Jeep Liberty Rollover 100 Miles In The Backcountry 

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So we got a call for a Jeep Liberty that rolled over deep in the back country.
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Jeep Liberty Rollover 100 Miles In The Backcountry
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Apr 18, 2021




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Ron Fillmore
Ron Fillmore Day ago
It has always amazed me how many people take the vehicle Manufacturer's word about OFF Road! That doesn't mean one should take for granted they can operate their off road vehicle off road anywhere.
jeffraich Day ago
Why the hell would you take a Liberty into that?
Bruce Seymore
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ker loz
ker loz 2 days ago
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Steve Powers
Steve Powers 2 days ago
Was this Liberty built during the "Trail Rated" era of the Jeep brand? That's why it got so far....lol.
Nicholas Gomez
Nicholas Gomez 2 days ago
Dude honestly is a legend. He seemed like a good guy
Péter Oláh
Péter Oláh 2 days ago
The Corvair is a chonky beast
Bulletfacial 2 days ago
It’s always a fuckin jeep. No hate on jeep, it’s just funny to see everyone who buys a jeep thinks they can do and go wherever they want without knowing how to actually climb or trail..
Betty Echols
Betty Echols 2 days ago
Oh did I say I am bingeing on all these videos...real reality
TomTom 3 days ago
Im sure it cost alot money to for you to do this, but It dont like you do this for the money. Their is a lot to be said about doing something you love and being able to make a few bucks along the way. thanks for sharing
Electric Eye
Electric Eye 3 days ago
The Jeep Liberty four-wheel drive Fiat 500
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike 4 days ago
Wow!!! I am seriously impressed. That is amazing. I don't know who was with him on that ride, God or the Devil but he either had a guardian Angel watching over him keeping him alive or the Devil trying to take him out way back in there. What was this guy thinking. I did some dumb shit in high school and probably for the next 5 to 10 years after graduation but I don't think I ever did some craziness like this.
Parrish Investigations
Hey Matt my name is George Parrish and I have alot of roadside experience. Mainly in fixing semi tires. I live in Ohio do you have any advice in starting a recovery business? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Love your channel!!!
William Link
William Link 4 days ago
The zany whorl commercially crash because harmonica finallly touch versus a limping bassoon. lopsided, petite coil
Da10mmSocket 4 days ago
How the fuck does a jeep liberty with summer tires on make it through that shit! 😂😂
Martin Barriga
Martin Barriga 4 days ago
Saludos de Mexicali BC México muy buen. Vídeo
Adam Spivey
Adam Spivey 5 days ago
I know you guys work your butts off and at all crazy hours... but man that seems like such a fun job if you like outdoors and four-wheelin!! I'd prolly PAY THEM to work there lol
Byron 5 days ago
How much does a recovery like this cost?
Vanwinkles 6 days ago
gas shortage came early lol
tripleeathletics 6 days ago
We’ve done that 100 times, pull the plugs and turn that baby over to pump that oil off the pistons, and she will start right up! Will smoke like crazy, But it will run. Don’t be like a guy we knew years ago and try to turn it over with oil up there, He bent a rod & ruined his engine... Nice work fellas, Nice work!
RacelanDan 6 days ago
The things I’ve brought a stock keep liberty through even I had a hard time believing lol They get down!
Gary P.
Gary P. 6 days ago
Nice job guys! Amazing that the Jeep LLiberty got back in there as far as it did.
Kc Mullins
Kc Mullins 7 days ago
Corviar to the recuse lol. Thought the Corviar don't care 😂.. man I hate that for the guy must have been heart stopping when it feel off the road. Atleast y'all got em fixed n got him out of there. Thank God for y'all. Alot of ppl would be in serious trouble if it wasn't for y'all.. imagine being stranded out in the middle of the desert or forest with no one to call..
Ak Runner
Ak Runner 7 days ago
I’ve got a 2004 Liberty Renegade with 30’s. I’ve wheeled that thing all over Alaska, including up on the North Slope (Literal top of the world), the world Famous Stampede trail, and just about every trail in the interior of Alaska & Denali. They are amazingly capable vehicles, but they have their limits. It looks like this guy learned that lesson the hard way. I’m glad you were able to get him out of there.
