Is jordy2d The Best Sniper In Warzone? #shorts 

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jordy2d is a good sniper on Call of Duty: Warzone (Primarily using the Kar98) but is he the best sniper in Warzone Season 3 Verdansk (new map)? #Warzone #CallofDuty #Twitch #CoD


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May 2, 2021




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Dazy Dior
Dazy Dior Hour ago
That puppy should b the new fortnite dance
SameOldIcey 3 hours ago
I’m not going to lie I had a Seizure for the first clip😅😏👌🏼
Noob Head
Noob Head 9 hours ago
Hes the 2nd best sonic will always #1
Gabriel Talaga
Gabriel Talaga 10 hours ago
No I’ve seen the dog I cannot get them out of my head doing that little dance I mean at school I be doing it
Akbar Mah
Akbar Mah Day ago
If I had money I would donate 100000 for this shot
Royal Rytsar
Royal Rytsar 2 days ago
what kinda booshit is this? We all know Sonic is the best sniper smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
scoutthebeast 115 s
I really don't know why but this man bothers me so much I have nothing against him but he really bothers me
々Blade •
々Blade • 2 days ago
Why u click on his vids then??
Hilda Ayala
Hilda Ayala 2 days ago
call of duty gaming
That dog is cuter then the tim the tapman poster
Alta tsooj
Alta tsooj 2 days ago
That puppy so funny 🤣
RED IS SUS 3 days ago
Priority Alpha
Priority Alpha 3 days ago
Dat doggo tho
Hudson Givens
Hudson Givens 3 days ago
It’s like one of those which dog you rocking with but instead snipers 🤷‍♂️
Mariun Stubbs
Mariun Stubbs 3 days ago
The dog got me
n o
n o 4 days ago
*vibes with dog*
Bahhz 4 days ago
Idk y but I just love this video so much lmao
Cheryl Pierce
Cheryl Pierce 4 days ago
When you use aimbot
SICKO1242 4 days ago
Bro that dog looks like my dog but in a pitbull form
Keishaun Wood
Keishaun Wood 4 days ago
That dog do be vibin
BIN GABAR 4 days ago
The flash
The flash 4 days ago
Can I have the link to that clip of the dog please
SxS Reaper
SxS Reaper 4 days ago
No, te Best sniper is zogoro from Spain.
Maximus Chapman
Maximus Chapman 4 days ago
If you wanna know the name of that song it's Impatient by DDG, OG Parker
FSY_Neptune 2 days ago
Thanks I was looking for someone to say that
Kar98 k easiest sniper so dont be surprised people
Michael De Paola
Michael De Paola 5 days ago
GAME FOR FAME 5 days ago
The title is the most narcissistic thing ever and I love it
Skyline OG
Skyline OG 5 days ago
That dog mannnn
Ammar Ömer
Ammar Ömer 5 days ago
Everytime when I’m sad then I look this clip and It makes me laugh again Thank you jordy You are the best
Gaming Lemon
Gaming Lemon 5 days ago
Song 🎵 plss?
arta flexo
arta flexo 5 days ago
no farhan deadshot is
Noel Santiago Cruz
Cute puppy!
Gavan Booth
Gavan Booth 6 days ago
That dog is cute
Christyna Mendez
Christyna Mendez 6 days ago
That dog be vibin
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 6 days ago
InfinityDogeX 6 days ago
Idgaf about that shot.All I’m worried about is that dog hittin that shit.LOOK AT HIM GO
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 6 days ago
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 6 days ago
No but he is the ugliest
Pooja Somani
Pooja Somani 6 days ago
Tf that dog doin'
Jerobi 6 days ago
Damn jordy clean with it
Lego maker 471
Lego maker 471 6 days ago
Inscop21 is better then this s -h-i-t
Raunak Shrestha
Raunak Shrestha 6 days ago
Like because of dog 🐕
dillfromtheville 6 days ago
It’s not that hard
Dougllas Jonathan
john 6 days ago
Nice dog
Abraham Aguilar
Abraham Aguilar 6 days ago
