Jimmy Butler Tells LeBron James "THEY'RE IN TROUBLE" After 40 Points Takeover! Lakers vs Heat Game 3 

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Jimmy Butler Tells LeBron James "THEY'RE IN TROUBLE" After 40 Points Takeover! Lakers vs Heat Game 3 October 4, 2019-20 NBA Finals
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Oct 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
Uchikito Moto
Uchikito Moto 20 days ago
Your voice is so annoying as fuck!!!
ok Month ago
He should of never said that guess who champions now 😈
Tyler Hackney
Tyler Hackney 3 months ago
The df is u talking about
Sergiy Gaming
Sergiy Gaming 3 months ago
Lakers champions💪
Angel 3 months ago
MaximumPlays YT
MaximumPlays YT 3 months ago
This did not age well
Tory Puente
Tory Puente 3 months ago
So yes lebron is in trouble butt-ler lol they just won the championship lol
Mr. DiamondSir -
Mr. DiamondSir - 3 months ago
god bless you all and go lakers plus jimmy butler is a beast to tho
Devon Batten
Devon Batten 3 months ago
Bro the first minute of this was flat out dumb LeBron getting cocky he’s got ad it happens. Jimmy buckets gonna dethrone the king
Devon Batten
Devon Batten 3 months ago
@Dennis Michael no shit
Dennis Michael
Dennis Michael 3 months ago
Hell nah ...
Angel 3 months ago
Ibrahim Sky
Ibrahim Sky 3 months ago
Shut up you lied
Jonathan London
Jonathan London 3 months ago
If dragic never got injured this series woulda been slightly different
b4tm4n 3 months ago
@Ja Zora dragic averaged 20 ppg in the playoffs before injury, the most on the Heat this playoffs, while d rose cant even dunk anymore lol
QT 3 months ago
Dragic, sausage,popovich don’t matter lakers in 6
Angel 3 months ago
Yeah Lakers in 7
Ja Zora
Ja Zora 3 months ago
@Jonathan London what difference dragic would of made? He would still got his ass dunked on and still lost.
Jonathan London
Jonathan London 3 months ago
@Ja Zora ummm yea? What's your point
FTW 3 months ago
This guy is a hater...the heat got there from pure determination and will. Cut the 💩
David Álvarez
David Álvarez 3 months ago
Do you have any evidence to support these claims?
Frannie Mac
Frannie Mac 3 months ago
So what happened in game 5?
Yahya Rajaee
Yahya Rajaee 3 months ago
This is one of stupidest videos I’ve ever seen about NBA. why is it in my feed?
saeed mohd
saeed mohd 3 months ago
why u sound like the penguins from Madagascar shut yo ass up
Orly Landeros
Orly Landeros 3 months ago
How'd your nutstrodomus prediction go? Weak ass boi
Jared Telford
Jared Telford 3 months ago
Is this legit?
Ery Alves
Ery Alves 3 months ago
No one watches the finals because NBA supports BLM NBA is sport and interinamente not politics
Kweavis GTA V fight comps
The heat was built for stopping the East. The Lakers were built for stopping half the western, mostly the eastern.
The GOAT 3 months ago
FOOK! both fakers and feet. Fook the bs nba for ever.. who gives a F about the ball dribbling politicians
Gaston Alegre
Gaston Alegre 3 months ago
3 doritos later....
Keezy DaGamer
Keezy DaGamer 3 months ago
Jimmy hairstyle in Trouble Lmao!!
BIG TEE 3 months ago
This new thing of talking 💩 when you are having the game of your life and then going on mute the next game is funny.
Daniel 3 months ago
Lebron asshole
Bob Lob-Law
Bob Lob-Law 3 months ago
The Lakers are in trouble because Jimmy Butler snitched on them for beating the sh*t of them..
Raging Travis Scott
Raging Travis Scott 3 months ago
Now you’re in trouble Lmfao
Gelo 23
Gelo 23 3 months ago
In trouble with 1 game win. Still 4-1 Lakers Champ.
