James Harden Throws Ball At Joel Embiid After Shove & Gets Technical Foul! Rockets vs Sixers 

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James Harden Throws Ball At Joel Embiid After Shove & Gets Technical Foul! Rockets vs Sixers August 14, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 14, 2020




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Comments 100   
Opochtli 29 days ago
Joel for Harden trade
mharay sah
mharay sah Month ago
Hindi ako mahilig sa basketball po,ingat po kayo lagi sa pag laro#hapi
Jacob Crespo
Jacob Crespo 2 months ago
Are you blind the ball ain’t even touch me is tf you talking about
Jacob Crespo
Jacob Crespo 2 months ago
Embed I meant that was typo
Kairong Li
Kairong Li 3 months ago
It was all Crapbiid
Service maintenance
Service maintenance 5 months ago
Right call, It’s legal to Foul but not throwing ball!
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 5 months ago
ಠ_ಠ 5 months ago
Embiid is a sook, could you believe he's actually got fans 😂
Andy Quirarte
Andy Quirarte 5 months ago
Joel is just a wimp bro, Harden didn’t deserve a tech at all.
deandra marshall
deandra marshall 5 months ago
Fuck harden!
ロ·メ·ロ 5 months ago
The NBA... LOL!
Ushh Ushh P
Ushh Ushh P 5 months ago
And embidd tried to shake his hand afterward but got denied🙈
Ben Tackett
Ben Tackett 5 months ago
I missed this game but, how is that not a technical? That wasn’t a play on the ball at all.
Adryel Gomez
Adryel Gomez 5 months ago
Ngl but harden didn’t really throw the ball at embied but ok
Jacob Curry
Jacob Curry 5 months ago
Wow how does embiid not draw the tech , when all harden did was react ?
Zanzonait99 5 months ago
Goat Wolford
Goat Wolford 5 months ago
Al horford looks like ishod wair at the end of the video lol
DRJEBP 5 months ago
Even if you talk or sound funny you can still have almost 2 million subscribers in youtube, given that you have good content
Young Park
Young Park 5 months ago
1:07, “6 ft bro!!” Lol
pizza rolls
pizza rolls 5 months ago
man he learning moves from Giannis
Real Conspiracy Wow!
embid is so corny ,and Harden so lame,this is what the NBA has turned into yikes
Christian Su
Christian Su 5 months ago
They needa get some new refs frfr
RealMVP 5 months ago
Joel embiid is ThE BEsT CeNtRE In ThE LeAGuE
ShujinQ 5 months ago
Harden can laugh all he wants, but his hairline is the real punchline in this story.
Jaime Elks
Jaime Elks 5 months ago
Someone please tell me when harden threw the ball.
D Cruzn
D Cruzn 5 months ago
He ain’t really even throw the ball at him
Adi Parza
Adi Parza 5 months ago
Stupid embiiiiidddd
x Ndization
x Ndization 5 months ago
Embiid have a same IQ with bev for sure
Marshall Evan Photography
Haha Harden fouled him on the shot...hardly “clamps”
The1st1Dead 5 months ago
I’m a sixers fan but embodies shouldn’t be mad bc they are up by so much. Sore winner lmao
Blue Torch
Blue Torch 5 months ago
That's no throw that's just a granny toss. MJ hit Steve Kerr in the face harder in practice than this rivalry.
PlebeianGaming 5 months ago
Embiid trying to be Laimbeer since Kawhi made him cry.
Jr Sipat
Jr Sipat 5 months ago
Lol....embiid a real softie
DrGreenThumbNZL 5 months ago
Green is a Journeyman , how many teams has he been on LOL
tonyStorks 5 months ago
90s NBA: **Laughs in Kawhi**
amgK v2.0
amgK v2.0 5 months ago
That doesn’t make any sense why harden would get the tech. He’s just better than embiid but the refs don’t like him
Chris Machabee
Chris Machabee 5 months ago
Double - T. Refs asleep. Woke up on Harden. Quality officiating...NOT.
Wii Revolution
Wii Revolution 5 months ago
Why can I never find who the center is on the Rockets
Bam Knight
Bam Knight 5 months ago
Didn’t really clamp him up but he got the block tho
Kendrick Daniels
Kendrick Daniels 5 months ago
Rockets would have won with Westbrook
Kendrick Daniels
Kendrick Daniels 5 months ago
but injury it's unfortunate
Jason Schenck
Jason Schenck 5 months ago
I think. You’re not funny. Just roll the clip and shut up.
