Joseline Hernandez on Wendy Williams 

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The Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez tells Wendy she wants her flowers and recognition for all of her hard work over the years. Wendy responds.

Plus, she dished about her show 'Joseline's Cabaret' on Zeus network.
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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Shaba Laba Ding Dong
Shaba Laba Ding Dong 9 minutes ago
0:39 when she mouths “flowers” 😂
vee eev
vee eev 3 hours ago
Her "broken" Is showing
Veronica Rocha
Veronica Rocha 4 hours ago
This was awkward & cringe af
Dawn Preston
Dawn Preston 4 hours ago
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson 4 hours ago
I don't care anything top Whitney Houston
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson 4 hours ago
It was what kind of custom you have on 😩😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan JJ
Jordan JJ 5 hours ago
Wendy handled this so well... if this was 2008 Wendy.. oh man we would have been in for one hell of a show.
Isaiah Harrell
Isaiah Harrell 7 hours ago
I'm an off-again-on-again fan of Wendy's, but this right here...I'm #TeamWendy this particular time...Joseline is so stuck-up, arrogant, and bitchy.
Diva Donna
Diva Donna 7 hours ago
I'm currently at 3:56 and already had to pause 5 times to take a break.... this is so hard to wach!
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 12 hours ago
Jocelyn is still immature. I really hoped that she had learned and grown from her mistakes now that she has a daughter....smh. Wendy handled herself pretty dam well!!!
Jae Mun
Jae Mun 14 hours ago
Joseline is right!!
Benjamin D
Benjamin D 15 hours ago
“ any word women can wear that “ N “ no plastic here Wendy “ ayo I hate them 😂
leeyah Naidoo
leeyah Naidoo 23 hours ago
This was so embarrassing on joselines part
Priscilla Dixon
Number one show in country is judge judy 😆
Coco H
Coco H Day ago
I’ve never heard of this girl. But I have heard of Wendy Williams.
Marvin Mckenzie
Wendy me when I’m the phone with a customer who want answer simple questions 😂
Kateisha Fields
Joseline must be high
Jasmine Orleans
🌸 🌺 🌹 zzzz
vian-j eugene
Sis u ain't got no number 1 show in the country cuz ain't nobody posting for Zeus like that
Xirix Seven
Xirix Seven Day ago
She literally has $300,000 to her name.
Toi Jackson
Toi Jackson Day ago
These ARE THE type of women I STAY AWAY FROM!!!
Sol Addis
Sol Addis Day ago
Joseline thinks that she is talking to Stevie for not receiving those flowers. She is thriving to get attentions🤦‍♀️
Just So Brandi
Why burn the opportunity by Trying to insult the host. As if your above everyone NOT smart at all! Season 4 now, we don't know.
The AspenX
The AspenX Day ago
Joseline set her straight! About time lol
ernk75 Day ago
Don't make that dollar for dollar men make etc you make more than your average man for sitting down and having a gossip show smh
A C Day ago
You’re not entitled to anyone’s praise, especially from people like Wendy lmaoooo but we won’t sit here and pretend that Joseline didn’t scroll through years of Wendy’s comment section and regurgitate the things we’ve all said for years 😂 the shade is so fun though lol.
M Smith
M Smith Day ago
Gracefulness comes with age
Will Call
Will Call Day ago
staged - wendy does this all the time
Majesticfan Day ago
As unprofessional and immature Shenelica was in this interview, I am so glad she called out Wendy for being a sellout to black and latina celebrities by always coming for their jugular, while bigging up white celebs.
Vee Wisdom
Vee Wisdom Day ago
The number one show on Zeus 😂😂😩😩
eli officialmua
eli officialmua 2 days ago
Wendy never does her research she sucks at this, stuff like she just need to pack it up .
Shaba Laba Ding Dong
Damn scorpios
Joel The Scorpion
This interview is a mess 😂😂😂
Petar 99
Petar 99 2 days ago
Yes yes yes!!! Talk facts Josiline
Nature Hardy
Nature Hardy 2 days ago
i like joseline.. But wtf just happened CTFU ! 😂😂 Wendy said "Should we just pull the plug, like what is going on? " 😭
Delores Wilder
Delores Wilder 2 days ago
She must been high 🤦🏾‍♀️
3820MD 2 days ago
Geisha 305 brought me here 😂
Keisha Johnson
Keisha Johnson 2 days ago
“Any woman could wear that” 😂
T H 2 days ago
Honestly, im tired of these celebrities and their genders.
