Joe Rogan Talks Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones Mega Fight | UFC Heavyweight Championship 

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Joe Rogan, Dana White, Francis Ngannou , Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping talk about the mega fight between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones after his KO of Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 260.
Jones is making his way to heavyweight after running through the light-heavyweight division.
Watch Rogan Talk about dominant champion Valentina Shevchenko-us-first.info/player/video/jaamhaaBfZ5orqc.html
Who wins this fight?
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Mar 28, 2021




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Jeff Sainlar Visuals
Who wins this matchup? Jones or Ngannou?
Lady 4 days ago
Have u heard of any person who gets hits by a hammerblow survive? Jon’s shouldn’t try fight Ngannou period. Play the video game dats ok.
longliveEmperor 5 days ago
HamMan1997The2nd 6 days ago
Gehtdich Nixan
Gehtdich Nixan 8 days ago
Andrei Aquino
Andrei Aquino 8 days ago
I'm worried about JJ legs it looks thin 🤣🤣🤣
Norman Kennedy
Norman Kennedy 10 hours ago
Its funny how jake paul a youtuber can through up a 50 million offer for a fight . But the president of the UFC Dana only want a white champion White cant 😂
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen 23 hours ago
Stipe is the strongest animal in the planet in Baki
JoeSuff Day ago
If Jones doesnt play into his game, he wins easy. If he tries to go strike for strike with Francis he will catch the smoke. Jones isnt going to dodge that many punches. I favor Jones
Abdou Wahab
Abdou Wahab 2 days ago
فرانسيس تغير في الدفاع 🧠✍👍
Abdou Wahab
Abdou Wahab 2 days ago
فرانسيس ثلاث جولات على الواقف بوكس وبعد جونس البطارية تنتهي كيمورا عملية خضوع على الارض
Abdou Wahab
Abdou Wahab 2 days ago
فرانييس ٣ rond kimora arms bare
magmax76 2 days ago
"Derrick Lewis is the fight to make.."..😆😅🤣
8/10 was an inside job
Rogan keeps saying Francis got big from working in mines as a child. There are pictures of Francis from 2013 and he wasn't big at all, he was very lean.
Thomas Johnston
Thomas Johnston 4 days ago
jon better go ahead and beat him, in three years thers no way he'll be able to
Day of the Jackal
If this was a boxing match nobody would even be talking about a jon jones win but about how badly hes gonna be beaten and what round he goes down. So jones game plan is simple, stipe already showed you the way. Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle until the dudes legs are so worn out he can barely stand up. If he tries to trade punches with this dudes hes gonna have a "alister overeem" out of body experience.
Day of the Jackal
People are acting like Jon can just put on another 60 pounds of weight over 205 and its not gonna matter? With the roids it might not matter, but if hes forced to fight clean? No roids and another 60 pounds vs a natural 265 monster who will stand and trade punches with Jon gladly. Jon has 1 chance to win this fight and its to attempt to repeat what Stipe did to Francis. Wrestle him until he can barely walk and then attack him. If Jon tries to trade with this dude hes gonna get blasted with a body shot or a uppercut hes never felt before. He looks so much slower at 260+ and i know its training footage which means jack shit but still. His older footage when he was lighter is much crisper.
Braxton Grundy
Braxton Grundy 4 days ago
Heavyweight Jon Jones is built like Jiren from dbs lol
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann 4 days ago
imagine, in all of this, derrick lewis goes and KOs francis
Lady 4 days ago
Jon’s can’t fight Ngannou. Stop it! Don’t get the man killed. It’s like taking a hammer blow to the head. Jon should wear a protective gear if this fight will happen . Am dead serious! Jon’s is older now even in his prime, Jon’s shouldn’t fight Ngannou. Safety first. Plz Oh!
10th Climb to Victory Stevens
Jon Jones wins this fight 10/10, it’s not even close. Jones is the scariest man to ever walk this planet, he looks to hurt in the ring not just fight. People doubt him every fucking time and it’s funny
R Littlejohn
R Littlejohn 5 days ago
Dana is smiling all the way to the bank. Lewis defeated Frances once. Frances should take on Derrick to revenge the loss. Jones is freak of nature but not hellfire missiles in his hands. Frances is one and done.
