JR Smith Lakers Debut With LeBron James In Practice For NBA Season Return! 

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JR Smith Lakers Debut With LeBron James In Practice For NBA Season Return!
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Jul 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Rudy Monzon
Rudy Monzon 3 months ago
I’m the 1K comment
hamzah zziwa
hamzah zziwa 3 months ago
Am glad Bronny gave him a second chance they're definitely buddies
Don't ask my name ever
We want the old Jr Smith he used to be a goat in dunking
S Whit
S Whit 6 months ago
WTF, why are these guys playing with that stupid mask?
Eggsy 6 months ago
Imagine, jr tweeted cavs in 7 in the finals.
I Am Romethius
I Am Romethius 6 months ago
anyone know what Apple Watch case/band he’s wearing?
Ethan Luke
Ethan Luke 6 months ago
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Draw with Ro
Draw with Ro 6 months ago
LBJ us-first.info/player/video/nrCbaJ2epoCeeac.html
Francis lee
Francis lee 6 months ago
Does the mask work??😅😅
Antony Nnabugo
Antony Nnabugo 6 months ago
Another ring gone cuz of jr smith 😂
Jerry Tate
Jerry Tate 6 months ago
So they gone play with the mask on. 🤨 but pack the stadium 🏟 with mandatory mask where. Then 2 to 3 weeks later u watch the news and...... “” mass covid spike in such and such area. But they gone keep playing like they don’t know and keep leading all the sheep 🐑 in the slaughter house. Y’all dumb as shit in boiled hot water. 🤦‍♂️ why people won’t think for they self. Tbt they shouldn’t even be playing
E10 6 months ago
LeBron a real one for giving his homie another chance 💪🏾 even at his lowest he’s willing to give him the opportunity 💯 that’s what true friends do
nigma1000 6 months ago
0:18 tryinna figure out what's the score.😂😂😂
Ted Rowland
Ted Rowland 6 months ago
Shooting a basketball without a mask on..how insensitive!!
Grekorn39 6 months ago
We are living a parallel universe where JR win the first game and LeBron love the Guy at the end... Thanks Flash
Hans Alam
Hans Alam 6 months ago
J.R smith looks ugly as hell when he has a full beard
Little Big Smile
Little Big Smile 6 months ago
just focus at the score and time XD
alpha omega
alpha omega 6 months ago
They should have never signed this guy . Hes all trouble. He's too much into social media. Lakers were already doing good. Mark ny words. Jr Smith is going to screw it up for everybody.
T Truth
T Truth 6 months ago
How do u cover your face but not your skin if it’s a real airborne disease then the biggest organ on your body is the skin so how are u playing basketball shirtless n saying covid is dangerous foh shit fake
MVP .....
Rogelio Arango
Rogelio Arango 6 months ago
J.R Smith is a great shooter. The past is over. Go Lakers! 💪
dc gameing
dc gameing 6 months ago
I’m glad Jr playing mans is a bucket and a good player so what he messed up we all mess up lol
Borie Seng
Borie Seng 6 months ago
He got them yellow Henny eyes hahaha
Keith CookII
Keith CookII 6 months ago
I wasn’t even mad at jr I was mad at George hill
The GreatestOfAllTime
Key statement "It's different with LeBron because he does what he WANTS to do to win" that explains the difference between LeBron and MJ. Doing what you want to do to win does not entail playing defense, being a good leader, playing off the ball, etc. M.J. was able to win playing in the Triangle offense installed by Phil Jackson in which M.J. had a part he HAD to play to win, not the part he wanted to play, which would have been take whatever shot you want. LeBron has lost so much in the Finals because he does what he wants to do to win, not what he has to.
Luis4872 6 months ago
All seriousness I’m happy to see JR back on the court!
glizzy 223
glizzy 223 6 months ago
jr a walking bucket
briasn dsa
briasn dsa 6 months ago
This man geeked
michael_ishmael 6 months ago
The man deserves a second chance. I'm glad he's back.
Alejandro Matute
Alejandro Matute 6 months ago
Lebron James left the group.
unknown double
unknown double 6 months ago
Jr there because lebron wanted him there
Omar Carranza
Omar Carranza 6 months ago
Bet he have the ball away just before practice was over. Lmao you suck bro
Mighty Mo
Mighty Mo 6 months ago
Better not choke
Mike Banks
Mike Banks 6 months ago
What if they play in facemask lol
Tony Graham
Tony Graham 6 months ago
They the LA cavs now lol
Javier Ruiz
Javier Ruiz 6 months ago
Never thought this would happen hennything is possible
Ayo Kev
Ayo Kev 6 months ago
Nba really want that money and lebron really wants that ring even if your health is on the line
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 6 months ago
If JR smith can bring back how he was in 2016 during the playoffs Lakers will have a higher chance at winning the championship
TPS Space
TPS Space 6 months ago
Damn He got that JHenny in his Veins
Cordele Georgia
Cordele Georgia 6 months ago
Lebron keeps getting you hired
Ty 6 months ago
Bron got a Thanos chin
Mazo Delgado
Mazo Delgado 6 months ago
Can we get a jr jump shot animation 2k? How does shaq have a shot animation but not jr😑
TTS_Sundevil200 6 months ago
Jr I forgive you but I stg if you mess up Brons legacy again
Mixbass 6 months ago
#jrsmithracist when he said: “one of those white fuckin’ kids” #racism #blackracism shame on him
JW 6 months ago
Lebron looks like a machine
Jowls-TV Channel
Jowls-TV Channel 6 months ago
A person is more dangerous when challenged... Watch out for smith gunner
nic ma
nic ma 6 months ago
Dan Fernando
Dan Fernando 6 months ago
JR Smith still at it!
elei mahinay
elei mahinay 6 months ago
He thinks that he will be a star, want to role the play even if he cannot...
elei mahinay
elei mahinay 6 months ago
He is a jerk, in our language he is "buaya"
elei mahinay
elei mahinay 6 months ago
Not happy here....I don't like Lakers now coz of jr smith
Peter Menovník
Peter Menovník 6 months ago
Why wearing the mask when thr ball is passed to you from soembody else who might have corona ?