Arjay Salurio
Arjay Salurio 3 months ago
Jimmy butler in trouble lakers lead -3-1😅😂😂😂
Joshua Pastor
Joshua Pastor 3 months ago
Now your in trouble Jimmy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LeBron James
LeBron James 3 months ago
Nahh the nba want the game to be competitive that's why they gave game 3 😂😂 now who's in trouble
Rasing11 Crow
Rasing11 Crow 3 months ago
Bru what happened to this channel. I used to love this channel but wtf just happened?
Rasing11 Crow
Rasing11 Crow 3 months ago
tonganchicken89 3 months ago
He in trouble now
fgjohn ewag
fgjohn ewag 3 months ago
Jimmy is a clown
The Turtle
The Turtle 3 months ago
How funny is this guy 😐
Terrance Edwards
Terrance Edwards 3 months ago
Ok prove it that the Lakers and LeBron are in trouble jimmy one good game is not going to get it done ✅
Criticxl 3 months ago
Well this didn’t age well now did it...
Sky 3 months ago
What in the world are you talking about man Jimmy Butler is done!!.. of course the ratings are down because it's predictable... This one for the Lakers will be for none other for Kobe Bryant.. everyone in our country knows it.. and the narrator trying to distract us BS like this... Bro Miami is done!!!
Shayn Williams
Shayn Williams 3 months ago
Looks like he's in trouble now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raised Aura
Raised Aura 3 months ago
Rigged sports heat gon win
Alex Y
Alex Y 3 months ago
F Lebron and F the NBA
TCAG Productions
TCAG Productions 3 months ago
Can somebody tell me if the Adam Silver thing is true?
VI VI 3 months ago
Didnt do shit for the sixers 😂
A. Müller
A. Müller 3 months ago
Giasou giannara
xDivorex 3 months ago
What happened to the parodies broo
Donwanae Anthony
Donwanae Anthony 3 months ago
I want the Miami Heat to get there a whooped so jimmy of butler can shut the fuck up and lebron to get his revenge
Lebron James
Lebron James 3 months ago
No jimmy , YOU ARE. Expect 65 combined points from LEBROW
Munty LEGEND 3 months ago
Clive what is this video, you sound so stupid 😭
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 3 months ago
Your voice is terrible.
Joshua Ivey
Joshua Ivey 3 months ago
Lebron fan don’t stop🤣
Rob Bass 🔊
Rob Bass 🔊 3 months ago
Game was a joke, you can see lakers where supposed to lose. Like come on wake up. AD gets nailed with 2x foils out the gate. Then they play lebron and AD at different times. Let Jimmy butler score when ever he wanted. Lol AD averages 25 all season. At the most important time he barely gets 15 OK there. Good one NBA
Iswula'ska'diesel 3 months ago
You got awesome content but quit that corny conspiracy theory, no one match fixing fam, the heat just played harder.
Mr 932
Mr 932 3 months ago
Ratings are down due too it being the NFL season. You can’t put the finals on Sunday nights or Monday nights. You would think Adam and the gang knows this.
Lachlan Brown
Lachlan Brown 3 months ago
Jimmy butler: I can’t see myself in a heat jersey
luna 3 months ago
Embarrassingly bad commentary
Manaf Abdulghani
Manaf Abdulghani 3 months ago
Butler's ice bath postgame was filled by lakers team and next morning coffee on the Bron
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 3 months ago
hey correct me if im wrong.. This series end at game 5!!
Darrel Guasa
Darrel Guasa 3 months ago
These haters, always making anyone facing lebron a basketball god, bet if stephen hawking guards lebron they will still praise hawking for playing better basketball than the king.
wong cj
wong cj 3 months ago
Heat are still useless
wong cj
wong cj 3 months ago
4-1. 4-1. 4-1. 4-1
rldabomb3 3 months ago
all true bro.. cuz 3-0 means game over.. should've put money on the heat that game..
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson 3 months ago
Man stop that bullshit about bron giving the game away.
Kwaejoe Johnson
Kwaejoe Johnson 3 months ago
When we win another game ion wanna hear shit from you on god. I’m coming back to this comment to shit on you.
