James Harden STOLE The Beard | Clutch #Shorts 

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James Harden won’t shave his beard until he wins a championship.
BUT he stole that idea from a future HOF and a man banned from the league. 😱
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dude Bro
Dude Bro 16 hours ago
Hey goregous. Why is it all if a sudden you are putting on more make up? You really dont need it and it looks fake.
Richard Alfaro
Well harden will never share his beard then haha
Mr Jones
Mr Jones Day ago
They must dont know Isaac Hayes
Beast Boyx13
Beast Boyx13 2 days ago
What’s this girls name?
Kevin L
Kevin L 3 days ago
Looks like he's not shaving for some time
Pineapple223 3 days ago
What is the hosts name?
Camon DaGreat
Camon DaGreat 5 days ago
I like the girl better
Xavier Moore
Xavier Moore 5 days ago
it looks like he is never going to shave is beard
The Farmer has Return With his Shotgun hkn
What’s her name
Tahamid Jabul
Tahamid Jabul 7 days ago
I’ll be mad if he shaves his beard
Gstar Legends
Gstar Legends 7 days ago
2013 he started he's beard before that
Marlon Oraye
Marlon Oraye 8 days ago
So Baron Davis had nothing to do with this?
Sports4u 8 days ago
It wasn’t the beards, it’s God’s plan
Patrick Baklava
Patrick Baklava 8 days ago
Sports are rigged and athletes are actors.
Lurch11 D
Lurch11 D 8 days ago
It's almost like they got this idea from another league of a superior sport. Buy we'll put that... on ice
GYMPHO 9 days ago
This chick is a dime!
Johnny Romper
Johnny Romper 9 days ago
Gonna look like Rip Van Winkle.....
Ahmed Al-Moala
Ahmed Al-Moala 9 days ago
He ain’t ever shaving that beard 🤣
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 9 days ago
You mean, Serena Williams, not Jake, right?
Carlos German
Carlos German 9 days ago
Damn..looking sexy today 😎
jdjskskfhdjs ·
jdjskskfhdjs · 9 days ago
And that kid who didn’t cut his hair since highschool
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 9 days ago
OJ Mayo was mad good,to bad he got kicked out the league for drug trafficking..
Local Exposure
Local Exposure 10 days ago
You need to fire this girl. Just unsubscribed from your trash channel
Steel 10 days ago
F@#K the beard...she is cute af!!!🔥
Mike Jayz
Mike Jayz 10 days ago
She is pretty but wears a A cup 😒😒😒😒👎🏿
statesk8r 10 days ago
Damn mami. I'll be your papi chulo.
Siegel Gaming
Siegel Gaming 10 days ago
Sucks that james harden will never shave his beard smh
Alex .S
Alex .S 10 days ago
Who the girl?
MillyWok 10 days ago
Don’t act like you kno wtf you talking about
Liam Fenn
Liam Fenn 10 days ago
Who gives a shit
Randall Lanier
Randall Lanier 10 days ago
I won’t shave until I stop breathing. Match those numbers 👑
Ari Priniotakis
Ari Priniotakis 10 days ago
And they took this from every hockey player ever
Jake from state farm
Then his beard gonna keep growing 🤣🤣🤣
Nate Loc
Nate Loc 10 days ago
Imagine not kissing dirk cuz he grew out his beard😫😭L wife moment
xIIllIIlx 10 days ago
The original of The Beard is Baron Davis. Idk what she talkin about
Slut wagon
Slut wagon 10 days ago
She kissed her man the guy paid for her life
Geo Leo
Geo Leo 10 days ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Dirk a HOF multi millionaire can't get his own wife to kiss him because he had a beard. You can never make women truly happy.
Chris Goulet
Chris Goulet 10 days ago
Brian Wilson is "FEAR THE BEARD"
Cam Alex
Cam Alex 10 days ago
Well it’s looking good for the nets so maybe he won’t have one next season
Elite Ash
Elite Ash 5 days ago
Lemickey is gonna beat them, don’t worry
phillip stuart
phillip stuart 11 days ago
I would try more workout time
bryan pendleton
bryan pendleton 11 days ago
No one really cares. WTF
Pribbs 11 days ago
NHL has been doing this for decades lol
ashykutcher 11 days ago
"Harrier"? You mean "hairier"!
