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On this week’s episode, the crew is joined by @Noah Beck to talk about his relationship with @Dixie D'Amelio, what he’s been up to, and draft our perfect influencer houses. We record an emergency pod on the latest Tik Tok drama surrounding @Josh Richards, @Nessa Barrett, @jxdn, and @Mads Lewis.
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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 100   
loaf lan
loaf lan 3 hours ago
lil nas is gone
Ambrey Batson
Ambrey Batson 11 hours ago
poor josh. but mads was right and she got sooo much hate!!!! it just makes me mad
Abun Dance
Abun Dance 16 hours ago
Is this an inside joke? Dave knows he did not invent smokeshow right? Its been around for decades.
MaryAlice Yahyavi
MaryAlice Yahyavi 21 hour ago
Maybe you should have taken her call and then she wouldn’t have posted the video. I feel for Mads no one seems to care about her and how this experience made her feel. Sounds like a bunch of selfish fools she needs to get away from. I am happy she is free from fake friends. God has way better people to put in her life.
henny1765 Day ago
Josh you set yourself up for embarrassment.
The Screenologist
It’s so hard to watch too
Muaz Danish
Muaz Danish Day ago
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Danielle Buckner
Poor noah jesus no one can give him a break
Julissa Calixto
It hurts what they are doing to Josh you can tell he really loves Ness....😕
Brandi Moore
Brandi Moore 2 days ago
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priscilla_ games
priscilla_ games 2 days ago
Omg I’ve never seen josh eyes close up they look so cute
Nicole Anne
Nicole Anne 3 days ago
“It’s such a bizarre
Greeshma Shetty
Greeshma Shetty 3 days ago
Let's think that all that happens happens for good !! Like josh got to know the true colours of people he trusted!! He got to know who is with him and who is doing shit behind his back by his own so called "bro" , who broke the bro-code and the girl who made him see / realise rainbow 🌈 and butterflies 🦋 in his stomach and see ponies and unicorn 🦄 now showed her true-self behind her so called perfectness in-respect of her makeup and her appearance and her perfect life
Anna Watson
Anna Watson 3 days ago
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Kylie Vecchio
Kylie Vecchio 3 days ago
josh saying ‘it couldn’t have been handled privately’ is complete bs. mads TRIED to contact him and josh complained it was sus and didn’t respond. it’s all so hypocritical he needs to think about apologising to mads. and stop blaming her.
Kylie Vecchio
Kylie Vecchio 3 days ago
unbelievable to think that josh didn’t listen to mads one bit. the truth came out, and i think she deserves an apology from josh. he was protecting nessa and jadens reputation more than mads. sad.
Annalie Perkins !!
If ur coming from call her daddy are you confused
alicescape 4 days ago
these people are so dumb & the reason society is collapsing
julianaa 559
julianaa 559 4 days ago
Noah and Jaden should be best friends they both like stealing their best friends ex girlfriends.
Bloom of Domino
Bloom of Domino 4 days ago
Tiktok Sure as hell ain‘t dry now
pamela vega
pamela vega 4 days ago
the way he says mad is crazy and now they are together 😭😭✋🏻
Alicia Vanni
Alicia Vanni 4 days ago
This is actually so sad
Mary 4 days ago
Well mads turned out to be right. Feel so bad for josh just trusting his friend so much he wouldn’t even answer her calls. He said “why couldn’t it have been dealt with privately” when she called you and TRIED to tell you and you told her she was sus.
Marya 4 days ago
How is josh so clam with this like wth
JustSiie 4 days ago
Noah is soo cute and nice omg
Wendy Tran
Wendy Tran 4 days ago
And now they’re dating.
Kelsey Waffle
Kelsey Waffle 4 days ago
None of you picked Pewdiepie for US-firstr! Especially Noah trying to have a clean house. Yah crazy he has the biggest US-first platform 109 Million subs on US-first!
lucy k
lucy k 4 days ago
The fact that they’re talking smack abt mads I wonder what they think now since she was never crazy like YALL I NEED AN UPDATE
sammivc 4 days ago
this didnt age well
Audrey Bellenie
Audrey Bellenie 5 days ago
Well... this didn’t age well
e 1
e 1 5 days ago
what is brianas purpose? like not even in a mean way she just adds nothing
Maggie Sullivan
Maggie Sullivan 5 days ago
Josh easily has the best house
a g
a g 5 days ago
watching this now and how he was talking so positive about nessa & jaden and now them getting together is so sad. they did him so wrong.
