iOS 14.5 Released - What's New? 

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iOS 14.5 Released - What's New? | iOS 14.5 Features & Changes Review
Today, Apple finally released iOS 14.5 to the public after months of beta testing. This release is jam-packed with new features and changes, including Unlock with Apple Watch, App Tracking Transparency, AirTag implementation, major Music changes, and more.
There are more than 75 features & changes in iOS 14.5, making it the most important update to iOS 14 since 14.0 released last year.
In the video, we also discuss the performance, battery life, if you should update or not, and what to expect next from Apple (hint: it's iOS 14.6). Enjoy!
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0:00 Intro
0:42 Size, Build Number, etc
1:31 New Features
3:18 New Siri Voices
4:37 App Tracking Transparency
6:16 New Emojis
6:41 Maps Changes
7:59 Software Update Page
8:31 PS5/XSX Controller Support
9:16 Dual SIM 5G
9:36 Music Changes
14:23 Podcasts Redesign
16:32 Maps Guides
16:49 Siri Emergency
17:12 Shortcuts
18:04 AirPlay UI Change
18:19 Set Default Music Player
18:49 LPM MagSafe
19:10 Siri Auto Brightness
19:29 Reminders
20:14 News
20:49 Translate
21:36 iPadOS 14.5
23:11 Bug Fixes
25:55 Remaining Bug
27:19 Performance
27:58 Battery Life
29:00 Should You Update?
29:28 What’s Next?
30:32 Conclusion
What do you think of iOS 14.5? What's your favorite new feature and/or your favorite new emoji?
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Apr 26, 2021




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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 18 days ago
FINALLY! I was starting to think we'd see iOS 15 before 14.5 released 🤣
Frenchy Oz
Frenchy Oz 10 days ago
Great video but you cannot see clearly your iPhones’ screens !!
Superintendent Chalmers
anyone notice at 13:00 how he accidentally clicked play last and play first instead of clicking both play first
ykdripx 12 days ago
ADEPEJU AINA 12 days ago
@Jean Michel Aulas same here.
ADEPEJU AINA 12 days ago
@Dawn Sweeney same here. My map is the same and I can't turn on ‘request to track ‘
DodiGe 16 hours ago
Jaden Fraga
Jaden Fraga 19 hours ago
This update is sooo slow and it’s messing up my Apple Music and other apps! I hope they fix these bugs fr
amog_us Day ago
"you can unlock your iPhone with a mask" *gets excited* "with apple watch" *screams in samsung watch*
Gameview 22
Gameview 22 Day ago
My guy is a Juice Wrld fan ayyye ❤️
Luke Sttar
Luke Sttar Day ago
why don't I have the unlock with apple watch option on my iPhone 11 Pro Max? i have IOS 14.5.1 installed
Shadowninja1242 2 days ago
Hate to say it but iOS 14.5 is horrible. 😓 I have never had issues until I updated. I am having Bluetooth issues. My devices are unpairing and when I play music they cut out and disconnect. When I use a Xbox controller (New Version) it disconnects and I have to reconnect it, so annoying. 😤Would NOT recommend updating to.
cody rogers
cody rogers 3 days ago
AT shooterpdidit ON IG
music taste fire thooooo
AshMCM - Gaming & More
How did you get your time stamps to layout like that
Yas i got it- Here are some emojis who has 14.5 🤍❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹😶‍🌫️😮‍💨🥱🥲
Krassy Dimitrov
Krassy Dimitrov 4 days ago
Drink a shot every time he says "now in 14.5"
midoreeya 5 days ago
When your to poor for one and still have your iPhone 5:
Kaden Morris
Kaden Morris 5 days ago
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 6 days ago
After iOS 14.5.1 update, Call Blocking & Identification keeps disappearing frequently. us-first.info/player/video/gbWteaarpXZ3Yac.html
AF 6 days ago
And Boom a couple of days later youre forced into updating into 14.5.1 because of major security bugs
Lemmewinks Wikileaks
“iUS” I cringe every time 😖
Chloe Arnold
Chloe Arnold 6 days ago
Chloe Arnold
Chloe Arnold 6 days ago
Braden Castaneda
Braden Castaneda 6 days ago
Burton Craft
Burton Craft 6 days ago
Fun fact: if you say “I’m getting pulled over” to Siri, it will turn on cam turn down volume contact the police record and turn on microphone to send to police
BitSmythe 6 days ago
25:13 Here’s another Apple bug; some text wraps to new line, some text doesn’t. I guess a newbie programmer worked this page. 🙃
BitSmythe 6 days ago
21:48 Everything from iOS does NOT transfer to iPad OS. A few versions back they separated the two operating systems. While they are now similar, they are completely separate. Examples; iPad has no baked in calculator. iPad does not let you swipe-type (unless keyboard is set to mini mode). iPad does not have Apple Pay.
