J. Lo & Ben Affleck Spotted Together! 

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Jennifer Lopez is spending time with Ben Affleck following her split with Alex Rodriguez! Sources say, Affleck was spotted with multiple times going to the singer’s California home. Wendy gives her take.

Then, Wendy gives us the update on Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thomspon’s relationships.

Plus, things got hot during part two of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion.
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May 3, 2021




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J J 8 hours ago
Wendy is such a wench she soul her soul for money.
J J 8 hours ago
Eww. Mark is gross. He's a maschismo skirt chaser who was horrible to Jlo and his other wives.
terri marco
terri marco 16 hours ago
Jenny's been around the block more than a few times 🙄 😒 😐 😑
LISA MARIE 17 hours ago
Jen & Ben belong together!
Antje Str
Antje Str 20 hours ago
I dont know I dont have a good feeling about Jennifer & Ben, both seem not stable & happy within themselves to me (just my feeling/view)
Lee Lady
Lee Lady 21 hour ago
This was all a publicity stunt plus it's a way for her to make new money off of Old Money old hits hitting number one again.. they do they get in all of them and they're trying to make that deals. All planned
Scarletrys Day ago
Jlo jumps from relationship to relationship, she cannot be alone one single day... But what is even worse is that she just ended a relationship where her kids were very emotionally involved.... Every person has the right to do whatever they like with their life however when you have children and after so many relationships you should think twice at least. Not to mention the reason she ended her relationship with Ben, to begin with...
Jeremy Rivas
Jeremy Rivas Day ago
Jlo can’t ever be alone dam lol at least some time for herself
Miriam Day ago
The cargo ship it was funny 😁 noooo not Mark Anthony!
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Day ago
Insasiable mujerr👑
Deann Harris
Deann Harris Day ago
Mark Anthony is NOT her man! She called him a pig. He was coming on to other girls in front of her. He said their breasts were gorgeous. Jennifer Garner isn’t and will never be the right woman for him. She’s also involved with another man. Wendy, you are slipping.
Lee Lady
Lee Lady Day ago
Wendy Williams when are you going to come out of the close? It is absolutely obvious from the beginning and now even more. you have no hips your hands your legs your ankles manly and please stop recording your shows while you are completely high as a kite you look comatose
lerato kanono
lerato kanono 2 days ago
People should get off trying to tell JLo to heal before getting into another relationship. Doesn't A Rod need to do the same. For all we know, they could have ended things on a good note and in that case there might be absolutely nothing to Heal over. So stop with these self righteous statements to Jlo,forgetting that ARod also contributed to the breakup. NOT EVERY BREAKUP NEEDS TO BE MOURNED OVER. Give Jlo a break. Just cz you would mope over a human being or relationship for 3 months or a year does make you well enough for the next relationship. And what exactly is your healing time frame for JLo? 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄
Rose Vlogs
Rose Vlogs 2 days ago
That's why Jenny doesn't have a career, her business is to collect men, she seems to be dating 10 men at the same time, she ends up with one and already falls into the bed of another, she looks like a nymphomaniac.
Journey Yaya's
Journey Yaya's 2 days ago
SWV has hits but no vocals...XSCAPE has hits and brought Vocals for every hit...SWV wasn't prepared for that battle, but XSCAPE was...💖
Deborah Corbett
Deborah Corbett 2 days ago
Such trash and boring
Veneno Para ratas
Que conductora mas fea,
kay ray
kay ray 2 days ago
Yep.. defund the police... Greeeattt idea
kay ray
kay ray 2 days ago
What a shock.... A shooting ....
common sense
common sense 2 days ago
Jenny is hitting that block again 😂
Erin Gomez
Erin Gomez 2 days ago
Yes, Marc get J.Lo back!
kanalani 2 days ago
I’m not into celeb couples but BENNIFER..... yes baby!!!!
Lisa Marie Sauve
Lisa Marie Sauve 2 days ago
I feel like Ben has been waiting 20 years for this
Angela Johnston
Angela Johnston 2 days ago
Wendy: Tho she's been 67 for at least 5 years Me: Damn Wendy, why you had to go there. Any way, you look stunning today. Hair, makeup and outfit on point.
Keanu Phipps
Keanu Phipps 2 days ago
Jhoe is faster than speedy Gonzalez.
Catherine Nieves
Catherine Nieves 3 days ago
Marc Anthony, ugh…. He was too controlling. Go BENNIFER!
