16 and now that I’m 21 and drink I watch this man when I’m drunk and it’s so funny lol Jesser the goat
Povii 2 months ago
Might aswell just be most sus jesse clips of 2020...
Devin 2 months ago
3:26 by far the most sus moment in jesser history
Brett Harpt
Brett Harpt 2 months ago
Mitchells freestyles is so iconic. I've rewatched that so much
nabil hunter
nabil hunter 2 months ago
i actually jumped on 2:15
Tracy McSwain
Tracy McSwain 2 months ago
That is a good thing to do in life only at the time of the day okay
Noah Bustamante
Noah Bustamante 2 months ago
Moochies the best freestyler in 2HYPE 👀😂
Mashhood Khatri
Mashhood Khatri 2 months ago
The ogs remember the cakes at chiles
i only take dubs
i only take dubs 2 months ago
Jesse turned into a Turkey at the beginning
Ayannah Flippen
Ayannah Flippen 2 months ago
Pause jesse
Amritaraj Nair
Amritaraj Nair 2 months ago
I luv tu
Maxi 2 months ago
Can u do more warzone
DudeM4n 2 months ago
There was a best in 2020 nice joke
Crxssairs 2 months ago
I’m sorry Jesse that thumbnail isn’t doing you any favors
Giancarlo Bomtempo
Giancarlo Bomtempo 2 months ago
Jacques Godard
Jacques Godard 2 months ago
Jesse what the actual fuck is that thumbnail
cobra_ chaos
cobra_ chaos 2 months ago
I just wanna know how we got a best of 2020 when jessermas didn't even happen.. I'll wait till the remake and actually best of jizr
King Romero
King Romero 2 months ago
3:58 uhhhhhh........ 😟😟
MANI 2 months ago
Nik Magma Vlogs
Nik Magma Vlogs 2 months ago
U still lost to papa meags
Gilly Goat
Gilly Goat 2 months ago
2:10 funniest part
Dark !
Dark ! 2 months ago
4:00 is so sus
TayMonster 2 months ago
Got staples the other day kinda hurt
Ethan Almond
Ethan Almond 2 months ago
Nest quote of 2020 “your suffering is my happiness” - jesser
Ethan Almond
Ethan Almond 2 months ago
C-Dub Games
C-Dub Games 2 months ago
12:46 I was dying lmao
Kenyan Dumont
Kenyan Dumont 2 months ago
Atom5250 2 months ago
Macy Heale
Macy Heale 2 months ago
Well Jesse um I guess you lived with the dinosaurs
Macy Heale
Macy Heale 2 months ago
Danny Marino
Danny Marino 2 months ago
Does anyone else think when cash sold his Klay Thompson it was sus
Gino Gugliotti
Gino Gugliotti 2 months ago
Bro, I’m so glad I’m gonna grow up watching 2hype😂
Friedoreos 2 months ago
The jumpscares hit different
nicolas susanto
nicolas susanto 2 months ago
Cash and jessersus moment😅😅
Simon Kebede
Simon Kebede 2 months ago
3:59 gets me everytime 😂😂😂
Lucky SkillZ
Lucky SkillZ 2 months ago
0:35 "I was a very bad mistake" lmao
Soul Pitch Meeting
Soul Pitch Meeting