Jeff Sainlar Visuals
I want to see Francis and Jon 10x more than Lewis
kenzu maru
kenzu maru 5 days ago
Its not about jon or Francis. Its dana wont give what is due for jon. Its all about money
longliveEmperor 5 days ago
JBJ for sure will do some dirty trick like he did before. even in fight he may try dirty trick to hurt Francis. but Francis is blessed man. he can take a shot and put jbj to sleep.
Jeff Sainlar Visuals
That's how i see it
Tony Torres
Tony Torres 5 days ago
Let’s do it UFC
bill cosby
bill cosby 5 days ago
How funny would it be if his brother came into the UFC outta fucking nowhere and whooped his ass LMFAO
bill cosby
bill cosby 5 days ago
Imagine if francis broke jone's nose or hit his jaw and some spit/blood flew into Francis's mouth. That'd be fucking terrifying. *A COKED UP FRANCIS NGANNOU*
Sahnimus 6 days ago
If Jones wont do it for McGregor money, he really doesnt want it
Sahnimus 6 days ago
You know those 2010-15 fights didn’t have the competition there is now so I wanna see Jones in this Period
Tonay Ferguson
Tonay Ferguson 6 days ago
Congo? He’s from Cameroon
BestDanTheMan80 6 days ago
Jones gets his head removed from his shoulders. That my prediction.
Norberto Amorim
Norberto Amorim 6 days ago
If Gnannou right hand get in , will be a bag of bones.
Rahul Rajoria
Rahul Rajoria 7 days ago
Jones just needs to keep his distance and pick him apart, if he gets caught. It's a KO. If the fight goes 5 rounds Jones will win either by Submission, TKO or Decision.
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 7 days ago
Should of titled this including schaub definitely wouldn't of watched 2 mins of this....
Jeff Sainlar Visuals
Ha that's why his name was left out!
Milo Jaimes
Milo Jaimes 7 days ago
AKA is a horrible training camp they ruined Cain Velazquez career with all those injuries that he got from camps 👎🏽
Arsu Dhamaka
Arsu Dhamaka 7 days ago
If Jon somehow wins. He is the Undisputed GOAT
Jeff Sainlar Visuals
Hard to argue that
Chadi Fayad
Chadi Fayad 7 days ago
Joe rogen is a moran Jones lost 3 times already you stupid Moran
Chadi Fayad
Chadi Fayad 7 days ago
Jones is a pussy he’s afraid to fight francis
ChrisSoCalm 7 days ago
I started to think of this fight after Francis beat stipe. I was like, “That would be the craziest fight ever”
007coleyfoley 7 days ago
60 FPS
60 FPS 7 days ago
Ngannou would merk the living fuck out of Jones chin. Not to mention Jones can't wrestle Francis because Francis proved he has take down defense now. I don't see Jones taking one single hit from Francis, if he does? Then I'd see a slaughter afterwards
Triek Ps4
Triek Ps4 7 days ago
Jon Jones will win. He's just too talented. He's the best, period. The only one who beats Jon, is himself..
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 8 days ago
He right no one beating bones
Jerry NippleS
Jerry NippleS 8 days ago
Ngannou is a clean respectful fighter in true MMA that trumps cokehead (P.E.D) fighters in MMA
Lee M
Lee M 8 days ago
"if you had a gun to your head" LMAO!!
onion peeling
onion peeling 8 days ago
Nganou Will knock John's at 3rd round - Nganou will be the 1st one to knock Johns down -
Michael Dodd
Michael Dodd 8 days ago
This is joe talking to bravo yrs ago
Heavy Flippin Grandma’s Boi Fire Support RED
The predator would single handedly break Jon Jones in half...
