Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell 

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Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, coming to our show in 2014, Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law,” and Jimmy pushes him on his Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy, donating $50,000 to help bail out Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the interview is interrupted by the other Mike Lindell (James Adomian).
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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jason Paul
Jason Paul 24 minutes ago
Jimmy’s crowd of 3 hates charity
JC Eyesopen
JC Eyesopen 37 minutes ago
Cyber experts are not ‘paranoia’.
cement eagle
cement eagle 45 minutes ago
jimmy who?
Jason Milligan
Jimmy,your days are numbered !!
123OGNIAN 7 minutes ago
Yes they are!
Miss Oodles A. Noodles
18min of my life wasted
Carla Hochwalt
Wow Jimmy. You were just as mean as I thought you’d be. If you weren’t going to let him tell you what he had learned, what was the point? Oh right...to let you be a true ahole . How is it that you follow government and never question?
Jeff Terreault
Shilly kimmel
Miguel Hernandez
Going to buy mi a pillow
Melanie Wells
Melanie Wells Hour ago
No respect for Jimmy you're a host carry yourself as one!! Mike is a bigger person than me I might of caught a case 😂 !!
Randy Hayes
Randy Hayes Hour ago
They also blindfolded him and kept asking him, “Prophesy! Who is it that struck you?” -Luke 22:64
Greek Boy
Greek Boy Hour ago
Gonna go order a few of Mike’s pillows for my mom & myself just to give my support to this guy. Mike is incredibly respectful while dealing with someone who can’t go 2 minutes without saying “crack”. Go buy a MyPillow.
john lester
john lester 2 hours ago
crybaby jimmy
P. B.
P. B. 2 hours ago
Jimmy ruined his reputation for a few pillows 🤦
mike casey
mike casey 2 hours ago
Jimmy is mockingbird msm trained..he repeats the same cruel remarks over and over in order to program the people who watch his show...typical cabal soldier... Mike lindelle is a great man..a very human man..who shows us that as a human we can overcome and improve ourselves and become great people even though we aren't perfect .mike lindelle showed nothing but class and patriot who believes in God above all Mike Lindelle is a great American
Savior Gambit
Savior Gambit 2 hours ago
f1s2hg3 2 hours ago
He was freed from cocaine and gambling and only God’s power of loving healing can accomplish the testimony Mike Lindell gave on your show so give my God of Israel and His Son Jesus Christ glory?
f1s2hg3 16 minutes ago
@f1s2hg3 ?
f1s2hg3 2 hours ago
This lawsuit thing is not what this country needs and it’s showing how divided on everything people are today and race has nothing to do with the root of hate in America and that is the love of money so you can’t clown with God!
Mark Tunks
Mark Tunks 2 hours ago
Well, Jimmy made himself to look like a hateful, self righteous tw@t 😂 Mike is the man!
f1s2hg3 2 hours ago
Remember Jimmy Kimmel he said I didn’t know anything about politics or Donald Trump.
Missy R
Missy R 2 hours ago
Mike made kimmel look like a fool and he did it in such a nice way..
I think rather that Jimmy made _himself_ look like a fool.
Kathleen Tayon-Adams
Jimmy you should be ashamed of yourself. Making him sound like a Crackhead and like he doesn't know what he's doing. I know you work with the corrupt Democrats and probably NWO. UNREAL.
Kathleen Tayon-Adams
Also you wouldn't hardly let him talk. Why don't you ask the corrupt Democrats? I don't ever hear you put down or question any Democrats. When will you do that?
Lauree Lechman
Lauree Lechman 3 hours ago
EnslaveTV 3 hours ago
Hit job masked as someone being "reasonable".. Didn't listen to a word when it comes to what Mike actually knows.. No questions about the data..
Steve _M
Steve _M 3 hours ago
Jimmy talking about the millions Lindell makes, conveniently leaving out how Lindell donates most of it to charities, while he slurps up the millions from his corporate masters while selling what's left of any comedic soul he had.
scorptarget 3 hours ago
God Bless Mike Lindell. As vile as Kimmel was at certain points during this interview we have to appreciate the fact that there was dialogue and Mike handled himself very well. Looks like Jimmy is having some buyers remorse after bending the knee to the left and Pedowood for his audience over the years but guilt and shame are finally coming over his conscience. A new Adam Carolla and Kimmel reunited in the truth, not the Kimmel Woke! MAGAForever 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lou Bik
Lou Bik 3 hours ago
Seems like he is taking same drugs as Trump takes.
