iOS 14.5 Changes / Features - Everything New! 

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iOS 14.5 is finally here, and it's an absolute monster of a release. In this video walkthrough, I consider dozens of new iOS 14.5 changes and features.
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0:00 Introduction
1:17 Software Update enhancements
2:01 Unlock with Apple Watch
3:06 New emoji
5:18 New 'Find My' features
7:05 New Siri voices
8:40 'Type to Siri' interface updates
9:56 Answer or decline calls without Hey Siri
10:50 Updated Siri Remote glyph
11:17 New color calibration tool for Apple TV
12:33 New Shortcuts actions
13:44 Horizontal iPad boot screen
14:24 Cellular connectivity updates
15:05 Apple Music updates
20:08 Podcast app updates
22:53 Reminders app updates
23:58 Apple Fitness+ Workouts AirPlay 2 support
24:34 Redesigned Guides in Maps app
24:50 PS5 Dual Sense / Xbox Series X/S controller support
26:28 Battery recalibration tool
27:12 Dedicated Search tab in News app
27:43 App Tracking Transparency
32:04 Apple Card updates
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Apr 26, 2021




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Sandra Wong
Sandra Wong 8 hours ago
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Tarek the R
Tarek the R 18 hours ago
Bonjour mon frere moi j ai acheté un imac mac os x 10.4.11, mais il m as pas donné le mot de pass, et j ai essayé la methode mais ça marche pas( j ai un clavier windows) comment je vais faire , s il te plait j ai besoin d aide
Anne Fitzpatrick
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David Metcalfe
David Metcalfe 3 days ago
Enjoyed the detailed coverage, and while the audio for the narration was fine, the audio for what was coming from the device was far too quiet. Please improve this.
David Nek
David Nek 4 days ago
Why The Iphone always Connect to itunes its like okd technology, why the download file did not copy easy to the help of usb cable, why not available navigation bar styles why the keyboard not fully access , there are alot of issues not download file and. O secure folder available
geek mee
geek mee 5 days ago
2:01 Unlock Apple Watch Please add the requirement to have Wi-Fi enabled. (Learned this the hard way.)
John Webb
John Webb 5 days ago
iPhone 12 mini sold out in Best Buy
J KyRei Slaughter
It broke my phone
Linda Winfield
Linda Winfield 6 days ago
Absolutely awesome video...Thanks so much for your time!!
Jaume BAENA GRAU 7 days ago
I just wanted to say that on the emoji part, you forgot the airpod max, now the headset emoji is the airpod max
Ayanda Mkize
Ayanda Mkize 8 days ago
Hey Jeff what Tv model are you using for the colour balance feature?
Peter M
Peter M 8 days ago
Just noticed 14.5.1 is out while watching this
oksfilms 10 days ago
Landscape mode on the home screen is gone???
WhatAnActress 11 days ago
DCGoth 11 days ago
First, I’m glad I watched this, as I will definitely not be updating any of my devices beyond the current OS version. In short, Apple has been going downhill on iOS since they split with Google. Google Assistant is leaps and bounds better than Siri. I don’t want to change voices. I want the ability to delete Siri from the OS line you can delete News. GA will give you a concise answer, while Siri just provides you with lame web links and such. Also, FWIW, I am not anti-Apple, despite the fact that they are making it harder and harder. I own two iPhone 12 Pro Max, 512 Gb, one iPhone 12 ((Product)Red), one iPhone 11 Pro Max, one iPad Pro, one iPad, three MacBook Pro systems with Max I7 chip, and an AppleTV. I’ve been working in IT since the late 70s and have worked on Apple systems since their inception. That said, Android is kicking Apple hard on providing useful things. I could care less about pairing a PS5 controller. Why wouldn’t I just pay my PS5? As far as Podcasts, in the entire time since they’ve been in existence, I’ve never listened to one. Why, in the age of video, would I want what equates to a radio talk show? Cameras are cheap these days. I will watch a US-first, but I will not listen to a Podcast. Again, Google wins. Order pet peeves. Apple tries to lock things down. If someone wants to hack you, they will. Trust me on that. On my Galaxy S21 Ultra, I can run torrent apps, along with P2P and I have complete access to file structure without the need to hack the OS. Apple used to allow you to run apps that would do Pings, Traceroutes, etc, yet now I can only do that on Android. What I would like to see Apple do is give me console and terminal access from my phones, so I don’t have to console into a system using a MacBook Pro. As far as Apple Music, I would love to see the ability to block artists and genres. I don’t even use Apple Music anymore. I would cancel it, except for my daughter using it. I would also like the ability to disable two- factor authentication. Right now I have to use a hack. I really do love Apple; however, they’ve just been producing so much mind-numbing crap that is all just eye candy. I want substance, like when they wrote OS/X on a Linux Kernel, and allowed me to ditch Microsuck, yet not pay thousands for a Unix box. Right now, if I’m not at my Mac, if I want to run torrents, share anything, or cast to any non-Apple service, I have to hit one of my Androids. Keep the eye candy. I want substance. How about an app that allows you to trace IP data or a MAC Address or possibly ANYTHING that permits text-based commands? Also, I don’t need Apple to tell me I’m not being hacked. Give me the ability to run a netstat on my phone and I will handle intruders myself. On a bigger wish list, it works be nice if Apple hired support staff that doesn’t need to read from a knowledge base. I can’t even call tech support. Those people are clueless. I don’t expect them to have my knowledge, but I would like them to at least understand that TCP and IP are two separate protocols.