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou 3 days ago
Wendy has never had a brown skin color woman in her audience , eventually it will come out how she feels
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou 3 days ago
All these women like Wendy are jealous, they could never attract a good looking man
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou 3 days ago
Stop the mentality that people have towards brown skin color Hispanic women
Veronica Padilla
Veronica Padilla 3 days ago
Wendy does not know what the hell she’s talking about EVER.
Renae' Livings
Renae' Livings 3 days ago
This is what I dont understand. Ben, why are you angry? You already know that the media is going to follow you and ask questions. And Jennifer, you were in a relationship for 4 years...just break up and now you already with another, I dont understand. This is all publicity for your up coming movie. You have to stay relevant. Sad...sad...sad. stop getting upset because you both know whats up.
Freddie M
Freddie M 3 days ago
Is she wearing her night wear on the show
katiel1979 3 days ago
A-rod was in that V-jj like 5 minutes ago 🙄🤦‍♀️🍆 dam J-Lo let that thing get cold before you open it for business again Ben better wrap it twice cause Jenny been around the block ALOT since you dated her
Brave Soul
Brave Soul 3 days ago
I doubt they are back together as a couple. Cant they be just friends?! And those paparazzis are so disrespectful Ben was with his kid and his ex wife!!
Naila Iqbal
Naila Iqbal 3 days ago
Madam Tussaud’s statues based in London, UK 🇬🇧 are so life like. Perfect tourist destination.
Raluca Maria Gavris
everyone criticising jlo, how about arod who couldn't wait to be over with her to get with someone else? she is rich, has her family, still hot...let her live
Katherine Cruz
Katherine Cruz 3 days ago
Miss Hunter?
Jason Qiu
Jason Qiu 3 days ago
It’s a bit shady that she rebounded so quickly
Jaye Phillips
Jaye Phillips 3 days ago
Only in America can you be known more for your exs, ppl you have dated , or married to more than your talent. And didn't Ben have accusations that have landed other hollywood guys in jail or cancelled by me too? I guess People forget that fast. Just less than a yr ago the tabloids praised JLO and Arod, Now we back to JLO and Ben. And gonna forget she was trying to get at Drake again just less than a month ago. Our attention span is that of a puppy with a new squeaky toy. Except the puppy is smarter.
Debbie D
Debbie D 3 days ago
Wendy is more wrong then ever she is forgetting that Jennifer garner went back to her ex boyfriend, u never know J.LO end up knock up with Ben
Livelyliberty 3 days ago
Maybe if more people had guns, they could have responded to gun shots appropriately instead of barricading themselves in a room. Morons. Stop gun bating!
Bethan Krzowski
Bethan Krzowski 3 days ago
Batman's gone Back-man 😶
prchix 3 days ago
Jlo never got over Ben. He’s the one that got away for her. Marc and Jen nope not happening.
Kerby kerby
Kerby kerby 3 days ago
Yeah my comment, he decided that he didn't want J lo hand in marriage and yes he got with Jennifer gardner and yes he married her and had Children, so it's just I know how you are you know how I am period to tell the truth I really could give a flying squirrel
Britney Melgar
Britney Melgar 3 days ago
Wow we women never learn....i don't feel sorry for her anymore .she loves men who cheat
G L 3 days ago
No Wendy.....Marc don’t need to come back cause everyone on this universe knows that Ben Affleck was jlos one and only true love
lovelyrobles 3 days ago
Hope all those who are going through it with any illness or suffering of any kind get healed.✨🙏💕
Kor League
Kor League 3 days ago
She left AROD cos the ROD wasn't grade A so she settled for the grade A flake!
E. A.
E. A. 3 days ago
Too much 😫😨I was there not so long ago
Santiago C
Santiago C 3 days ago
scary how they normalise shootings in America, they are laughing while speaking about it. Crazy!!
Andre Reynolds
Andre Reynolds 3 days ago
She is only 67, Wendy!!! I think she looks younger!!!!!
Shay Williams
Shay Williams 3 days ago
Wendy definitely reminds me of the women on SNL that do the segment "Bronx beat" they sound just like her 😂😂
Darreyl Henderson
I can't see them together anymore without thinking of their parody on South Park 😂😂
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 3 days ago
Wendy looks crazy per usual
DemsPunkdAmerica 3rdBananaRepublicElectionTactics
Jennifer GARNER was the NERDY looking girl with the glasses that USED her "Nice Girl" act to CHARM a man. I dunno... Can the passion of banging a nerd last forever? When I see Garner, I see AN ACT of the Nice Girl. When I see JLo, I see 'REAL" in every way.
