Joel Embiid Beyond SCARED Wearing Hazmat Suit To NBA Bubble For Season Return! 

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Joel Embiid Beyond SCARED Wearing Hazmat Suit To NBA Bubble For Season Return!
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Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 100   
Strong lil Chick
Strong lil Chick 6 months ago
“He might even keep it on during the game”😂😂😂😂I love this dude
Ethan Luke
Ethan Luke 6 months ago
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Tapsiru Saccoh
Tapsiru Saccoh 6 months ago
Joel embild my guy😂
Philly God_215
Philly God_215 6 months ago
Ain nun wrong with that Telly he just bougie 😭😭😭💯
raw 4457
raw 4457 6 months ago
Thats for show y the baby not protected
YunGxSaUcE 6 months ago
Tbh rondo need to stfu he ain’t finna get no minutes anyway
GJ Williams
GJ Williams 6 months ago
How everybody got a mask BUT the baby...
Ari M
Ari M 6 months ago
Wait, these millionaires are actually complaining?
Ben’s Golf
Ben’s Golf 6 months ago
Look at embiid such a clown. For the fans tho.- ✈️
Brian Kruse
Brian Kruse 6 months ago
I don't think Rajon Rondo's been to Motel 6 in quite some time, that's a nice ass Motel 6.
CBaez13 6 months ago
He single handily caused the 76ers to lose gane 7 and allow kawhi to get that shot
Big Smith
Big Smith 6 months ago
Can’t fault someone for being careful people are dying
En1gmatic1 6 months ago
Dude sounds like kendrick Lamar
Franklakers 6 months ago
As much as i want to watch nba, but really should shut it down
Nick ger
Nick ger 6 months ago
This guys getting paid by millions still complaining about food and rooms.
Master Gatlin
Master Gatlin 6 months ago
Man honestly, health over television. This season should not happen. It won't be the same competition.
Brandon Worthley
Brandon Worthley 6 months ago
If thats your take than sports will never happen because viruses never go away. I guess no more sports because people get sick sometimes
Jackson Dennis
Jackson Dennis 6 months ago
did he say rondo want happy with his hotel? lol
Melvin Singian
Melvin Singian 6 months ago
They all have this protection but that poor baby gets really exposed
N Marbletoe
N Marbletoe 6 months ago
superbaby immune to earth diseases
LAMONT WATERS 6 months ago
Embiiid ready to get on a plane or a space shuttle dude dressed like a damn astronaut.
FreeOnGoal 6 months ago
You can't really blame him...We saw it in the Toronto series last year that he doesn't have the best immune system...
C Lee
C Lee 6 months ago
Him and his wife is all protected with a mask but his baby??? The most vulnerable is out there with no protective gear
Doug Mertz
Doug Mertz 6 months ago
Wearing a hazmat suit won't really do a whole lot when the virus can get in through your eyes... the suit is useless without full body cover and gloves/mask don't count as full body cover....
Pinas Gameplay
Pinas Gameplay 6 months ago
I thought he is scared of wearing hazmat suit.
Avery Moore
Avery Moore 6 months ago
Can’t blame him
1ofUs 6 months ago
Lol. I feel with this.
bighitter 6 months ago
The first nba player to wear a condom
Chad milos
Chad milos 6 months ago
They are still trying to keep the wnba up no one cares about it no one watches it just shut the entire league down
matt concords
matt concords 6 months ago
miss youre parodies
Abizoo Nien
Abizoo Nien 6 months ago
Careful with your captions bro! It's safety, he doesn't want to be affected. It's also shows precautions and awareness ❤
Sonny Meredith
Sonny Meredith 6 months ago
I need the Nba, just like i need the ending to a story. This season is lit. Anyone saying stop the season their team was trash. ( theres alot of strong teams)
King_Smith910 6 months ago
What’s tha name of this instrumental I’ve been wondering for years now 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
jake mitchell
jake mitchell 6 months ago
This gonna be a jersey option in 2k21
You Succ
You Succ 6 months ago
I think the reason he wear hazmat suit is because he tryna look fun and shit.
