Is Steph Curry the Greatest Shooter of All Time? | NBA on TNT Tuesday 

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After a historic month of April where Stephen Curry averaged nearly 40 points a game, Shaq, D-Wade, Candace Parker and Adam Lefkoe reflect on how Chef Curry has changed the game forever.
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Apr 27, 2021




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Willy 50 minutes ago
If you don't who that guy is look him up. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf-he was an excellent shooter in his day. He was the first to do what CK did. Cost him his NBA career back then. Sad he would have definitely been brought up by many more people nowadays.
David Savian
David Savian 2 hours ago
My picks for best NBA shooters of all time are: 1. Michael Jordon 2. Steph Curry 3. Larry Bird 4. LeBron James 5. Kobe Bryant 6. Kawhi Leonard 7. Dirk Nowitzki 8. Kyrie Irving 9. Dr. J (Julius Erving) 10. Pistol Pete Maravich I don't include players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain on this list because they were centers and got a lot of baskets with dunks. Jabbar had the sky hook which was a side arm fling that could not be defended which gave him an unfair advantage shooting from the three point corners. Also Chamberlain played in an era when he was stronger and taller than everybody else and that gave him an unfair advantage as a shooter.
Levi_whitson 2 hours ago
How is there even a debate… oh wait to make money
Roderick Bryant Jr
Roderick Bryant Jr 3 hours ago
No Put him in the league where defense was actually played
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 5 hours ago
Ball brothers are coming.
Ryker Walker
Ryker Walker 7 hours ago
This comment section 80% simp
Rachelle Tagao
Rachelle Tagao 8 hours ago
klay thompson para skin
Alexander Chrystall
Mate how is this even a debate? Nobody shoots like Steph, only person giving him a run is Klay.
JBoogie 209
JBoogie 209 9 hours ago
Puneet Sharma
Puneet Sharma 9 hours ago
Beals doing great and all but Steph deserves that scoring title for sure this year.
The World of Izzy
The World of Izzy 10 hours ago
If the D Wade had been a shooter.......
BigMarcSosa YT
BigMarcSosa YT 12 hours ago
This isnt even debatable
The Watcher
The Watcher 12 hours ago
Kids will grow up with their own greatness, they might not be as great as Steph Curry or they might surpass him
dio brando
dio brando 13 hours ago
Shaq in his retirement is the black steph curry
Quinn Thomas
Quinn Thomas 14 hours ago
this should be a 2 second video that just says "yes".
Dezmon Stewart
Dezmon Stewart 15 hours ago
My comment to that her saying the way he plays can't b taught. It started with his dad. He gave him the motivation to b the greatest. Unmatched as a shooter, he is that, but there will never b a comparison to Mike, cause he impacted the planet. There's only one basketball God and that's Michael Air Jordan
GhostlyGhille 16 hours ago
Video Superhero
Video Superhero 17 hours ago
Trust me, this is not Steph's fav season...if klay was healthy...he would be even more open, more dominant....if they had a healthy big...i mean..when steph is on the floor it always fun, but winning is fun too
zach Brown
zach Brown 20 hours ago
Candance is dumb...i never enjoy her comenpary and even thisnone was bad. Criticizing kids for practicing....steph is 1 of 1. But talk to me in 20 years when thise kids grow up....smh be quiet lady
Orven Acuin
Orven Acuin 21 hour ago
Louder Wade. Louder tell that to Skip and Max who always hating on Steph.
Clifton Brown
Clifton Brown 22 hours ago
One Game Larry Joe Bird Vs Steph Curry who u got? I got Bird When you Win A Three Point Shooting Contest with you're warm up Twice I Got Bird All Day.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Day ago
Plus he's great at golf.
Mike 27
Mike 27 Day ago
Is water wet?
Free Thinker
Free Thinker Day ago
IMO Steph Curry is actually more obviously the best shooter of all time than Jordan is the greatest player of all time, and Jordan is clearly the GOAT!
PS Crypto
PS Crypto Day ago
Players in the past didn't have as many chances to shoot as steph.
