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Published on


Jan 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Camren Yokley
Camren Yokley 5 days ago
the denzel lookin nigga is d1 5 star and i think commited to some college i unno
hahaha 00
hahaha 00 27 days ago
taz manian Devil is on to something
hahaha 00
hahaha 00 27 days ago
he's not 6,1 flight is 6,3 and we've seen them close together
L A Month ago
professional breather lmao
Ty Carter
Ty Carter Month ago
when you in a committed relationship but ya boys talking bout a fine shorty
Gainzz g
Gainzz g Month ago
mikey 6"3
Medallioons Month ago
Who’s number three he cold asf
King Ayo
King Ayo Month ago
“Come on we gon “😂...but real hoopers knows
King Ayo
King Ayo Month ago
Editor on point with these vids🔥🔥🔥
JerseyMadeFogg Month ago
When yo girl send u a pic and say don’t send it to nobody
Darito Soto
Darito Soto Month ago
React to lamelo ball nba highlights
Brandon Jacobs
Brandon Jacobs Month ago
Mr.editor I love what u doing but u can’t mess with the HOUSE🗣 at the beginning my guy
Matt Month ago
In North Carolina our governor forced masks for sports it’s wack
Reverse house intro top 10 all time 🙈✅
Armani Reid
Armani Reid Month ago
Can y'all react to emoni bates
Lil D Rose 2
Lil D Rose 2 Month ago
0:55 G Wtf😭😭😭 Ik Dre Did Dat Shit
AJ Haughton
AJ Haughton Month ago
Playing with a mask not that hard
Feen4Dre Month ago
#3 had 43
KingAndy Month ago
Taz was going crazy tho who that ?
Xavier Lebron
Xavier Lebron Month ago
Houseeee..... First game only had 1 person the second one looked a little better tho... I still want some tips and would like to hoop with yal hmu
Juju Gz
Juju Gz Month ago
react to my big bro JAMES BOUKNIGHT he one of NCAA TOP SCORER 💯 LOTTERY PICK
Juju Gz
Juju Gz Month ago
react to my big bro JAMES BOUKNIGHT he one of NCAA TOP SCORER 💯 LOTTERY PICK
Destarious Month ago
Y’all need to watch Loren Cristian Jackson, University of Akron. Senior PG 5’8 and is 7th in the country with 21.8 ppg.
odayne richardson
#3 is nasir gibbs
AJ Getsbuckets
AJ Getsbuckets Month ago
0:22 when you trying to show ya mans this OF girl that trying to get a feature with you, n ya other boi who get no girls trying to see
Kendrick Maye
Kendrick Maye Month ago
React the the game Mikey played TBS on Hoopstate Network
Savion Month ago
“When yo brudda tryna show you some females and yo girlfriend right there giving y’all the side eye ” -caption this part 😂😂😂
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Month ago
Dre would be a cool ah guidance counselor in high school lmao
Kurttis Morency
Kurttis Morency Month ago
React to Antonio Blakeney high school highlights
Perc Nowitzki
Perc Nowitzki Month ago
Bdot Hancho
Bdot Hancho Month ago
Allen Iverson, I’m sure is your favorite player Tre. He played football and was the best in his state in HS. There is players that play Football and basketball and is really good at basketball.
Cyril Akpakli
Cyril Akpakli Month ago
Mikey is 6’4
336 MONSTA Month ago
#3 and #2 for the white team Will Rhodes and Nasir Gibbs . Will is number 1 in the state for scoring in NC. Nasir Gibbs gave Mikey 43 @house
Alastair Chung-Jones
Jay Jones in this thumbnail reminds me of that highschool kid from back in the day with the nasty handles on hoopmixtape and ballislife, Marcus LoVett
Bro I love watching y'all niggas bro like I never get bored of watching y'all I can just feel the energy thru the screen 💯
John Huang
John Huang Month ago
0:21 yea so ive been talking to this new girl
Trigga C
Trigga C Month ago
aye 55 on mikey team hella underrated
SelfMadeLyfe Month ago
He went to a easier league teammates just not as good so he could shine
truman claytor
truman claytor Month ago
Gotta play in mask in nc
Hollywood Tre
Hollywood Tre Month ago
Why Dre got beef with Denzel 😂
Eli Gibbs
Eli Gibbs Month ago
Me when my nigga make me send a risky text!
