Jeans Design 👖(ig: mekinyolcu34) 

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Apr 25, 2021




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Akshat Pandey
Akshat Pandey 6 hours ago
Thanks guys for 80❤️ Ab 90 karwa do😀 Love you all
Kyoka Jiro
Kyoka Jiro 8 hours ago
Mari Hyun
Mari Hyun 10 hours ago
me watching this: the hand... omg watch your hand... WATCH YOUR FUCKING HAND DAMMIT
Luddy Aria
Luddy Aria 11 hours ago
فيصل 11 hours ago
تعليقات العرب هينا ما يخاف يحرقه🤔
게임이좋아 15 hours ago
Jayanti Jayanti
Jayanti Jayanti 15 hours ago
I think it's very dangerous 😭
ali manzoor
ali manzoor 16 hours ago
Bro wear some gloves or you will have some tattoos on your hand
Harekrushna Bal
Harekrushna Bal 17 hours ago
Vinod Kumar yadav 901
Be careful pls...
Angie Scheirman
I was just waiting for his hand to be labeled
Bittoo Kumar
Bittoo Kumar Day ago
paglo ki kmi ni hi yha
Jessica Sance
End result: looks bandaids or mud were put on them.... aren’t they supposed to be holes?
Md Shobuz Khan
😮 laser designe🥰
VR Day ago
First view Abe kha kese ye kya hua Dusri baar ohh majaaak tha
araceli morales hernandes
Akshay a
Akshay a Day ago
Imagine this getting printed on his hands
nikhil sharma
Haath bacha ke nahi to tere haath me Bhi design ban jayega😂
hella forcâ
hella forcâ Day ago
It detects the flesh
Boldsword Day ago
So I spent my life making the most hideous booty shorts God "..... I'm giving this dumb ass skin cancer"
Jacob PL675
Jacob PL675 2 days ago
Making jeans for 14 yo girl be like
Ayub Khan
Ayub Khan 2 days ago
I know this work me working 1 year in fabrica istanbul turkey
ronan veer
ronan veer 2 days ago
watch ur hand bro
Fatima Fayyaz Fatima Fayyaz
U should to wear gloves
JunJoo 2 days ago
1 Mistake = Only Have One Hand
Morning Melody
Morning Melody 2 days ago
I would literally have no hands 😐
ChodneWala 2 days ago
Why do people like holes in their jeans... For passing air I guess... 🤔
Deboura Chambers
Deboura Chambers 2 days ago
That explains why their was a real handprint of skin & blood on my new jeans
Nikhil Saha
Nikhil Saha 3 days ago
Yeah log jeans ko design karahe hai ya Jung lar rahe hai
LoganGamePlays 3 days ago
Imagine it hitting your hand.😳
Treves Henrico
Treves Henrico 3 days ago
One wrong move *kghhhhgkk*
Vans TY
Vans TY 3 days ago
Me : Be careful of your hand😂
Nika G
Nika G 3 days ago
Second late and his hand will be on fire
Riz Shaikh
Riz Shaikh 3 days ago
It can cause cancer 😢
Techno Boy
Techno Boy 3 days ago
U hand🧐
Cheems 3 days ago
Me thinking what will happen if his hand come in-between the laser and jeans
Phone Ben
Phone Ben 3 days ago
Kalau kena tangan kau macam mana😑
WittyWax 3 days ago
Tiktok is injurious to health
Priya Singh
Priya Singh 3 days ago
So plzz don't wear these type of dress for saving those hamds
Kokila Kokila
Kokila Kokila 3 days ago
Before a few days , Rat biten these jeans 😂😂😂😂😂
Sean V
Sean V 3 days ago
Ohh you will talk jean shorts BWRAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
syakirin JP irin
syakirin JP irin 3 days ago
Gak kebayang kalo tangan nya ikut kebakar😭😭
myprofile 4 days ago
Ohh..... This is how they mess up a good pair 😂😂😂😂😂
preeti sandal
preeti sandal 4 days ago
2 minutes silence for then who thought it was reall 😂😂
My anxiety went📈📈
Krishna Patel
Krishna Patel 4 days ago
*That's cool..*
Dr. PaRaDoX
Dr. PaRaDoX 4 days ago
Akshit Kushwaha
Akshit Kushwaha 4 days ago
dude this kinda looks unsafe to me
vamshi krishna
vamshi krishna 4 days ago
Why does he have to use his hands on the jeans everytime ?? I think this is edited video
Alpha Ønx
Alpha Ønx 4 days ago
How did she not get the hands hurt
Positive thoughts
Why is the worker not wore the hand gloves
Agar Ye Kisike Haath Pe Chal Gaya To Kya Hoga
ExcelSelf 4 days ago
Brought to you by “Slave labor” and “inhuman conditions”
John Ashmore
John Ashmore 4 days ago
Start wearing fkn gloves
FRANCO GOMEZ 4 days ago
Eso es vivir al límite
Adina Ștefania Cotet
luisporras Porras
Bruh fuck that
DJ _Blue
DJ _Blue 4 days ago
Mistake: Whatcha doin there bud??