JCaseFPS's Youtube Channel
Clive got the award for most annoying youtuber.. and most annoying voice out of any youtuber 💯
weirdboymarc 5 months ago
I wouldn’t say James harden clamped up Joel lmao it really looked like Joel was being lazy because it was James harden and got what he deserved
Laxy34 5 months ago
Joel is soft. He just acting like that because he knows everyone will break them up.
André Finance
André Finance 5 months ago
Embid is a mean 5 yrs old kid with no education and ego issues...
Hector Rivera
Hector Rivera 5 months ago
This is why I will never like embid
Fun While It Lasted
Fun While It Lasted 5 months ago
I love how this channel is never clickbait 💯
Shendu 5 months ago
6ft bro!
I dOnT kNow D wAe
I dOnT kNow D wAe 5 months ago
Nobody: Even atoms and lost souls: Ref: tech! two shots for harden
Ricky Vall3y Reid
Ricky Vall3y Reid 5 months ago
6ft bro
R_ Ledo23!
R_ Ledo23! 5 months ago
Surprised the title of the video didn’t say that they “wanna fight”
225/647/239 5 months ago
clive no way you actually play basketball in Real life 😂😂
Macabree 5 months ago
LOL funny but true
haywood jablomi
haywood jablomi 5 months ago
If JH was gonna pick up a tech, why not smack Embiid in the face w the ball? In for an inch, in for a mile
Bebo Maldonado
Bebo Maldonado 5 months ago
6 FEET BRO I’m fucking done
julio urbina
julio urbina 5 months ago
Embiid cries too much.
js4 5 months ago
Don’t touch me bro six feet lol
UiSteve 5 months ago
Embidd got upset b.c he thought he deserved a foul call but the refs didn't call a foul so he shoved James out of fustration. Plan and simple..
Louise 5 months ago
James harden can actually play defense. He’s just lazy
Keagan Hall
Keagan Hall 5 months ago
most of these "pros" are just over grown children with too much money.
Macabree 5 months ago
pretty much. They don't truly mature in develop til after about like 50 years of age. They have a overgrown childlike mentality for decades on
St1CK _BEATS 5 months ago
Harden really looks like he plays ball for drugs and just turned out to be an elite scorer
jl ds
jl ds 5 months ago
Embidd suck
Levixten 5 months ago
Warning: Reprinting of the video is prohibited!!! 警告:視頻禁止轉載!!!
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 5 months ago
ofcourse he mad haha blocked by Harden
Dylan Rowell
Dylan Rowell 5 months ago
Harden looks like cedric the entertainer.
Dylan Rowell
Dylan Rowell 5 months ago
Why everyone tryin to copy doncic. They all look like they say look i can do it too...doncic didnt even think about going between the legs. These guys though look like they tryin too hard lmao.
Macabree 5 months ago
I agree. I guess they never really seen such gold skill in the way doncic play.
Er El
Er El 5 months ago
Embiid's playing style is too soft...he should play like a real big if he wants to be taken seriously in the league
Ghost Asian
Ghost Asian 5 months ago
James harden looks like that one crackhead on the street
TheBestFighter 5 months ago
Fake tough guys
jake mitchell
jake mitchell 5 months ago
Harden got a tech? On offense? 2020 just keeps getting crazier and crazier
Goldfish Crackers
Goldfish Crackers 5 months ago
I gotta watch this shit on mute. The dude's voice cracks me up
Jonathan Delacruz
Jonathan Delacruz 5 months ago
Bruh shut up
As Cuba
As Cuba 5 months ago
James Foulden VS Foul Embiid
Dean Kruse
Dean Kruse 5 months ago
Embiib has to be the least likable guy in the NBA
BlanKFacE 5 months ago
Clamps?..across both arms?..bitch please...
Gerardo Pulido
Gerardo Pulido 5 months ago
You sound how I would think Don Tolliver would sound talking
Paul Coover
Paul Coover 5 months ago
Harden is a cheater and a disgrace to the game . He no lllard. Go blazers
Da Kid
Da Kid 5 months ago
Lol why nobody talking about how James harden gave embidd the clamps
WhoIsMoosa 5 months ago
Nobody know he plays defence like is steals and blocks offence he lead the league in points assists and steals in the same year he just doesn’t get appreciation
Quantum 5 months ago
Harden said that Embiid was the hardest defender he’s ever defended
R.J. W
R.J. W 5 months ago
@Da Kid Dude stuff like that happens in practically every NBA game. A guard blocks a center, a center runs the fast break, a guard dunks on a center, etc. Eh no big deal.