DR H 3 hours ago
Jimmy you are a terrible person.
Tyson Crawford
Tyson Crawford 4 hours ago
That was brutal but he withstood the pressure haha
Abbie Merker
Abbie Merker 4 hours ago
Jimmy needs to release an apology this is so sad and hard to watch. I can't believe he humiliated a former addict and suggested that his brain is messed up 10+ years later. If he had said those things to Hunter Biden it would be game over.
Chris Oehrke
Chris Oehrke 4 hours ago
Big win for Mike! Jimmy should feel so happy about putting someone down? Now who's the better person???? Jimmy's a fool.
Birwin82 4 hours ago
Jimmy: I think its important that we talk to each other Jimmy: I'm going to condescendingly speak for you rather than listen to you Jimmy: Interrogation and put-downs are the new comedy
Kathy Marson
Kathy Marson 4 hours ago
Mike is not the only one with evidence. Patrick Byrne, Sydney Powell, Jovan Pulitzer all have proof the election was fraudulent.
Perhaps Jimmy should've interviewed them all together.
baysick11 4 hours ago
Mike Lindell owned Jimmy “I have a little Jimmy” Kimmel
Kathy Marson
Kathy Marson 4 hours ago
Mike Lindell is a true patriot!
Bartimis Foul
Bartimis Foul 4 hours ago
...and this is why Gutfeld is killing you in ratings!
Bartimis Foul
Bartimis Foul 4 hours ago
I lost what little respect that i did have for Kimmel.
Bartimis Foul
Bartimis Foul 4 hours ago
Jimmy should feel ashamed!
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera 4 hours ago
Jimmy is a sellout, hope u find Jesus in ur lifetime jimmy.
Charolette Sankareh
Rudy 2.0🤦..
Charolette Sankareh
It seems..Hunter Biden is not the only one on drugs🤦..
Sherry Gay
Sherry Gay 4 hours ago
I've been watching a lot of Johnny Carson lately. In the comments of those videos people repeatedly are amazed how Johnny lets his guests speak without interrupting. Kimmel isn't hosting his guest; he's ridiculing him.
Bartimis Foul
Bartimis Foul 4 hours ago
Lindell has convincing evidence.
Joshua Mendez
Joshua Mendez 4 hours ago
Lindell sounds like the Dems and Russia.
Billie-jo Leek
Billie-jo Leek 4 hours ago
Jim needs to shut up and listen to his guest and quit interrupting when he’s gonna answer. He won’t allow the truth to be heard.. Bias and bullshit!! “Something going on from the crack” Mike is extremely humble and kind. Jimmy criticizes, mocks and humiliates Mike while parading his afflictions to the world. Why don’t you confess your sins Jim Boi!! Mike the world is praying for you and we trust you, Jimmy is a joke.. So sorry you gave Jimmy the time of day! He doesn’t deserve your reasoning .. you need humility and a brain for that..
Janice Devereux
Janice Devereux 5 hours ago
There were not “people that were killed at the Capitol”. There was one person killed at the capital who was shot in the face by the capital police. Capitol police officer died two days after the Jan 6 riot. He died from two strokes. The media including jimmy Kimmel claimed he was beat to death with a fire extinguisher. Three other people out of approximately 80,000 who went to DC to hear Trump speech died from heart attack and stroke. None of those three were anywhere near the Capitol.
So_called_Cesar 5 hours ago
A Patriot and a fake comedian
Creshex ACS
Creshex ACS 5 hours ago
Mike may have been made to look foolish if he was interviewed by a real comedian with wit. Luckily, some low hanging fruit in the form of Jimmy Kimmell was available..