Brooklynapoli 11 days ago
Love your videos. ✊
ThexWITCHxMaster 11 days ago
I don't have an Apple Watch, too bad 😃....
BitcoinistLife 11 days ago
Sorry to hear you got the mRNA genocide shot. RIP buddy 🪦 💀
Roy 11 days ago
Hey there . My keyboad sound is very very low on my iphone 12 pro max as compared to other iphones . If you know the fix do let me know 👍🏻
Rhiannon Perley-Waugh
Does anyone know if that app tracking applies in Canada? I haven't noticed my phone /apps having the pop up about app tracking...and I live in Canada.
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
Yes I recommend you to Adrian-lamo12 on instagram
Rehan Ilahi
Rehan Ilahi 11 days ago
Rehan Ilahi
Rehan Ilahi 11 days ago
Rehan Ilahi
Rehan Ilahi 11 days ago
Sulaiman Ahmed
Sulaiman Ahmed 11 days ago
I’ve heard that ATT will be greyed out for people under 18. Is that correct? Great vid btw!
Matthew Walters
Matthew Walters 11 days ago
I’m still getting tracked by Facebook and Instagram despite switching off “allow to request” on IOS14.5.
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
The same thing happened to me it was Adrian_lamo12 who set for me
Bruh 11 days ago
Dude how does it affect your Life? Fb ain't gonna do anything to u
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash 12 days ago
What an idiotic guy. It’s never EASY or ANNOYING for him. It’s always SUPER EASY and SUPER ANNOYING. And it’s not A-Sending or D-sending. It’s Asc-ending , Desc-ending.
Jay Monstar
Jay Monstar 12 days ago
Awwww he hopes my heart isn’t broken. Thanks for caring
Mitchell Horner
Mitchell Horner 12 days ago
I just ordered mine yesterday. I hope I get my personalized ones sooner than it predicted.
Maçedu V.
Maçedu V. 12 days ago
Vídeo full of marketing 👹👹
Tek Minion
Tek Minion 12 days ago
Something that I wish Apple would include in an update, naming pinned conversations in iMessage. I have multiple messaging groups, and some include the same people in other chats but that chat is for a different conversation. So sometimes, if I don’t read through the entire contact list of that thread, I will sometimes confuse the conversation or mistake that conversation. Where if you were able to name your conversations, I feel this would no longer happen. With how communications are today, I feel this feature would be very helpful to not just myself, especially if you use your personal device as both your personal and work device.
Mind Scape
Mind Scape 12 days ago
I’m glad I don’t have to always type in my code to unlock my watch due to my Face ID on my phone will also unlock it! Also I saw that they will adjust the Face ID when you have masks on. Thank goodness they did! I was about to make another Face ID with my mask on lol
Nicole Favreau
Nicole Favreau 12 days ago
Software update but I don’t have any of those new features why is that?
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
Same thing happened to mine I recommend you to Adrian_lamo12 on instagram he set mine for me
de4ek 12 days ago
I’d give it all back for a landscape music app. I miss coverflow so much! Ugh.
ghost robles
ghost robles 12 days ago
Still using the 11 Pro Max. Not gonna switch until the 13 or 14 Pro Max's.
Azhar 95
Azhar 95 12 days ago
26:22 what game is that?
Sucharith Battina
Sucharith Battina 12 days ago
Superb Video.