Paul Gana
Paul Gana 3 months ago
Everybody gangsta until Heat equalize the series 2-2
mimicmage 3 months ago
Wahyu Tri Ananda
Wahyu Tri Ananda 3 months ago
Wtf bro say again
No Name
No Name 3 months ago
My Fashion Channel
My Fashion Channel 3 months ago
NBA Comm - Please, Lebron extend the games
yariz mai-yao
yariz mai-yao 3 months ago
tintman831 3 months ago
Why everyone keep saying he said it to Lebron. He did not say it to Lebron. He just said it
BUTTER ML 3 months ago
F*ck you i was a fucking fan of your channel but you bias AsF
Lost SoUlz?!
Lost SoUlz?! 3 months ago
Pissed New Yorker
Pissed New Yorker 3 months ago
That ain’t what happen
Jo Che
Jo Che 3 months ago
Nah brah it went more like commissioner - let’s not make it look to easy For lbj no sweep they already calling the league a pick up game now in days so lbj & lakers will win but don’t make it look so easy foh
Peter Law
Peter Law 3 months ago
Wahahaha Jimmy just saying..but totally after game 3 they are in trouble.. 4-1 Lakers champ.
Allen Brown
Allen Brown 3 months ago
This is one of the best songs about Lebron James of this 2020. @
GhostChain 3 months ago
Jimmy Butler need a hair cut
Patrick Geronimo
Patrick Geronimo 3 months ago
Lebron said to Jimmy that he was in trouble after 1st quarter. Get your facts straight
Chris H
Chris H 3 months ago
Serious question, do you really believe the Adam silver is telling the players how to play? Because if that’s the case, this is nothing more than pro wrestling
Gotta have it mike
Gotta have it mike 3 months ago
This guy probably thinks that covid was started by 5G towers.
Nah 3 months ago
Lol gentlemen sweep
II Profound II
II Profound II 3 months ago
What lol is this smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
bruhmoment 3 months ago
nigga what is that adam silver conspiracy
Gee Tee
Gee Tee 3 months ago
Yeah right give jimmy cricket his final respect coz when the lakeshow is gonna bury him in game 4, he won't be recognized in game 5.
pi cruise
pi cruise 3 months ago
Lebron's fans are shocked and upset they didn't get a sweep. Lakers better win game 4 or else lebron is going trade them all again. Clive is upset his idol didn't get a sweep.
L A 3 months ago
Queen Lebum is literally a little girl
Nic T
Nic T 3 months ago
Let's keep the nba finals interesting. Come on Heat 4-2
Smd Caro
Smd Caro 3 months ago
To all the heat fans . Y’all know y’all not winning against lakers but I like y’all faith for heat lmaoo
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper 3 months ago
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 3 months ago
U said it right in the beginning!!! ITS ALL FIXED
Ty Broncos and sports
Y u say it so sad 😂😂 and na lebron got every call
Rayquain Atchley
Rayquain Atchley 3 months ago
e honda
e honda 3 months ago
When exactly did he say that?
STILL DOPE 3 months ago
1st of ALL! if BRON said anything slick to me 1st, im DEFINITELY sayin something back, i might swing on him, so i dont blame jimmy, U a man 1st, player 2nd💯
Terrence Shaw
Terrence Shaw 3 months ago
The same thing I said,they threw it . It's all about revenue at the end of the day.
Wing Demon
Wing Demon 3 months ago
Stop the cap LeBron just trash
Omar Perpall
Omar Perpall 3 months ago
You sound dumb bro thanks for being my first disliked video
Macabree 3 months ago
he does sound kind of querr but regardess, he has over a million subs, over 2,500 likes vs 383 dislikes and gets paid A lot from youtube due to being monotized so your dislike is meaninglss
A. M-T
A. M-T 3 months ago
you are a completely fuckin dummy.
Galaz M
Galaz M 3 months ago
You missed the part where he actually tells Lebron he is in trouble, in that last dagger
Richard Prado
Richard Prado 3 months ago
I thought Jimmy was saying " Unstoppable "
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander 3 months ago
Some credit yeah? Hahahaha.
o Fxdez o
o Fxdez o 3 months ago
Jimmy so cocky but other than that he a good ass player
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