Ashley Sparkss
Ashley Sparkss 5 days ago
Why is this so entraining
liyah .
liyah . 5 days ago
Y'all got mad at him.... for wearing heels? 😐
mani 5 days ago
the fact that he thought mads was buggin and she wasn’t
Haylie Dingman
Haylie Dingman 5 days ago
poor josh
imaan aziz
imaan aziz 5 days ago
At the end of the day there are too dumb for what they done
Brenden Moriarty
Brenden Moriarty 5 days ago
Tiktok isn’t dry anymore
Derusha07 Naiker
Derusha07 Naiker 5 days ago
They owe Mads an apology!
Jenohn Lui
Jenohn Lui 5 days ago
Josh looks so sad
Giselle Reyes
Giselle Reyes 5 days ago
poor josh fr got slapped in the face w everything
Mary Alejandra
Mary Alejandra 5 days ago
The fact that he defended jaden and nessa and strongly believed in them makes me so sad now cuz everything mads said was true
Ashley Southwind
Ashley Southwind 5 days ago
Release the nukes Josh
drama lama ice
drama lama ice 5 days ago
Josh seems kinda like an asshole the way he’s talking about mads
Equationpvp 5 days ago
Maya Nofal
Maya Nofal 5 days ago
Mausam Patel
Mausam Patel 5 days ago
“It’s not like “yo something happened and that’s why she unfollowed both of them”” Mads just pulled a huge UNO reverse on them on Call Her Daddy josh and mads seem like solid people, the other 2 make music better than their life decisions so hopefully it works out for everyone the way they want They really gotta apologize for making her seem nuts when they definitely did “have their heads in the sand” though LOL and Idek who she is
Well it was sorta jadens fault like when he first broke up with her last year and than all those things happened and now he full on texted her that he has feelings for nessa before mads.got on a prod cast I hated her with all my guts and I was 100% on nessa as side but now I’m actually on mads side
Jessica Edwards
Jessica Edwards 5 days ago
this aged well...I ship nessa and jaden they're happy and that's what matters
Itxs_ Syiaa
Itxs_ Syiaa 5 days ago
My mans said “go listen to your Christian music “ 😭😂💀
Itxs_ Syiaa
Itxs_ Syiaa 5 days ago
Still softish 2?
Angeline Hernandez
U can see the pain in his eyes
Ellie Lo
Ellie Lo 5 days ago
Felipe Riascos
Felipe Riascos 6 days ago
Watching this rn right after jaden and nessa got exposed. I feel terrible for josh
Brianna Hicks
Brianna Hicks 6 days ago
Literally hate this dave guy im just here for the tea
Mya Allen
Mya Allen 6 days ago
Wow. Josh had so much confidence in what he was saying. Whole time mads was telling the truth
chiara divella
chiara divella 5 days ago
yes exactly, she was not crazy at all, crazy people are really nessa and jaden. She doesn't deserve all the hate she received before everyone knew the truth
C13heartsmakeup 6 days ago
Hey Josh, is Mads still crazy now?
C13heartsmakeup 6 days ago
Jaden wouldn’t do anything hm
alana foley
alana foley 6 days ago
Side note: please move to Miami josh I would be the happiest person alive.
Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen 6 days ago
How the wheels have turned...
