JR Smith Joining Lakers To Replace Avery Bradley Leaves NBA Season Return? 

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JR Smith Joining Lakers To Replace Avery Bradley Leaves NBA Season Return? Free agent guard JR Smith has emerged as a leading candidate to replace Avery Bradley on the Lakers roster, sources tell ESPN.
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Jun 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
Seth Ringer
Seth Ringer 3 months ago
Then replace JR Smith with Alex Caruso. Simple.
Austin Shannon
Austin Shannon 6 months ago
As long he's not high, it in the Finals the Lakers should be fine.
Arneezy r
Arneezy r 6 months ago
Get that Henny ready!🥃
Clash with James
Clash with James 6 months ago
If Chris Smoove posted a video about this, then it is LEGIT!
Uncultured swine
Uncultured swine 6 months ago
Lebron gonna have a stroke if this is real
Beanos Gamer
Beanos Gamer 6 months ago
But Avery Bradley’s a point guard tho...?
Elue Wisdom
Elue Wisdom 6 months ago
what a stupid video
md the light
md the light 6 months ago
It happened he is part of the roster now Proof: us-first.info/player/video/mrasZ65rh5yKl4E.html
Arlene Stevens
Arlene Stevens 6 months ago
Thats the reason lebron left wit jr drunk ass
Brad Warfe
Brad Warfe 6 months ago
JR Smith made a horrible mistake in The Finals but he also had a great 3rd quarter during game 7 when they won the chip in 2016. It looked like they were starting to let the game slip away and JR made some critical shots when no one else could and it kept them in the game until they found a rhythm. He almost always guarded the opposing teams best scorer and did a good job. He can be a streaky shooter but they need someone that can defend more than anything. He is probably the best option available for the Lakers. He already knows how to play in a system with Lebron James. So the chemistry should be immediate. I’m sure Lebron knows that they had no chance of winning that finals regardless of how game 1 turned out. I’m sure he would have still like to have won and I’m sure he was pissed for awhile but he knows they need someone like JR to make up what’s been lost. I also doubt he would refuse to play with him and I think he would probably like the idea of adding a player like JR Smith to the team. I doubt he hates JR Smith because of that mistake.
Jim Beaubrun
Jim Beaubrun 6 months ago
Bring back Lance
Newlife Newlife
Newlife Newlife 6 months ago
My impersonation of talking like this guy is spot on that I get people rolling 😂😂
A Dookie Stick
A Dookie Stick 6 months ago
It’s funny how y’all talking like JR Smith is trash because of a mistake. He will give everyone of y’all randoms buckets. Come on now. Give that man some respect. KD wasn’t gone let the cavs win the championship anyways. Pipe down
Dan Pohl
Dan Pohl 6 months ago
JR and LABron are friends.
Mik-Yah-El Mackabeez
Dude quit with the B.S. click bait
Jay Silla
Jay Silla 6 months ago
His first line got me lmao clive.
Shashidhar Bengaluru
He playing for both teams😂😂😂
Treyven Matthews
Treyven Matthews 6 months ago
Omg bruh why he finna sell us
Khaled Bhr.x
Khaled Bhr.x 6 months ago
Lets be real jr is a true hooper have some faith in him
Sam Moskvych
Sam Moskvych 6 months ago
Jr trying to mess up Lebron getting another ring
Itz Gman
Itz Gman 6 months ago
Looks like JR wasn’t the only person drinking...
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 6 months ago
Clive your actually the dumbest nigga I watch. Lebron wants to reunite with JR. He literally said it a couple weeks back. 💯💀💀
Javi. A
Javi. A 6 months ago
Bro, relax...
OGKushGaming 6 months ago
So is this a parody or...
israel 6 months ago
Brooo I love JR even though he has like 1 IQ I still would love to see him play again
Michael Gendron
Michael Gendron 6 months ago
Just cancel the season
DrizzyXP_TV 7 months ago
This dude gotta stop following Lebron 🤦🏾‍♂️
Devin 15
Devin 15 7 months ago
Lebron going to make sure he ain't get no minutes
hzr 7 months ago
Let's hope this does not happen. The Lakers will be worse off already without Avery and Dwight and who knows if there are others who will still opt out in a while. But putting JR Smith into that roster... oh god, better put Caruso at SG instead, he is reliable and can go off for alot of points if needed. JR can shoot you in and out of games and in recent years it was usually out...