Vinchi Lee
Vinchi Lee 6 months ago
That hotel looks good to me, as people are struggling thru the virus right now
BrokeCarFan 6 months ago
NBA trying to make more money off these players
Robin Mohabir
Robin Mohabir 6 months ago
Beyond scared straight, opening lines got me dead lmfaooo
anneidos 6 months ago
I'm bothered by the fact that some people are still denying the FACT that there is a PANDEMIC.
B Kay
B Kay 6 months ago
I've had it I have immunity now! Just got my DNA test back today.. good luck to those who arent immune yet! Whoo whoo
Rink Patel
Rink Patel 6 months ago
I hate why they have to go to gay Orlando that’s why players are like I don’t wanna play
Sebastian Andres Duran Ramirez
Bro is obviusly that he beyond scared he have a baby...come on guys...we all have the same situation
Michael Denczek
Michael Denczek 6 months ago
THE MONEY MAN 6 months ago
Who's white baby is that?
OoWoah 6 months ago
whose baby is that at 0:59
freddy Flores
freddy Flores 6 months ago
Why do you talk like that
APACHE529CREWCHIEF 6 months ago
🐑 🐑 🐑
APACHE529CREWCHIEF 6 months ago
Eduardo Cardenas JR nope
Eduardo Cardenas JR
Eduardo Cardenas JR 6 months ago
I think u mean 🐐
xdm24 6 months ago
Shit how TF would you not be happy with that hotel wtf 🤣
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett 6 months ago
Imagine being paid millions of dollars and complaining about the living conditions.
Rings of Jupiter
Rings of Jupiter 6 months ago
Who ever wins these playoffs will be known as the greatest Summer Invitational Tournament champions ever
Ephraim Udarbe III
Ephraim Udarbe III 6 months ago
He probably has family who could die from covid
Mel Hew
Mel Hew 6 months ago
I'm curious how many of me could fit in that hazmat suit 🤔 👀 😂🤣😂
Glenn McKnight
Glenn McKnight 6 months ago
Masked bron back?
VoltZ 6 months ago
Is that the right mask to wear tho??
Enzyme _Select
Enzyme _Select 6 months ago
Dudes gonna be wearing this in game because people will be touching him while defending him big man 😆
native 78
native 78 6 months ago
biggest crybaby in the nba
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez 6 months ago
Didnt one of rmbiids family members die of covid
That one bespin guard who died #3
Bruh they should be wearing it...
Jared T
Jared T 6 months ago
niggas so used to being rich & spoiled shit looked like a 4 star hotel 😢😂
Official TypeRT23 Jr And TypeRT23
This dude has a mouth but no brain?
Hoodie SO
Hoodie SO 6 months ago
What an idiot
Matt :3
Matt :3 6 months ago
Everyone should be required to wear masks
Matt :3
Matt :3 6 months ago
And so??? He is trying to be safe!!!!! Everyone should wear masks and faceshileds to prevent the spread people!!!! Common guys!
Latorya Gillespie
Latorya Gillespie 6 months ago
Man, these athletes get millions of dollars to run up and down the court with a ball; while teachers and essential workers don't get half of that. If they don't stop their complaining and ball. Seriously. Why the fuck are they getting paid so much more than essential workers? This is ridiculous.
Mitchell Campion
Mitchell Campion 6 months ago
NBA players aren't happy with a 5 star hotel? I call that selfish as fuck
AS GE painting
AS GE painting 6 months ago
You all talking ass just lucky enough to live in a first world country. Embiid is from Africa. He is a pro in basketball and epidemic.
Jirnell Alexander
Jirnell Alexander 6 months ago
Corona not a joke. Only those who get it in the comments section will agree with me
Dillard 6 months ago
The food they get is way better than the food at my school
Erick 6 months ago
And even better than food at my home, like wut
Crafty Veterans.com
Crafty Veterans.com 6 months ago
Wow this dude his hella dumb
Jay Mamba Jr
Jay Mamba Jr 6 months ago
XRoshaunX 6 months ago
Who remembers the nba2k17 days
Timothy Stratton
Timothy Stratton 6 months ago
Fear is the real pandemic. What a clown and a fool
Shermaine Basilio
Shermaine Basilio 6 months ago
This probably would be the outfit of the year if they wear this suit before the game
Serdar S.