OG Lifestyle
OG Lifestyle Month ago
Jay: “What’s his name?” Dre: “Tasmanian devil idk.” Bruh Dre funny af without even trying
KicksNSticks Q
KicksNSticks Q Month ago
Number 2 Better Then Mikey TREY GREEN LOOK EM UP
jaylin green
jaylin green Month ago
Mikey wearing the dame 6
Sebastien Bonny
Sebastien Bonny Month ago
Apparently he’s in the worst conference in North Carolina
Xavier Mckelvy
Xavier Mckelvy Month ago
Yooo @house I’m number 2 in the second video
Kyrin McClatchey
Esuohhhhhhhhhh (houseeeee)
II KNG TY II Month ago
Yo I use to hoo against #3 on the white team in the second video lol
Dame DaDon
Dame DaDon Month ago
Number 2 on Mikey team is Trey Green and that nigga is tuff
Malik Woodard
Malik Woodard Month ago
number 2 on white had 40 this game
AGOK ANG3LO Month ago
Watch Caleb Murphy & Devion Smith they tough
Mystic The Goat
Mystic The Goat Month ago
yall just makin fun of these niggas for a whole video lmao wit the occasional lets go mikey lmao
M Denver
M Denver Month ago
How you get more subscribers?????me I have very very very very very very nice content but I'm still having low number. ♥♥♥I love you♥♥♥y
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis Month ago
React to the Brooklyn nets vs the bucks ‼️
Jellyfamkam06 Month ago
Tre: Aye yo look what this girl sent me Dre: Let me see sum rq
King Williams
King Williams Month ago
Y'all watch the same 5 players 😒 there are thousands more to watch and also other sports and genre's that will help grow the channel, y'all just as bad as undisputed with the Lebron and Brady segments
guapo duce
guapo duce Month ago
Alright dre you unlocked the funny badge .. this badge allows you to speak in the barbershop or at the cookout keep moving at this pace and you’ll be at funny uncle badge anytime
Josh Lindsay
Josh Lindsay Month ago
Number 3 from the other team had 43
Jordan Hinds-Clarke
The reason they're wearing masks is because NC State is requiring athletes to wear masks during games. I guess the game before that rule didn't get passed.
Wehso Month ago
Aye idk but i think you guys should check out this dude named Shaedon Sharpe cause hes got some type of sneak bounce. Y'all asked who he was in one of your videos before when he was versing Simon Wheeler.
Chick3nwraps are good
Look closely at Dre's hand... 11:49
Demani McNeal
Demani McNeal Month ago
#2 is trey Greene and #4 is joyful Hawkins, they’re nice too💯
Tyquan Gause
Tyquan Gause Month ago
They said #3 on the other team had 40+ this game
oxey Month ago
Mikey is 6’4or 6’5
Hezekiah Flagg
Hezekiah Flagg Month ago
Corey Sanders
Iam King
Iam King Month ago
Lmao that’s Joyful Hawkins
Finesseboykhi Month ago
React to nah’shon hyland college highlights
Cameron Kinard
Cameron Kinard Month ago
Mikey 6’3
NoLimitJw Month ago
when y’all give ppl names i be dead 😂😂😂
nolimitdeno Month ago
Noooo they stopped it before TAZ WAS ABOUT TO POSTER DENZEL
warvsworld Month ago
Nah this video was too litty😂🔥
iluv joe
iluv joe Month ago
when y’all reversed the “houseee” i lost it 😂
Cortney Anderson
the shoes Mikey had on in the second game was dame 6 jamfest
Tyler Ingram
Tyler Ingram Month ago
Beating a team 29-15 in the first isn’t comp🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Will Cee
Will Cee Month ago
“Benton Simmons”- Tre
Elyjah Pellew
Elyjah Pellew Month ago
Adrian Eley
Adrian Eley Month ago
The second game you can’t tell but number 2 had 40 n 14
DJ Money
DJ Money Month ago
U gotta be a professional breather 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
pistol grip
pistol grip Month ago
Lowkey the ball they using feel like it’s has no weight so that’s why they keep losing there dribble I had a tournament in in myrtle beach and the balls felt like that
Rob Raw
Rob Raw Month ago
I’m high asl and that house intro just messed me up
Rich Rush
Rich Rush Month ago
He's playing better comp than last year. But he's better himself
Jamel Month ago
2:08 When you gotta root for the other team too to prove it’s comp
kendall smith
kendall smith Month ago
#2 name trey green
J xxclusive
J xxclusive Month ago
the kid who y’all called taz his name is Xavier McKelvy
mike black
mike black Month ago
Nobody: Player guarding Mikey: I'M MIKEY!
RetroKingBryan Month ago
React to amp 3v3 rap battle
Johnathan Armstrong
“That’s benton!” 😹😹😹😹 gotta change his name bruh he caught me off guard w that shit too. Had to rewind that shit like 5x
Bryson Summerlin
Y’all need to react to Robert dillaham
ZionTheAlmighty Month ago
Another day of asking for Josh Christopher highlights
Nick 123
Nick 123 Month ago
Tre got the polly
Caleb Sicard
Caleb Sicard Month ago
We was gone put Mikey and them in a tournament we hosting at spire with emoni and them and they dodging the smoke so nah they not really wanting comp like that
Isaiah Stephens
Isaiah Stephens Month ago
React to “this my city sharife vs ant man”
Fat La
Fat La Month ago
What is taz real name???
Xavier Mckelvy
Xavier Mckelvy Month ago
Xavier Mckelvy
Naji Palmer
Naji Palmer Month ago
been a fan like literally forever 4 plus years now since i was 12 13
Jamir Cook
Jamir Cook Month ago
Yea y’all right. #3 on white had 43 points
Trey Butler
Trey Butler Month ago
0:22: quavo and offset looking at they bad and boujee verses 0:25: takeoff
david pena
david pena Month ago
Mask are mandated in NC but not in SC that’s why they are wearing mask in one game and not the other. Taz’s name is Xavier Mckelvy tho
david pena
david pena Month ago
He also had 40 this game 😂
Dylan P
Dylan P Month ago
Javier Joyner
Javier Joyner Month ago
Mikey is 6'3
aj n kt
aj n kt Month ago
#2 trey green he tuff fr