INVINCIBLE Episodes 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained Review | Easter Eggs & Comic Book Differences 

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INVINCIBLE Episodes 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained Review | Easter Eggs & Comic Book Differences. Invincible's Season 1 Ending is now out on Amazon Prime Video and the final episode has a lot going on. We review, recap and explain the big moments and also discuss the comic books and where things have changed. The Robert Kirkman series has a huge cast including Steven Yeun As Mark Grayson Aka Invincible, J.K. Simmons As Nolan Grayson Aka Omni-Man and Sandra Oh As Debbie Grayson.
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0:00 Invincible Episode 8 Breakdown Intro
0:34 Episode 8 Comic Issues
1:02 Omni-Man's True Origins Explained
3:24 Invincible Vs Omni-Man
7:11 The Aftermath
14:26 Invincible Season Review
Ok so the Season 1 Finale Of Invincible is finally here and Episode 8 has a lot to unpack from it. The Ending also teases what's coming down the line and in this video we're gonna be breaking down the easter eggs, comic book comparisons and things that you might have missed.
Full spoilers ahead from this point onwards so if you haven't had a chance to check it out then you best make like Omni-Man and get the hell out of here. Well it was your fault for clicking a video from Heavy Spoilers if that ruined it for you.
With that out the way, thank you for clicking this now let's get into our Invincible Episode 8 Breakdown!
So the episode itself is based heavily on Issues 11, 12 and 13.
The first two deal with the revelation of Omni-Man's true backstory and the latter has the aftermath of it. There are other things dotted throughout from the run which we'll be talking about but we pick up immediately after Nolan saying that he and mark need to talk.
This was exactly the same way that issue 10 ended and it segue's beautifully into this entry.
We start off with Immortals corpse on the floor and I feel like reporting this guy to trading standards for calling himself that. Lad's died twice.
Mark refuses to believe that his dad is a bad guy at first and believes he is being mind controlled which is actually a change up from the comics as Nolan just dived straight into the story after killing the Immortal.
Now it's at this point that Nolan reveals the truth about Viltrum. Original we were told that it was a peaceful planet that had become a Utopia. Nolan stated that he was part of the world betterment committee which travelled throughout the universe helping planets that were on the verge of greatness. Members of the committee would descend to the planet and here they would help the locals out, acting as heroes for the entire planet.
However this was all a lie.
The truth is that Viltrum was a completely oppressive society. In the comics we learn that at one point during it's development that the council of Viltrum decided that the weak must be wiped out and they forced the occupants to fight until the death until only half the population survived. They believed themselves to be the best people to rule the galaxy and decided to conquer it. The Viltrums travelled from planet to planet either destroying or enslaving the population.
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Apr 30, 2021




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 15 days ago
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seca90 12 days ago
"i wasnt crying" you sweet sweet liar ! :D
Collie Collins
Collie Collins 13 days ago
I loved the series as a whole but that finale was fucking AMAZING. They smashed it, literally!
Logan Monroe
Logan Monroe 14 days ago
I was grossed out by all the violence but I still liked it
Matt G
Matt G 14 days ago
@Brandon Cobb blue ray of the MonsterVerse!
Brandon Cobb
Brandon Cobb 14 days ago
@Matt G that's awesome! What'd you win?
jary 12 hours ago
Let's just hope Amber and Mark break up a lot earlier...
Nathan Hicks
Nathan Hicks Day ago
Honestly one of the best shows in a while.
jes2lift 2 days ago
Great to see a show stay so close to the comics instead of doing all of this PC bs just changing everything to please all of the diverse crowd
Dante Takari
Dante Takari 2 days ago
I can’t believe people think that R rated super hero content won’t make money....I hope with the success of things like Deadpool, Logan, The Boys, and Invincible that we’ll see more things of this nature down the line
RDAI _ 2 days ago
I cant wait for season 2 I watched it all at once because it’s so good
Terence Falzon
Terence Falzon 2 days ago
Nolan is def worse than Homelander.
Prince Silungwe
Prince Silungwe 2 days ago
I really...really really..really...really...hate Amber
Aleah B.
