James Harden Goes CRAZY For 49 Points In Rockets Overtime Win vs Mavericks! Rockets vs Rockets 

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James Harden Goes CRAZY For 49 Points In Rockets Overtime Win vs Mavericks! Rockets vs Rockets July 31, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 86   
A Money
A Money 5 months ago
Bro how crazy is Covington in this lineup he does so many good things for the team
heyitsmelloydie 5 months ago
..."stepping back pUlliN' uP" "you know he wont miss.." that's just as funny as Kawhi is HAHAHAAHAHA charr
TennisEd 5 months ago
He was good in real NBA games too
weirdo D
weirdo D 5 months ago
"You know he wont miss like he dont miss the thunder"😂😂😂
Quincy M. Thomas
Quincy M. Thomas 5 months ago
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Anthony Holley
Anthony Holley 5 months ago
We need that quarantine James harden on 2k ASAP
Beanos Gamer
Beanos Gamer 5 months ago
People be saying he’s only good because he flops and the refs on payroll but you gotta admit this mans one of the most skilled players in the league
Joe Burkhart
Joe Burkhart 5 months ago
I see tj Warren gets no love when he dropped 53
Goat Reacts
Goat Reacts 5 months ago
Harden is the best player in the league
FATAL _GREENZ 5 months ago
If russ shoots he a ball hawk but if he passes hes a stat patter
ZACK Marshall
ZACK Marshall 5 months ago
Why do u sound like that lmao it’s annoying
FleXx Lugar
FleXx Lugar 5 months ago
idgaf this was an amazing game & Harding is goat
VoltZ 5 months ago
Defense out the window
KJack Timothy
KJack Timothy 5 months ago
0:08 👁👁.
Zxooted 5 months ago
Why is their a homeless guy on the court in a rockets jersey?
TabibMaster 5 months ago
He also got 3 blocks
Vince Buko
Vince Buko 5 months ago
Harden had 3 blocks as well
Stephen 5 months ago
stop talking in these
Andrew Eats tomato
Andrew Eats tomato 5 months ago
When your a guy who launches 60 shots
This the only year they can do it bruh omm
Al Gomez
Al Gomez 5 months ago
Westbrook couldn't pull up on a catch n shoot bro, & how do you even pull up on a step back that doesn't make sence?
Leonardo Marquez
Leonardo Marquez 5 months ago
If harden keeps doing this rockets should be title contenders
Regie Martinez
Regie Martinez 5 months ago
Bruh the score say that they aint playing defense
Freedom & Wealth
Freedom & Wealth 5 months ago
Covington should be in your title. He saved them
intimissimi88 5 months ago
that was a perfect miss by harden
ItsChris 5 months ago
Rockets vs Rockets?
S H 5 months ago
"Harden can't play defense": 3 steals and 3 blocks
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez 5 months ago
I wonder how you face looks with that voice
MJ 5 months ago
Harden is a demigod
Cowboys Fan
Cowboys Fan 5 months ago
Why you got to talk over the video bro
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 5 months ago
woah this might the first game when i saw 150+ score
Kuvira [BL]
Kuvira [BL] 5 months ago
Rockets vs Rockets....... (James Harden vs James Harden)????
Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek 5 months ago
There were so many close games in this restart I love it
Reu Varney
Reu Varney 5 months ago
Imagine being so good 1v1 that on most possessions you get fouled and everyone hates you for it. Pretty sure if there was a 1v1 tournament for nba players James would crush all of them
imants didzus
imants didzus 5 months ago
Wot naw you gona say Max
H e a v e n愛
H e a v e n愛 5 months ago
a rested Harden is scary...
I.r.j 519
I.r.j 519 5 months ago
Fear the beard
YDK DAGOAT 5 months ago
I thought Russ had corona?
BlaccIndian 5 months ago
title ends with Rockets vs Rockets, somebody high af
iiss ss
iiss ss 5 months ago
The guy who tied the score must be credited.
dope fresh
dope fresh 5 months ago
0:30 you thought you was funny or sum? that’s why your channel dying.
1Lifeonearth 5 months ago
overtime points dont count
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 5 months ago
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Sankeerth Koshy
Sankeerth Koshy 5 months ago
True Shooting
True Shooting 5 months ago
Cool video and everything but you are a casual💀
t.rippy pancakes
t.rippy pancakes 5 months ago
Harden getting steals and ben Simmons hitting 3s...2020 wild
Cedrick Nell Garcia
Cedrick Nell Garcia 5 months ago
Bro we miss your parodies
Beko 5 months ago
Re upload incoming
Coopergaming12 5 months ago
Bro I was so nervous but when I think of my rockets losing I know there the come back team and they come back a lot so i had faith and look they won #go rockets
Coopergaming12 5 months ago
Clutch city baby!!