Warren 8 days ago
Jones should be the B D K O A T Boring Decision King Of All Time. In other words Jones not the G O A T
Warren 8 days ago
GUYs give me a Break ... checkout Jon Jones last 12 fights , 9 Decisions - 1 No Contest 1 TKO - 1 KO I am just an avid fan of MMA but I even saw 2 fights that he was Lucky to get the Decisions .. and this makes him a GOAT HMMM ???? and Jones does not sell out arenas!!b so He got Big Balls claiming that he is worth Big Millions ........... and by the way Jon wants a Giant PayDay riding the Coat tails of a real GOAT named Francis MF Ngannou , Last of all if Jones is so great and has the best techniques in MMA why cant he win fight like a real fighter /GOAT win as in KO or submissions I Rest my case go to SHERDOG and look at Jon Jones Record its an insult to a Real GOAT Warren UFC MMA Fan
unanimous 8 days ago
Jon would get the W then loose it when USAD come around with test results
Caleb Spencer
Caleb Spencer 8 days ago
Pay Jon Jones so he can mess up Francis. Get it done Dana. 😤
afronative 8 days ago
Jones has calculated the risk carefully and out priced him.
Zerg 8 days ago
5:07 - when you forget to moisturise that one spot
janiero rodriguez
Jordan and LeBron
janiero rodriguez
And Jon is Jordan
Codiene Bryant24
Codiene Bryant24 9 days ago
Dc got bodied three times, Face off and the two fights 😂 no need for a fourth fight .
Codiene Bryant24
Codiene Bryant24 9 days ago
Jones is 250 now.
Retsu Unohana
Retsu Unohana 9 days ago
“I think Stiopic will fookin wreck him” - Coco
Richard Davis III
Nganno is not on Jon Jones level...the only way Nganno beatz Jon Jones is if he landz a lucky or wild haymaker punch..u know like the Falcon Punch...hahahaha...Jon Jones is just on a total different level....Jon Jonez is the GOAT...Handz Down the best.
Hannah Haq
Hannah Haq 9 days ago
Bro Exotic
Bro Exotic 9 days ago
Dana is a billionaire and can’t pay the fighters that helped make him that money.
Paul Elago
Paul Elago 9 days ago
Or maybe if Dana really wants the fight then maybe he should pay Jon Jones the money.
Lev _
Lev _ 9 days ago
Ngannou is favored to win this. He's the naturally bigger guy; the dude weighs 260 and he looks comfortable and moves freaking fast for someone that big. Foreman who's another physical freak didn't weigh that much and moved really slow in comparison. Francis is a special beast.
The Undaunted
The Undaunted 9 days ago
Francis gotta get down to 220 for Jones. if he wants it. It's like Holyfield vs. Lewis, Jon has to play defense and tire Francis' brain out. Fighting is mental, winning is psychological.
J.F. King
J.F. King 9 days ago
Basically Troll
Basically Troll 9 days ago
But Jon lost his last 2 fights 🤔
Bucko2k 9 days ago
Jones is too quick
David Michael
David Michael 9 days ago
The only fair fight for Francis now is Tyson Fury. Otherwise forget it.
Prison4HillaryC 9 days ago
I say this respectfully... Jon Heavyweight is better... Yes if Francis lands the big shot any man goes to sleep... If that doesnt happen Jon will destroy him & Stipe...
ELOH ATM Expo 9 days ago
You are talking too much. Let’s wait for that fight. It doesn’t matter Jon Jones is very technical. Nganon punches are super super heavy!!!
Adam Nolen
Adam Nolen 9 days ago
240 with thoes tiny legs idk joe
yy z
yy z 9 days ago
I can't believe that so many people think it would be a one sided fight ..Jon Jones is one of the smartest, strongest athletic fighters out there...ever...he wins
Mike S
Mike S 9 days ago
Joe please stop with send mine
Dan Dillinger
Dan Dillinger 9 days ago
Seeing Anik getting thrown off stage never gets old.