Caleb Kemp
Caleb Kemp 6 days ago
Vivien Mandon
Vivien Mandon 6 days ago
Nice Luck 👌
Frootiefy 6 days ago
Vibe boi
ツSitDownYT 7 days ago
Player: He's hacking Jordy: Taking it as a compliment
Roblox Player
Roblox Player 7 days ago
a_r0ch0_z 7 days ago
na, the best sniper is zogoro search for him in US-first
Alex DD
Alex DD 7 days ago
No hes not
Rick TheKiller
Rick TheKiller 7 days ago
kannon0029 7 days ago
Testyment: ?
The Den
The Den 7 days ago
I rewatched it many times to just see the dog
RedRuby Plays
RedRuby Plays 7 days ago
Jordy definitely isn’t hands down Sonic is
Nannabanana_YT 7 days ago
Whatching for 100 times now for the dog lol
Sisanda Zikalala
Sisanda Zikalala 7 days ago
Nah my mans metaphor would clap his cheeks
Krispy boi
Krispy boi 7 days ago
I.. need that dogo 0.o
Peter OwO
Peter OwO 7 days ago
no im the best sniper 😡
Emmanuel Romayor
Emmanuel Romayor 7 days ago
The cute little doggeeeee!!!!!
Some DUED 7 days ago
Ya I remember my first couple lucky shots too
Zeplex 7 days ago
The doggy gave u his powers lol
Adriane Bayaras
Adriane Bayaras 7 days ago
that ads time is bonkers, whats the loadout?
zoiiddy 7 days ago
Am I the only one dancing and giving with the dog?
vore 7 days ago
That snipe was clean, so as the dog dancing too, his dance moves were clean.
Garythee boomer23
He probably one of the best snipers in the world
Collin Rawle
Collin Rawle 7 days ago
Lol no Faze Testy 1000%
Daniel Rodríguez
That dog got me weak 💀💀💀
Diann Wille
Diann Wille 7 days ago
No One russian left and metaphor
Mr. Starly
Mr. Starly 7 days ago
One way to prevent getting sniped by jordy is not keeping the vehicle in a straight line. The more straight line you take the more chances you’ll get killed.
johhnyy twotime
johhnyy twotime 7 days ago
What da dog doin
Tzar-TZ 7 days ago
but have u seen stod?
hackeer ber
hackeer ber 8 days ago
aımbot: onlıne
Zack Mitchell
Zack Mitchell 8 days ago
No no he is not the best sniper
Hunter Stucker
Hunter Stucker 8 days ago
Mom: alcohol won't affect my child The child 20 years later
a bad bad potato
a bad bad potato 3 days ago
If alcohol made my child a god at sniping then I would down every bottle I have
Zac Marvel
Zac Marvel 8 days ago
I’ll answer, no.
Cyberpunk 492
Cyberpunk 492 8 days ago
Yohanesmarvell Christo
Srt 8
Srt 8 8 days ago
People hack and don't show it on screen guys
Niggtosis 8 days ago
Hes deffinetly good but not best
Tyler Sedwick
Tyler Sedwick 8 days ago
I hit some snipes like this thinking I won't and potato shots that should be cake lmao
gjorgji najdeski
gjorgji najdeski 8 days ago
i was here just for the dogo
Orange Slice
Orange Slice 8 days ago
punk 8 days ago
What da dog doin
Boogiebomber21 8 days ago
No he's the best hacker and we're all watching him.
Didn’t ask Don’t care
Shush your mouth
oscar peredo
oscar peredo 8 days ago
This niggas funny on 300 different levels
Giovanna Faustino
fustangiu Dorian Pupincuristu
Blind luck not best
Elitegamer 2773
Elitegamer 2773 8 days ago
Yes definitely best sniper after showing two ok clips of sniping...
Tree Kamal
Tree Kamal 8 days ago
Hah gary hah
Random Charles
Random Charles 8 days ago
Henry Mullin
Henry Mullin 8 days ago
Finally, a worthy opponent.
Goldfish 8 days ago
Yes he is. Why is he? Because he doesn’t say he’s the best sniper
Mr_Awesome_Pog Yt
What is da dog doin
David Flores
David Flores 8 days ago
Cute doggy dancing jordy you are awesome keep it up
Pedofile Bananne
Pedofile Bananne 9 days ago
S 9 days ago
Faze nio is trash
David Apostol
David Apostol 9 days ago
The dog is so cute
Ikhwanzz1 9 days ago
That dog kinda cute tho