JR Smith In Trouble With NBA After Exposing Bubble Food and Living Condition! 

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JR Smith In Trouble With NBA After Exposing Bubble Food and Living Condition!
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Jul 10, 2020




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Comments 100   
Michael Raske
Michael Raske 6 months ago
bruh javale vlogged it all
Covid19 is COMMUNISM
Fun fact... Jr Smith MURDERED his best friend while drunk driving
Quentin Brown
Quentin Brown 6 months ago
Tokenblack 6 months ago
Jr Smith reminds me of that one kid in class that the teacher kicks out before she starts the lesson.
Ethan Luke
Ethan Luke 6 months ago
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Imagine Treasure
Imagine Treasure 6 months ago
I know this by heart now
master pogi
master pogi 6 months ago
Wanna see jr smith living in a week in rural urban places :)
Jrustless 6 months ago
Are they allowed to bring bud, serious question
Jav Soliz
Jav Soliz 6 months ago
K VB 6 months ago
You just got back on a team chill. Buy your stuff off Amazon like everybody else do.
Dev Shah
Dev Shah 6 months ago
Stop it NBA y’all being petty like the fuck did he do 😂
Alquin joseph Bugayong
He is in the big trouble
Can't Beat The BAY!
Can't Beat The BAY! 6 months ago
This what they do to whistleblowers..
Sheldon Allison
Sheldon Allison 6 months ago
They should have banned cell phones feom the bubble 🤦‍♂️
Im stupid So i comment on whatever i think is right
Jr getting Nba finals Deja vu
Im stupid So i comment on whatever i think is right
Boi already made a mistake Goddamn JR dude your chance for redemption
Josh Nenadich
Josh Nenadich 6 months ago
My first thought seeing the title: Goddamnit JR what did you do this time?
Diego Bonaventura
Diego Bonaventura 6 months ago
Why does it seem like he’s complaining about everything? Is he suddenly too rich or healthy for this lifestyle
Cloaked Shaman
Cloaked Shaman 6 months ago
I dont see how they all qont get rona in there lol..
Jon Follmar
Jon Follmar 6 months ago
Javale Mcgee my boy!!!!
Osas 6 months ago
I doubt it, they need the man
savagepawnage 6 months ago
So why is he in trouble?
Jamo’s World
Jamo’s World 6 months ago
JR get off of IG!!!! 😂😂
Cory Smith
Cory Smith 6 months ago
They can give the players better than that...come on
David Mccown
David Mccown 6 months ago
NBA player sneaking IG model in the bubble... covid-19 or not men will be men... we are 🐕 at nature...
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 6 months ago
Y'all complaining about the little things y'all don't have y'all millionaire fucking pussy and another thing stop comparing where y'all stayed to prison cuz it's nothing like prison you don't have prison guards fucking with y'all 😞😞😞🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
J Ro
J Ro 6 months ago
😂 That blanket only covers the shoulders to the hip
april55556655 6 months ago
No get rid of him!!
TheHawkdaddy 6 months ago
If you aren't happy I'd gladly trade spots you JR.
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez 6 months ago
How much weed is in that bubble?
Adrial Dyett
Adrial Dyett 6 months ago
Jr's just a child.... Smh.
Drawnby1 6 months ago
JR Smith needs to screw off. He should be thankful yet he'll always be that entitled jock who still thinks he's young and hype. Screw off JR
Tony H
Tony H 6 months ago
This guys is the guy laker fans are all happy to get!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼
RockStar Glizzy
RockStar Glizzy 6 months ago
3:25 😂
Dozha Deville
Dozha Deville 6 months ago
Fuq the NBA... Its serious sh!t going on out here, this dumb azz sport is irrelevant compared to ppl dying and getting murdered by the 1000s!!! Society is just braindead! And these players been puppets for years, nobody really trust them anyway! They all MK Ultra!
No Dice 414
No Dice 414 6 months ago
Lmao Lebron low key getting flashbacks of the finals.