Alexander 12 days ago
How pathetic… “This is a HUGE help with a face mask”… If that’s Huge, Jeff you are lazy as hell. How hard is it to enter a passcode? Really, people… 😵‍💫🙄
Ryze ios
Ryze ios 12 days ago
❤️‍🔥 ❤️‍🩹
Suyog Karki
Suyog Karki 13 days ago
@9 to 5 mac i can’t see horizontal logo during bootup of my ipad I kept it in horizontal mode.
Beeny Roy
Beeny Roy 13 days ago
Face ID is horribly slow, a real pain in the ass if you're used to touch ID. I'd go back to my iPhone 8 if I hadn't traded it in.
Bruh 11 days ago
Lol iphone 8 would suck in 2021
Jeff Sims
Jeff Sims 13 days ago
Bruh. Some of us haven’t been covering our faces for 6+ months now. Some of us never started. There are some interesting peer reviewed scholarly articles on the efficacy of such when used as most people have been using them if you care to read them. The idea that in “the age of COVID” that immunized individuals still have to stay away from each other and cover their face is pure ignorance. Sorry if you don’t agree, but it’s ignorance and mass hysteria.
Bruh 11 days ago
Lol found the Right winger
Stephen Huxtable
Stephen Huxtable 13 days ago
Man I really appreciate your HDR videos
Robbie Yo
Robbie Yo 13 days ago
Still waiting for them to let you use the comic book filter whenever you go into camera mode and not just when you’re sending a text.
emmgeevideo 13 days ago
I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the newest Apple Watch - upgraded to all the new releases…. The new unlock feature hasn’t worked once. I set all the settings the right way. I’ve checked and double-checked. Nada.
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
Man samething that was disturbing mine I highly recommend you to Adrian_lamo12 on instagram
Demond Goshea
Demond Goshea 13 days ago
Akshay Lodhi
Akshay Lodhi 13 days ago
So basically I would have to buy a $400 watch to unlock my iphone while I wear a mask. So innovative. But I like the way you present your videos. Subscribed.
LeoNerdOso 13 days ago
"""everything new""??? I was hoping to see actua changes. IOS has been the same old cr@p for ages now.
Bruce Venter
Bruce Venter 13 days ago
You talk much too fast and don’t show where the tag starts. I stopped watching as I got too tired of trying to follow your video.
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson 13 days ago
Excellent video as usual. Very informative Jeff. Thanks
The Info Magnet
The Info Magnet 13 days ago
I am starting yo think that Apple is losing innovation I am on ios 11.1.2 yet and I didn't upgrade cause the features I need it has it interesting to know how apple is fooling people.
JonnyInfinite 13 days ago
HDR is annoying
Stick Figure With A Hat
You know there are so many emojis but I feel like people only use like 6
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 14 days ago
Me who still has a series 1 ):
Roll Royce
Roll Royce 14 days ago
hdr love it.
Marcus μαθηταὶ
I use imazing is perfect
Shahir Kabiri
Shahir Kabiri 14 days ago
Mason Stubbs
Mason Stubbs 14 days ago
Devin Bridgelall
Devin Bridgelall 14 days ago
What’s this background music?
Ronnie Alan
Ronnie Alan 14 days ago
the HDR quality is blinding me lol
Aloha XƏRØ
Aloha XƏRØ 14 days ago
(I wasn’t paid to comment) but I can say since 2016 I’ve been using it “user” and “tech”!iMazing is the best and only option for all iOS devices… you’ll NEVER use iTunes software again PC or MAC I buy these as gifts to my friends and family
gshocked 14 days ago
Hi have you and anyone mention MagSafe animations have stopped working? I can no longer see the animation for a silicon case and wallet.
Hermin Bentham
Hermin Bentham 14 days ago
Can’t turn of WiFi via Hey Siri command. It keeps toggle on. Anyone?
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
I highly recommend you to Adrian_lamo12 he done mine for me and he didn’t even charge much
Ibrahim Issa
Ibrahim Issa 14 days ago
Link does not work !!! Can i still avail the 30 % discount @9to5Mac
Mate Nginx
Mate Nginx 14 days ago
Wen you disable motion in disability it lower’s the performances by half on Geekbench 5.
TRIBALCUZ 14 days ago
You nailed your camera exposure throughout - well done!!!
Haris 14 days ago
Thank you for taking your time to make this video 🙏
Willian 14 days ago
it's always all the same...
