iOS 14.5: Top New Features 

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Apple recently released a new version of the iPhone's operating system called iOS 14.5. It includes some highly-anticipated features like Apple Watch unlock and App Tracking Transparency. But there are a lot more capabilities added to your iPhone with this update than that, and you can find out exactly what is new in this video.
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Apr 29, 2021




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IM BANGALI 12 hours ago
iphone 12 pro max auto brightones not working play game
Flintair Day ago
Other apps can track, see sensitive information and block your wifi address & IP address w their websites server and I hope the latest IOS 14.5 will work well this time !
James Daniel Amiler
Gabriel Ailoaie
Eileen Greenbaum
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Mark Masters
Mark Masters Day ago
Great stuff!
Baller Number 10
Baller Number 10 2 days ago
Narrator has got the John Malkovich sound to a tee.
Sean-Michael Barnett
Do you know how great it is to see an ios update video that isn’t 20min long 👏🏽👏🏽
Christopher Romanek
I’ve got a feeling if someone were to hack my Apple Watch they could unlock and gain control of my stuff.
Merida 3 days ago
1:30 Thank GOD! English is not my first language but I use my phone in English and I was having hard time saying "play ... by ... on youtube music" every fucking time. I'm glad they updated that
TUXDx GINGKA 3 days ago
AREK Skobrosz
AREK Skobrosz 3 days ago
Does anyone knows when Siri will start to speak Polish?
Jack dey
Jack dey 3 days ago
Can't for ios 15 which will brobalbly be 20 mins long.
Tee Mar
Tee Mar 3 days ago
Thank you for not feeding the algorithm. Quick and to the point. You reward: a like and a sub! 🍻
chyu 3 days ago
Woman with a beard emoji. Not the update we need but the update we deserve.
Ajay Malik
Ajay Malik 4 days ago
Chutiya system
Nixphs 4 days ago
Nixphs 4 days ago
Jonathan Pearce
Jonathan Pearce 4 days ago
Is it just me or is anyone else interested in Apple Music horizontal view, earlier versions of iOS iTunes allowed horizontal view. The new version sucks if your tying to fit the phone in some modern day vehicle holders, dash, or some desk layouts, better yet maybe an optional on/off for horizontal on all apps would be appropriate. Just sayn :/
Reinier Cardoso
Reinier Cardoso 4 days ago
Thank you for keeping it informative and short. Not those loooong 15 mins boring videos.
Hios Gamer
Hios Gamer 4 days ago
Prod. VIP3R
Prod. VIP3R 4 days ago
I actually like these features, they are pretty cool!
Charles Webb
Charles Webb 4 days ago
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radirarara's cult
me still stick to ios 14.4.2: 👁👄👁
Rodrigo Jimenez
Rodrigo Jimenez 5 days ago
I wish all videos of this type should be. Exactly what I was looking for.
M4DTH1NK3R 5 days ago
Xbox Series X/S Controllers, not just X.
Mr Lewis
Mr Lewis 6 days ago
Where have you been broski??? jeeez finally 😂 now i can unsubscribe hella ppl
Letesa Campbell
Letesa Campbell 6 days ago
Pavel Polášek
A woman with a beard. Oh my god >.
Sonam Bhutia
Sonam Bhutia 6 days ago
Someone please help me download any best gta in iphne xr i beg you guys 🙏🏻
Fucking shit apple iphone keeps releasing shitty updates thar slow down my shit. I feel to dash my phone in the manufactures eye
Joseph Gil Bandoy
Currently in ios 14.2
Rizwan Anwar
Rizwan Anwar 6 days ago
Fuck Apple after upgrade to iOS 14.5 my both cameras and flashlight stops working
legbot124 6 days ago
How many people needed a bearded lady emoji
James Grose
James Grose 7 days ago
Woman with a fu&$ing beard? Woke BS!
ilias ilias
ilias ilias 7 days ago
This update iOS 14.5 is running good for the iPhone 7 Plus or after the update the phone lugs;;;;
Jaad 7 days ago
Using US-firstmusic tho
Shobhit B
Shobhit B 8 days ago
What if someone hacks into my phone and finds my car keys via AirTags?
XxMushiSushixX 8 days ago
Now who tf is gonna use the woman with a beard emoji... like what was even the point of making that a thing?
berserkerx7 8 days ago
Excellent video. Lovely design.
Tanmay Pawar
Tanmay Pawar 8 days ago
Whatsapp keeps crashing after this update. Anyone else having the same issue ? Any solutions ?? Please help !
David Kelly
David Kelly 9 days ago
“More diverse voice options”. Why don’t you just say “black”/“Ebonics”?
Saken Umbetkul
Saken Umbetkul 9 days ago
Woman with a beard 😅 great
Prasang Gupta
Prasang Gupta 9 days ago
This video is really wonderful & very interesting video..........
David Dominic
David Dominic 9 days ago
I Got my iCloud unlocked through *Bountyhcck on IG* He delivered Swiftly Go check him out. ,,,
Albert Addo
Albert Addo 9 days ago
My camera didn’t work after updating my iPhone X
Deyonta 7
Deyonta 7 9 days ago
Love how you get right to the point! Just subscribed!
