James Harden Joining Nets? Reuniting with Kevin Durant & Joining Kyrie Irving Resonating with Harden 

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James Harden Joining Nets? Reuniting with Kevin Durant & Joining Kyrie Irving Resonating with Harden
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Nov 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Anmivic 3 days ago
Who's here after harden is traded to the Nets?
Dsr_HotIcy7 9 days ago
Who is here after harden got traded in a 4 way
what ?¿
what ?¿ 9 days ago
It happend.
Vanny 9 days ago
Trillord 21
Trillord 21 2 months ago
Hmmm can they reach 200pts
Jihyo 2 months ago
Big 3 😂
ssb33 2 months ago
This guy needa show his face bruh lol...I need a face to match his funny ass voice!!!
Braylen Hight
Braylen Hight 2 months ago
This won’t work because all 3 of those guys need the ball in their hand and it just won’t work
hendrix x
hendrix x 2 months ago
bench avg score: 0.2 ppg
max mr.awesome
max mr.awesome 2 months ago
If harden goes to the nets they will be like the warriors I hope that doesn’t happen😡
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer 2 months ago
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TURTLE 2 months ago
This finna be a good team on 2k 👍😁
JB 2 months ago
easy.. give the 1st qtr to kyrie, 2nd qtr to harden, 3rd qtr to kd, and 4th to Jordan. Jordan gotta close games. he got that blood running through him
Stephen Curry Fanclub
There gonna get an ankle breaker on every possession
Joanna Sia
Joanna Sia 2 months ago
One ball is not enough for harden and kyrie
bonitoflakes 2 months ago
Houston made a good move by asking the Nets to trade KD or Irving for The Beard
Essame Ewane
Essame Ewane 2 months ago
So nets has a big 3 with no bench pieces
Bryce Allison
Bryce Allison 2 months ago
It can work james harden has to shut his mouth about passing to him but james harden can stop doing dribbling and just shot the ball or pass so it can work harden just has to stop dribbling and shot the ball when he's open or pass
Bryce Allison
Bryce Allison 2 months ago
Kyrie is the point guard and james harden is a shooting guard and KD is PF
Rich_PolicyJosh 2 months ago
Did anyone peep that kd have the wrong number in the thumbnail
Alpha X
Alpha X 2 months ago
Kobe said that the rockets will never reach the finals because they play iso+flopping, imaging this team, no traditional basketball at all, shit
YouTube david
YouTube david 2 months ago
Cap space
YouTube david
YouTube david 2 months ago
Yeah like that going to happen
Mahit Setty
Mahit Setty 2 months ago
The nets are goin to hadpve 0 points a game because James harden and Kyrie barely pass the ball
MER DO 2 months ago
Nets Fans : Mr Traveler travels here 😂
Batz130 2 months ago
Don't believe WoJ for a second, he's a professional speculator. I got 3 screenshots of his draft day leaks that have been dead wrong😠
Torey Griffin
Torey Griffin 2 months ago
This could be good or bad . These three Allstars could be garbage .
Aiden Bignell
Aiden Bignell 2 months ago
Do NBA Parody’s again
bobo zou
bobo zou 2 months ago
Irving, harden and Durant none of them can be the leader the team,I don't know this is gonna when they have conflict especially when Irving is not a peace maker
Emanism 2 months ago
very wrong moves to nets.. but if this 3 superstar matured like jimmy butler did to miami.. it will be scary east this time
Bonsu The Tiger
Bonsu The Tiger 2 months ago
Clive you’re a very credible NBA US-firstr dude Much love from Turkey 🇹🇷
Vince Tv
Vince Tv 2 months ago
Lol very weak line up vs the lakers
Dank meme
Dank meme 2 months ago
Why didnt you pass the ball!?!? BROOKLYN NETS-2021
Nic T
Nic T 2 months ago
You got 2 ball hogs.
Steve Malayil
Steve Malayil 2 months ago
Too many chefs ruin the soup😂😂👍🙏
Atiba Turner
Atiba Turner 2 months ago
They will fall 2 the wizards
echaidlehands 2 months ago
When Bron was in the east folks said the the west was elite now Bron is in the west everybody wants to go to the east 😂😂😂
echaidlehands 2 months ago
@Fendy Alezy my point is they all ducking lebron in the west..
Fendy Alezy
Fendy Alezy 2 months ago
What s your point ?