Katerine Quinde
Katerine Quinde 3 days ago
Omg yes Wendy I support Marc and JLO getting back together
Love Is Cactus
Love Is Cactus 4 days ago
JLo looks horrible.
Enigma 4 days ago
I really don't understand women who jump from man to man. Spend some quality time with yourself. Give your twat a break.
burcu 4 days ago
why didnt you talk about Rodrigez aka cheater 's karma?
Lou SF
Lou SF 4 days ago
I live a few blocks from Peter Luger.
ThePoet 4 days ago
This woman has made 40 million dollars just by celebrity gossiping? 😱😱😱🤫🤫
Bey Once
Bey Once 4 days ago
J.Lo's next single "Dear Ben - Reloaded"
MARLENE 4 days ago
In my humble opinion, Jennifer Lopez, she needs to look to God, and not jumping from man, to man! These men are call EX. for a reason; and the reason these men didn't work out; leave them alone! Jennifer, learn to love God, and just maybe, Jennifer can learn to love her yourself! Ms. Wendy, if Mark Anthony, is with someone; you need to give that lady in Mark Anthony's life; and Ms. Jennifer Gardner, the respect! Only God, knows who will be the right man, for Jennifer Lopez; but Jennifer Lopez needs to give herself and her body a break, and stop; jumping from man to man! Especially, she should stop! Going back and forth, with the same old men; who have broken up with her! If it didn't work out before, it is not going to work out the second time around! These men, will never respect Jennifer Lopez, because she is a weak woman; who needs to learn how to deal with her pain! And stop! Looking for a man to be with her! Jennifer Lopez, you can deal with a broken heart, by praying to God, first! Spending sometime with your kids; writes some songs! It so funny; how Wendy speak about the Kardashian ladies, by saying a while back that they go with a lot men! However, is that the same behavior, with Jennifer Lopez; she go back and forth; from men to men! To Jennifer God, bless you, and help you to see your way to him-God! Ms. Wendy, May God, continue to bless you and your son! Don't rush; the Lord, will send you, the right man; all you have to do is ask him-God, to send you, the right man. And when the time is right; God, will let you know, who is the right man, for you! Just keep on being happy; you wear it well!
Michael Long
Michael Long 4 days ago
The best Madame Tussaud’s is London 😍
Marlynne K
Marlynne K 4 days ago
She can't go a week without a man. She needs professional help IMHO. Girl, enjoy being alone for a hot minute.
Yesr Odca
Yesr Odca 4 days ago
Outfit great cut & look!
Brenda 4 days ago
I don’t care what people think bennifer is the best thing that happened and I’m living for it 🍿
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 4 days ago
Jay Ho is an extreme attention seeker which is why she can’t keep a man. She’s type to read the comments 😂
ne lol
ne lol 4 days ago
Wendy so discusting
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou 4 days ago
Ben is HOT and more mature , you go Jennifer Lopez have fun
Gene Spight
Gene Spight 4 days ago
She has another one
BrielaMichelle 4 days ago
I find it hilarious how y’all criticize J. Lo for being engaged several times, but she’s dating just like everybody else? She actually lasts a long time in these relationships, it’s not like she’s sleeping around. I think she’s dated a low number of men over the years. Plus she’s a huge celebrity, it can’t be easy to date and keep a marriage.
Mace Windu Jr
Mace Windu Jr 4 days ago
And bens gonna take her for a spin a few more times then he'll be done with her lol
My Life Story
My Life Story 4 days ago
Wendy I love that pink shirt you're wearing with the black trimming and your hair and makeup looks amazing. #beautiful
Ramon Ridriguez
Ramon Ridriguez 5 days ago
No, no, no....There Is more chance to see her on the 6 uptown to Caster Hill than her go back him..... No, no, no
J R 5 days ago
There will be more chance for her ride the 6 uptown to Caster Hills than go back with him.
B 888
B 888 5 days ago
Civilians really shouldn’t have guns
Sheila Chavis
Sheila Chavis 5 days ago
Ms Hunter?
Aisha Said Chekeche
Ben ❤ Jlo 👌
Scott Skidmore
Scott Skidmore 5 days ago
A Rod, A Knob. Who gives a 💩
Evelyn 5 days ago
You look fabulous, Miss Wendy. Love the nails and outfit!