Aleah B. 4 days ago
“It’s your own bloody fault!” Jajajaa 😂🤣
seby 4 days ago
4:34 what about the scene where Omni man says that veltramite might blood is so pure that he is nearly full veltramite
MrHyjac 4 days ago
Watch the way we beat any hostile life form we come across be with our words/love. Nature didn’t know what it was making... Such an elegant weapon. The later unbeatable.
Ebenezer Daniel
Ebenezer Daniel 5 days ago
I hope in the next season the animators give Mark some change of clothes...... what's up with his blue striped sweater & yellow shirt?
Mark Althoff
Mark Althoff 6 days ago
You don't have to point out EVERY FUCKING scene that's from the comic. It's really annoying.
adan diaz
adan diaz 7 days ago
Can’t wait for the next season, as well looking forward to reading the comics
Edward Gold
Edward Gold 7 days ago
I only started watching Invincible, as I saw your invincible breakdown videos linked on all your other videos, and I am really glad I did. I knew nothing of the source material, and really loved it. Can't wait for season 2
Anwar Moukhaiber
Anwar Moukhaiber 7 days ago
The speed force is omniversal Barry! And I’m omni-man! THINK Barry THINK!
Ghokuos 7 days ago
in which chapter this episode ends in the comic? i wanna read it
juan gomez
juan gomez 8 days ago
I fw your yt name😂😂 great and straight up
Henry Blackwell-Rodriquez
I found out about the show a couple of days ago because of your videos and I’m glad I did. It was incredible.
Gareth Rodway
Gareth Rodway 8 days ago
Can you do a how the first season differs from the comic episode
Northern lights Anims
give mark a green lantern ring because damn he has a will made from a material not even the gods can break
Evan Edmonds
Evan Edmonds 8 days ago
Robot is a dope character
- ̗ ̀TheNewGuyBehind ̖ ́-
Dre 8 days ago
Me watching invincible and not understanding every single second of the series: 😒 Me after watching heavy spoilers and understanding what’s about to happen: 🤓🤓🤓
drebanto 8 days ago
Dylan White
Dylan White 8 days ago
I hope they have atom Eve and mark getting together soon. I really hate the dynamics between mark and amber.
Eltoro Boyd
Eltoro Boyd 9 days ago
If Col. Fury had a White Room or does he ??,
Zack_ Dreamer
Zack_ Dreamer 9 days ago
I dont understand why people say Invincible vs Omni-man even tho Omni man beats the shit out of his son?? How is this a fight lmfao
Arturo Suazo
Arturo Suazo 9 days ago
Best show this year
Luisa T
Luisa T 9 days ago
The facial expressions in this episode were soooo good. Especially Nolan looked so angry during the fight
Nilo 9 days ago
sounds like thanos to me.
DuffyStrings 9 days ago
Immortal should be called Zombieman
Reed Tardio
Reed Tardio 9 days ago
9:30 nope. Just re-read the comics and it was 2 weeks there to.
Burning Hammer Studios
I do not want to wait for season 2 bro this is gonna be epic :D
TheGooglySmoog 10 days ago
It was excellent. I really can’t stress how much I loved this show. Brings me back to Comicon where I bought the comic and met Robert Kirkman.
davin atkins
davin atkins 10 days ago
O man I loved the show. The train scene was just crazy and over yhe top but that made me like it more. I also like how they change some things from the comics
Senpai 10 days ago
Where does season 1 end in the comics?
Boss Don
Boss Don 10 days ago
Omni man flys to another planet, becomes the world leader for the reason of being the oldest person on the planet due to age. This is funny because the planets beings have a life span of nine months. Mark becomes earths hero and gets into battles against earths villains but dose not join robots crew. A lot happens but then mark goes to the planet where his dad is and squashes his feud with his dad until the veltormites track him down. By this time omni man has had another son on this planet but it’s too late and mark and omni man try to take down the veltromites. They loose and take omni man back to veltron, mark takes his brother back to earth after he heals up and that’s the end of season 2
Edwin Rojas
Edwin Rojas 10 days ago
Awesome season overall, can’t wait for the next one!