Nebojša Đuran
Reggie Miller Peja Stojakovic much better than Steph
Isaac L
Isaac L Day ago
fk what analysts say. When players say he’s the greatest shooter ever. He’s the greatest shooter ever
Cx 5
Cx 5 Day ago
Steph is being the best shooter is more convincing than Mike being the GOAT
Damian Lillard will be the next Great shooter😴
Ac Duck
Ac Duck Day ago
Please bring back ernie and kenny
Michael Henderson
Steph in a class by himself. And his handles don't get nearly the credit it deserves. He will rock you out ur shoes. Finish with both hands and shoots 90 percent from the free throw line. He should win MVP but he wont get it this year
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Day ago
Shes trying to act like a guy 🤔
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Day ago
.... Allen Iverson & pistol pete & Paul Westphal & Steve Nash & Bird & KD & Steph Curry the bestest 😁😄💪🏀 that's my boy A I
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Day ago
Stop trying to convince Bron fans. Loddy, Daddy and erbody knows whats what. Ball out!
L C Day ago
Why does Wade have a turtle neck on in May.
Mark Caliste
Mark Caliste Day ago
The debate of "GOAT" is the most ridiculous argument of all time..Records are made by humans with the potential to set those records..Whatever records is set no matter the time frame someone with a greater potential is going to come along and break those records.. So placing a "GOAT" label to any individuals is ludicrous at least..These individuals would have been the best at what they did in their time frame but never would be the "Greatest of All Time" as time is forever..
Oooh she is pretty😘
Andrew I. Kim
Why is this still even a question?
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Day ago
I've been watching basketball for over 35 years Steph is the best I ever seen by far better than Reggie, better then his dad, Steve Kerr better Larry bird just all of them
Good to see the TNT crew discussing the real big issues in basketball. Next week: Is water wet?
Jeremy Day ago
If Steph is the greatest shooter of all time,then is Clay Thomson the second greatest shooter of all of all time 🤔
Rizky Riv Alhamid
Steph inspired my peoples to play bball.. from indonesian 🇲🇨
Rizky Riv Alhamid
Steph cool tony bro 🙌🏽
Jehu Strachan
THANK YOU MR.WADE. People FORGOT who Steph was when KD went to Golden State.
colton cyr
colton cyr Day ago
If anyone here saying "welll" just US-first 2015 Championship, and relive what God Mode is.
Brian Crall
Brian Crall 2 days ago
Steph -- Reggie -- Ray. In that order.
Tom H
Tom H 2 days ago
Are we still debating this?
Harrison Songolo
Harrison Songolo 2 days ago
It’s all about Practice 10,000 hours of shooting
shan2kJ 2 days ago
Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of this era. The game is played differently. Like Shaq said, he wouldve had the rough him up. The way a game is played is going to determined the offensive aspect of it as well as the defensive aspect... And for those who say I'm saying I want basketball to where people are beating each other up, No. It's like this...if you could only grab and not tackle a receiver in football the game would be different. You can barely touch players in this NBA, no one sticks hip defense, And there's a lot of politics going on. We're just enjoying the entertainment.
Alisha Garraway
Alisha Garraway 2 days ago
MVP !! MVP!!
oG SAGE 2 days ago
is mj a 6 time nba champ..?
I disagree with Candace Parker. They only way someone can ever come close to shooting as good as Stephen Curry is if they continue to practice shooting and the game from a very young age. She should be encouraging kids.
wade is cute
Bryce Melanson
Bryce Melanson 2 days ago
Candace is out of line on this one.
Cain Marco
Cain Marco 2 days ago
greatest shooter? sure.. but NOTHING ELSE. ok ?? OOOPSS, I almost forgot to include..... unanimous REGULAR season MVP HAW HAW HAW HAW
landshark616 2 days ago
he is a great chuck up shooter but there were better pure shooters sweet looking shots not chuck up shots like steph
TsD gravvy
TsD gravvy 2 days ago
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 2 days ago
Not even a question.
Kevin Holdorff
Kevin Holdorff 2 days ago
Not when you shoot less than 50% from the field
derek kalaaukahi
derek kalaaukahi 2 days ago
What's the deal with Kenny the Jet and Charles Barkley? This crew is totally boring.
ZIna Dennis
ZIna Dennis 2 days ago
Mr. globetrotter
Dominic Bravo
Dominic Bravo 2 days ago
I think Im the best shooter of all time.
