Is It Really All Over? What Will Happen Now??? 

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Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/demolition-ranch
I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Mike W.
Mike W. 6 hours ago
Inhabited Home...
JakeQwi 9 hours ago
Bunker Fort. ?
Brad Hoyer
Brad Hoyer 9 hours ago
Roy Christie
Roy Christie 9 hours ago
Alright then you should just put up some cameras and get some good time left
Ray Mondo
Ray Mondo 10 hours ago
Its got to be "Demoville" or "Demolitiaville" .... House on the hill!
Predator 375 Gaming
Predator 375 Gaming 20 hours ago
Love how ya planted the seed about stopping the videos a few weeks ago. 🌱💵💰💸💸
Jeremy TerWisscha
I'll give you $1 for one random square foot of that property
crestelito cuyno
Hill top crib
Luca Garello
Luca Garello Day ago
A good name could be "mountain ranch"
"I am a good framer" yes, I can relate to that. Thats why my older brother hates me.
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora Day ago
You can call it a mini mansion lol
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora Day ago
It’s his house he can do what he wants. But I’m not a fan of tearing down trees. Trees are beautiful and take for ever to grow. 😕
Federico Mendoza
OdinsSmoke Day ago
Renovation ranch?
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
Demolition Mansion Demolition Hill Demolition View Demolition Ranch... DOH, already taken.
Arlan Montgomery
Hilltop homestead
Eunice Perez
Eunice Perez 2 days ago
Demolition compound?
FaTaL Flame
FaTaL Flame 2 days ago
King of the hill, king ranch, king of demolita
FaTaL Flame
FaTaL Flame 2 days ago
Im just glad he’s not getting rid of the place
Marla Plunk
Marla Plunk 2 days ago
Nice strategy, Matt.. but sadly, there are many properties that won't just sit around long enough for the wife to come around. In my situation, I have to act quickly, or I lose out. :(
Nathaniel Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas 2 days ago
i remember watching the first episode
Dater951 2 days ago
Boo boo
Stephen Gillen
Stephen Gillen 2 days ago
Hill haven
Stephen Gillen
Stephen Gillen 2 days ago
Oh and what is the best way to contact you. I have a business proposition/ favor to run by you.
Stephen Gillen
Stephen Gillen 2 days ago
Call it Hill Haven
BeatBox Gaming
BeatBox Gaming 2 days ago
6 bedrooms.... that’s a mansion to me
Rikkalina 2 days ago
This series is the only reason I found this channel and watch
Mitch Markota
Mitch Markota 2 days ago
RENAME THE SHoW: Rolling Hills Renovation or Hilltop Rehab.
Lance Cooper
Lance Cooper 3 days ago
You could just do what I did. Come home and say hey honey I just bought an old fixer upper farm house, what’s for dinner? I slept on the couch for a while, but it all worked out.
the ninja bros 2nd channle
You should name it $1 million mansion
Josh Ellis
Josh Ellis 3 days ago
What is the property taxes going to be like on this when finished?
Love Rule
Love Rule 3 days ago
mansion😭 bye😭 bunker mansion
Jayson Escalona
Jayson Escalona 3 days ago
Hilltop Home (your wife is going to make it into a home with all the finishing touches) and all the adventures you will have with your family. Doesn’t need to be specific with “decorating”.
Tanner Barry
Tanner Barry 3 days ago
As long as there’s updates I’m fine
Diane Bean
Diane Bean 3 days ago
Call it Abandoned Mansion No More!
XXpinkrosesXX 3 days ago
I want to see the decoration parts
ctoits 4 days ago
Pleeease details! We want to seeeeee! To the day you move in!
Bill Dubois
Bill Dubois 4 days ago
Call it the "B.F.H."
Allen Corris
Allen Corris 4 days ago
Call the house THE RANCH
JP dJ 4 days ago
The House of the Rising Sun
Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams 4 days ago
You can’t take us this far and not show us the finish !!!!!!!!!!
Laura Lee
Laura Lee 4 days ago
Abandoned to loved... its your new place now !!!
Ken Duldulao
Ken Duldulao 4 days ago
Man just imagine if he started this project this year. The cost would’ve tripled due to the lumber price alone.
Narious324 4 days ago
Alma 32
SenorBaylindo 5 days ago
I feel like you've bought more cars than ever while this series was going....
CuriousMe 5 days ago
How bout calling it the EVOLVING MANSION!
IconickGG G
IconickGG G 5 days ago
the humble home
Bruce Hunt
Bruce Hunt 5 days ago
You can call the new series “our dream house”.
Jordy 229
Jordy 229 5 days ago
Dude.. it’s a mansion
Catherine Buchanan
How about Reclamation Ranch?
graydi66y 5 days ago
House on Armored Hill. Give us tips and tricks for safely and awesomely building hidden cases and whatnot for weapon storage. Or how to build a safe/fallback room.
Luca Bennito
Luca Bennito 6 days ago
20 bedrooms would be a megamansion. I think a big house with a pool, lots of land, and 6 bedrooms could definitely classify as a mansion or at least a very large home. 🤷‍♂️
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 6 days ago
Maybe bye Another abandoned Mansion ? #don't tell mair
Daniels Arnis Krūmiņš
"House up on the hill"
Frederick Stoll, III
Matt is it your choice. We feel let down in a way. My wife and I wish you the best as we look for other channels that we can enjoy watching, hopefully one that will not change in the middle of the series.