This is vmine
This is vmine 14 days ago
thumbs up😉
Amritpreet Singh
Amritpreet Singh 14 days ago
You gave up your number…🤦🏼‍♂️
Moonlight_cloud 14 days ago
I’m on ios 14.4 on iPhone 7 plus, should I update ?
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
Yes Incase is giving you hard time to update I highly recommend you to you to Adrian_lamo12 he did mine and he didn’t charge much
Ivan M
Ivan M 14 days ago
Tracking that’s it
Matthieu Pesesse
Matthieu Pesesse 14 days ago
Be healthy, take your vaccine and get sick lol
Wong CH
Wong CH 15 days ago
@9to5Mac the Apple Pencil while writing in text box is slightly bolder
yourfavpersuasion 15 days ago
pip is back for youtube on safari!!
Shem 15 days ago
Updated to 14.5 purely for app tacking feature. Facebook can stop following me finally.
Relaxing music
Relaxing music 15 days ago
Nice video
Jake Japan
Jake Japan 15 days ago
Spotify used to be so cool then they decided to remove those cool features out one by one. Meanwhile, Apple is adding more and more cool features to Apple Music.
DCGoth 11 days ago
Except Apple lacks a large amount of artists that Spotify still gives you. Have you tried to play the latest Combichrist or Velvet Acid Christ on Apple Music? You can’t do it. You can on Spotify.
Maritza ツ
Maritza ツ 11 days ago
Apple Music for the win
Koke Hdz
Koke Hdz 12 days ago
What features?
Matteo Molari
Matteo Molari 12 days ago
wait which features did they remove??
M3CKA 15 days ago
I will have use when my bois promise they will get online and dont....mending send
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker 15 days ago
Very cool effect how you make the phone screen POP in your video. Almost feels like I’m using the phone myself!
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker 14 days ago
Damn that totally makes sense! I’m on a 12 Pro Max!
9to5Mac 15 days ago
That’s HDR!
Sadikur Rahaman
Sadikur Rahaman 15 days ago
Kenneth Oftana
Kenneth Oftana 15 days ago
Elyzer Furagganan
Elyzer Furagganan 15 days ago
I like this kind of reviews where the creator uploads contents without his face taking over the whole video's span. Nice work!
Cyrex Diablo
Cyrex Diablo 15 days ago
Just like that..?
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 15 days ago
i just dont get the face unlock with face mask is only if you have apple watch. 😏
Zan. 15 days ago
You sound exactly like an Apple fan.
Francis Rudolph Tolentino
Safety reminder. If you are wearing your Apple Watch and somebody with a mask borrowed your phone, or maybe a stranger from a distance, they can also unlock your iPhone!! I don’t know if it’s a bug or what
Venkatesan D
Venkatesan D 15 days ago
After updating to ios14.5 and watch os 7.4 in watch series 3 (unpairing & pairing), watch app in my iPhone 11 doesn’t show my watch faces. However, my watch shows them all.
micheal daniel
micheal daniel 9 days ago
Same happened to me I recommend you to Adrian_lamo12 he did mine for me
David Bajayo
David Bajayo 15 days ago
My iPhone is eating the battery much faster since the update.
Ian Byrne
Ian Byrne 15 days ago
Wow groundbreaking orientation mode for apple logo on startup!
Byron Hernandez
Byron Hernandez 15 days ago
HDR doesn't look good, is it just me?
Byron Hernandez
Byron Hernandez 15 days ago
Nevermind it was just the background, when it changed it looks much better
fade2gray 15 days ago
Says “biggest dot upgrade” and starts talking about emojis.
mnml flmkr
mnml flmkr 15 days ago
9:26 I see-ri
TheOne 15 days ago
Just to be clear the tracking thing is only asking the app not to track and not allowing it to gain user info from apple. It does not remove the apps ability to communicate with other apps on your phone . It’s a good first step but federigi was pretty clear that it’s not final on the part of the tracking as of now.
Whatchamajigger 15 days ago
Omg! A wallpaper!! Wow!
Maita Mendoza
Maita Mendoza 15 days ago
I wish the color balance feature is. compatible with Desktop Monitors too
Riley Olson
Riley Olson 15 days ago
I think iOS 15 will be great
Ramesh bd
Ramesh bd 15 days ago
Well that was insane
Jordy Kenda
Jordy Kenda 15 days ago
Alexandre B.
Alexandre B. 15 days ago
Nic Shannon
Nic Shannon 15 days ago
Hey Jeff! We can see your personal cell phone number my man.