Mythics_Hype 11 days ago
james harden looks way to ugly without a beard
Gz! 11 days ago
Ksi watching this rn
S H 11 days ago
A lot of people can't grow beards but Harden can and it clearly works for him
KYRIE 11 days ago
You ugly but nice vid
R. G.
R. G. 11 days ago
Harden trying to act all bold now 😂 why didn’t he make this pact with the rockets
Hi Dude
Hi Dude 10 days ago
He probably did and if they had won in 2018 he would’ve done it and it would’ve broke the internet
Toccando crea canale Ulteriori informazioni
Yeah last year i decided not to shave until I got a basket in a game but then everything was suspended :|
Fuc Google
Fuc Google 11 days ago
So he'll shave when he retires or dies?
EDiTz YT 11 days ago
James harden is hands down the greatest actor in the NBA
Oscar Nguyen
Oscar Nguyen 11 days ago
guess he never shaving that beard then😂
Quairan 11 days ago
Looks like his beard will be down to his knees when he retires.
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner 12 days ago
I feel like i know this girl
mp3 12 days ago
Is that Britt Johnson?
Jake Palumbo
Jake Palumbo 12 days ago
All the people who didn’t realize that this has been going on for decades in the NHL...it’s called a playoff beard 😩
Beast 12 days ago
Well guess you won't be shaving that for a minute
Maxi edits
Maxi edits 12 days ago
That girl is fine
Greg Bors
Greg Bors 12 days ago
“The Mavs were 21 and 8 and seriously needed some motivation” Seems like a pretty good record to me... 🤔
Dan Rodriguez
Dan Rodriguez 4 days ago
@Karan Ramphal no shit dummy.!
TJVTW 9 days ago
@K9 Vlogs she meant either 21 and 28 or 8 and 21.
Volume 9 days ago
@Luis Martinez ?? My brain malfunctioned 41-41
Volume 9 days ago
@K9 Vlogs 21-28
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 10 days ago
@K9 Vlogs how could it me 40-40 if in a season there are 82 games😂
Castor Troy
Castor Troy 12 days ago
Guess mj said ima grow my hair till i win a ring
Yanzi 12 days ago
Coming soon👀🤣🤣
Reactex 12 days ago
Lol she said 21-8 like that’s bad. I know she means 8-21 but still
SFG HIGHLIGHTS 12 days ago
The og Brian Wilson
Well no time to see that beard for a while bc he abt yo win one
Martin Lengyel
Martin Lengyel 12 days ago
Dumbledore going to be playin in a sec
Timothy Chen
Timothy Chen 12 days ago
21-8? 🤔🤔🤔
Chris Carrington
Chris Carrington 12 days ago
And in need of inspiration
wiz_kid_ mo3_2k
wiz_kid_ mo3_2k 12 days ago
Lol that’s why he joined the nets 😂 he wants to cut the beard that shit itchy
Malcolm Skinner
Malcolm Skinner 11 days ago
Not all beards are itchy.Whats up with some of you guys?
Code Burke
Code Burke 12 days ago
Oh mayoooo
yousef elbanna
yousef elbanna 12 days ago
“21 and 8”🤦🏾 can’t even read a record bruh😂
Lyric X
Lyric X 12 days ago
Damn Jae Crowder been everywhere. I got a feeling he gone be on an expansion team in 2040 😂😂😂.
Jet Paronable
Jet Paronable 12 days ago
That rosary doe!
J Strange
J Strange 13 days ago
Hes going to look like father time eventually then.
Apollo Keyblade
Apollo Keyblade 13 days ago
21 and 8 yet they're not gonna shave their beards until .500?