Serdar S. 6 months ago
which language are you speaking?
Raw2k 6 months ago
This man is the biggest clown in the NBA🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💀
Datkid Tv
Datkid Tv 6 months ago
Appreciate this guy keeping us up to date with the NBA. 👏🏽😂
Chaderbox 6 months ago
The WNBA got broken down 4x4 apartments
Kabelo Maragelo
Kabelo Maragelo 6 months ago
He's not scared, he's being protective.
Vade Retro
Vade Retro 6 months ago
Lol what a joke this guys is.
Jeremy Evangelista
Jeremy Evangelista 6 months ago
NBA players are human just like us. They shouldn't be out there risking their lives for entertainment. Season should be null
Black Cupid
Black Cupid 6 months ago
Maybe joel embid want to gi to the moon bruhhh
Aerogorn 6 months ago
Just a reminder that Bron is a sellout to China. He loves having money open his mouth and closing it. Just a reminder that China pushes BLM and the racist narrative to divide America
Satsuka 6 months ago
These niggas need to quit watching CNN
Ariel Tabuzo Jr
Ariel Tabuzo Jr 6 months ago
Clive look man he's not scared he's just cautious and that's good because it will set as a good example to people that this virus is a serious shit. Got a cold rn and shit I feel scared lol
CHENDOdeCOPANDARO 6 months ago
when are the bitches gon enter the bubble 🤔
Machiavelli 6 months ago
The nba's bitchiest player
Abdiaziz Aden
Abdiaziz Aden 6 months ago
Joel embid was like trust the process
N B 6 months ago
Let's just cancel the NBA for good and we'll see what these idiots will do for a living. Atleast he is ready to shovel shit off the streets of San Francisco. Good luck NBA with what fans you have left
German Garcia
German Garcia 6 months ago
Damn!! NBA players are a bunch of rich spoiled crying baby bitches!!! Not happy with the food and hotel room. What else can they do besides play basketball? With all that height they can’t do anything besides play basketball. Be great full you get paid to just play basketball through these tough times.
naren d
naren d 6 months ago
Y u talkin like dat ?hideous
Adnan Sarajlic
Adnan Sarajlic 6 months ago
Corona is fake. Wake Up sheep
littleclay 6 months ago
Coronavirus is Not airborne! Droplet Precautions 💦 When and if you are unable to maintain 6ft distance, grocery store, at work, school, church, train, bus, movie theater, protest, etc... wear a mask. You cannot contract or transmit this virus while wearing a mask. Wash your hands, check your temperature... oh never mind, lets just shut down the economy
Adapt Gaming
Adapt Gaming 6 months ago
Who else for a second thought at 1:24 t was Kevin Durant in #7
Meneses 6 months ago
Hey I mean what's wrong with him being safe??
pkfire alarm
pkfire alarm 6 months ago
Rondo has definitely never been to a Motel 6 before lmao
PhantomMatrix 6 months ago
They're complaining about food? Seriously?? 😂😂😂 1:08
PhantomMatrix i know right damn!!! They just spoiled brats
Nelson Li
Nelson Li 6 months ago
Tell Troy Daniels and his 3.4 ppg ass to shut up
Mond Rt
Mond Rt 6 months ago
Ey it's better to be safe than sorry
Mushroom Clouds
Mushroom Clouds 6 months ago
Honestly, I respect the caution.
Child of Light
Child of Light 6 months ago
Wise move. Too few in the U.S taking this epidemic serious.
Thomas f.254
Thomas f.254 6 months ago
I dont blame embid one bit..but playing during a covid pandemic..this is the new norm now..including mlb & nfl..just get fucking use to it..
TSM_Sombra_LP 6 months ago
Best of Joel Embiid