G.E. Smith
G.E. Smith 9 days ago
I’ve always been baffled by the fact that Jones just... doesn’t have calves, it somehow doesn’t matter, but it looks like dude ALWAYS skips leg day. 😂
Hi. There
Hi. There 9 days ago
I'd love Francis to ko brock just to have that accolade regardless of brock age. But that fight would be a great prelude to the Jones fight.
Jiu Jitsu Hungry
Jiu Jitsu Hungry 9 days ago
Barish ,
Barish , 9 days ago
Joe is such an ngannou fan girl
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson 9 days ago
Dana is a billionaire paying guys penny’s 😂
Andre G
Andre G 10 days ago
stipe needs a rematch 1 st he can beat him ne time
JB 10 days ago
Francis is an incarnation of the American dream, without being American
mitch lesinski
mitch lesinski 10 days ago
Bones all day. Bones woulda walked stipe too. More power , more technique, more size. Francis is nuts but will get worked.
Morgan Andred
Morgan Andred 10 days ago
Francis will murder Jones. Jones was lucky a couple of times and Francis getting better and will connect. We all know what happens when he connects.
Big Ball Left Hank
Big Ball Left Hank 10 days ago
Guarantee John will go for eye pokes once again
Dusty Barker
Dusty Barker 10 days ago
Jon Jones stays on the outside front kicking Ngannou's knee and eye poking him 17 times without penalty for 25 minutes staying away from Ngannou. And just like that the UFC lost their best ppv meal ticket to a guy that will sell 10% on his own after that.
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin 10 days ago
Jon Jones is going to get beaten up
nerdwithjordans 10 days ago
I don't see John winning for many reasons he will get hit he doesn't have the Mayweather defence to win.
Opinonz G
Opinonz G 10 days ago
Jon bones jones> Ngannou 💯
Mad Tony
Mad Tony 10 days ago
I love Francis, but JJBones alllll day every day! Show him the money 💰 you’ll forget!!
VillainCollector1 10 days ago
Jon will elbow Francis into submission or put him to sleep.
StatsReset 10 days ago
What podcast was this?
Jonathan Hays
Jonathan Hays 10 days ago
So after his career is over and they make a movie about Ngannou. Who would play Ngannou?
Jeff Sainlar Visuals
Bob Sapp
Mani Zahir
Mani Zahir 10 days ago
Dana is a crook
Car Pete
Car Pete 10 days ago
That much weight in a short time will never help because its not all muscle ...its fat ..water weight and you never walked around with that kind of weight much less fight...tell Mayweather put 30lb on and fight a champ at 175 lets see who wins?
Alan lane
Alan lane 10 days ago
jones is way to clever for anybody and to techincal for anyone ......but it would be a awesome fight
Black Algorithmist 000
John Jones not beating no fucking Francis Ngannou🤔
MsBetke 10 days ago
all the fucking hype on Ngannou , he's big and strong but come on there are many heavyweights out there that could have very good chances to beat him , fuck every time some guy gets a big wing and the hype train blasts off , after so many years its kinda boring to hear all of that
Joe Dakin
Joe Dakin 10 days ago
Imagine thinking Jon Jones wud lose 😂 guys a fkin animal!
BananaSandwich 10 days ago
This fight would be so much more interesting if John was 5 years younger and in his prime
Douglas Burch
Douglas Burch 10 days ago
Where is this podcast?
Adam zoabi
Adam zoabi 10 days ago
This is from 2018 btw, today i don't think they would say that.
ben 10 days ago
This is old lmao. I think its funny as fuck how brendan did a complete 180 on his opinion on this fight
Gauden 10 days ago
I do not mean to hate but why is Brendan Shaub relevant? He might be funny and probably a great wingman but he is dumb as a doorknob. That being said. I agree with Shaub I believe Jon wins that fight against Francis. I will be rooting for Francis but Jones has more tools in his war chest and a better tactician.
Manny 97
Manny 97 10 days ago
You don't know how fast, strong he will be at heavyweight and yet you have made the conclusion that he will win a fight? Yeah right.
We Are Legion
We Are Legion 10 days ago
Dana's boomer smear tactics are so fkn obvious.
Balan Wonderworld
Balan Wonderworld