Afro Luffy
Afro Luffy 10 days ago
She meant 21-28
NorthernWill 13 days ago
Lol.... and they all stole it from hockey.
chunkydude34 13 days ago
Fear the beard is Brian Wilson good try though😂
MrKnowitalmostall Well
Sweet heart if you would see my 5-8 color redish all kind of color ultimate viking beard! Your panties would NOT be dry anymore! I have ultimates proof for this! But yeah dirk doesent have a beard he has lufsur like we say in my tounge 😂
nolan_is_lost 13 days ago
wth bro
ChoppaWRLD 24
ChoppaWRLD 24 13 days ago
Well the nets have a good chance this year🤭
Cristiano Ronaldo King7
Stfu nobody gives a F***. Why are you even doing this??? 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
nolan_is_lost 13 days ago
also soccer is gay
nolan_is_lost 13 days ago
because normal people like this
Midora Tiger
Midora Tiger 13 days ago
Who's this random bad chick giving me random info? Come on US-first algorithm. I ain't mad, but it's still useless
Bruno Soares
Bruno Soares 13 days ago
James harden be looking like Gandalf when his career is over
Murray Cameron
Murray Cameron 13 days ago
The wife should want to kiss her husband no matter if he has a beard or not she’s a gold digger then like all girls
Chokz Akim
Chokz Akim 13 days ago
Her name please
edwin gaitan
edwin gaitan 13 days ago
Her name is Leslie
Kam 13 days ago
You so generic can literally tell you reading something.
Showtimewon Yt
Showtimewon Yt 13 days ago
Looks like he shouldn’t have joined the nets
monkey D uzumaki
monkey D uzumaki 13 days ago
Have you ever thought that maybe he's not stealing he's just being inspired and following footsteps
Shameful 9 days ago
@LouieTae Then that’s double stealing. Lmao
LouieTae 9 days ago
@Shameful what if someone inspired me to steal
Shameful 10 days ago
If you really think about it, being inspired is stealing to an extent. Respectful stealing.
Da Pod
Da Pod 10 days ago
Made absolutely no sense im like I don't think he knew they were trying to accomplish that
Cody Eble
Cody Eble 13 days ago
Baseball, basketball, hockey.. literally every sport has had players do this since the beginning of time.. he didn't steal it from anybody, hell even I've done it in my rec basketball league
Austin Mcbride
Austin Mcbride 13 days ago
Man James harden is going to have a big ass beard
Billy Jr
Billy Jr 13 days ago
Isn’t 21 and 8 a good record 🤔
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jackson 13 days ago
James Harden is gay
Herb 13 days ago
If you can grow a beard as a man it’s weird that you wouldn’t. I grow mine for all the people out there who can’t.
conch .
conch . 10 days ago
I’m lucky but unlucky. I can grow a full beard but it doesn’t connect in places where people would usually shave anyway
Mycelium Myrrh
Mycelium Myrrh 11 days ago
Grow it for all of us who can't
Young Shai
Young Shai 11 days ago
@Malcolm Skinner my ex preferred me to have my beard shaven so i guess it works depending the women
Malcolm Skinner
Malcolm Skinner 11 days ago
Young Shai thats totally false.My girlfriend really preferred me with a low cut beard.Some people even prefer a goatee opposed to clean cut if it looks good on you one can switch up.Thats the natural beauty of being a man that's what i really meant.People used to be adverse to beards but they have become fashionable and acceptable more than they used to.
Young Shai
Young Shai 11 days ago
@Vengeance i don’t think anything escalated but yea gl cya
Mr. DÆTH 13 days ago
As MGK once said, “fucken beard is weird”
goldenboy9 x
goldenboy9 x 13 days ago
Guess he’s not shaving any time soon.
Jonny Haskett
Jonny Haskett 13 days ago
They were already over .500
Oel Dave
Oel Dave 14 days ago
Harrison Barnes tried this no shave until they make the playoffs.. but pandemic happened 😂😂
Spiritual Q
Spiritual Q 14 days ago
Whoever this women is is fine as hell
klvph 14 days ago
21 and 8? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Philip Martini
Philip Martini 14 days ago
I love the caveman look I’ve been rocking for 10 yrs is making its way back to being the #1 accessory for men.
bicknick 13 days ago
Ahem. No.
The Baked Gamerz
The Baked Gamerz 14 days ago
Fear the beard actually started by Wilson in like 2009 or 2010 with the San Francisco Giants
Vandal.E6 14 days ago
He’s gonna shave his beard this year then
chukee boi
chukee boi 14 days ago
He stole it? Is he not allow to grow a beard. Someone else having a beard doesn’t mean he stole it
Sammy Rasheed
Sammy Rasheed 13 days ago
And by steal she just means he isnt the first one
Sammy Rasheed
Sammy Rasheed 13 days ago
She means he stole the idea
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