Gitter Mnd
Gitter Mnd 2 months ago
I don't see this working 2 ball hogs and one play making stretch big that also wants a piece of that. Yea no big sell in the chat . They will be a offensive powerhouse but I don't see it going well . Coming from someone that's from nyc I should be happy since this will be the best possible ever in history, bc we suck however the feeling is not there idk, this is the best chance for a chip tho
Philly 2 months ago
Where the parody’s at my g
Dopii 2 months ago
Blacktop irl😂
Jamar Wilkes
Jamar Wilkes 2 months ago
so let me get this straight, people really believe that this would be a good combination??? LMAO....You got KD that left a title contending team and Westbrook to play with GSW, because they had ball movement offensive system and not a lot of 1 on 1, ball handle heavy, iso ball, to join Kyrie Irving who single handed dismantled all of the title contending Celtic chemistry with his ball dominate, 1 on 1, iso style, then leaves them for a playoff team in the BK Nets that failed to make the playoff with Kyrie due once again to his 1 on 1 dribble machine style of play and the answer to this issue is supposed be James Harden??? THE MOST BALL DOMINATE, ISO, 1 on 1 PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF BASKETBALL.....Good luck KD Lmao
SamoRay 2 months ago
don't do it, except if harden is coming off the bench..meaning he's ready to be a team player and be humble
Choulin Gaming
Choulin Gaming 2 months ago
They should bench kyrie and when kd and harden are subbed he will play
REPENT 2 months ago
Kyrie + KD + harden smh it will be unfair 3 all stars on a starting line up
ray davis
ray davis 2 months ago
yooooo I totally forgot abt dat kyrie might be the 3rd option
Joseph Tanate
Joseph Tanate 2 months ago
No no no! Only lebron will destroy that. .steph and klay is so sharp. .but kyrie and james and durant are not a team player. .so shut up!!!
Robin Manguling
Robin Manguling 2 months ago
OK OK im not a hater if they trade james harden to the nets they will have a small salary cap during free agencies and its possible that they cannot sign other players due to full salary cap so its a bad trade and first of all who is the defense in the trio
Adrian Rubio
Adrian Rubio 2 months ago
Harden to the Nets would take Load off KD so he doesn't have to push himself as much coming back from the injury.
Bob Narama
Bob Narama 2 months ago
Good offense 👍 Lack defense 👎🏿
2 Tango Pls Ty
2 Tango Pls Ty 2 months ago
3 star players known for isolation plays. That's a bad chemistry
2 Tango Pls Ty
2 Tango Pls Ty 2 months ago
And don't forget about their attitudes too
Jazz Gaming
Jazz Gaming 2 months ago
Harden deserves to be on a better team
Denzel 2 months ago
the three most unguardable 1on1 players in the league rn. 😬
Was good Buddy
Was good Buddy 2 months ago
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Sasa Sese
Sasa Sese 2 months ago
Listen not gonna work 3 ball hogs on one team and there's way too many talent in that team 😅
Juicey Watermelon
Juicey Watermelon 2 months ago
2012: KD, russ, harden 2019: Harden+Russ 2020-2021: KD+Harden Hmm... I think I see a pattern
TheFirstK 2 months ago
2022 KD-Russ on the Knicks.
KingsteveTV 2 months ago
DeOnte Farland
DeOnte Farland 2 months ago
This ain't gonna work at all.
MrBobDug 2 months ago
Please send him there so they can implode all together
Hunter Sparks
Hunter Sparks 2 months ago
damn remember when Clive said harden staying committed
Coda Silence
Coda Silence 2 months ago
Trade kyrie for westbrook too so we have a reuinion lmao
hazel tuazon
hazel tuazon 2 months ago
Kahit magsasma kyo tatlong bwakaw na walang mga depends kaen kyo kay lebron
GabbyPlayZ_BG 2 months ago
Bruh thats too much who will be MVP james harden or kevin durant?
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 2 months ago
Please let this happen, please please please please...it will be the most epic entertaining disaster of all time...kyrie is a straight up bitch and so is KD...harden and kyrie cant share...durant knows how to share but shouldn't....oh joy
Macabree 2 months ago
perfecrly written. Will be a hilarious disaster. If Russell and Harden clearly did not work, no way Kyrie and Harden ego's going to co exist
Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal 2 months ago
Smoove is better than you
prince boi
prince boi 2 months ago
Who else is here after CP3 Trade?
KingUman30 2 months ago
CP3 Suns parody pls :'(
tbhturbo 2 months ago
Hahaha... 😂😂 Harden’s gonna fuck up the Nets completely... He is so arrogant and Think the world of himself... 3 Alphas is 2 to many... 😂😂
Jay 2 months ago
If I'm Houston, the only way I'm trading with Brooklyn is if Durant or Irving are in the trade. Dinwiddie, LeVert, and picks are not going to cut it.
Thunderr Atlas
Thunderr Atlas 2 months ago
that is a bad combo because they are all offensive stars and kyrie and harden will be fighting to be on the starting 5 and there is no way harden is joining nets
Thunderr Atlas
Thunderr Atlas 2 months ago
@Macabree ok
Macabree 2 months ago
@Thunderr Atlas ,oerfectly wiritten. We all agre with you. Great points but don't comment on your own comment. Just edit it. US-first labels that as at tntion seeking
Mika Shiota
Mika Shiota 2 months ago
Allen leaving Brooklyn will be like Derozan leaving Toronto
Never Fail
Never Fail 2 months ago
And y'all thought the Warrior's offense was nasty 🤮 And they got D'Antoni 💀
DEAD BISCUIT 2 months ago
I don't know why, i lost my taste bud when i knew harden leaving rockets.