Sim W
Sim W 6 months ago
I must admit at first I was like "WTF!" when I heard he was joining.... but now I'm kinda excited to see what happens
Alberto Guadarrama
Alberto Guadarrama 6 months ago
He should have joined the bucks
eduar ed
eduar ed 6 months ago
Practice with a mask is soooooo stupid ....u dont have noone around u thats 1 and 2 when u do have people around practicing with u they already test negative....so yeah this is stupid seem lebron practicing shooting with a mask on..like stop it...and im a big lebron fan
Ranjodh Sidhu
Ranjodh Sidhu 6 months ago
Don’t fuck Up in the finals again brother lol
prince Karr
prince Karr 6 months ago
Lebron jus want MJ keep laughing at him😭 he still hasn’t learn his lesson with JR next thing JR finna dribble the ball backcourt😭😭
Abdallah_Videos 6 months ago
Deserves great works very hard
topshotta 15
topshotta 15 6 months ago
It’s jr spliff
Isaac Nicasio
Isaac Nicasio 6 months ago
Mans really got depressed over his finals play lmaooo i lowkey would too he’s the biggest meme ever lol
John Brown Best American Ever !!
I am John Brown BLM✊
AlfredLikesChips 6 months ago
Where Kyrie at
Xd John
Xd John 6 months ago
Jr with lakers no way jr is a bandwagon for lebron cause hr know he need lebron
Raymond 0015
Raymond 0015 6 months ago
“The second chance” Jr swish about to be the X factor in the championship run
JB 6 months ago
x represents a variable
Z H.
Z H. 6 months ago
Well it's official Lakers aren't winning anything. Nice move lol
Chan Nop
Chan Nop 6 months ago
JR’s going cost the lakers a ring
Hilen Aerobibi
Hilen Aerobibi 6 months ago
iRivasTV 6 months ago
Lebron: JR pass the ball. JR: Pass the weeddd?.
Spawn 6 months ago
lol clive
CelticsFor2020 6 months ago
that ain't a mask. But good to see u back.
Uner Lew
Uner Lew 6 months ago
JR: what we working on today lebron Lebron: you see that thin on top of the backboard, that’s a shot clock ..... lol
Pineapple Guy
Pineapple Guy 6 months ago
Hes back...... I hope he does NOT ruin lebron's championship again....
Zaldy Pogi
Zaldy Pogi 6 months ago
jr smith can play def and shoot 3s ..but choke
david lambert
david lambert 6 months ago
Redemption season initially for Dwight. Now with JR! A championship will be the perfect cap this season! Go Lakers!
m10Grizzly 6 months ago
Fuck all that Bron Workin on dem handles that's the only thing he was missin
втк丨Hate 6 months ago
Goodluck to the Lakers lets win this for kobe 🏆
xander cage
xander cage 6 months ago
Im looking forward for jr. To always look on the score
Cj Singh
Cj Singh 6 months ago
We forgive you J.R
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb 6 months ago
that fool really said that he’ll play defense.. ya right.. if lakers dont get this ring this year it will be all his fault...
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb 6 months ago
still cant believe lakers picked up this looser..
Bon Cam
Bon Cam 6 months ago
Just Redemption
Chua Shanjing
Chua Shanjing 6 months ago
So no ones gonna talk about how sudden the vid end?
PRG SnagZ 6 months ago
J.R. Smith just wants to go to a championship caliber team
C-Bullets The Black Jesus
And the Lakers still not gone do shit. They can get the X-Men, Fantastic 4, Guardians of the Galaxy and the League of Justice they NOT gettin no ring!!!
Jojie Senpai
Jojie Senpai 6 months ago
Why they took jr smith ..
Calliara Takamori
Calliara Takamori 6 months ago
Time to fk LeBron in the playoffs again
GhostTooHigh 6 months ago
His chance at redemption
Dark One Gaming
Dark One Gaming 6 months ago
hahaha mamaya last second n lng di nya pa ulit mashoot yung bola itakbo na naman 😂
Bryan Romero
Bryan Romero 6 months ago
Are they making the players wear masks during practice?
M M 6 months ago
I never liked him but he deserves a second chance and I respect his willingness to give it all again. Good luck JR.
Hebrew Hammer Lounge
Mask are useless smh
MarcB_23 6 months ago
J.R. is the truth
Jramatik 6 months ago
Keep your head down? Keep it up, like towards the scoreboard lol
OOGA BOOGA 6 months ago
Jamie fox head ahh
Emmanuel Ejeh
Emmanuel Ejeh 6 months ago
I’m not a seer but history gonna repeat itself again, only but this time JRS hits the game winner💯✅
bronzefighta 6 months ago
Over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time
Carlos emilio Sosa
Carlos emilio Sosa 6 months ago
They can't claim such a good player like him, I didn't even understand what he did wrong.
Lejay James
Lejay James 6 months ago
Don't fuck it up this time! U had us all disappointed
Anas Mohamed
Anas Mohamed 6 months ago
Game 1 of 2018 NBA Finals
KING-ISO- TEDE 6 months ago
here comes the sun
here comes the sun