Jaguars Select Trevor Lawrence w/ #1 Overall Pick | 2021 NFL Draft 

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Jaguars Select Trevor Lawrence w/ #1 Overall Pick | 2021 NFL Draft
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Apr 29, 2021




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Sterling Pless
Sterling Pless 22 hours ago
Let Trevor play his heart out make you richer
Sterling Pless
Sterling Pless 22 hours ago
He's like a Luck type
Sterling Pless
Sterling Pless 22 hours ago
Really hes a beast how can you manage this
Vet & Vet
Vet & Vet 7 days ago
Darius Rucker in the back lmao
WHISPERED77 8 days ago
People laughed at th Saints and Bucks years ago now look at them. I'm a Jag fan hoping one day it can be us
Erik Casillas
Erik Casillas 9 days ago
Wow can't believe he fell so far. What a steal for the Jaguars. 👏
Vince Gedeon
Vince Gedeon 11 days ago
They suck it's honestly not gonna matte andr he needs to cut that girly ass hair 🙄 🤣
Machine6996 11 days ago
Paxton Lynch just changed his name and grew his hair out and y’all bought his image and drafted him #1 😂
SuperBloodWolfMoon 12 days ago
Trevor better be the best qb in the NFL for years. The media has been hyping him up like he's a god since he was a freshman
Dr. Funko
Dr. Funko 13 days ago
U can just feel the incredible excitement in his family by their light clapping and trevors emotionless reaction of a few hugs. poor huy is probably close to hanging himself
ctrain beats
ctrain beats 11 days ago
well its not like there was as much uncertainty as some of these other guys of where you're gonna go. he's known for months that he's going #1
Shafferhead 13 days ago
Im gonna keep an eye on Jax now.
skoal wackr
skoal wackr 13 days ago
Guys a bust
dvanhoose01 13 days ago
Darius Rucker is there in the background
Luke Snowden
Luke Snowden 14 days ago
didnt even pet the dog
Keith Brashier
Keith Brashier 14 days ago
Good luck with that Jacksonville, LOL 🤷🏼‍♂️
Delimar Hugg
Delimar Hugg 14 days ago
I would hug my mom first my girl would just be there😂😐
Emil 14 days ago
Rumor has it the Jaguars are still using up the clock the draft him
Justis McClain
Justis McClain 14 days ago
Trevor Laurence is nothing special he’s nothing without his defense.
WaffleBoy 14 days ago
Didn’t find out til today that some of my friends are friends with the guy. Geez how did they never tell me. Wtf
WaffleBoy 14 days ago
@paLm treez I’m not that type of dude. Just because they know him doesn’t mean I have to be entitled. Not my place
paLm treez
paLm treez 14 days ago
Get an autograph then
FeedZeke21 14 days ago
Isaac Stout
Isaac Stout 14 days ago
Can't wait for the colts defense to make him want to retire
sky 14 days ago
gg career jags suck lol
Jay 14 days ago
I wonder how it feels to know you’re going number 1
Michael Stancic
Michael Stancic 14 days ago
I smell another Jags bust
Mo rir Olvidado
Mo rir Olvidado 14 days ago
all men need a woman like that
Fizzle Mynizzle
Fizzle Mynizzle 15 days ago
Jags still gonna suck 😌
D Me
D Me 15 days ago
That dog was sleeping, & woke up like, "Wtf is going on...woof??""
Alanah Smith
Alanah Smith 15 days ago
They didn't need a new QB it was the coach that was the problem 😑
Michael Dobel
Michael Dobel 15 days ago
Cem1659 1
Cem1659 1 15 days ago
Imagine being trevor lawrence's dog and not knowing you're owned by a piece of crap clemson QB that throws his helmet into defenders helmets in order to get targeting calls
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry 15 days ago
What does this mean for my guy Minshew:(
David Moreno
David Moreno 15 days ago
Haha well his career is over.
jeferson Martins
jeferson Martins 15 days ago
A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.
SB500 15 days ago
Trevor Lawrence is All Elite.
Ken L
Ken L 15 days ago
I love how he has to walk out to boo's every. single. time.
4 Bro code
4 Bro code 15 days ago
Let’s gooooooo baby finally we got a quarterback
Dean McBride
Dean McBride 15 days ago
What a shocker! Did not expect Lawrence to get picked here.
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes 15 days ago
Potato Farmer
Potato Farmer 15 days ago
Urban Meyer and Co. wasted ten minutes of my life “trying to see the best possible option” Trevor Lawrence, like cmon man we knew this since late December 🤦
Awoken_ Quin
Awoken_ Quin 15 days ago
They took so long so people would recognize them
Steve Clewell
Steve Clewell 15 days ago
Real shame he didn't go to a real team.
Banditt 15 days ago
Jags are like that this year
a 15 days ago
The opening boos directed towards goodell have become an annual occurrence And I love it
Diego Perea
Diego Perea 14 days ago
That bum halted the NFL season claiming covid yet started the season opener on roughly the same day as usual, forcing all teams to miss preseason which caused a lot of injuries to occur. Fuccboi then adds another game to the season to make more money
Ted Currently
Ted Currently 15 days ago
Get ready for a welcome to the jacksonville jaguars moment.