Chris 6 months ago
this man is seriously stupid. he gets thrown a lifeline and a 2nd chance at getting back into the NBA and the first thing he does is this ? i mean, how stupidly unaware of yourself do you have to be ? Crying Lebron and AD have got better blankets ? Kick this fool out, he does not deserve to be a Laker!
Your the Best
Your the Best 6 months ago
JR is a bum
Truely Blessed
Truely Blessed 6 months ago
Just no Hennessy or weed before games only after
Truely Blessed
Truely Blessed 6 months ago
I fucks with JR
Diggs NEWZ
Diggs NEWZ 6 months ago
Lemon Head TV
Lemon Head TV 6 months ago
Bro in Jr.High With All This Shxt He Be Doin Lol
Jahiii Uno
Jahiii Uno 6 months ago
Julio Pérez
Julio Pérez 6 months ago
Kandel D.nayoshi
Kandel D.nayoshi 6 months ago
KMT15 6 months ago
Wow. I always thought he was a functioning moron and then I heard him say “6 foot 12”. What a fucking idiot.
Kiowa 6 months ago
Rich and spoiled all I see
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 6 months ago
As soon as JR signed, Lakers just can't wait to run propaganda. Some old school NBA folks told me, back then NBA teams were much genuine in both sport and business spirits. Now, it's all about narratives and propaganda on social media. When a team can't have win potential, they just keep pushing the team on social media here and there for money and propaganda. Bron ain't top NBA players but media like ESPN just keep promoting him. Too bad, fans aren't stupid. They know who are playing with true performance.
Nick Baker
Nick Baker 6 months ago
Most of he was saying was unintelligible. And whenever he couldn’t think of something to say he just blurted out ‘bruh’
Kammeron Brown
Kammeron Brown 6 months ago
Yo let that man breathe... Imma wait and see if this develops, the NBA is trippin.
T Ice
T Ice 6 months ago
Dude cant get a break lmao
Quin'Tarrius King
Quin'Tarrius King 6 months ago
J.R. you JUST got back bro chill 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
AvgDude 6 months ago
Two Words: Door Dash I know a lot of you pro sports gazillionaires are bad at managing your finances, but I'm sure still afford to have really good food delivered to your room
Geavonni Barbosa
Geavonni Barbosa 6 months ago
Two words: Corona Virus. That's why they're there in the FIRST PLACE 😂😂😂 crazy person
Pure_Skov 6 months ago
Getting in trouble for talking about the stuff you have in Orlando what tf
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 6 months ago
Wtf kinda shit is that
High Sea
High Sea 6 months ago
He don’t care ban his ignorant ass
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno 6 months ago
JR livin his best life.... till his release.... again
The shaw Family
The shaw Family 6 months ago
Jr stupid af he a grow man acting like a child
HiroWrld 6 months ago
0:34 ʟᴏʟ
k G
k G 6 months ago
Glad him make the video funny as fuck
bellette la fleur
bellette la fleur 6 months ago
I know it man you really need Delivrance 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ron Edward
Ron Edward 6 months ago
Did he say LeBron was 6'12? 😂 With the UFC fighting on an island, and the NBA in isolation, in ten years, this is going to be the Hunger Games.
black out
black out 6 months ago
mam fuck the NBA if it wasnt nun fishy they wouldnt care
Emotionally Challenged Eric Ciaramello Subordinate
How is speaking truth a bad thing?
Lord Gospel
Lord Gospel 6 months ago
He really needs to act straight thru these serious times lmao 🤣
Chiraq Baphomet666
Chiraq Baphomet666 6 months ago
If you don’t like the food don’t eat it and buy your own food. Like who the fuck he think he is? Just be grateful to them blessing man.