Dylon Hayden
Dylon Hayden 7 months ago
LeBron worse nightmare jrsmith
Youngboyjon 7 months ago
Make a parody Clive we need dat rn😂😂😂😂
pururut 7 months ago
JR playing for both teams LOL
Donte Camp
Donte Camp 7 months ago
Oh nooo 👎! Gunning ass J.R. We don't want that dude on our squad and Bron surely doesn't. He's a TERRIBLE fit. He should retire or go to another squad. Anyone but the Lakers. Try the Clippers or something smh. Now we won't have a chance to win another chip. Damn!👿
Mark Matusalem
Mark Matusalem 7 months ago
Jr going to lakers and teaming up with lebron again Lebron: Ah sh*t here we go again
dsa0224 7 months ago
“You know when JR smoke plays he is playing for both teams” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I died
Fatou Thiam
Fatou Thiam 7 months ago
Can some more 2k parody’s ???
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 months ago
*LeBruh* *LeHenny* *LeJR*
Wafsz Padilla
Wafsz Padilla 7 months ago
Good News...
Idea 86
Idea 86 7 months ago
Random bum on the street lmaooo
The Meme King101
The Meme King101 7 months ago
Bring back the Parodies
Louie Wavey
Louie Wavey 7 months ago
Yu reaching.. Thats his boy
Kevin Martadinata
Kevin Martadinata 7 months ago
NBA season cancelled
Jamie gaines
Jamie gaines 7 months ago
Henneything is possible
ShortyZ ZR
ShortyZ ZR 7 months ago
Jr will be dribbling across the world again
Split._. Onyt212
Split._. Onyt212 7 months ago
Why does he not do any more parody’s 😭😭😭
Jamal Curry
Jamal Curry 7 months ago
Bro J.R is gonna go crazy I bet he would have so much to prove
Mitch 7 months ago
Redemption time for J.R. He’s a moving bucket bigger guard and scrapy defender. Has had success in the playoffs with Bron... why not
Charlie Styles
Charlie Styles 7 months ago
Who's the joker??
Hamidou Barry
Hamidou Barry 7 months ago
Max Issaka
Max Issaka 7 months ago
Henny drinking jr Smith
FATAL _GREENZ 7 months ago
Bring back the parody’s
Comala Remogene
Comala Remogene 7 months ago
as long as he gets on rehab we are good
Sergo Khechuashvili
Sergo Khechuashvili 7 months ago
Yes !!! They need clutch player in the last seconds of the game
Jahlil Leewilliams
Jahlil Leewilliams 6 months ago
I just said that
Trinity Onadeko
Trinity Onadeko 7 months ago
Please do a parody of this! PLEASE!!!
Young Jefe
Young Jefe 7 months ago
How can you hate a man for a mistake you a hater bum
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat 7 months ago
NBA player's can't smoke weed anymore. Haters gonna hate on JR.
icecold1811 7 months ago
Arykka Kelly
Arykka Kelly 7 months ago
Lebron James is good with JR Smith coming to the Lakers 🔥🔥
Goku’s Nimbus
Goku’s Nimbus 7 months ago
Looks like rondo and caruso getting more playing time and even Quinn cook bum ass
JohnnyRacin_2448 7 months ago
Don't forget in game 1 if you're tied Jr
Craig Rand
Craig Rand 7 months ago
Helll no. I say (& this might sound crazy) but lakers should get DeAngelo Russell and put him on a 90 contract 🤔
Brother Nature
Brother Nature 7 months ago
Common clive give him a chance😂🤣
DubconsciousYT 7 months ago
TooLive NUNU
TooLive NUNU 7 months ago
Jr choked but that nigga jr raw cut it out
D Andrews
D Andrews 7 months ago
Lakers fans: This is a great move and perfect fit for us! Literally everybody else: 😂😂😂😂😂
The Ant Gamer
The Ant Gamer 7 months ago
Wha happened to Dion Waiters 😂 ?