Gabriel Alejandro Ávila Quintana
this is gonna look like those pick up games where players just take turns to go 1v5 lol
PM 10
PM 10 2 months ago
Top 3 best players on the nets if this trade happens 3 Kevin darent 2 James harden 1 kyrie irving
PM 10
PM 10 2 months ago
I’m a nets fan and kyrie is my favorite nba player ever and kyrie and kd is really good but if we get James harden too then there’s no way we will miss the title
Lil Papakis
Lil Papakis 2 months ago
ok but like they if this trade happens they have a great starting 5 but they are trading their whole bench
Marsden Videl
Marsden Videl 2 months ago
Nothing will happen believe me....
TacticalPower88 2 months ago
The NBA would have to seriously consider extending the shot clock between Kyrie and Harden each demanding at least 22 seconds of shot clock lol
Pavan Teja Rajulapati
t w
t w 2 months ago
hahahahahaha harden joining the nets will be a huge disaster
KingUman30 2 months ago
Seno Ken
Seno Ken 2 months ago
Isn't Russ leaving houston to
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede 2 months ago
jay king
jay king 2 months ago
They going to average 500 a game 🤣🤣🤣😂
Franck Belibi
Franck Belibi 2 months ago
Kyrie and james harden are amazing playmakers and kd literally dosent miss, I mean
RickyJ YT
RickyJ YT 2 months ago
Man you might say ufff but if you think properly kd can pg and he has that mamba and even kyrie is a pg and has the mamba mentality now if you trade Harden to the nets he has to be the last person but if you think will James Harden be happy? nope cuz too many star causes the team if you belive em James Harden would be a perfect fit with La 100% trust me he's a perfect fit for la cuz they already have op c and pf like if you agree James to la dislike if he's fit with nets
SiloXD 2 months ago
At first I'm kinda mad but this is actually a good thing for Houston we can rebuild ,rookies might actually look toward coming to Houston now and Brooklyn is gonna be a nightmare 2 of the biggest isolation players on the same team together along with kd someone career is going to take a downward spiral
Slushy the Soldier
Slushy the Soldier 2 months ago
Ball King
Ball King 2 months ago
If he joins its gonna be the clippers all over again
Royal Me
Royal Me 2 months ago
Too many cookers spoil the dish. KD wants to be the man. Kyrie wants to be the leader. Harden wants to be the one man show.
Dhdnsnsns Xbdn
Dhdnsnsns Xbdn 2 months ago
This team has potiental to be a top all time team if they acquire harden kyrie play D his offense is not a question as well as the slim reaper coming back KD averaging at least 30-25 a night and then you gotta worry about harden the foul drawer and he can get buckets at will this nba season will be very entertaining
Eleazar Huerta
Eleazar Huerta 2 months ago
BRO!!!!!!!!! Just Damn!! Too OP
blacktop2k -_-
blacktop2k -_- 2 months ago
Pleas dont trade harden to BN
Kweavis GTA V fight comps
2k MyGm No salary cap Sliders on 100 No trade logic --------- Step 1: Trade trash players for Elite players Step 2: Edit the staff and put their stats on A+ Step 3: Create a Demi God player(dunk package: all of them) Step 4: Put him in Free agency Step 5: Sign him for 4 years 180 million Step 6: Edit him and go to contract Step 7: Put 24 million on year 5 and 6 Finally: go murder your opponents
James of All trades
James of All trades 2 months ago
If they make this trade it would be a bad decision
Richard Nieves
Richard Nieves 2 months ago
ro cap
ro cap 2 months ago
Good thing I sticked to brooklyn lol this dudes finna average 200 points per game
savage Freddy
savage Freddy 2 months ago
well next season gonna be a good one
Tyrone Sorra
Tyrone Sorra 2 months ago
let me guess harden’s gonna get booed a lot once he joins a super team just like KD when he joined the warriors
DVH_Voltz 2 months ago
With KDs injury he’s not gonna play the same so it’s not really a super team
Jake Rojas
Jake Rojas 2 months ago
This the East... not the easy going West. Kyrie couldn't stay healthy without King. KD is going to have to grind it out and stay healthy. And James lolol... This would be hilarious to see
Alpha X
Alpha X 2 months ago
Most iso team ever, somebody must remind them there is only one basketball, or one ball, not 8, it will not work, already kyrie handles the ball much better than his emotions, do you think he’s gonna handle James Harden????? And the nets already have 3 all stars, Kyrie, KD, and Deandre Jordan
Alpha X
Alpha X 2 months ago
@DVH_Voltz he was in 2018 u dummy, so he’s gonna ask for a heavy bag
DVH_Voltz 2 months ago
Deandre Jordan is not a star 😂
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