JR Smith Shocks Lakers After Going Crazy With 3 Point Shots! Lakers vs Wizards 

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JR Smith Shocks Lakers After Going Crazy With 3 Point Shots! Lakers vs Wizards July 27, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
dennys paulino
dennys paulino 2 days ago
i love jesus
ツRyZe 23 days ago
look at jr man....so inspiration #petitionforjrsmithtochangenametojrcurry
Khaire Hick31
Khaire Hick31 Month ago
Lebron lucky jr didn’t choke
Ivan & Martel Chavez
Hell na dude Caruso better than me you dumb
Mark Nathaniel Solitas
Bonk 1:24 1:24 1:24
Muu Chek
Muu Chek 3 months ago
MoMo Blue
MoMo Blue 4 months ago
LA has better quality of drug, best city ever
Did f x CB yf
Did f x CB yf 4 months ago
Steady shooter hof
Francis Naufahu
Francis Naufahu 5 months ago
0:53 Alex courso the goat we already know who he is better then Michael Jordan "Awkward silence”
Chevell Hamilton
Chevell Hamilton 5 months ago
Boooo Lakers let everyone know right now bron it’s anything without ad
GOOSE 5 months ago
Bruh I gotta mute the sound of this video his voice annoying as fuck
Noob7gg 5 months ago
Thought it was only me 😂😂😂
Trill Money
Trill Money 5 months ago
Alex Caruso is no where near micheal Jordan’s level
dwayne gaditano
dwayne gaditano 5 months ago
your fucking kidding you said alex caruso is better than michael jordan
Ako'y isang Pinoy
Ako'y isang Pinoy 5 months ago
1:21 JR feeling like he's Curry
Michael Chun
Michael Chun 5 months ago
another waste of time in covid season
inSPIRE Music
inSPIRE Music 5 months ago
JR Smith if you fuck this up for LA
frank 5 months ago
Great play us-first.info/player/video/r79ppH1mfq2Yq3E.html
EXPLODE V2 5 months ago
Kyle kuzma still looking over his shoulder because Lebron about to trade him for not passing him the ball
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 5 months ago
bro you are too funny
golf2005 g
golf2005 g 5 months ago
This guy has the most punchable voice
EwwJerms 5 months ago
Drug test is coming 😆😆😆
jerry wielzen
jerry wielzen 5 months ago
This guy just said that coruso is better than mj😂😂
Ek9_Jamesy 5 months ago
They boutta drug test my boi JR 😂😂
Catfishmaster909 5 months ago
👑Kyrie n JR greatest Cavaliers of all-time
Howeye Network
Howeye Network 5 months ago
Lmao “drug test coming soon” You better run they coming to get youuuu 😂
PengXi Huang
PengXi Huang 5 months ago
“We all know who he is, Better than Michael Jordan” LOL
PG ProGamer
PG ProGamer 5 months ago
How do players get drug tested after a game like this one?
DTR Channel
DTR Channel 5 months ago
Better than him and MJ 😂
FATALROTARY 5 months ago
Jr just isn't consistent at all
stanglova86 5 months ago
JR SMITH is always like that one day he hot the next day he cold.. nothing new
JJ Gee
JJ Gee 5 months ago
“ the drug test is coming “🤣🤣😑
NRosanes 5 months ago
Why is this dude trynna talk like he doesnt want to wake up his parent at night 🤣
Jr looks sharp. Let's go JR. Prove them haters wrong.
Jake Flores
Jake Flores 5 months ago
Jr is old why is he get in the League again
Speedy 5 months ago
Imagine JR do the same thing in the final again😂😂😂
AimAssistIsntOp 5 months ago
The nba told him before the game hit 6 threes or we leak ur drug test
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 5 months ago
Bro i love clive🤣🤣
Jonathan Ilay
Jonathan Ilay 5 months ago
This is how jr smith really play because many hate him because of that moment You know what moment it is
Head Honcho73
Head Honcho73 5 months ago
Nahhh the commentary got me dying
Pacifier !
Pacifier ! 5 months ago
The commentary is everything 😂
vGlizzy 5 months ago
Is no one going to talk about how jr got smacked in the face at the end😂😂
Kurai Neko
Kurai Neko 5 months ago
I like the end part
T.K Jenkins
T.K Jenkins 5 months ago
Now watch when the games count. The clock strikes midnight and jr is back being jr
Derek Loucks
Derek Loucks 5 months ago
Damnnn the last frame of the video
Austin Hess
Austin Hess 5 months ago
Caruso has a nice form. Great player. Hopefully they keep using him more often
KingSingh Squad
KingSingh Squad 5 months ago
Drug test is coming, Lmfao !! 😂
Josh Irvin
Josh Irvin 5 months ago
The drug test is coming!!! Lol😂🤣not bad man!!! 💯 Tbh I'm proud of you bruh, ur comn up in the world!👍✌💯
balta lou
balta lou 5 months ago
U gotta play like that or else... 🤣✂️
La Bebu
La Bebu 5 months ago
All of his 3s didn't hit the rim, just the net🔥
Raven 5 months ago
Jr the Drunken Master equipped that Jackie Chan skill
FR FR 5 months ago
Jordan es tu padre
Darren Barrete Platan
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez 5 months ago
“Better then Michael jordan” 😂
Xavier Calderon
Xavier Calderon 5 months ago
Does clivenba really sound like that
Forever Peace
Forever Peace 5 months ago
Fucked the NBA . Straight Factz. No comment I no longer watch that shit. Fake ass people. KOBe energy will live on in Jesus the Truth Name. Amen.