GoatRoper911 7 days ago
Matt, please don't add music. It is not needed and it breaks the Zen. These motors sound amazing.
FreeTimeFeats 8 days ago
"how do I look?" Proper response: "hang driver side" Actual response: ".... Gud" Demolished brush
Sir William Goes
Sir William Goes 8 days ago
Holy Shit!! That rig is BadAss. Where are y’all out of??
Sir William Goes
Sir William Goes 6 days ago
@Matt's Off Road Recovery im out in moab now. Id love to come shoot an episode of BadAss Builds with it. Let me know when
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Southwestern Utah.
Clint R
Clint R 9 days ago
Holy Moses, that is insane how far he got. You knew it was bad when they mentioned twisting the front drive shaft off. I know he was determined to get somewhere but that's taking it much to far. Made many mistakes that finally caught up with him. Huge thumbs up on the recovery.
Kris 9 days ago
Broken front drive shaft and rolled over.. the guy was lucky to get out and get help. These are experiences that get you Experience in recovery. I dont think Rusty(?)’s broken springs were just a fluke. No need to chastise folks. But I did notice that Liberty’s departure angle on the back bumper was pretty good. ! 😎
its totaled
this is awsome, are you hiring?
Jay Oh
Jay Oh 9 days ago
that jeep wasn't a write off?
The trans now needs a full rebuild.
BA 9 days ago
I keep telling people that all vehicles are much more capable than most people could ever imagine.
BA 6 days ago
@alan connelly people who ride with me are shocked that I most only 4WD for descents. My limited slip rear is pretty good, too. Tires, lines, judicious use of accelerator and brakes. 👍
alan connelly
alan connelly 6 days ago
Very True, completed an entire day off-road trails in Colorado with a jeep club, two got stuck we never got stuck, forgot to lock the front hubs in, did the entire day trip in two wheel drive, though we had working limited slip rear end. Most 4 wheel driving does not require 4wd.
aaron james
aaron james 9 days ago
Y'all need to be rovers with those rigs down here in Nz with those big slicks
aaron james
aaron james 9 days ago
Recovered. Sorry auto correct. Ps like ya channel
# Coach2win
# Coach2win 10 days ago
Had to read the comments on this one...🤪
Dale Carselli
Dale Carselli 11 days ago
After having watched several of your videos I've come to the conclusion that there is a whole lot of stupid in them thar hills.
Spikey 11 days ago
Lower the tyres pressures of the victim car to 9psi
JTHM-Productions 11 days ago
Yeah I noticed that transmission slip right away and I didn't know you could use oil.. but I would have kicked out that windshield
Jakob Lopez
Jakob Lopez 12 days ago
Look up donut media
Jacob E
Jacob E 12 days ago
Poor little Jeep
Jacob E
Jacob E 12 days ago
When spotting is easy because you don’t have a front windshield, haha. Nice video Matt and the crew!
Ferron Bobik-Cordel
sail jpg
sail jpg 13 days ago
i love that everyone thinks he would go through insurance, im impressed how well it ran after the accident, i am a liberty owner, and i love the thing, it goes everywhere i want it to go! if i were in his shoes, i would cut the top off and keep it as an off roader, the liberty, when you have both axels in is incredible off road!
Nic Restrepo
Nic Restrepo 13 days ago
You might need to add some back up fuel canisters to that rig the way it uses gas!! The Jeep Liberty s also 1/3 the size , that matters a lot when navigating these trails :)
Edward Kesock
Edward Kesock 13 days ago
I love your new tow vehicle, sounds great you have the horsepower now
THE NICE ONES 13 days ago
Damn that Jeep liberty is trash lol
Les Grossman
Les Grossman 13 days ago
How’s the winter jacket feeling in that 30 degree looking weather?