Mariah Avila
Mariah Avila 6 days ago
Look why is it that when josh is on BFF he starts acting different i think it’s just me but I can’t be the only one
MAD M 6 days ago
It’s so sad how they talked so poorly about Mad’s but yet everything Mad’s said was true!!
beyondxruth xx
beyondxruth xx 5 days ago
But ofc Josh is going to believe his best friend, it's normal too, and that he said that Jaden would never do something like that and did it made me sad that Jaden betrayed him like that, he made Josh look stupid and say stuff like this about mads because he believed Jaden and Nessa it's hurtful :(((
Jennybear h
Jennybear h 6 days ago
Time for her as in time to mess with his bestfriend
Anora Ashak
Anora Ashak 6 days ago
i love nessa but she needs to take accountability for the things and problems she starts. i’ve always loved her but she died her hair black and y’all started switching up so fast
Las locuras de Michelle
I feel bad for him. Jaden did go there ... damn it’s so hard
beyondxruth xx
beyondxruth xx 5 days ago
Bruh my heart is aching like a bitch is crying over this :(((
Las locuras de Michelle
Josh defending mads because mads don’t like to be called Maddie haha aww
Scarlett Xx
Scarlett Xx 6 days ago
I HAVENT WATCHED TIKTOK DRAMA IN FOR AGEA LIKE WTF 💀 but on a serious note I feel bad for josh cause the way he talks about nessa you can tell he seriously loves her and jaden is his best friend but what makes it even sadder is that it’s REAL LIFE! Xx
Sophia Nalley
Sophia Nalley 6 days ago
Question, how does he think ness is the most amazing girl when she backstabbed josh twice and slept w his worse enemy 😭😭😂...& now fucking around w his best friend for who knows how long. . it’s kinda sus how jaden wanted to fight chase that night he kissed nessa obviously somethings not adding up this shit seems like it’s been going on for quite a bit just haven’t been “caught.” Nessa disrespected mads and sabotaged two parties at once. mads is not crazy. She was in love, she spoke out of hurt & anger, she’s been back & forth w Jaden when he was a bad bf. She didn’t get trust issues out of the blue, he created it. Good for her going w her gut, otherwise he wouldn’t have confessed. He said he hasn’t been cheating, yet. Has deleted messages??? If you hide something from ur significant other than that is cheating . Mads and josh both lost ppl but josh lost his love of his life and his best friend. I hope josh is well & Madison. Jaden obviously never loved her if he could pull this shit.
PENCE IS DADDY 6 days ago
46:37 what is that clown man holding on to in his pants I laugh bahahahaha
Jacky Ramos
Jacky Ramos 6 days ago
Honestly josh got what he deserved fking karma
Emily 6 days ago
'Why couldn't it have been dealt with privately?' Well it sounds like Mads tried to call Josh to talk about it and he ignored her so she went to social media....
Mary 3 days ago
THATS WHAT I SAID!!! I bet you anything if josh had answered his damn phone and talked to her and said not to post it she wouldn’t have.
Diana Alday
Diana Alday 4 days ago
EXACTLYYYY. like the reason she went on the podcast was literally just to explain herself and show ppl she’s not crazy like josh and Jayden made her look 😑
Francesca Mazzucco
lol madds was never crazy😩😭
Kayla King
Kayla King 6 days ago
I understand where he’s coming from he gave her space but even tho nessa an jaden would be cute because they match more it’s just the fact of josh feeling lied to because to think of all the other times of knowing both of them an not knowing how they could feel about one another. An she needed space from josh but chose to be close to jaden it’s just kinda messed up for josh because they got close over the time he was trying to let her breath an figure what she wants for her mental state
Maddison Moore
Maddison Moore 6 days ago
The fact josh said he knows Jaden wouldn’t do anything and then he did it anyway
Aparna Bhaskar
Aparna Bhaskar 3 days ago
thats what pisses me tf off
Jennybear h
Jennybear h 4 days ago
Poor Josh on bffs u can tell he was putting on a brave face kudos for him for being so mature about this
Aj Kurcic
Aj Kurcic 4 days ago
Lil huddy was right all along! He called Jayden out for flirting with griffins girl(Dixie) while they were together!!!he’s not loyal!!!!!