BitSmythe 6 days ago
NO need to say “what’s up guys.”
Akmfox 09
Akmfox 09 6 days ago
Sylen Graymear
Sylen Graymear 6 days ago
The whole reason I like Face ID is because I don’t have to type in passwords, I wear gloves so typing in a password is a no go. I can just look at it with notification pop up or after I click the side button...
Rithin FONSI
Rithin FONSI 6 days ago
Well explained 😁😁
Blue Aesthetic
Blue Aesthetic 7 days ago
When u have had all before this update
María Martínez
María Martínez 7 days ago
Is anybody going to talk about that he has fortnite on iOS
Yvonne Miller
Yvonne Miller 7 days ago
You forgot to tell your views about unlocking the phone using the Apple Watch.
Mat V
Mat V 7 days ago
Yeah... My face ID unlocks while I'm wearing a mask anyway. It has seen i purchased the iphone 12.
Talia 7 days ago
I’ve iPhone 11. Before this version I barely had any issues. Now with 14.5 and 14.5.1 it takes forever to charge, battery drains faster, wifi and data connectivity unstable constantly. Keyboard slower and sometimes gets stuck on a certain letter throughout some apps. The only thing I actually saw improve was the Bluetooth.
Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen 7 days ago
Mans need to check his emails,6000 EMAILS
Nasty J ®™
Nasty J ®™ 8 days ago
Nice video. Could you link where you got that watch band/case? Love the blue. Thanks.
Kristen Gonzales
Kristen Gonzales 8 days ago
i KNOW he's saying iOS... but all I can hear is iUS lol
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 8 days ago
10:07 YES!!! Biggest new feature! I cannot tell you how many times I've accidentally added a song to my playlist by pressing that red plus button, and then I had to permanently delete it from my library and re-add it to all of my playlists. Now Apple just needs to add a search bar to each playlist
Streaming House
Streaming House 8 days ago
Ce videoclip super! Am aplaudat de 250,00 RON 👏👏👏👏
King Blue90
King Blue90 8 days ago
I don’t have any of that stuff on my IPhone 11 Pro Max and i just updated my phone
Ahzam Shezin
Ahzam Shezin 8 days ago
Any new update about WhatsApp crash due to stickers?
Leo brownsdon
Leo brownsdon 8 days ago
FireCrøw 8 days ago
Z4CK_VR 8 days ago
I love how the thumbnail is pointing at Siri like oh we JUST got a voice assistant
KRY S 8 days ago
Monkey 8 days ago
Ok yea but who’s going to talk about the 6k mail
Jade Jimenez
Jade Jimenez 8 days ago
I thought Siri always did that with calling support. There’s been a few times where I was like hey Siri call 911.
benita salsabila
benita salsabila 8 days ago
if you set spotify as the default music player then press play from the control centre will it also play from spotify?
SamuriXD73 8 days ago
Ok I know half of us are android users so why are we watching dis?
Mr Dark - Gaming
Mr Dark - Gaming 8 days ago
👳👳‍♂️👳‍♀️ oh yeaaaa
Mr Dark - Gaming
Mr Dark - Gaming 8 days ago
❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹 FINALLY
MaximumYoutube 8 days ago
It’s a bit late for the mask unlock feature! We don’t need masks here in Australia, no more COVID
Black.Hippy 9 days ago
Would anyone happen to know why the “unlock with Apple Watch” option would be darkened?
xXdeadninjaXx Kid
My iOS is 14.5.1 I have a iPhone XR and it’s saying it’s up to date
xXdeadninjaXx Kid
Can I get a iPhone 12 please I can’t afford a 1.5k$ phone
Matt Peers
Matt Peers 9 days ago
Just noticed you say iOos
Devin 9 days ago
Can you change the alarm volume seperately from ringer volume yet? Still no? What a stupid company 😑
CZPRK2 9 days ago
3:50 ...
Been Franklin
Been Franklin 9 days ago
Yet, i still cannot reorder my home screen pages without dragging each individual app/widget. 👌🏻
Ian Dela Paz
Ian Dela Paz 9 days ago
callmebaily 9 days ago
Jesus loves you!