Coopergaming12 5 months ago
Go rockets I’m a die heart fan!!!
NBA Sports Clips
NBA Sports Clips 5 months ago
Even this part were he was hurt and got back playing again !!! us-first.info/player/video/rtmCYI2Zf6SEgYU.html
Machiavelli 5 months ago
Harden has been a great low post defender but he been improving defending the perimeter
VENGEANT GAMING 5 months ago
I know he's an underrated defender
RIFKIN 5 months ago
Yeah he clamped like a Cple times
Ian Ray Flora
Ian Ray Flora 5 months ago
Nah harden is anti black lives matter
Swedish Viking
Swedish Viking 5 months ago
Terminator X
Terminator X 5 months ago
Harden Step back god!
Otto 5 months ago
VoltZ 5 months ago
150+ points each damn
Baller Parody
Baller Parody 5 months ago
Number 0 parents really named him "Black Lives Matter" lol
The Mamba Mentality
The Mamba Mentality 5 months ago
As a “ball hog” I know that 1 pt from scoring 50 would hav me dying inside😭
succa Deeick
succa Deeick 5 months ago
Bruh said 9 rebounds n 3 steals 35 times 🤣🤣🤣 he had a few blocks too but this is rare it wont last The defense I mean
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
@Ronnie Lopez Nigga im dead ass hes has asthma, i have asthma too.. You don't understand that harden has a health condition, not trying to speak negative on him but it's just facts, so before you try going out your way to argue with someone on a app where people watch videos on, read what the fuck im saying and you'll understand. People have so much hate on harden, he has a fucking health condition it's not his fault, he'd litteraly be in the hospital running around
Ronnie Lopez
Ronnie Lopez 5 months ago
@_playboi.jordan God you're ignorance amazes me and thats rare
Htown Rockets
Htown Rockets 5 months ago
Rare?? He's literally been doing this all season. He's top 3 in steals and blocks in terms of guards
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
He has asthma... Do you expect him to average 9 blocks and 7 steals per game? He'd probably be in the hospital..
Max 5 months ago
He averages 2 steals and 1 block per game so you’re wrong
OutKickTheSports 5 months ago
This was better than SportsCenter lol
DoctorSleep 5 months ago
Scores 49, went to OT and won by just 4. Caption should be HARDEN WENT FOR 3BSTEALS AND 3 BLKS IN A WIN..
quackie 5 months ago
Only 90s kids remember when Clive used to actually make NBA parodies.
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
@quackie we all make mistakes man 😂
quackie 5 months ago
@_playboi.jordan hell nah 😂😂 I'm 15
KïNG 5 months ago
The Isley Brothers! LOL
heimdall zumwalt
heimdall zumwalt 5 months ago
@_playboi.jordan dumbass zoomer shut the fuck up
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
@Fredriko Gomez my bad
Zo Jirushi
Zo Jirushi 5 months ago
Russell Westbrook pulling up you know he won’t miss like how he don’t miss the Thunder 🤣
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
@Dakota Miller us-first.info/player/video/n894g3mlaX6EpoU.html
Dakota Miller
Dakota Miller 5 months ago
lionabd21 rockets would win in 5
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
@click this Facts, but i have to admit, the rockets are using westbrook better than what the thunder were doing, thunder vs rockets in the playoffs would be very interesting
click this
click this 5 months ago
The Isley Brothers! I’m a rockets fan and your saying straight facts we were up by like 30 against thunder what does cp3 do makes a huge comeback win against Celtics same clutch steal the trade was best for rockets and thunder cp3 can lead a team and Westbrook needs a good shot creator and play maker like harden okc and rockets meet in playoffs would be interesting
_playboi.jordan 5 months ago
@Press Style They don't because your talking to a thunder fan right now, we have a point guard who can actually shoot, and lead the team better than westbrook can. A point gaurd who doesn't stat pad and doesn't mind sharing the ball, this year we are the most clutch team this year and have stats to back it up, are whole starting 5 are one of the most clutch players this year (literally.) we have shai who made a statement with his 20 20 10 triple double, we have Gallinari who is a shooting big who can shoot the 3 ball really good.. we have a 6th man of the year Dennis Schroeder who's been pulling up from deep lately, we have steven adams who has been showing us he can score, he made a halfcourt shot and had been eruo stepping lately, we're 5th seed and the rockers are 6th seed. Not to mention we have andre Roberson back and he's shooting 60% from 3 this year, had back to back clutch 3's to win against the Sixers, we Won all of our scrimmage games, we beat the rockets by 20 points this year, we beat the clippers this year, we beat the nuggets this year, i can go on and on
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell 5 months ago
0:29 sexygirls-here.online
Coopergaming12 5 months ago
Zo Jirushi
Zo Jirushi 5 months ago
Clive NBA Parody of Chris Smoove? Who’s the goat
succa Deeick
succa Deeick 5 months ago
but what about PorzinGod??? BALLIN
D J 5 months ago
Rockets vs rockets💀
Tru Money Gaming Andrew
Deion Fairfax
Deion Fairfax 5 months ago
Yo, he forgot to mention his 3 BLOCKS.
xuan vu
xuan vu 5 months ago
Fredriko Gomez so he’s an average one?