beyondxruth xx
beyondxruth xx 5 days ago
Jaden made Josh look stupid because he believed in him to not do this like that made my heart ache even more for him :(((
Jennybear h
Jennybear h 6 days ago
Yeah see nessas Twitter she put it right there dispicable
saima khatri
saima khatri 6 days ago
wel I guess he was right the truth willcome out in a day or two
Jessica Sokolowska
Whose here after we found out nessa is dating jxdn and the rumors where true :(
Kourtney Mcfarlane
beyondxruth xx
beyondxruth xx 5 days ago
Me :'((( I love Josh and I feel so goddamn sad for him :(((
M.M 6 days ago
josh and noah on a podcast is iconic 😭😭😭
M.M 6 days ago
this just makes me sad bro :( like he’s so heavily inlove with nessa and you can 100% tell there more than friends and there meant for each other it’s just sad that this situation has happened it’s kinda a repetitive situation off griffin johnson and noah beck based on what’d happened between the pair off them but poor joshy and poor nessy just a shame soulmates never get put together bro right person wrong timing typa love :/
Millie Leigh
Millie Leigh 6 days ago
picture alissa violet, addison and larray in one house
masha 6 days ago
He believed them but know the thruth is out he is probably soo hurt like now
masha 6 days ago
I really want Josh and Mads to get together
Sofi y Mena
Sofi y Mena 6 days ago
Bro he literally thought Mads was making this whole thing up, and believing in his bf and the girl he loves (and they were in a break and he hoped to get back with her) and then finding out they were on a date, that hurts. I know you don’t control who you fall in love with, but they got together literally the same day they broke up, have some respect for him for real
henny1765 Day ago
@beyondxruth xx it is a little tho. He should have just heard mads out but he wanted to call her “sus”. He played himself
beyondxruth xx
beyondxruth xx 5 days ago
I know because it's normal to believe your best friend and gf it's not his fault :(((
FusionCODM 6 days ago
Wow he really loved nessa and she was out on dinner with jaden check Kevin wong recent vid
Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 5 days ago
I feel so bad for him :(
Buteravids 6 days ago
54:27 Is where they talk about the Jads issue 🤍
Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons 8 days ago
If Noah wants to stay relevant he needs to be less boring and stop playing it safe
Fazio315J 8 days ago
Wtf is this. Why the fuck is dave hanging out with these lesbians.
Jasmine Nault
Jasmine Nault 8 days ago
mads is the issue lol. Good job mads broke jaden and josh
Nesli T
Nesli T 9 days ago
why they lyin the it boy is vinnie hacker lol
Alexandra Parra
Alexandra Parra 9 days ago
Did anyone else catch when josh says bradley does steroids and then corrects himself and says “looks” like he does steroids
Joanna 9 days ago
For those waiting heres when Josh starts speaking abt nessa nd the whole situation 52:55
Tenzin Tselha
Tenzin Tselha 9 days ago
Damn I need a bf like josh.
Robert Jr
Robert Jr 9 days ago
Noah is so good looking
Emily An
Emily An 9 days ago
and Nessa. I hope they all work it out. It sucks to see your personal life play out on social media.
Joanna 9 days ago
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leilani flores
leilani flores 10 days ago
Honestly I don’t think they did something i feel like Jaden or nessa not the type people to do that to someone so close to them like they are so close and I think that mads is just insecure with Jaden when he’s with other which is relatable but don’t ruin other people lives over ur insecurities
Heather Ramsey
Heather Ramsey 10 days ago
Mads is so freaking jealous that's so sad she's not confident enough to be an adult! After watching the music video you can tell Nessa is doing everything she can not to even interact with Jaden when for the video she should be all into him. I love love love the song by the way. I hate girl drama that's why I was always with the guys.
Taw 6 days ago
well i guess you were wrong. 😀
Emily An
Emily An 9 days ago
Not Dave full on roasting Noah
Zachary Kimball
Zachary Kimball 10 days ago
Josh u the fucking man
Heather Ramsey
Heather Ramsey 10 days ago
Noah is so uncomfortable poor fella!
Tailia Tea Tok
Tailia Tea Tok 10 days ago
Aww poor josh
Tailia Tea Tok
Tailia Tea Tok 10 days ago
Josh’s voice while talking about nessa,mads and Jayden melted my heart ❤️🥺😍🥰💞
Billy Talksalot
Billy Talksalot 11 days ago
an announcement 🙂
an announcement 🙂