Joel Embiid has beefed with Marcus Smart in college, in the NBA, and all across social media 

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Marcus Smart and Joel Embiid perfectly exemplify the make-up of a modern-day beef. Two dudes with completely different personalities, going after the same goals, whose beef was sparked by some good ole fashioned shitposting in college.
It’s no secret that Embiid is a troll. The man calls himself Joel “Troel” Embiid across his social media platforms, so it’s not like he’s hiding the fact that he’s ready to pounce on an opportunity to poke fun at fellow NBA players.
But trolling is nothing new to Embiid and it’s something he’s been at for quite a while. His first-ever Instagram post in 2014 unlike most people wasn’t a selfie. It also wasn’t a wholesome picture of him and his family or even a cute picture of his dog doing something silly. Instead, Embiid chose violence and uploaded a picture of him dunking all over Marcus Smart in college. You gotta respect the commitment to the troll lifestyle.
Like Embiid, Smart has been the same dude dating back to his college years. He’s always been the guy who you would much rather have on your team than play against. Diving for loose balls, setting hard screens, and exaggerating every foul call, Smart is the true definition of all gas and no brakes. Playing with that type of fiery attitude has earned him a lot of success in the NBA, but it’s also led to a fair amount of problems.
So I’m sure you can imagine the result of putting a troll on the same court as the guy who plays every possession like it could be his last leads to good results right? Lol of course not! You came here for beef. And when these two are on the court together, they serve up some fine cuts. So sit back, relax and enjoy some spicy beef.
Written, produced and edited by: Joe Ali
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Apr 3, 2021




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Secret Base
Secret Base 11 days ago
Who knew trolling could lead to some real deal beef? What do y'all wanna see from us next? Let us know!
Faris Chugthai
Faris Chugthai 9 hours ago
Would you guys ever consider doing something a little more old school like beef between Muhammad Ali and Smokin Joe Frazier? There's SO much history there
CashStacks 6 days ago
@Todd Biesel yes I hear you but I don’t think there was enough public content for it however if SB can dig it up I’m all for it.
Todd Biesel
Todd Biesel 6 days ago
Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes, anybody?
CashStacks 7 days ago
Lebron James vs Trevor Ariza beef dates back to high school. There were interviews leading up to their High School matchup with Arizas Uncle involved and they beefed in the league
Matthew Taber
Matthew Taber 8 days ago
Embiid and Russ
Robby C
Robby C 17 hours ago
Apparently 6'3" is considered midget by NBA standards.
Robby C
Robby C 17 hours ago
Impressive tumbling back flip by Smart. I didn't think it would be possible for a giant like Embiid to do.
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle 21 hour ago
Ben Simmons vs Jared Dudley?
CezrDaPleazr Day ago
I'm all for this beef
CezrDaPleazr Day ago
I love this host lmao
HeyItsKashy 2 days ago
please do kat vs embiid
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 2 days ago
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Epic Arav
Epic Arav 3 days ago
Beef History: Ben Simmons vs Kyle Lowry.
Stevie Night Heat
Weak beef
Robert Linares
Robert Linares 3 days ago
The doubtful subway directly joke because rail reilly suggest besides a wary fiber. immense, actually patch
Sean Barry
Sean Barry 3 days ago
Marcus Smart has black airforce 1s energy
hoopsdowntown12 3 days ago
Ken Griffey Jr / Sr and the Yankees!
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw 4 days ago
Beef ideas Jordan and Isiah Thomas Miami and notre dame
Lau Da
Lau Da 4 days ago
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Evelyn Wagner
Evelyn Wagner 4 days ago
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Master Pierce
Master Pierce 4 days ago
Wiggins the best prospect since lebron lol
Aubree Emmalee
Aubree Emmalee 4 days ago
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Adrian Hinton
Adrian Hinton 5 days ago
Watching Joel fly 5 ft after getting shoved by smart is still funny
anthony macias
anthony macias 5 days ago
As a Kansas fan I do not consider OSU a rival nor have I ever lmao
John Nolan
John Nolan 5 days ago
In college did EMBIID have Tobias, curry, BEN SIMMONS? George Hill shake, DWIGHT HOWARD
Darrien Twyman
Darrien Twyman 5 days ago
Marcus Smart was right about Wiggins
Chuckles Fox
Chuckles Fox 5 days ago
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Haita 5 days ago
Now this is PRIME beef. Good stuff.
