IS THAT A MARKER? Worst Haircuts in the NBA 

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These are the worst NBA hair cuts in basketball history
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Apr 3, 2021




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OOF :3
OOF :3 6 hours ago
Legend Of Troydan: A Troydan To The Past 2:58
Mattman W
Mattman W 8 hours ago
5:37 bro troy, why you make that face?????
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 13 hours ago
8:31 If Johnny Bravo and the Weeknd had a kid
HK Yardell
HK Yardell 13 hours ago
Respect them
Herman Schmidt
Herman Schmidt 15 hours ago
Hey Troy daddt
Herman Schmidt
Herman Schmidt 15 hours ago
Hey Troy daddy
Herman Schmidt
Herman Schmidt 15 hours ago
Hey Troy daddy
The Beast
The Beast Day ago
I watch this youtuber rebound and I watched this marker
Zphinx Day ago
I can't believe i have watched 11 minutes you are so annoying
RobinManer34 Day ago
Javale McGee straight up had that ghetto mullet.
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma Day ago
bro that last dudes beard is Cool so idk wat u talking bout. but the side burns yea that was the only bad part.
kevin McKevy
kevin McKevy Day ago
Troy thought Lonnie got shot? Then said he was openly gay? Lol that sounds like something a lil kid would spam on his stream. Lonnie HOoPIN!
LampJM Day ago
don’t sleep on the knicks they been going crazy this year , might not be championship bound for a while , but they good
MusEdits 5
MusEdits 5 Day ago
12:07 LOL i thought the video paused
MylesTG23 Day ago
Why did I think Troydan was going to start off his intro saying it's Dbg here 💀
Infinape Day ago
I didn’t know Troydan was Lonny Walker’s dad
Me like apple Me like apple
I spit straight facts
Me like apple Me like apple
Troydan is that a maker Me it is a sharpie
Lisa Ipox
Lisa Ipox Day ago
What about Reggie bullock
FN Sizzle
FN Sizzle 2 days ago
DeepBall Prod.
DeepBall Prod. 2 days ago
14:24 "His hair look like an asshole" 😂
dadragonranger 2 days ago
I just notice that lebrons beard and mustache is the facial hair 17 from 2k
Ucrxzy 2 days ago
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PoKE COLlector
PoKE COLlector 2 days ago
It feels good to hear troys voice again
Vinny Loyas
Vinny Loyas 2 days ago
5:26 bruh he scawy
Brody Coday
Brody Coday 2 days ago
It was Lonzo that that the tattoo he had (big baller brand)
Naruto Nick
Naruto Nick 2 days ago
Is that rape? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Duis
Jason Duis 2 days ago
Mohawks can't be that tall
Hugo Falsol
Hugo Falsol 2 days ago
We going to look at the worst haircuts in the NBA haystory. Hahahahahahaha
4 kid
4 kid 2 days ago
9:46 they had to slide him in again smh ik rebond didn't
Jessica Harmon
Jessica Harmon 2 days ago
I know rebound before this video 😀
Armando Cruz
Armando Cruz 2 days ago
oh i didnt know you were reacting to it
LiL Clorox
LiL Clorox 2 days ago
Had to make sure jeramy Lins haircut was here
DreLaCabra 3 days ago
Troydan a big 🅱️ *lood*
BBoy BrianG
BBoy BrianG 3 days ago
Lonnie Walker caught me off guard
Dr Stone
Dr Stone 3 days ago
Y’all gotta see Ronaldo from the 2002 World Cup that shit is something else
Eman 2K
Eman 2K 3 days ago
I was in Lonnie’s live when he cut his hair
zn00p 3 days ago
Wow! I'm part of history now.
Team XTEA 3 days ago
Let me listen to the viedeo
Shaheem fast king
Rebound I watch him
Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker 3 days ago
He doodled on his head
Charlie 3 days ago
If ur gonna wear a headband wear a blue 1
12:08 uh what 😭
Camden Brannick
Camden Brannick 3 days ago
Harald Bergkvist
Harald Bergkvist 3 days ago
damn u a blood? stfu dude
Harald Bergkvist
Harald Bergkvist 3 days ago
crying rn
Harald Bergkvist
Harald Bergkvist 3 days ago
only respekt for u my homie
Harald Bergkvist
Harald Bergkvist 3 days ago
Tyler Buck
Tyler Buck 3 days ago
13:15 cursed image
Tyler Buck
Tyler Buck 3 days ago
Lebron hair is gonna look different in every scene of Space Jam 2
Eddie Green
Eddie Green 4 days ago
Lonnie is on my nba roster
Rhea Ordonez
Rhea Ordonez 4 days ago
Look this in sas 5:16
Damon Currie
Damon Currie 4 days ago
u make no sense sometimes bro😂 talking bout. ‘wait hes gay?’