Sheluv Mando
Sheluv Mando 9 days ago
KAVAYE MAINI 9 days ago
When I was updating 14.5 I received call between and it stoped but when i saw it general - software update it was updated but know features were updated plss hep me 😭😭😭
Sibhi Ganesh Kumar
This guy has the best Home Screen and Home Screen
ItzChey 9 days ago
why would u show the serial number😟😟
Sheyenne Rasco
Sheyenne Rasco 9 days ago
okay so i dont understand why but my apple watch wont connect to my phone ive tried everything, read multiple articles and still nothing i have a passcode and wrist detection on. also in the apple watch app i turned on "unlock with iphone"
ŰฬŰ Sunset Cat
Me who’s about to type all the new emojis and confuse a bunch of people: ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹😶‍🌫️😮‍💨
Wonder Plays
Wonder Plays 43 minutes ago
amelia 19 hours ago
@Tani hsp i wish they’d add the swag emoji:(
Tani hsp
Tani hsp 19 hours ago
YaBoi Wyatt
YaBoi Wyatt 3 days ago
alice !
alice ! 3 days ago
and 😵‍💫
Aka Lawy
Aka Lawy 9 days ago
It is not new I have iOS 14.4 and it has that 5:48
Γιώργος Ευθυμιάτος
Bro how did you download fortnite on IOS??
acengland82 9 days ago
What is the name of the translator app? Is it on iPad?
Oliver Wulff
Oliver Wulff 9 days ago
You didn’t show the vaccine emoji
Ur UC 10 days ago
Why update on WiFi
basedsilly 10 days ago
This is random but you have a great taste in music! 😂
venomoussvt 10 days ago
must have those wallpapers you are using
SheHatezAzza 10 days ago
bro just exposed his serial number lmaooo
golden strawberry
golden strawberry 10 days ago
On iPadOS didn’t Siri always let you interact with other apps
LexieWonderGirl Random Channel ;-;
When 🅤 have 🅐 Iphone 6 stuck on ios 12 but decide to watch anyway
David Pauze
David Pauze 10 days ago
Of course Apple got rid of Male or Female
Sebbe B
Sebbe B 10 days ago
Hey I want that wallpaper how to I get it?
Diogo1906 10 days ago
These are some new emojis 💑👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💏👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹💉🎧🧔🏻‍♀️😵‍💫😮‍💨😶‍🌫️
Sidi G
Sidi G 10 days ago
Lucidity 10 days ago
i like the background on your iphone, how can i get it?
Min Gates
Min Gates 10 days ago
After a recent update to 14.5, I noticed a significant drain on the battery of my XR. I hope Apple addresses the noticeable battery drain I’m the next update.
TordG 10 days ago
Jesus these features are useless as fuck
Michael Murray
Michael Murray 10 days ago
I don’t have the unlock with Apple Watch option on 14.5.1 🥲
CashCxrtii- 10 days ago
Also Snapchat has dark mode now and you don’t have to burn your eyes when u wake up in the morning
Mike Henry
Mike Henry 2 days ago
Emma Beck
Emma Beck 4 days ago
some people can’t
H y p o T h o x
H y p o T h o x 4 days ago
@Jamari Fuqua settings -> app appearance
Jamari Fuqua
Jamari Fuqua 5 days ago
H y p o T h o x
H y p o T h o x 6 days ago
@S Rahman you can change it in Snapchat settings
Zidan119 10 days ago
Bruh, they removed male and female voice options for siri making them labelled as voice 1 and 2
TordG 10 days ago
jason crandall
jason crandall 10 days ago
Why you wearing a mask?
Tre 10 days ago
No way you were listening to glass tables!! What a throwback
well done
well done 10 days ago
What's New? now you can swipe faster
Tre 10 days ago
What you know bout that thugga 😭 9:47
HotGamezzz 10 days ago
I just want to use Spotify as my main music player
HotGamezzz 8 days ago
@levi supremacy also don’t like the go back to search button when I search an app
levi supremacy
levi supremacy 8 days ago
same bro
dunkinjin 10 days ago
still on ios 12 lmao
LagichYTシ 10 days ago
Are we gonna Talk about that Siri looked like that at the start of iOS 14.00
Cruxo 10 days ago
still no calculator
Matyáš Závada
Matyáš Závada 11 days ago
The update unfortunately breaks my camera :(, it just makes it black no matter what i do,flashing back to 14.4 fixes it, it sucks that this happens :(
Mark J Shoffner
Mark J Shoffner 11 days ago
The new iOS update is the worst update Apple ever came out with my phone has not worked correct since then they need to have another release to fix the bugs that came up with the first one
Anonymous 11 days ago
16:50 Uhh... you've always been able to call emergency services using siri
Anonymous 11 days ago
10:12 That's going to be super annoying
seoul 11 days ago
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 11 days ago
Updated my elderly mothers iPad to 14.5, now it’s asking for a security code that doesn’t exist, she lost the receipt so now the iPad is bricked.
More Soccer
More Soccer 11 days ago
Where did u find the background of your Home Screen? It’s sick
Will Somerville
Will Somerville 6 days ago
That was what I was think I can’t even find it on google
Andyftw G
Andyftw G 11 days ago
Where you get the red wallpaper on the gold iPhone?