Rod Franklin
Rod Franklin 2 days ago
Persian Music
Persian Music 2 days ago
This is just universal now. He is in my top 15 ever debate!!! Like if you agree
Emily Chen
Emily Chen 2 days ago
When Shaq straight up says he is the player I'm taking my kids to see... Yassss 🥰🥰🥰
Lovenote 2 days ago
please stop asking this.. he already is
Shawn Saechao
Shawn Saechao 2 days ago
no sir, the greatest shooter of all time is my career player who averages 54% from 3
Al J
Al J 2 days ago
Candace is a hater. Kids you can be like steph. Work hard, use steph as a baseline and find your own shot. Change the game for good.
Mike 2 days ago
This is still a question?
Arnel Crisostomo
Arnel Crisostomo 2 days ago
Who is the all time leader in 3pt shots made? Who is the all time leader in 3pt %? Who is the current leader in 3pt %?
Tfarham X
Tfarham X 2 days ago
Remember if you hear the position ; Shooting Guard which means it’s Steve curry in other words shooting Guard = Steve curry. Best skilled shooting guard not only NBA but the World 🌎
mjac167 2 days ago
How can Steph Curry be the best shooter of all time when there is on Mr. LUKA DONCIC. Done.
Kudee Garley
Kudee Garley 2 days ago
I remember watching #Steph take over the NCAA tournament
KR45Y76 2 days ago
orville miller
orville miller 2 days ago
With the magnets maybe
Dominic Fleming
Dominic Fleming 2 days ago
At this point this question is just for views
Alec Winter
Alec Winter 2 days ago
Girl you are a bad example and I pray you never have children. With that attitude your kids would end up mopping floors.
Nathan Stewart
Nathan Stewart 2 days ago
He will be if he can catch up with joe ingles
PharaohLawLess1 2 days ago
I know basketball like the back of my hand and I’ve never scene nothing like Steph Curry. Now with that being said Steph Curry has ruined the game. These kids don’t understand that
TsD gravvy
TsD gravvy 2 days ago
Lost art of posting up and feeding your big man down low 😢
Emac2229 Mac
Emac2229 Mac 2 days ago
What a pointless conversation
Junior D
Junior D 2 days ago
But he can't carry a team. If his name were Westbrook you'd say he's a stat padder.
GrandAnalog 2 days ago
DJappleblush 3 days ago
In another news: water is wet, sky is blue.
G Z 3 days ago
Is this even a question?
Hardil Singh
Hardil Singh 3 days ago
is this still a question?
Not MainManMané hth
this is not a debate anymore, get another topic to talk about lol. save everyone time and say YES
SmallCircle MvP
SmallCircle MvP 3 days ago
He's one of one: well Seth has a better shooting percentage
Misha Voldigoad
Misha Voldigoad 3 days ago
Shaq: "I wish I can shoot like that" Woah there, Atleast shoot like Ben Simmons first
gille2k 3 days ago
Don Quixote Doflamingo
the one who made the title should be fired.... why is this even a question or a debabte? you might have really small brain to even doubt this.....
Yona Yemane
Yona Yemane 3 days ago
Is there a question?
ricah sarah relente
Lebron is d best shooter of all time
Unik Aryal
Unik Aryal 3 days ago
Did candace parker call steph a kid??
Wattanai James
Wattanai James 3 days ago
Curry have been the goat shooter since 2015.
Braxton Andrews
Braxton Andrews 3 days ago
Is it even a debate anymore
Marlin Kingsley
Marlin Kingsley 3 days ago
“People think they can be like him, but they can’t” That’s an ignorant claim. Good thing the people who believe that they can excel don’t think like her. If they did, they’d never excel, so she wouldn’t be here worshiping Steph Curry like a deity (while neglecting to acknowledge that his determination [faith] was responsible for his results).
Hime San
Hime San 3 days ago
Enlightened me guys, is that Thanos?
hoopin 3 days ago
vehza 3 days ago
It’s honestly a backhanded compliment at this point. This debate was over on Feb 27, 2016
vehza 3 days ago
It’s honestly a backhanded compliment at this point. This debate was over on Feb 27, 2016