Shaggydude 13 days ago
What's he doing out there in a liberty? Those things are mall crawlers, not off road warriors. That owner has some brass b***s taking it back there with bald street tires on it, wow! That says one of 2 things, he's either a bad a** off roader, or the Liberty is more capable then most people give it credit for.
Jeremy Dunn
Jeremy Dunn 13 days ago
Should've had a 2000 ford ranger xlt 4x4. Cheaps is what I call them
gregory tate
gregory tate 14 days ago
What differential locks do you folks run in the front and rear of the Banana and Corvair? Has Matt and the crew mentioned their favorite Lockers?
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 14 days ago
That Corvair looks, sounds, and preforms amazing
John Gerdes
John Gerdes 14 days ago
Call me a negative Nancy but was recovering this worth it? I mean that jeep was worth maybe 4-5 grand in running condition. Between the cost of paying Matt and his guys to do this and the damage it sustained wouldn’t it be significantly cheaper to just cut your losses and walk away? I’m sure they’re are environmental regulations forbidding this but the numbers aren’t adding up to me
Matt S.
Matt S. 3 days ago
Fines can be in the thousands and possible criminal charges as well.
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
When the State tells you you will get a big ass fine, and the tow will be X thousand if we have to arrange it....I think Matt and crew would be way cheaper...
1944chevytruck 14 days ago
U GUYS ARE AMAZING!...i asked Paul on his youtube channel about off road towing i get it now... thanks 4 video. be kind.
That far on street tires😳
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
In the dry, driven sensibly...and with a bit of luck...why not? His luck ran out when the front axle blew, and the rear wheel drive (as can be seen when under tow) tends to slide you downhill when the wheels start spinning...which can take you over the edge...and roll...
Jerry Kinyon
Jerry Kinyon 14 days ago
You guys are the BOSS.
John 15 days ago
Was he offroading by himself or were there other vehicles? Anyway seems he wasn't hurt. Nice video enjoyed it have done allot of offroading over the years in my modified 89 xj and now my modified 03 TJ.. Not sure where you guys are but nice area for some real offroading.. tks for the video
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
He made the mistake of going alone. Go with three comparable vehicles, then two can tow one out...or one stays with the crash/injured and the last goes for help...if you have no EPIRB or Sat phone...
Off_mah_lawn 15 days ago
The corvair rig is a beast
David Carpenter
David Carpenter 15 days ago
@ 3:00 ... Somebody's ,,, been feeding Rudy . . Bologna ,,, way to go madman Matt ...
Timothy Charles
Timothy Charles 15 days ago
3:00 So! when does the glass go in? LOL
Timothy Charles
Timothy Charles 15 days ago
3:23 classy glasses there Matt! LOL
J.T. Blair
J.T. Blair 15 days ago
When the tow bill cost more than the vehicle is worth...
A A 15 days ago
2WD looks like a nightmare off-road. You will most likely be stranded and left for dead if you go super off the grid.
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
Unless you have a winch...or at least two other comparable in weight vehicles, preferably 4wd, along with you to get you out.
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco 15 days ago
You tell me what recovery business goes thru all this to get a vehicle out...no one. Enough said. Windsor recovery and all involved are unique..👍👍👍
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco 15 days ago
Im enjoying matts sun glasses...
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco 15 days ago
You guys are like recovery engineers...
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco 15 days ago
I would love a toy covair...
Cristina Ocampo
Cristina Ocampo 15 days ago
7:20 i think what you meant to say is "this is a real adventure"
Michael Troja
Michael Troja 15 days ago
Love the Corvair Sta Wag body . Unsafe at any speed. 😁
Corey Parson
Corey Parson 16 days ago
How much for the KJ? Lol
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 16 days ago
GREAT videos! Thank Heaven you had enough sense to have NO music, or at least low volume. It's amazing how many youtube video feature loud music and no content. Kudos.
Majilikin 16 days ago
This is some straight outta mad max stuff you got going on man I like it
Quinn Hammond
Quinn Hammond 16 days ago
Some people don't understand its a jeep thing... just cuz you own 1 doesn't mean you know what you're doing... glad the driver is good but that is a 4Wheeler trail at best.