Faith was here wayyyyyy before her too.
Ls gaming
Ls gaming 2 days ago
What is wrong with Joseline be quiet
Betty Boop
Betty Boop 2 days ago
B P 2 days ago
Wendy met her match. Lmao 🤣 Wendy ain't shhh...
Andrew.2 2 days ago
The way Wendy said her name 🤣🤣
Shy B
Shy B 2 days ago
And I Would Told Them Cut The Camera Off! I dont think her fiancé Gonna marry her.
AmAyANiQuOlE 2 days ago
Joseline Hernandez is joke. Girl bye
Corether Johnson
Corether Johnson 2 days ago
Blessings to all.... However Jocelyn does have a point... Viewers watch how Wendy talks to or promotes Women of color... she does begin with negative, shady comments 🙄 ( except for JL ).... then to rip P from Atlanta Housewives who is SS ...single successful and now engaged 💍 We all can do what want and support one another.
Love Love
Love Love 2 days ago
Mature way to handle this issues
Bonita Chica21
Bonita Chica21 2 days ago
They way Wendy threw them flowers
Brittney Pine
Brittney Pine 3 days ago
She’ll never be a guest on this show or any other daytime show after this. So embarrassing 🤦🏾‍♀️
Natalie S
Natalie S 3 days ago
Sometimes ppl who've been hurt or feel betrayed just need to let it out of their system. She probably sees Wendy as a mentor, someone she wished would be there for her. I'm glad Wendy and her producers just let her moment and then were able to get back to the interview. It's the ppl that hide their tantrums and outbursts from the cameras that freak me out more.
Natsumi Nana
Natsumi Nana 3 days ago
This is embarrassing
Aquarsces Of LOVE
Wendy's a mess
Coco Africa
Coco Africa 3 days ago
This clip soo funny 😄 😭😂😂here go your flowers 💐 flowers 🌸
MustacheN Beef
MustacheN Beef 3 days ago
Tay Green
Tay Green 3 days ago
Wendy’s actually much nicer but I get Joseline point
Irvin Bohac
Irvin Bohac 3 days ago
It tickles me how Joseline wants her flowers, and how Wendy always put her down, yet… Joselines entire show the “cabaret” exploits women of color, and makes them look like crazy, uneducated, fighting bitches…. What flowers Joseline? You get weed killer sis, cause your whole show is a massive 🧢
Mrs Kurd
Mrs Kurd 3 days ago
😂😂😂😂, they both petty
Sharon Johnson
Sharon Johnson 3 days ago
Joseline is a dummy 😒
Selina Selina
Selina Selina 3 days ago
Joseline was sort of right about how Wendy is subtlely rude about and to black women and men
Jessica 3 days ago
Any woman could wear that😂😂😂 this is so ratchet
Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly 3 days ago
Wow joseline whole demeanor changed towards Wendy since last interview. What happened? Thought last interview went really well. Was it her comparing her to Cardi B ? What happened. I love Joseline and she gonna stand up for herself I respect that but I don’t know what’s happened between them?
R X 3 days ago
Wendy Williams kept it Business Professional.
Royal Q
Royal Q 3 days ago
She said “uphold each other higher” but she got in somebody face over coughing....like ma’am
Portia Ntsako
Portia Ntsako 3 days ago
Joseline knows how Wendy is messy with other guests🤣🤣She came for her.
Udig entertainment
Wendy looks better than Joseline inside and outside
Barbra Theory
Barbra Theory 3 days ago
Omg not Josline trying to recycle Mariah Careys catch phrase...and where even is she? It looks like she filmed herself at the doctors office.
Motown Love
Motown Love 3 days ago
Well Joseline made sure that none of us will ever be interested in watching her cocaine produced show. Bye Felicia.