THE Mosser
THE Mosser 15 days ago
lets go TREV
Reese Davidson
Reese Davidson 15 days ago
Wow! It really is Brock Purdy! Amazing pick!
benny ches
benny ches 15 days ago
Adidas made the wrong move😶
Shreetan Vuppu
Shreetan Vuppu 15 days ago
This surprised no one
Juan Carlos Salinas Flores
What a waste of talent he deserves a better team😖
Mr Millennium 26
Mr Millennium 26 15 days ago
You think as a teen he envisioned the F**king Jaguars lol
Derek Montgomery
Derek Montgomery 15 days ago
Way to go trevor! You deserve it!
Labyrinth6000 15 days ago
RIP his career! Jaguars will get him hurt...
MGTOW Freedom
MGTOW Freedom 15 days ago
Do the Jags finally have their franchise QB
Kareem Moore
Kareem Moore 15 days ago
congrats brother
ThrowinFire 15 days ago
Lol future #1 on biggest first round draft bust lists. He's just not a good qb and he showed that everytime he played against a tough D. His arm is below average and he relied on his legs to get him out of trouble, which won't work in the NFL. Not a good choice for Urban Meyer.
AB_YT 15 days ago
Ow wow big suprise
JB09 15 days ago
This will be the Sam Darnold story Part II
Kevin Thibodeau
Kevin Thibodeau 15 days ago
Let’s go DUUUVAL!!
Leonard Schofield
Leonard Schofield 15 days ago
Miss Lawrence seems happy too.
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez 15 days ago
Yeah she sees the $$$$$$$$
akhil 15 days ago
RPGmasterN8 15 days ago
Cleveland has the worst weather 🤣🤣🤣
NKarta 15 days ago
Poor guy. Maybe he’ll get traded in time to save his career
Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson 15 days ago
Here before this gets on trending 💪🏽😤🔥🛑🧢👌🏽
Teal Town
Teal Town 15 days ago
Finally got our franchise QB !!!
MrAvearagePlays 15 days ago
I wouldn't be so sure
Jacob Canaday
Jacob Canaday 15 days ago
Damn that sucks for Trevor
Juda Soto
Juda Soto 15 days ago
Another NFL career ruined
Barclay Pierre élève
MusselmanMedia 15 days ago
kinda annoyed me that he wasnt sitting right beside his parents when his name was called.....
Vincent the Gaming god
Justin fields has still not been picked
Mawile 15 days ago
Don't forget that this could've been the Jets 😂
Fissey Gaming
Fissey Gaming 15 days ago
Horrible pick by the Jags. Did they know Sarah Fuller was still available?
Iram Zavala
Iram Zavala 15 days ago
Kobe Wan Kenobi
Kobe Wan Kenobi 15 days ago
*Wow! Didn’t see this coming AT ALL!* 🙄
FAYE GARRIS 15 days ago
Finally Trevor Has Made It In The NFL With The Jags I Hope He Has A Nice Career
Icey edwin
Icey edwin 15 days ago
Swordie050 15 days ago
Family, friends, DOG
4thlord51 15 days ago
"With the first pick... the Jacksonville Jaguars select Tim Tebow." Everyone: Dammit Urban!
zBONGO 14 days ago
Tight End
NotSoCoolLayman 15 days ago
FINALLY! It’s official!!!
Go Knighthawks Go
Go Knighthawks Go 15 days ago
Trevor Lawrence will be a BUST.
ShadowX360 15 days ago
Wacth trey lance to san fran EDIT:TOLD YA
Gavin Hawthorne
Gavin Hawthorne 15 days ago
Bruh that entire house is about to have COVID lmao
Camren Moore
Camren Moore 15 days ago
Been a jags fan for years
hypoallo3 15 days ago
I’ve known this was going to happen since December, and it STILL doesn’t feel real. Inject this clip directly into my veins.
DJChris Gaming
DJChris Gaming 15 days ago
I think trevor will lead the jaguars to a wild card playoff that is my guess she probably gonna have a good season at Jaguars
saul perez
saul perez 15 days ago
Bubble Gaming
Bubble Gaming 15 days ago
Get ready for 256 more highlight heaven uploads
CelesteStation51 Smith
Football Lover9
Football Lover9 15 days ago
HOW- *shakes head* I won't question your speed. I still believe your a time traveler and already know who's all been drafted to where
T.M. Wilson
T.M. Wilson 15 days ago
He and Urban Meyers shall create massive problems this season!💯
Franandwood 15 days ago
Good luck Trevor
Knucks Gaming
Knucks Gaming 15 days ago
I literally just realized I’m gonna get 32 vids from u today, and I’m not sad
Declan Bowes
Declan Bowes 15 days ago
What a shock
Kenneth Allen
Kenneth Allen 15 days ago
Long hair Don't care
PitbullPunk07 15 days ago
HHG > HighlightHeaven
YungSauceGodJ 15 days ago
i swear this dude uploads faster than the actual event happens
Chase Elliott
Chase Elliott 15 days ago
He looks like he just seen his nfl career go down the toilet....oh wait
Adrian Pena
Adrian Pena 15 days ago
Jeez they chose Lawrence over Trask? What were they thinking?
Dylan Grorud
Dylan Grorud 15 days ago
Wait they didn’t screw up the pick... holy crap
Don Vu
Don Vu 15 days ago
And rip his career already. Jags need o line
prospecial 15 days ago
Eric Hudson
Eric Hudson 15 days ago
fast as hell boy