Thelilantjr 5 months ago
Laker players hyping him up so he shoots 2/12 next game. He still a cold player though.
Noel Flores
Noel Flores 5 months ago
You funny bro
Thomas Labelle
Thomas Labelle 5 months ago
Probably smoke a bigger blunt than normal before the game.
роман пасечник
Touuuu crazy))
RobinHood Beatz
RobinHood Beatz 5 months ago
He lowkey fit the lakers
Jaycob DelaCruz
Jaycob DelaCruz 5 months ago
Caruso being better than jordan is a shitty ass corny joke
HFtak 5 months ago
"Dion waiters ... serving it up on a plate *awkward silence* ....like a waiter."
The Petercopter
The Petercopter 5 months ago
JR must’ve hit some good weed and took a few shots of henny before the game
Zane Quillen
Zane Quillen 5 months ago
Jr know that he cannabis do anything
Freddie Fletcher
Freddie Fletcher 5 months ago
Bubblejr go hard frl frl 😂
Azraphel777 JahGuardian
Niceee niceee great job on this vid . Good stuff 👍🏻
Bevan Loh
Bevan Loh 5 months ago
they know AC better than MJ???
That Boy Will
That Boy Will 5 months ago
Vengeance Vengeance
Vengeance Vengeance 5 months ago
Where are you from bro?
TANDUAYLAPAD 5 months ago
The last statement killed me lmao😭
Eric The truth
Eric The truth 5 months ago
But does he know the score???
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao 5 months ago
NBA us done. Boring sport with fans LOL
neja izrahell
neja izrahell 5 months ago
Curoso better then Mj and LeBron combain 🐐🐐🐐🐐😂😂😂😂
NoFxce Kerv
NoFxce Kerv 5 months ago
U just said “Alex Caruso the goat” wtf
zigi Tj
zigi Tj 5 months ago
Made my day, haven't laughed like this in a while
MYS _ RO0K!3
MYS _ RO0K!3 5 months ago
Am I the only one who didn't know jr went to the Lakers
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
The Meme Team is Complete
Android Games Paradise
Love the dialogs hahaha
David Perez
David Perez 5 months ago
Not a drug test....lmao
delonte steven
delonte steven 5 months ago
Mark Sanda
Mark Sanda 5 months ago
"Drug test is coming." Hahahahaha
Prince Francisco
Prince Francisco 5 months ago
did dudley slapped jr's face at the end??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
John Ang
John Ang 5 months ago
Healthy JR Smith gives good game
Jazz Jorge
Jazz Jorge 5 months ago
"Right here waiters, serving it up on a platter like a waiter" Good stuff good stuff
Gary Osborn
Gary Osborn 5 months ago
Unsubscribed shit commentary
Erick Evans
Erick Evans 5 months ago
Yo this Nigga who be doing these videos funny bra that Nigga says drug test coming jR 😭😂
Matt Porto
Matt Porto 5 months ago
The end part tho hahaha
Bait Bansuelo
Bait Bansuelo 5 months ago
Monster in regular season noob in playoffs HAHAHAHAH jk
Andre Amorim
Andre Amorim 5 months ago
Too bad he’s still garbage, though.
This voice tho...
KHALID TV Official
KHALID TV Official 5 months ago
giannis narrating the video
Russ Bell
Russ Bell 5 months ago
A drug test is coming hahaha
Russ Bell
Russ Bell 5 months ago
Alex caruso the GOAT hahah
Kevin Childs
Kevin Childs 5 months ago
Jit funny asf
Viliame Kaitani
Viliame Kaitani 5 months ago
I stopped watching when this fool said that keed better then Michael Jordan 🤦‍♂️
Dida Samak
Dida Samak 5 months ago
The end is too funny .. his teammate damaged his prestige with that slap in the face ... poor JR😂😂😂
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 5 months ago
Pause the video at 1:23 and play at 0.5 speed
Gunners forever
Gunners forever 5 months ago
Come on Lakers
gamer 0112
gamer 0112 5 months ago
When you paused the end you will see javale McGee putting his hands on the Jr "Hennessy" Smith face that's just disrespectful for doing that on the king of Hennessy
Aaron 5 months ago
Imagine JR winning finals mvp 🥵