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
If you have a Suzuki Samurai, XC90 4wd, Lada Niva, Toyota Rav 4dw or similar vehicle with a narrow track...even an old Series Land Rover...narrow tracks are no real problem...just take along some mates so there are at least three vehicles mutually supporting one another...
Dan Doyle
Dan Doyle 16 days ago
Ya'll are professional, and the content is awesome. You've got my subscription.
zachary prentice
zachary prentice 16 days ago
11:30 Look! above the rear tire of the liberty in the back! It's bigfoot lmao.
Bernard Dembowski
Bernard Dembowski 16 days ago
I can't believe he got that far how many bodies did he bury out there??
perf b
perf b 16 days ago
They just made a movie with youtuber Bob Wells of CheapRVliving, I can see a movie with Matt and Rudy soon
perf b
perf b 16 days ago
great to see the winch in action, a great application for a winch
paul rivera
paul rivera 16 days ago
What a moron! he paid more for this tow than its worth.
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
Not so; the State would fine him and then arrange a much more expensive tow if he didn't hire Matt...
paul rivera
paul rivera 16 days ago
why save the piece of junk those libertys are the biggest hunks of junk.
perf b
perf b 16 days ago
@Matt's Off Road Recovery wow
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Pretty hefty fine for abandoning your vehicle on federal land.
Richard Miller
Richard Miller 16 days ago
Next time you have small chain saw with you all the time. It’s very handy. Best chain. STHIL. thanks
wally 16 days ago
geez I would never have guessed a jeep liberty was a back country vehicle, lol, really.
Ralph Lazio
Ralph Lazio 16 days ago
‘Jeep Liberty’??? Is that stupid thing still in production??? If I was the ‘recovery team?’ I would’ve been like... yeah-nah. That “fiat-500” POS is not worth the hassle.
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 16 days ago
man that corvair looks sweet
Tiki 16 days ago
Finish the damn Corvair.
James Bigham
James Bigham 16 days ago
I admire the creativity you guys use on the recoveries. I love the camera footage some of the best I have seen
T S 16 days ago
The white sunglasses look very gay!
D Harrison
D Harrison 16 days ago
Not a Chevy guy, but that Corvair is pretty awesome!
Michael Carter
Michael Carter 16 days ago
That liberty didn't even have AT tires or a lift by what I could tell and it made it way back there?
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
If you have a Suzuki Samurai, XC90 4wd, Lada Niva, Toyota Rav 4dw or similar vehicle with a narrow track...even an old Series Land Rover...narrow tracks are no real problem...just take along some mates so there are at least three vehicles mutually supporting one another...
DOMlas360 16 days ago
you guys should add a doggy cam :D
Peggy Ballenger
Peggy Ballenger 16 days ago
Where is Ed? Reminds me of our 4 wheeling days fun fun CJ7
Mr.Everyman 16 days ago
A liberty is just a Cherokee, why the hate on them? Shorter wheel base, more agile and if diesel then damn near bulletproof.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 16 days ago
This guy must have some offroad skills to get that stock jeep on road tires all the way back in that country. Great recovery, that Corvair is really cool.
Jason Marriott
Jason Marriott 16 days ago
The KJ has road tyres as well!
Troy Deck
Troy Deck 16 days ago
i think thats to only Corvair wagon i'v every seen
Phil Obresil
Phil Obresil 16 days ago
Jeep Liberty is not a Jeep. IIts just a piece of junk for suckers
John Smith
John Smith 13 days ago
Obviously doing OK with it's talented driver until a front axle blew... can happen to any 4wd vehicle and usually does when there is too much grip.. fat tire biting after being spun clear of the ground...
Jeff 17 days ago
Great job guys, Tee-Shirts for everybody !
CodyDoesIt 17 days ago
The trail rating has changed for the smaller Jeeps compared to back when that Liberty came out. I work for Dodge and I see some wild stuff.
Alphonso Tate
Alphonso Tate 17 days ago
Muscles Mouse
Muscles Mouse 17 days ago
5:49 right?