Da Kid
Da Kid 5 months ago
R.J. W it is when James harden gave embidd the clamps only reason it ain’t a bigger deal is cuz the refs ain’t call a foul on embiid when he tricked harden
R.J. W
R.J. W 5 months ago
Making one decent defensive play when you get blown out isn't going to be talked about. It ain't a big deal.
Vxnte 5 months ago
I don't like how embiid is playing usually like, he be too salty sometimes They didn't deserve that w tbh
Sixers76 5 months ago
Vxnte tantrum he gave him a tiny tap but Giannis head buts someone and everyone is fine with that
Vxnte 5 months ago
Basketball is all mental, if you lose the mind battle you're over, but I see when embiid gets clamped up he loses his mind and starts a tantrum
Sixers76 5 months ago
And he tries to get in peoples head is that really that bad
Sixers76 5 months ago
Vxnte harden literally does the same thing so you can’t use that argument
Vxnte 5 months ago
@Sixers76 76ers are a lucky team, the fact embiid does whatever he wants and the refs call fouls on the opposite team is actually irritating
Eric Wei
Eric Wei 5 months ago
Who pretend not to see Harden foul Embiid first?
nb2481 5 months ago
Why is everyone so sensitive in sports nowadays? Play some ball. You're gunna get roughed up every now n then. Play it through. And give it back eventually. Don't try to ruin someone's career though because you got slightly embarrassed. These grown ass men are softer than baby poop. They have gym muscles. Larry bird would kick the crap out of LeBron. The NBA isn't interesting to watch anymore.
Kurtis Jacob
Kurtis Jacob 5 months ago
Yo Clive can you bring back the 2k videos with kd lebron mj all the players
Ryan Whittaker
Ryan Whittaker 5 months ago
Are you watching the same video as me? Because I see Embiid getting fouled HARD when going up against Harden, the refs didn’t call the foul, so in retort to the refs, Embiid hard fouls Harden, it had nothing to do with Harden and everything to do with the foul that the refs didn’t call, that was easily free throws for Embiid, even after Embiid hard fouls Harden, you see him tap on harden with his right hand, their good, you are just bad at analyzing footage
A Becerra
A Becerra 5 months ago
Embiid too soft
Hs 4a08
Hs 4a08 5 months ago
Joel acts like a little kid
ALL THINGS HIPHOP 5 months ago
It was a foul that caused Joel to react the way he did ..You missed that how?
Lingo Knots
Lingo Knots 5 months ago
Throw the ball lol that wasn’t even a throw
Rease 5 months ago
Bro nobody likes Harden.
Swetank singh
Swetank singh 5 months ago
Goga bitzade of Indiana Pacers is dirty player ... Hails from a country filled with Motherdrillers
Peter Sage
Peter Sage 5 months ago
What do I think? That Embied has got to be in the record books as THE BIGGEST BABY in history.
meify 5 months ago
Hmm, it kind of looked like the ball slipped out of Hardens hand and it wasn’t intentional.
bill clinton
bill clinton 5 months ago
Harden smacked his arm bro. What defense is that called in the play book. Come on man, Harden can’t defend anyone.
gabriel del rosario
gabriel del rosario 5 months ago
All ball
Akeem Thomas
Akeem Thomas 5 months ago
Why does it seems like Harden is stronger than Embiid
kenntucki 5 months ago
Embiid will cry again this year after the playoffs.. he will win nothing until he gets his head in the game instead of open his big ass mouth
GO BIG BLUE 8 5 months ago
Can't wait for college sports hopefully they don't disrespect our flag and national anthem like pro sports have sadly done if so then I won't be watching sports anymore period
Rich Mack
Rich Mack 5 months ago
Simeon Green
Simeon Green 5 months ago
What Embiid did could be considered a personal foul but Harden throwing the ball was a technical foul to me at least 🤷🏽‍♂️
John Quitz
John Quitz 5 months ago
Joel "Big Shoft" Embid 🤣🤣🤣 to soft for center??🤣🤣🤣
JPG 5 months ago
Don’t count out sixers watch out for them
SpareSumSauce !!!
SpareSumSauce !!! 5 months ago
Why are you scared to cover Damian Lillard score of that lately 😭🤣
#1 Nets fan
#1 Nets fan 5 months ago
Lol process jus mad he got clamped down by the worst defensive player in the association
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
Embiid was beefing with WESTBROOK not Harden Edit: Say "That's a good pick"
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Making Batteries