Daysu 4 days ago
The first one got the Woody haircut
freezeslasher 4 days ago
i like peytons hair
Steve TheGiraffe
Steve TheGiraffe 4 days ago
Dealer Schrempf hairline is weird af
Never My Boy
Never My Boy 4 days ago
This is so racist af
Leo Marston
Leo Marston 4 days ago
Troy it’s obvious rebound is fake
lilstump55 4 days ago
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life 💯😇
KplaysYT 4 days ago
Why does his voice sound so weird
Faded Gaming
Faded Gaming 4 days ago
Yo Lonnie Walkers hair was fine it was hella unique to the guy and it was lit
xo Reeseee
xo Reeseee 4 days ago
Troydan makes me wanna kms
VertexXGamingYT 4 days ago
Weeb_boi 29
Weeb_boi 29 4 days ago
US-firstr:and they force lamelo to get his haircut Troydan:Is that rape
Prouful 5 days ago
“He’s openly Gay”
Mike Ehrmantraut
Mike Ehrmantraut 5 days ago
fuck me am i the only who is is literally disgusted by gooden's hair? like literally disgusted like gag disgusted. wtf bro
Juan Mercado
Juan Mercado 5 days ago
lebron used steroids it explains the hairline
King Of Asgard
King Of Asgard 5 days ago
Where tf is Kuzma??
JaedenPanda 5 days ago
Lamelo ball: casually plays fortnite trying to win Others: ya need a haircut!
gaming fun
gaming fun 5 days ago
god damn he on the knicks they won in 1970 and 1973 boi get that outta here
Quincey Brown
Quincey Brown 5 days ago
Man this guy...
Tim Rantala
Tim Rantala 5 days ago
Daaammmnnn, this is some original content lol.
Jules on IPad
Jules on IPad 5 days ago
Can’t wait to see troydan spend 10 mill trying to get dark matter kobe
GlamzPopx 5 days ago
Troydan : Knicks are never gonna win a championship. Also the Knicks : 6th seed rn.
Mykal Wagner
Mykal Wagner 5 days ago
That beard is Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean!
Conner Bristow
Conner Bristow 5 days ago
I hate you
Rafael Virrueta
Rafael Virrueta 5 days ago
Drew's little duck tail looks like vigaina hair
Justin Heebner
Justin Heebner 5 days ago
You are the most annoying youtuber I have ever watched. Just shut the fuck up! Sooooo fucking annoying
PxlmFN 6 days ago
Pause at 4:36
untheballer 6 days ago
I just laughed so hard by mom got scared
untheballer 6 days ago
Troy Dana laughs are amazing
untheballer 6 days ago
Troy went egghead and green dan
garcia !
garcia ! 6 days ago
"The ladies love it" - Some guy with an as*hole on the back of his head
Michael Flood
Michael Flood 6 days ago
This dude try way to hard to be funny
Chad Olson
Chad Olson 6 days ago
Jr smith had the supreme logo
Cal F.
Cal F. 6 days ago
I really wanna see troydan play nba 2k while rebound narrates
nasescxbar 6 days ago
All my reading red knights 💯 reading pa shout out to Lonnie seen him cook up in 2016 in hershey
forbes 6 days ago
Whoever is reading this have a blessed day and trust in Jesus
Yungblood Orson
Yungblood Orson 6 days ago
Why u forcing laughter bruh?
ShowtimeLil 6 days ago
I grew up with Lonnie played sports with him talk to him every week now been to Spurs games I will not accept any slander 😂
Courtney 6 days ago
Courtney 6 days ago
Courtney 6 days ago
Courtney 6 days ago
John Paul Kabalan
This guy is g no cap
Tim N
Tim N 6 days ago
Birdman ?
SK_ScorpioKing 01
Bruhhh why did troydan take my headband
Mr Penguin gaming
Chouu pa
Chouu pa 6 days ago
Please use cursed words because its funny
Chouu pa
Chouu pa 6 days ago
Why this channel lost a year ago??
Easton Brown
Easton Brown 6 days ago
Laugh comparison kawhi leanord
Quade Robledo
Quade Robledo 6 days ago
unknownuser 6 days ago
he a blood