Justchokem 5 hours ago
Mike Lindell did an outstanding job dealing with constant attacks. Jimmy Kimmel is a jerk.
marie harris
marie harris 5 hours ago
Mike you are a great Warrior!
marie harris
marie harris 5 hours ago
The evidence will come out!
marie harris
marie harris 5 hours ago
Mike Lindel. God bless you!
marie harris
marie harris 5 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel just trying to make a fool of Mike Kindle. Can't stand him. Liberal fool.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 5 hours ago
Kimmel looked absolutely pathetic
Brad Bahler
Brad Bahler 5 hours ago
Nice try Jimmy! Trying to use his past drug addiction against him!!! Very classy!
DAVID FORBES 5 hours ago
Doomsday410 5 hours ago
Man reading all the trump cult whining below is amazing. These tears are salty 😭
alexander marken
alexander marken 5 hours ago
The biggest difference between Jimmy Kimmel and Mike is that Mike has done his homework and knows he only needs a fair hearing in a court, that court does not have to be a corrupt judge as the people of the USA know the truth.
Suf A
Suf A 5 hours ago
Jimmy brought up addiction like it was all to him.
Mr ManBearPig
Mr ManBearPig 5 hours ago
Why have a guy on the show to belittle him? Most condescending interview I had ever heard. If you had some balls jimmy, you might be able to ask some normal questions and learn a thing or two. America is in a cultural war. I get it. But the man is still a philanthropist and from all angles appears to be a good person and you bring him on and talk to him like some rat off the street. Use to be a jimmy fan. Before he be came a political pawn and cheerleader for the left.
Doomsday410 5 hours ago
All the right wingnuts below crying about the pillow guy’s drug addiction being mentioned are the same ones screaming George Floyd was on drugs… Your hypocrisy never ceases to disgust me.
nostalkingzone 25 minutes ago
For starters, it's been over ten years since Mike last used drugs. George Floyd, according to the pharmaceutical report had drugs in his system at the time he was arrested, while attempting to pass a counterfeit bill. This, incidentally, was after he (Floyd) had been here on US-first claiming to have turned over a new leaf and encouraging kids not to follow in his footsteps. This is not even considering the evidence that Floyd had swallowed (what amounted to) an overdose of fentanyl and meth in order to keep Chauvin and/or the other officers from being able to charge him with possession. Apples and oranges, Doomsday410.
Melissa Meeks
Melissa Meeks 5 hours ago
What a nice man! Mike lindell that is. The other guy- Jimmy something- has no class and his behavior is reprehensible.
Marcia Garcilaso
Marcia Garcilaso 6 hours ago
Jimmy suks...
Elijah Shoesmith
Elijah Shoesmith 6 hours ago
I’m not sure you read Mike’s book there Jimmy. If you had, you’d be a bit more positive and maybe just maybe believe in redemption, divine calling, all that. God bless America!!
BTUFF 6 hours ago
That didn’t seem like Jimmy’s best interview. Mike came out looking honest and Jimmy was frustrated attacking him. Jimmy’s goal was to make Mike look like a crazy person and it backfired.
The Men's Room
The Men's Room 6 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel is a dueche bag
Renee Stern
Renee Stern 6 hours ago
You'd think Kimmel would be 100% on board to secure our elections. "Coincidence". Kimmel gets paid millions to recite the narrative given to him. Rude.
Steady Shadow
Steady Shadow 6 hours ago
Jimmy was in the wrong this time.
miriam collins
miriam collins 6 hours ago
What a JERK, Jimmy Kimmel. What a JERK. How offensive. I would have got up and walked out on air. Who talks to people this way about their lives and views?!???!
alexis probst
alexis probst 6 hours ago
Wow. Didn’t think I could dislike jimmy anymore. I was wrong. Jimmy you should be canceled. Your show is trash anyways.
First name Last name
I love MIke Lindell. He is a hero for the freedom of America. Go to Frankspeech and see what he is about and why you need to know for your future.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 6 hours ago
Jimmy supports the same people who are taking Mike's company down. This was nothing but a boxing match with Mike's hands tied behind his back. Jimmy and producers should be ashamed.
Jbrebeuf2009 6 hours ago
Kimmel failed.
Phill McCracken
Phill McCracken 6 hours ago
I remember decades ago, when Kimmel was funny and not a liberal azz.