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 10 days ago
I really enjoyed this series. It was so thought provoking and it can be violent too. I love shows like that.
charles ha
charles ha 10 days ago
that run train comment xDDD
Arnohn 10 days ago
Only here after reading the title but WHO WATCHES THIS? The ending was rly clear cut and doesn’t need any explanation. This guys just recapping what happens in the episode.
To the point Reviews
The train joke was good. Well done.
Giovanni Orozco
Giovanni Orozco 10 days ago
Steven Yeun was the best part of the show he is such a great voice actor and episode 8 was so great
Williamjames Hoffer
Good review however you have left out all of the woke ad-ons. Race swapping, feminist bigotry, and poor arguments from the good guys. I am also confused by your not noticing that Nolan and Viltrum are obvious Hitler/Nazi stand-ins with the bad Superman trope driven into us. Why is it that a Jewish symbol of hope has now been turned into a bash the fash narrative?
Vinnie&Bree Pelyak-Garcia
All i was guna do was check it out ended up watching the entire season now im hooked cant wait for more and holy crap wat a finale man i love it. Cant wait for this and they boys to come back.! Amazon is kicking ass lol
Nat Cole
Nat Cole 11 days ago
Damned! Just let Eve, Mark and Amber be polyam already
I am Rozay
I am Rozay 11 days ago
We gotta give credit to Debbie , that woman is strong..to be going through all this, like damn
jeb bryant
jeb bryant 11 days ago
I love all the subtle moments like marks friend visiting but nobodies home so he just organised the mail to make it cleaner and easier to sort through before leaving
jj53s411 11 days ago
COMIC book. Comics are not "books". Stop being pretentious and use words correctly.
Tejas S
Tejas S 11 days ago
Childish show with manly voilence.
Roki 11 days ago
"lets keep it pg13" while body parts and blood are flying on the screen
crimsonraen 11 days ago
This show is SO GOOD! Thanks SO much for all your breakdowns, as always!
knight of the sweat
And I thought soviet superman is badass
Youssif Hossam
Youssif Hossam 11 days ago
i have one question is it mandatory for veltramite men to have a mustache or what?
Quickly form
Quickly form 11 days ago
Anyone know what issue you should start on after ep 8
jasmine 11 days ago
I, too, wasn’t crying 🥺😢
Prince Chaponda
Prince Chaponda 11 days ago
Been a really good season
Zuko 11 days ago
I hate amber
Yvette Vera
Yvette Vera 11 days ago
Omni Man never ceases to amaze
Error Match
Error Match 11 days ago
I think this was so much better than the comics. Absolutely deeper characters that are more fleshed out and better ordered. I love this so much and need season 2.
satch422 11 days ago
This animation is even better then young justice
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 11 days ago
So omni man and Dracula fron castlevania both beat up there children before they give up.
Aman H
Aman H 11 days ago
The shows amazing, really want the compendium comic
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson 12 days ago
That a shit move I have an other kid with another woman on different planet cold man. However that what many men do Beware Females.
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson 12 days ago
Please explain why the train massacre why the people were breaking apart?.
EJ Clark
EJ Clark 12 days ago
Can you do a video on the whole invincible comic? Like breaking it down or am I asking for too much 😭🙏🏾
SeanTheOriginal 12 days ago
Anyone else get a weird Beastars feel from the CGI background characters?
Sertaba Campbell
Sertaba Campbell 12 days ago
The inner conflict in Omni-man made the ep for me.
Fʟʏ Lɪᴍᴀ
Fʟʏ Lɪᴍᴀ 12 days ago
My man Darkblood was almost getting his case closed but was sent back to hell for no damn reason
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh 12 days ago
I would have sided with my father and taken over the planet.