Rezan Khalaf
Rezan Khalaf 9 days ago
Brodie Bruce
Brodie Bruce 10 days ago
other than the no tracking feature none of them are worth losing my jb on 13.3.1 (thou i don’t have worry about a jb unless i wanna lose sep still i like 13)
Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan 10 days ago
Masta T
Masta T 10 days ago
thanks for making this, was looking for something straightforward to update me on the changes
Malcom K
Malcom K 10 days ago
Thank you. After watching it I decided to stick with 14.2 on my xr
- mirija -
- mirija - 10 days ago
my camera cant open after update 😌
Itsallawesome 10 days ago
Finally a black Siri!
beammeupyet 10 days ago
Updated my 11. Now it is getting hot like never before, only by simply reading in a Forum👎Battery is draining fast too👎😡😡
El Khiair Mourad
El Khiair Mourad 10 days ago
Yousef alkandari alkandari
Adarsh Hiremath
Adarsh Hiremath 10 days ago
It’s 14.5.1 now
BLINK Forever
BLINK Forever 11 days ago
Finally the sneezing emoji is added
Abhishek Nautiyal
Abhishek Nautiyal 11 days ago
Good job good background music good timing and right on track
Anthony P
Anthony P 11 days ago
This update is actually screwing with my phone in just freezing up.
blazStormz 11 days ago
Elbert M'KIZY
Elbert M'KIZY 11 days ago
Roadman voice?
Mentos 11 days ago
best channel ever! no crap, straight to the point and 60fps! +1 sub
no thankyoy
no thankyoy 11 days ago
you got a subscribe and a notification out of this video. good looks my man
Marina B
Marina B 11 days ago
Apple news? Is that US-only?
Our Tim
Our Tim 11 days ago
Nailed it. Thank you. Great channel
탛킴kim 11 days ago
Women with beard lol wtf
Sara Mohamed
Sara Mohamed 12 days ago
shaaziya naaz
shaaziya naaz 12 days ago
Wow so clearly explained ✌️
Thuggish 12 days ago
When you don’t have time to go into details just go to the point perfect
metalaras999 12 days ago
- Me with android to my iphone friend : heyyy look my new icon pack - My iphone friend : hi im siri
Alex Lesyk
Alex Lesyk 12 days ago
Nice updates but SIRI STILL SUCKS.
Reginald Sidney
Reginald Sidney 12 days ago
Women with a Beard is gonna end up being Jesus just like the hand clap ended up as the praying emoji
Fahid Nadeem
Fahid Nadeem 12 days ago
Alejandro Avila
Alejandro Avila 12 days ago
It would be cool to have an African American voice like family guy with the heart monitor and the bill Cosby one 😂😂
Tienna 12 days ago
love the song choice for sharing lyrics 💛
prod.by.RyotYT 12 days ago
Ondra Maciarz
Ondra Maciarz 12 days ago
You didn't mention my favorite one! I can now use 5G even when I have dual sim on iP12.
Munish Rana
Munish Rana 12 days ago
Thanks for guiding us in a good or simple way 🤙🥂
Johnny Anda
Johnny Anda 12 days ago
your video production quality is getting so much better, I'd like you to work on showcasing my app in dev
Lord Amine
Lord Amine 12 days ago
My phone freeze after ios 14.5 i have iphone 11pro!!
Zahed Khan
Zahed Khan 12 days ago
Fantastic Update
jose ignacio rodriguez mari
Great video . Clear to the point!
MrSusShorts 12 days ago
Noemi Llorca
Noemi Llorca 12 days ago
When he said the emoji was woman with a beard i tought it was jesus emoji 😂
Ashu’s Vlogs
Ashu’s Vlogs 13 days ago
❤️‍🔥damn sick
Fake Not real
Fake Not real 10 days ago
Da Boss
Da Boss 13 days ago
Hm nothing that gets me excited
Jontay Johnson
Jontay Johnson 13 days ago
Winnie the tiff
Winnie the tiff 13 days ago
Creeper 2010
Creeper 2010 13 days ago
I just upgraded from 13.6 to 14.5 and I love the new emojis🥲🤌🏼
Raja Raj
Raja Raj 12 days ago
How is the battery backup friend
Lil Ducky554
Lil Ducky554 13 days ago
Nigel Hove
Nigel Hove 13 days ago
Ohhh isn’t this cool ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
*Owl builds*
*Owl builds* 13 days ago
Who eles came here casue of the annoying wifi problem😭🤧
Dennic Von Lorenzo
Dennic Von Lorenzo 13 days ago
i love this update. my 7 plus is so much faster and also great battery life. hopefully the trend continues with up coming updates
Zoë 13 days ago
My dad wore a mask and unlocked my phone while I was sleeping… I hope they have used eyes + Mask + watch unlock…
One remedy to that…. Right before you go to bed, unlock the phone with your mask on and then lock the phone from the Apple Watch. Once that happens the passcode is required to unlock the phone so no one can unlock it (not even your own face without the mask) until you put the passcode in. Sometimes you may have to power off the phone and turn it back on for MaskID to work again.
Erne C.
Erne C. 13 days ago
This is way better than Zollotech. Straight and to the point and you can even read it. So great and short. Thumbs up!
AdFenzo5 13 days ago
Pedro Quijada
Pedro Quijada 13 days ago
Bullshit of improvement