The Big Boi
The Big Boi 5 months ago
Fredriko Gomez he’s like average just doesn’t try
Dominic Pin
Dominic Pin 5 months ago
_Jamal In the video, he mentioned 3 STEALS not BLOCKS.
_Jamal 5 months ago
The Big Boi are u dumb he talking about the video he did mention if in the video
The Big Boi
The Big Boi 5 months ago
moataz yazidi yeah he did look it up
NBA Thekid
NBA Thekid 5 months ago
My man harden went off what shocked me the most was his 3 steals and 3 blocks
NBA Thekid
NBA Thekid 5 months ago
@Coopergaming12 I feel like u a banwagon and I'm not even a rockets fan
FeRas Hussein
FeRas Hussein 5 months ago
@Coopergaming12 how is u . I've been a harden and westbrook fan since they got drafted
Coopergaming12 5 months ago
FeRas Hussein who u talking to go rockets
Coopergaming12 5 months ago
I’m a huge harden fan respect bro and go rockets!!!
NBA Sports Clips
NBA Sports Clips 5 months ago
True us-first.info/player/video/rtmCYI2Zf6SEgYU.html
Osas 5 months ago
James & Westbrook a better duo than Luka and Portzigus
Swedish Viking
Swedish Viking 5 months ago
@Dansuy Gaming How did you mess up KP's name that bad lol. He had 39 points btw and Luka had a triple double. Way better duo than Westbrook and Harden.
NBA Sports Clips
NBA Sports Clips 5 months ago
Yea that’s right us-first.info/player/video/rtmCYI2Zf6SEgYU.html
D J 5 months ago
Dansuy Gaming
Dansuy Gaming 5 months ago
Luka and Portgrusize are over rated anyway specially Luka
James Harden
James Harden 5 months ago
Mr. Action
Mr. Action 5 months ago
Smoove boi
Yoel Dirar
Yoel Dirar 5 months ago
James -To Easy-Harden
INFRARED 5 months ago
Harden offense and Russ defense in OT won them the game
Adhitya Rakapuri
Adhitya Rakapuri 5 months ago
@Fredriko Gomez in OT dude he say "in OT". The tip was in regular time
Nutella J
Nutella J 5 months ago
Mason Nelson (Student)
hardens defense too lowkey
I USE NO EDITS 5 months ago
Thank you for showing us these highlights because so of us Aka me cannot watch these games Bc my tv isn’t working thx CliveNBaparody
Eagle Szn
Eagle Szn 5 months ago
💚 Love the Vids and the way you speak and entertain make the play better than it acctually is
Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell 5 months ago
Bro you crazy!! You making vids so late!!!! Bro chill
Risky Prod.
Risky Prod. 5 months ago
unanimous mvp last season but media change the narrative smh
NBA Sports Clips
NBA Sports Clips 5 months ago
Yup us-first.info/player/video/rtmCYI2Zf6SEgYU.html
Barney Gaming
Barney Gaming 5 months ago
Nah definently not unanimous but for sure mvp
Loyal 6x10
Loyal 6x10 5 months ago
Bruhmoment 5 months ago
Skits bruh
Hayden Hudson
Hayden Hudson 5 months ago
Go sub to Drew Martin please. His profile picture is an orange letter d
Marcus Blackson
Marcus Blackson 5 months ago
James must of been Hurting😭😭One point away from 50😂 Got the W at the end of the day tho lol all that matters
Abdullah Haruna
Abdullah Haruna 5 months ago
Kevin Durant ..
Kuvira [BL]
Kuvira [BL] 5 months ago
Sssssorrry James but 49 points is nothing ssssss
Barney Gaming
Barney Gaming 5 months ago
@The Future Nah lebron finna be on their.
James Harden
James Harden 5 months ago
The Future I’ll call Rondo then
James Harden
James Harden 5 months ago
Shawn 824 yeah just don’t let Jr know
Werrtuky 5 months ago
So op devs need to patch James harden
HoodSock 5 months ago
Michael Andrew Pamintuan lol
Werrtuky 5 months ago
Michael Andrew Pamintuan LOL
Michael Andrew Pamintuan
they often do in the playoffs.
Nehemiah A
Nehemiah A 5 months ago
Also first
Ng Cia Tung
Ng Cia Tung 5 months ago
Nehemiah A
Nehemiah A 5 months ago
Love your vids