James Smyth
James Smyth 12 days ago
I don’t think I could come up with a more interesting character than Atom Eve.
alex banks
alex banks 12 days ago
I loved episode 8. Though I don't think Nolan is evil. He is being a good soldier. He was sent on a mission its his duty to complete that mission. It's very hard almost impossible to look at a people you are supposed to conquer with empathy and value them if you are expected to kill them. Nolan could have crushed earth at any point in his 20 years on the planet instead he has not even with the fight with his son when he was killing the people as an example of what death and destruction was like he still limited his field of killing to their immediate fighting area. He could have destroyed whole cities or marks home city as an example. An evil person would have been less restrained. Nolan does care for earth and his family. He is not evil doing what he did hurt him and scarred him. He is just really bad from a humans prospective.
dupadupadoo69 12 days ago
Justin Roiland cameo solidified the series.
Apipoulaï 12 days ago
That subway scene.... that was next level!
Kyky DJenkins
Kyky DJenkins 12 days ago
My thing about Titan is what hapened to him when he was with that asian old man
dark light
dark light 12 days ago
love the mauler twins. i can see why omni man would hate humanity. to him it might be like sand and cardboard. hes like a god.
RONALD HAZLEY 12 days ago
Invincible can stop an moving asteroid but not lifted an 1/3 of an building???
Pseunolia 12 days ago
At first, I was disapointed at the fact that Mark was just getting whooped around like he was nothing. couldnt even make his father spill a single drop of blood, but then I realized that that was the whole point. Despite how strong Mark is, He stands absolutely no chance against his father; and the citizens are the ones who pay the ultimate price for his weakness. Now Mark has one of, if not the BIGGEST reason to improve and get stronger; to save his planet from his own dad and the viltrumites. He already saw how ruthless viltrumites are in combat; how they show absolute disregard for others. With that knowledge, he knows better than anyone that, if he wants to save earth, he has to become THE strongest hero ever without losing his humanity in the process: without turning like his own father. im so fucking exited to see the next season.
GirlPainting 12 days ago
I only know the show, and i always thought Atom Eve was called Adam Eve and it got me totaly confused. thx for clearing that up ^^
TheAnonymous TerryHall
8:39 Potential hate crime/ sign they are finally a team..... same thing.
John Randle
John Randle 12 days ago
totally Brutal!! Loved it
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor 12 days ago
He was killing them and justifying it like they were ants it was wild
Arm Head
Arm Head 12 days ago
It was ok. The last episode was exceptionally good, the prior episodes were significantly less good. Overall, One Punch Man is a lot better.
Kattlarv 12 days ago
I did find the train scene to be a bit stupid. Like... WAY too many people were standing in the middle. Especially as they only took up around 25-35 % of of the train. It was made to seem like EVERYONE got hit.
vegito blue
vegito blue 12 days ago
Did anyone notice the original power rangers there?
Omar Sharif
Omar Sharif 12 days ago
so its basically Brightbutn. i wonder if bright burn got inspo from this comic
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 12 days ago
Invincible is the Saturday morning cartoon made for those who watched Saturday morning cartoons, now. Can't wait for more.
dfailsthemost 12 days ago
That light room is a great help to the artists, I'm sure.
dfailsthemost 12 days ago
Those little moments of sad resignation on Nolan's face are super effective.
Bvin Creates
Bvin Creates 12 days ago
omni man isn't "evil" he actually has slight remorse every time he explains something to mark wait til thragg shows up now that's evil
lacanecorso 12 days ago
Rhonda Yearwood
Rhonda Yearwood 12 days ago
i really liked this show, it was such a pleasant surprise and well done! I am looking forward to season 2!
Sai .mx
Sai .mx 12 days ago
This and The Boys is the proper way to take something good, and make it Great, This people makes the oposite of japanese animation with the source material.
O G 13 days ago
Comic books in general are not meant to be streamlined, especially when they are popular.
Levi Matthews
Levi Matthews 13 days ago
So if atom Eve's power is so powerful enough for her to turn anything into literally anything why didn't she just turn omni man into a sponge?
Art Vein
Art Vein 13 days ago
12:28 Steve Harvey is a Viltrumite? Explains everything
JanssenFromCanada 13 days ago
Takes a big man to admit "he didn't cry during this scene". It also means he did. Personally for myself, I think my allergies kicked in.
Michael Spruell
Michael Spruell 13 days ago
Wow. What a great show!!
Kim Heng
Kim Heng 13 days ago
The train scene was DARKKKK. JESUS CHRIST