Theresa Scheepers
Tristan is the culprit all along the Kardashian's should stop blaming the ladies
SWV ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa Holloway
Vanessa Holloway 5 days ago
Jennifer you do you! Wendy your beautiful ❤️
Vanessa Holloway
Vanessa Holloway 5 days ago
That was very rude of Ben!! Some Movie n singers can be very disrespectful things we don't want our children to see
Meme Boisvert
Meme Boisvert 5 days ago
Too many ads interrupting.
Blanca Almonte
Blanca Almonte 5 days ago
Yeah mark anthony is the perfect for her
Seventh child
Seventh child 5 days ago
JLo....NEED to take some of those millions and get therapy for herself. She is 50 years old and can't seem to be alone without a man!....Something just isn't adding up!...sleeping with All those different men!....Doing this for years!....She need to also consider her children!.....ITS okay to be loved , in love ...wanting to also love someone else, get married, etc....But you must come to know,p and understand, yourself! .....Everyone I feel should take time for themselves after a breakup, divorce, etc.....
Chef Antonio’s Kitchen
....i hope Dr Drew and Co. got those meals comped...
Durgys A Ramirez
Durgys A Ramirez 6 days ago
I used to Eat at Peter Luger's Restaurant.
Durgys A Ramirez
Durgys A Ramirez 6 days ago
NEW YORK, Just another Colombia or Mexico, or Central America.
Durgys A Ramirez
Durgys A Ramirez 6 days ago
Two Jens, Two Roads One Man.
Gloria n
Gloria n 6 days ago
Mark Anthony's flirts in front of his women!
Shade Ajayi
Shade Ajayi 6 days ago
JLo has to learn to be by herself for a bit.
Perla De La O
Perla De La O 6 days ago
I hope they get together. I thought they loved each other but he hated the publicity.
Venita Ezell
Venita Ezell 6 days ago
Jenn don’t give him any cookies. DO NOT!
Beatnik RN
Beatnik RN 6 days ago
Wanye didn’t need to be so snarky about Candi. What does her career have to do with a bad experience in the studio? His reaction makes me think either he knew what she was talking about but felt differently about it, or he was just being catty, when she didn’t even say anything specific. He didn’t need to do that. If you think her career is just Xscape reunions, why even respond?
46foryounger 7 days ago
Let’s face it Ben Affleck at the end of the day he’s a Birkenstock guy he’s the counterpart of a plain Jane J Lo is way too exotic and flamboyant and exciting and scandalous for him and while opposites may attract for a minute he’d have to really love her to stick around and we all know that he’s not a brave guy because if he was a brave standup guy he would’ve stood up to the paparazzi and went through with the marriage he’s a coward and his ancestors were slaveowners and he’s not gonna pull a Robert E Lee ancestor move and say take down the statue of my ancestor and effect real change so what does that tell you about his character. He is not a brave standup guy. Let’s also keep in mind that he has issues I mean we all have issues but his issues run deep he had to go to treatment for that and what about the fact that recently he was on a dating site did you see that video of him basically messaging some random chick on a dating site and she deleted him because she thought it was fake and then he sent her a video message saying why did you delete me it’s cute and funny at all but he just seems like somebody who is very insecure and needs to have his ego stroked and J Lo suffers from low self-worth as well so how the hell are they going to help each other just saying it was a nice fantasy they look look nice together and J Lo made him look swanky and it was really cool the way she would dress him up like a Kenndall but at the end of the day the fantasy was better than the reality I don’t think he has the balls to stay with J Lo and it’s a damn shame because they look good together but at the end of the day you need a man who’s gonna love you and accept you and stick up for you and want to spend his life with you that’s rare to find in general let alone in Hollywood. Whoever is going to end up with J Lo for life would have to be a very brave guy because she has serious self-worth issues I don’t care how successful she is an incredible she is and what she’s accomplished she definitely has self-worth issues that she needs a man that just absolutely loves her and is going to help her through that through loving her and staying with her but also not being boring
Beautiful all Around
So is Lopez. She jumps from men to men! That just show a low self esteem. Sad!!!! Perfect for each other Ben and Jen.
Ozan Yemez
Ozan Yemez 7 days ago
This hands down is the worst show i ve ever seen on the screen.So , it is obvious live shows gotta be managed by the real talk shows hunks, right?
Thursday, May 13
J. Lo and A-Rod Split