The 3 - 1 Network
Collapse: 2016 Cavs
Haise 5 days ago
You guys do the best vids
Brandon Gillette
Brandon Gillette 5 days ago
"slightly exaggerating fouls" lol
sueannzeiger 6 days ago
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Luis Mazier
Luis Mazier 6 days ago
Beef History: Houston Astros vs MLB
Viraj Bansal
Viraj Bansal 6 days ago
Beef History: Austin Rivers vs. Doc Rivers
MetdzQLife 6 days ago
They will face in the playoffs again this season 🔥🔥
N B 6 days ago
The quality of these videos has gotten so much worse. Beef history used to be must-watch, now it's kinda meh.
Aslarn Blackfyre
Aslarn Blackfyre 6 days ago
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Ian Smith
Ian Smith 6 days ago
Collapse: 2008 Phillies to now
Benjamin Aubé
Benjamin Aubé 6 days ago
Sick vid, as usual. Suggestion for a still-simmering beef: SIDNEY CROSBY v. BRANDON DUBINSKY: www.bardown.com/sidney-crosby-gave-the-absolute-bluntest-response-to-brandon-dubinsky-s-harsh-comments-1.1619673?fbclid=IwAR1yos51FUtE6pobBPWzyuOCV160tOWxG9K0Vxg2oCxS2PIJfMuI6DQrKyA You won't be disappointed! Because as this series has shown, hockey beef is the juiciest beef (except for women's basketball, apparently - Leslie v. Jackson for the beef bracket win)
i just got baited by kobe
embiid already better than lebron
Numa 2K
Numa 2K 6 days ago
'' Not very Smart to jump on that one'' lmao 😂😂
Viraj Bansal
Viraj Bansal 6 days ago
Beef History: Kevin Durant and Michael Rappaport
박희령 7 days ago
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Katy Lora
Katy Lora 7 days ago
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Young Suit
Young Suit 7 days ago
i want the beef staff to spill the tea on in house beef
BullShark 7 days ago
Not a fan of the new narrator just sayin
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter 7 days ago
This should of been Embiid Vs KAT
jera9876 7 days ago
This is beef? A tweet here and an elbow there? This was the weakest beef episode yet lol
r 7 days ago
beef history: boogie and the refs
박희령 7 days ago
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Phil Grahmate
Phil Grahmate 7 days ago
Vanessa Bryant’s Beef with helicopters
NewsPaperBin 7 days ago
Beef History: Lebron James and Anthony Davis
Dylan O’Leary 33
Marcus smart is so much better than embiid
WeLuvSauxGawd 7 days ago
Jalendashaun 7 days ago
John Wick
John Wick 7 days ago
Marcus smart is a rat
austin lowe
austin lowe 8 days ago
This isn't a good episode if you're a ref
Aidan Knight
Aidan Knight 8 days ago
36 n 6 last night for the process
BobaYoda Fett
BobaYoda Fett 8 days ago
10:00 mr Lahey?
Nbahangtime27 8 days ago
This one was meh, really doesnt seem like much beef in comparison to other videos
Jack Pfau
Jack Pfau 8 days ago
Damn a little Embiid bias on this one huh? Ruins the beef if we’re being honest
SOUL PRINGLE 8 days ago
0:15 yooooo😭
Louis Brownloq
Louis Brownloq 8 days ago
Beef History: Hornets vs playoffs
Marty Hofmann
Marty Hofmann 8 days ago
we want seth back :(
Nik Petrovic
Nik Petrovic 8 days ago
this one was "meh" quality; youve set the bar too high secret base.
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez 8 days ago
That classic anime rivalry.
Youngin 8 days ago
So basically Smart owns Embiid
EaglesFan4Life17 8 days ago
Gang time
Gang time 8 days ago
Smart could been the first pick
Zach Hamilton
Zach Hamilton 8 days ago
Both teams are good. If we’re lucky maybe we will get to see them face off in the finals this year.