Leandro Amaral
Leandro Amaral 4 days ago
胡蝶しのぶ 4 days ago
You can't miss or being not concentrate...
Black Rose
Black Rose 4 days ago
Npcs aiming at shooting games:
Funny George
Funny George 4 days ago
When it hurts worker's hands?
ALI Atif
ALI Atif 4 days ago
Automatic Lazer wishkers machine
amratlal chakre
amratlal chakre 4 days ago
Please safe your hands.
Shan Ghai
Shan Ghai 4 days ago
Imagine if you hand was on the laser
satish agurti
satish agurti 4 days ago
ఆ డిజైన్ చేతి మీద పడదా?
Анна Рутберг
Я так и ждала момент что на руку попадёт
Віталія Бондаренко
Круто,но руки жалко
George 5 days ago
Imagine if his hand get out of that shape late.....
Successful Coercion
Price Range kya Hai Is मशीन की कोई बताएगा🙏🏻
Mohit Garg
Mohit Garg 5 days ago
he should wear some gloves for protection
Varijo The tree
Varijo The tree 5 days ago
Literally any sharp object: *Am I a joke to you?*
Dràgo Cane
Dràgo Cane 5 days ago
P R 5 days ago
Are your hands safe??
Jiyan Koyuncu
Jiyan Koyuncu 5 days ago
Abi yanlışlıkla eline geliomus
Anushka dwivedi
Anushka dwivedi 5 days ago
My anxiety during the video: ⏫⏫⬆️⬆️
NotXSco 5 days ago
Why would you buy burnt shorts?
cain abel
cain abel 5 days ago
What happen if you put your hands behind and not in front?
عمار حسب الرسول
Rishika Felicity Channel
Omg ain't u scared for your hand?!
Ahamed Basha
Ahamed Basha 5 days ago
You missed two more holes
Ahamed Basha
Ahamed Basha 5 days ago
Wich hole used for Bath room
Máximo León
Máximo León 5 days ago
Imagínate fallar 😥
Butt Head
Butt Head 5 days ago
$30,000 laser machine = $1 bleach bottle, you get the same results🤣
푸하하하핳 5 days ago
손 닿을까봐 조마조마
This type of job should be done by machines. What country is this happening? I suspicious that it could be in China.
Val J
Val J 5 days ago
This is scary tho his hand could be busted
Infinity 5 days ago
On of the coolest thing to work in fashion is the dangerous things cpuls happen if u make a lillte single mistaken move.. ❤🔥🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥just love it.. 🥰🥰🥰
셀레버 5 days ago
prakash sb
prakash sb 5 days ago
He will get cancer that's too bad,, 😔
Jibon Roy
Jibon Roy 5 days ago
I am a lesar machine operator
Lobster Johnson
Lobster Johnson 6 days ago
"why do you have a hook for a hand?" "It's a short story"
esep EnggarSatya
esep EnggarSatya 6 days ago
Hurotoyoh. Keno
Skills 🔥🔥
Some Dude
Some Dude 6 days ago
Sooooo.... I'm not the only one wondering what happens if the laser hits the hand right ?
Audrey Hasuo
Audrey Hasuo 6 days ago
Just imagine if he forgets to take his hands away from the lasers tho @.@
Santiago Blanco
Santiago Blanco 6 days ago
Haver Falco pone la mano si tenes huevos xD
TrainsForever 2021
I got worried for his hand for a sec 😅
Anthony Reed
Anthony Reed 6 days ago
4: The all time record number of consecutive days no one in that hundred-year-old factory lost their _thumb._
Dante Stellato
Dante Stellato 6 days ago
They are inhaling the burning smell of someone’s cooche