Dr. Źžż
Dr. Źžż 6 months ago
😂😂 he need his own strain of weed
slick cutty
slick cutty 6 months ago
These players are too fucking spoiled!! Before the NBA they didn't have shit and now they are disrespectful to be people who can't afford the things they have! Smh
M M 6 months ago
Anyone with a brain knows this is necessary and its not a big deal.it's nicer then most of your rooms isn't it?
Jopeal 6 months ago
JR's gonna be the first guy to get kicked out of the bubble for non-Covid reasons. 😂
Lucas Wattenbarger
Lucas Wattenbarger 6 months ago
Is it me or is jr like a flight if he was in the nba
jason martinez
jason martinez 6 months ago
I love the part where he cost Cleveland game 1 of the finals....... all joking aside. You got lucky to be back in the nba, with the lakers no less. Rajan rondo bitching about his room and this fool bitching about his blanket. They need to take a page out of jaylen browns book and chill out and focus on the big picture. At the end of the day they still get paid while there are people out here who dont know if they will have blankets because their job is gone or in danger of being lost. Send his ass back to china then that blanket won't seem so bad.
wornoutshoes11 6 months ago
Sometimes you just need to SHUT UP J.R. LOL this vlogging thing and being a sport person aint working. Just play the game man. Smh 😬
larphraulen 6 months ago
What's bubble food?
Lenny Coco
Lenny Coco 6 months ago
We must protect jr Smith at all cost. He is a national treasure
soicystaxx 6 months ago
Wat did he expose
Jason Lim
Jason Lim 6 months ago
Lowest IQ player in nba history
Ervince Alvarez
Ervince Alvarez 6 months ago
owwmyygawwd he on x games mode
darmor85 6 months ago
The drive by door service was on point tho..everybody had the meals at the same time😂😂..other then that I'll tell the NBA I'm going home get up with me next yr😂😂
London Alexander
London Alexander 6 months ago
Everyone else is doing it. Stop treating hennygod like that 🤨
MisterChronicles 6 months ago
NBA today is too bullshit, change my mind.
Em Zo
Em Zo 6 months ago
Man...scrap this season and continue with the same record next year in March
H F 6 months ago
This nigga about to get fired on his day off you gotta grow up youngin
alpha omega
alpha omega 6 months ago
You guys living like kings . Smh. You got no idea what the struggle is . Maybe when you were younger. But not now .
Daryl Gault
Daryl Gault 6 months ago
Not a serious person...I dont unserstand
Drac 6 months ago
Jr smith the calvin abueva of pba 😂😂
Big Ant
Big Ant 6 months ago
He can never stay out of trouble with the nba dam jr
Kyle Cupp
Kyle Cupp 6 months ago
JR should have never been allowed to bitch.....he should be happy lebron approved him even going there
Juan Frias
Juan Frias 6 months ago
He sneaked inside the liquor.
Amar Mann
Amar Mann 6 months ago
JR Smith already fuckin up 😂😂
K beats
K beats 6 months ago
AD 6’12 😂😂😂😂🤣
CashStacks 6 months ago
The NBA isn't hiding anything. Everyone has already said that the food was bad. Malika Andrews already been said it was average food
Chinglin Sheng
Chinglin Sheng 6 months ago
Blanket looks nice it’s blue with NBA logo
abcdLeeXY 6 months ago
When you're living in luxury for too long and forgot the grind and sweat others are putting in to replace you at any moment now.
Birdie Amn
Birdie Amn 6 months ago
Lmao brooo.. JR the goat
RiruKrypto Tempest
RiruKrypto Tempest 6 months ago
Never a dull moment in the life of JR Smith
MJ S 6 months ago
This are athletes and theyre giving them junkfoods.. 🤦🏻‍♂️... no offense Zion
B D 6 months ago
Stfu bruh, you started from the bottom man, like most of people did. So don't make fun of something, what for couple of us a luxury is. I know you are used to something a lot of better but staph it bro... once again, you started from the bottom.
nearzero12 6 months ago
He's an idiot
Guy B
Guy B 6 months ago
Just take the money and smile
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