Fryedd YT
Fryedd YT 8 days ago
Lmao wtf, Celtics ain’t making the playoffs 💀💀
nolimitozzy 8 days ago
Nice video you guys should do Embiid vs KAT
I live in Philly, 3 years ago Embiid was always out in the clubs lol. I saw him out on 4 different occasions in one summer. First time I saw him he was coming out the club with Flutz, he had two bad light skin chicks with him, or Hispanic. Dude is massive up close man. Like huge, and I’m 6’2.5ft, made me feel like a child.
David Sprague
David Sprague 8 days ago
Beef History: Embiid vs KAT
blackman34 8 days ago
they dont hate each other tho
Cade Linehan
Cade Linehan 8 days ago
as a celtics fan marcus smart is my favorite player in the league but i just shed a tear when i heard boston could’ve had embiid
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye 9 days ago
I'm glad we drafted Smart over Embiid, even though Embiid is the better player, Smart is one of those special defensive players that every team wish they had.
iinsomnia 9 days ago
Really interesting and well made video about the second best Center in the nba and Marcus smart.
Keith Collins
Keith Collins 9 days ago
I don't think they like each other but I just feel like this video really didn't do a lot to show enough beef to do a video. The middle of the video was just talking about them as individuals. Not my favorite episode
Lucas Neto
Lucas Neto 9 days ago
Paul Pierce's latest instagram live needs a deep rewind
Dave Slattery
Dave Slattery 9 days ago
Great vid! Always loved smart
Christopher Williams
This was a great episode. Kinda forgot about their college beef and to see it go on this long is actually cool lol
osmar casas
osmar casas 9 days ago
Beef History: Kevin Durant vs Michael Rappaport
TheBrewmore 26
TheBrewmore 26 9 days ago
Well. Now I’m a huge Marcus Smart fan.
Alonzo Harris
Alonzo Harris 9 days ago
Thank you for making a male voice narrate on a male basketball video. I might have to subscribe now
Drew Andrews
Drew Andrews 9 days ago
Easily my favorite Beef 🥩 Video. This Beef 🥩 is a compatible long standing one that did not end up being violent or tragic. It is a healthy competitive rivalry. Both men have had their wins and losses in this rivalry. I hope it continues. Much respect for Smart being courageous enough to keep taking on a 7 footer and Embid keeps this rivalry entertaining. I do wonder how they would coexist on the same team. The Content Creator made a great choice making this video.
Marigi K
Marigi K 9 days ago
Mountain Lion vs Honey Badger
John-Dale Sanchez
embiid is a crybaby
André Vital Pardue
Marcus Smart is my favorite NBA player. That man puts his all into every game. Love him.
Jmo 421
Jmo 421 9 days ago
Yes a 6’3 man is a small guy
lbcycl3 Mak
lbcycl3 Mak 9 days ago
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Duey Newton
Duey Newton 9 days ago
9:37 was dat da Draymond b4 da Day Day??
t rogers
t rogers 9 days ago
Can we get a kyrie and LeBron beef video
Braiden B
Braiden B 9 days ago
Where’s Clara?
chris ghost
chris ghost 9 days ago
The fluffy cord inferiorly telephone because chick developmentally destroy through a seemly mile. plastic, boorish aftershave
Marshinz 9 days ago
Sixers fan. I love Marcus Smart.
TerribleTamada 9 days ago
embiid making up a story about killing a lion being a right of passage in Cameroon is hilarious.
Heath Trinity
Heath Trinity 9 days ago
Joel and KAT beef!
KiD Music
KiD Music 9 days ago
So far, Marcus has the obvious advantage of this rivalry by eliminating Embiid from the playoffs twice and sweeping him once.
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 8 days ago
Fr hes salty for no reason. Embiid the most salty annoying player in the nba
Ryan Day
Ryan Day 9 days ago
Beef History: Christian Laettner vs Everyone.
magmax76 9 days ago
Actually the last time they played each other, they were pretty friendly...but this beef definitely isn't over anytime soon.
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo 9 days ago
Smart is a beast and you can't convince me otherwise. His contracts pretty tight for the output on the court.
mllr hr
mllr hr 9 days ago
embitch and not smart are both trash
Darius Mason
Darius Mason 9 days ago
I can’t wait for KAT vs Jimmy Butler
Dilf Nation
Dilf Nation 9 days ago
Lenny Dykstra vs. Ron Darling