Curtis Imhof
Curtis Imhof 6 days ago
Film twice a day. Once before the workers show up in the morning, and once after they leave, to work as a sort of progress report of what has happened during the day.
Brendan Moser
Brendan Moser 6 days ago
"home on the hill"
Marci Erdei
Marci Erdei 6 days ago
i love how he doesnt wanna call it a mansion but has a kitchen for his butler specifically
Geoffrey Evans
Geoffrey Evans 6 days ago
“The Finished Fortress”
Cheeto Luv
Cheeto Luv 6 days ago
Abandon Mansion drew me to your channel because I was thinking it was one of these abandoned searchers of homes that film and show homes, mansions, castles and some with furniture, clothing. Looks like some of them people just got up and left.
Jayson Wheeler Sr
What ever you want call it, you gave jobs in 2020.
Cheeto Luv
Cheeto Luv 6 days ago
What's the former owners that sold it to you think of what you have done? If I was them I would be watching you to see what you were doing with it.
Matt.J 6 days ago
This is what brought me to your channel...the reason I subscribed. But if it's over it's over 🤷🏿‍♂️
Michael Oldham
Michael Oldham 6 days ago
Château de démolition
Jasonups5 6 days ago
Your video put me to sleep 😴
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 days ago
It's not me helping, it's me getting in the way. RESPECT
rocksASMR 6 days ago
Renovated Non-Mansion
hikecraze 7 days ago
Ok plans change change the name to something else "renovation ranch" with all the moving and heavy machinery needed for the land
BigAcorn Lavafla
BigAcorn Lavafla 7 days ago
The series is basically- 45% Recap of everything that’s happened 27% "Look at that view" 23% Talk about what’s going to happen 5% actual renovating scenes
Lostn Found
Lostn Found 7 days ago
Reclamation mansion
Jake Horsfield
Jake Horsfield 7 days ago
Day One you called it Renovation Ranch
Roland Rick
Roland Rick 7 days ago
Abandoned Mansion is a super cool name and: it already has its history prior you guys are moving in...
Jo 1776
Jo 1776 7 days ago
If a silly named series was paying for my dream house... The most I would do is acknowledge it was a silly name. Keep the name and laugh about it. Everyone likes it
Steve Tich
Steve Tich 7 days ago
Sunrise Manor Brother
djvasforever 7 days ago
How about "sunrise house"
kireina a
kireina a 7 days ago
wow so greet
Leon Thom
Leon Thom 7 days ago
Call it "The House on the Hill Show"
Brittany Nikohl
Brittany Nikohl 7 days ago
You should do design and decor videos for the house.
Christyan Gutierrez
Mansion are 10k or 20k sq ft so
Shirley Waldrep
Shirley Waldrep 7 days ago
I like Michael Bispings description of his home. It's a half mansion. Seems appropriate here also.
Hao Chen
Hao Chen 7 days ago
“She always say no” can’t we all agree that we can all relate lol
mythfit21 7 days ago
How about "Big Ol' House of Mine". Has a catchy ring to it. Sounds kind of Texas'ish.
gigasipke 7 days ago
Maybe "My First World Problem"
Cazden Christensen
I was waiting for him to say, “April fools!”
Java Baid
Java Baid 8 days ago
T Wal
T Wal 8 days ago
You need to fire the stone masons. With all the running joints they laid its going to have cracks all over it.
C Dub
C Dub 8 days ago
Just give us updates after each completed project. Landscaping done? Update! Flooring put in? Update! Outside painted? Update! Edit: right as this posted you said you’d give us updates.
Nemesis Dj
Nemesis Dj 8 days ago
Matt R U Mentalllll????? The finishing stuff is the best, I don´t know.... Get the goonsquad to finish it and film it........
Okest Mom
Okest Mom 8 days ago
I saw someone say "Rescue Ranch" and that one definitely has my vote
Tristan B
Tristan B 8 days ago
Currently joking with my Fiance about buying a 4Runner this summer lol
Esther van der Geld
Not once have I left a comment here before, but if ever there was an anit-climax, this was it!! Will deffo still be watching just because you Matt are a great person and I can really appreciate your video’s. So thank you for making and posting them for us to watch and keep up the great content!!
Davit Sargsyan
Davit Sargsyan 8 days ago
“She’s a conservative person” Liberals: so shes a racist??😠
kore996 8 days ago
Mere’s Manor?
Alex Cunha
Alex Cunha 8 days ago
Fortress of Solitude! Or Castle on a hill.
ben hasler
ben hasler 8 days ago
I have a better idea 1 barn with 2 compartments
Eric Oakes
Eric Oakes 8 days ago
Call it the Grand Ranch.
Dude On A Cow
Dude On A Cow 9 days ago
Call it "Sunrise Vila".
Karley Renée
Karley Renée 9 days ago
Karley Renée
Karley Renée 9 days ago
Flightgamer 9 days ago
I've been married for 30 years. You are wise beyond your years with your watering technique.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 8 days ago
C Fitzl
C Fitzl 9 days ago
Matt do you really think Mer hasn’t caught onto your strategy?? 😂
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