NickBeBallin 2k
NickBeBallin 2k 7 months ago
He forgot that Malcom brogdan the virus
Corey Bailey
Corey Bailey 7 months ago
You just lame and don’t make good content you really need to work on your craft
bigz dinero
bigz dinero 7 months ago
Jr Smith is inconsistent but he's a good player when he's hot 💯
Shipwreck83 7 months ago
LeGM needs someone to blame if Lakers lose this season! Sorry JR, u the fall guy
Randy Fuentes
Randy Fuentes 7 months ago
Soooo. You get Avery Bradley a defender for JR Smith weak ass. Smh
Ricky [Bs] 2.0 !
Ricky [Bs] 2.0 ! 7 months ago
This man abouta be high high when he gets on the finals
no roach jetson
no roach jetson 7 months ago
Nah J.r. smith will most def redeem himself stop playing w. him..
Beast Incarnate
Beast Incarnate 7 months ago
2020 Jr Smith: - A fan Beat His Car - *Joining Lakers* "LeBron is not Pleased'
Ricky Rozay
Ricky Rozay 7 months ago
He might not even play though. It’s either JR or Nick Young... I’m hoping they get Nick Young.. JR is trash
The Pleasant Judge
The Pleasant Judge 7 months ago
JR: *Laid a finger on Laker's Logo LeBron: Aytt, your right let's cancel the seasom
ELT_Zazy 7 months ago
yoo dont disrespect Jr likr that you noob, shut up dude, Jr is gonna prove everyone wrong! No cap
Mito Luil
Mito Luil 7 months ago
everbody chill down, nobody can trade jr without the permission of Bron. if jr comes, that would mean lebron want him. wouldnt it be cool when Bron to Jr: "man, you owe me a championship... lets bring it to the end"
meiji ikhlasul
meiji ikhlasul 7 months ago
Clippers won because five seconds left and lakers possession ball. JR gonna bring the ball out of the bubbles to search kyrie for the last shot.
redd david
redd david 7 months ago
Bradley is a good defender like smith,nahh i dont like this thing
Alex M
Alex M 7 months ago
jayjayart1 7 months ago
Lebrons plan up to something
James Schwartz
James Schwartz 7 months ago
Jr and lebron are boys
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena 7 months ago
Ya all laughing now but I can see jr making a huge ass comeback and making yah look like fools
DuckBoy 7 months ago
The Lakers should say goodbye to their championship hopes😂
charles muhehu
charles muhehu 7 months ago
Jr should be allowed to bag 2 salaries... Lol
Nolymar Jose
Nolymar Jose 7 months ago
Funniest thing? You are light!
godam gg
godam gg 7 months ago
Bro make a parody video about this lol
Stanky Panda
Stanky Panda 7 months ago
Avery Bradley leaves: LeBron: Why me hear le boss music Jr Smith: HEY EVERYBODY IT'S YA BOY JR, IMMA CHOKE IN THE FINALS
CloudVapes00 7 months ago
Henny Smith: *Joins the Lakers* LBJ: “I’m gonna take my talents to anywhere where the henny god isn’t there”
Jraci 7 months ago
Stop comin at JR bro. He already stated that he thought the cavs were up. Shit ain’t even funny anymore.
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 7 months ago
Is it confirmed?
Simon Josef Lara
Simon Josef Lara 7 months ago
*jr smith sees kostas antetokounmpo* Smith:oh shit when did we get giannis?
Deadmanlyndon 7 months ago
noooooooo noooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooo, this cannot be true, god no, oh god no. Please tell me this does not happen
Dillard 7 months ago
It’s funny how he’s saying LeBron doesn’t want to play with JR but they were riding bikes together recently
Leoster 7 months ago
Are the Lakers trying to lose?
Ramon Redmon
Ramon Redmon 7 months ago
He gonna fuck everything up
Ramon Redmon
Ramon Redmon 7 months ago
JR bet not come to Lakers 😠😡🤬 hell na
Hinsamrech Issarak
Hinsamrech Issarak 7 months ago
Who is hoping for the buck vs the lakers in the final?