Prank-a-Holics 7 hours ago
He gets a great finger stretching workout in this interview.
D D 7 hours ago
So many fake accounts on here making remarks
NFND 713
NFND 713 6 hours ago
You think so? Why do you believe that because it goes against your preconceived notions?
Toly Gunn
Toly Gunn 7 hours ago
Mike was a good sport. Jimmy shame on u for poking at his addiction man is trying to lead a better life
D H 7 hours ago
Kimmel is garbage, but that's what he's paid to be.
Wow I have so much respect for Mike Lindell after being attacked like that in such a shrood manner, I'd back Mike any day 👍
GregJoshuaW 7 hours ago
What the hell? Mocking a guy who overcame a crack addiction? So low...
J B 7 hours ago
That’s because MikeLindell knows what true humility is unlike kimmell
Mesgana Yilma
Mesgana Yilma 7 hours ago
Kimmel thinks we’re stupid. These comments passed the vibe check
superkala fragilistic
Politics is turning everyone ugly but Mike is a real one. I will buy pillows for da whole ohana 🤙🏽
jakejon mul
jakejon mul 7 hours ago
Kimmel is so disrespectful.
David Gator
David Gator 7 hours ago
Prop's to Mike for knowing what little Jimmy was gonna do and keeping his Cool through every passive aggressive comment made. Celebrity's talking politics is the gift that keeps on giving. Mike's Pillow's are legit especially for the price.
Rosemarie Kline
Rosemarie Kline 7 hours ago
I would never gotten near Kimmel. @dreno chr0me
Frederick Kirsch
Frederick Kirsch 7 hours ago
Mockingbird media there will be no mercy only the lake of fire .
Jan Vance
Jan Vance 7 hours ago
I'm a regular viewer, but Jimmy, wtf? You kept interupting Mike's answers. Reaching across the aisle and communicating starts with real listening, not planning your response while the other person's talking. Condescension isn't a good look for you. On the other hand, this was the most engaging and likeable I've ever seen Mike Lindell. Not the outcome I anticipated. What a plot twist!
NFND 713
NFND 713 7 hours ago
"What a plot twist!" You have no idea Watch Scientific Proof on lindelltv. I highly recommend it except Lindell is his typical blowhard self but that doesn't make him wrong
Ken Whitman
Ken Whitman 7 hours ago
Maybe Lindell should take over this show- he’s definitely more entertaining.
Jackie Checalier
Jackie Checalier 7 hours ago
True Christians are not afraid... Of anything. Mike is a True Christian.
Lisa White
Lisa White 7 hours ago
Minute 9:42 lowest thing Kimmel has done, what a jerk- can't believe I used to like Kimmel
VetteD SiN
VetteD SiN 7 hours ago
mike just beasted the hell out! jimmy tries to thrash this dude at every chance but to no avail lol.
andrew boettcher
andrew boettcher 7 hours ago
Wow look at all of the positive comments on here ! Wish mainstream media would show some of these!
darin lapointe
darin lapointe 7 hours ago
Jimmy is nothing more than a tool.
Pam Lambert
Pam Lambert 7 hours ago
Mike Lindell's high intelligence, sence of humor, and friendliness throughout the rude "interogation" from Kimmel showed his ability to stand up for truth. Thank you Mike Lindell for being a true patriot! America loves you and respects you!
Doomsday410 5 hours ago
True Patriot? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Souljah 7 hours ago
I was seriously waiting for them to do the interview in bed.
Cindy Mauk
Cindy Mauk 7 hours ago
Mike is the only reason i watched this show....mike is a respectful man....this show is complete garbage...garbage...
G G 7 hours ago
Jimmy is trash. Taking every opportunity to take a jab not even trying to listen.
Dean 7 hours ago
Jimmy is a piece of trash. Confirmed after this
B Haskins
B Haskins 7 hours ago
Jimmy kimmel is a wacko
Cindy Mauk
Cindy Mauk 7 hours ago
It shows his true colors...shame on you...wat a discrace...talking down to someone shows who you really are....
Alan Wesley
Alan Wesley 7 hours ago