Momoko Rui
Momoko Rui 4 days ago
Wendy had it coming ahhaha
GArealPeach 4 days ago
Drop it Joseline !!!! Just drop it Don’t need validation from Ms Wendy lol
K B 4 days ago
“ 35 years her senior?” “All the other young girls” WHY IS JOSELINE STILL PRETENDING TO BE IN HER 20s 😂 she’s been 28 since 2015😭 Also since when is Joseline “a black woman” ?? She’s never claimed to be black ...ever. She has always just referred to herself as “Spanish” or Puerto Rican, never as a specific race within that ethnicity. Another case of an Afro (only when convenient for my agenda, any other time I’m mixed/mestizo) Latina. We be letting women like her - Cardi B, Cyn Santana , & Evilyn Lozada speak for black girls. When these women do not navigate through the world like black women and do not have parents that consider themselves black. You are ambiguously “Spanish.” Please continue to speak for the Spanish girls - and leave the black girls out of it. We already have enough bad publicity 😭
Ej James
Ej James 4 days ago
Joseline was on cloud ☁️9 wow, it looks like she had a lot 😳to say she couldn't stop talking, Wendy goes ahead and says she is number one kikikikk, you don't mess with her.
luvfunnyflix 4 days ago
I love Joseline BUT SHE WAS CLEARLY feeling insecure about something. She did too much.
GGFever 4 days ago
A mature person would have said “Oh you know I have to change it up every now and then.”
Coco Africa
Coco Africa 4 days ago
This interview was 🔥 😳😭😂😂😂😭 I got flowers 🌺 I’m my back yard
Dasha R
Dasha R 4 days ago
Joseline just shut up your embarrassing yourself
Ravi Sunny Kumar
Ravi Sunny Kumar 4 days ago
Reading the comments, can someone explain what " throw shade" "shading" mean? I see the word shade in so many comments.
Jada Farmer
Jada Farmer 4 days ago
That man in the audience was excited for that number two comment
Keith Metoyér
Keith Metoyér 4 days ago
Wendy had to have whiskey poured in her tea cup after that interview lawd 🤣
Merlyne CraftLover
Meanwhile Joseline's show IS degradation to women.
M S 4 days ago
Joseline Hernandez was being messy... Girl that was embarrassing, She humiliated herself. She wants to talk about making money... She is not even close to Wendy Williams Net Worth.
maria mont
maria mont 4 days ago
This is what happens when you let a stripper/rachet get famous
Anthony Bollers
Anthony Bollers 4 days ago
Joseline Joseline 😩😩
Rosalind Scotton
Rosalind Scotton 4 days ago
Wendy was so professional. Bravo Ms.Wendy Bravo.😀👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Alba D
Alba D 4 days ago
The way Wendy handled this little girl 😍👏👑👑👑
Figure Ring
Figure Ring 4 days ago
I have the number one show and you can be number two.. damn that rolled off the tongue so smooth lol
Figure Ring
Figure Ring 4 days ago
Let me see your shoes 🤣😂🤣 .. here’s your flowers come on 🤣😂 I love Wendy
Pussy Cat
Pussy Cat 4 days ago
LMFAOO Wendy really yo’d Joséline 😂😂
Candy Jansen
Candy Jansen 4 days ago
This woman is ratched just like her show smh
robinhio84 4 days ago
So much insecurity and pain. I wish her so much healing. Self-love needs to come from within.
Andrew Butler
Andrew Butler 4 days ago
Not Wendy staring directly into Camera
Medusa Medusa
Medusa Medusa 4 days ago
Wendy knew not to argue or go in with joseline cause joseline throws hands and stuff so wendy knows who to bait and who not too. That's why she kept trying to change the subject to bring the volume down . So wendy wasn't mature she was scared asfuck!
Bramanto Wijaya
Bramanto Wijaya 5 days ago
came here from the Paro Deez channel. this looked dubbed and edited. I believe the Paro Deez one is the real one. go check it out!
Eric Alavez
Eric Alavez 5 days ago
This was planned, but it worked. 😂
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 5 days ago
Why do I feel like this channel is deleting all the Team Joseline Hernandez comments 🤔
STROBE 5 days ago
Did she really get paid to sit in the comfort of her house to rant about flowers??
Antonio Carter
Antonio Carter 5 days ago
It’s the cocaine smh
Manuel Monge
Manuel Monge 5 days ago
Wait Joseline is 34, 34 + 35 is 69 🤣 damn that was shade
HomeSweet Classroom II
Wendy chucking flowers that Joseline couldn’t catch was hilarious 😂 #girlCatchShit #uHappy now show ur shoes.
Sahil Moella
Sahil Moella 5 days ago
Was that necessary josline
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