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Jan 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dale Korody
Dale Korody 14 days ago
Definitely will buy a polo and headcover once they're launched!
TheNR123 18 days ago
Anyone : *Hits* Tig : SIT
James Lucas
James Lucas 23 days ago
Y’all driving 3 feet to the next hole is such an underrated scene 😂
Jarret Cannon
Jarret Cannon 23 days ago
Editors, if you could Hi Pass filter that wind it’d help a lot. It’s so loud when I listen on my tv through my sub. Love the videos guys!!!
Joshua McNutt
Joshua McNutt Month ago
so do you guys just not regrip your clubs or.....?
Ross McMurdo
Ross McMurdo Month ago
Bubbie with the Juventus shirt on. Nice
Jeff Gould
Jeff Gould Month ago
Why bubbie always the only one not wearing good good gear?!? Love the dude. But bro! Come on. 🤣
AidanThomas Furlan
The vids are great keep making them
Corby Pulju
Corby Pulju Month ago
Good Good vs Four Play scramble.
Alexis Jasso
Alexis Jasso Month ago
I literally played there like 2 weeks ago! How come we never run into each other !!!
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes Month ago
How much money for no one to say dialed or dialed in for a month?
David Hagen
David Hagen Month ago
Have you guys played out at Cowboy yet? When are you going to host a viewer scramble?!
Dalton Hundley
Dalton Hundley Month ago
How is Stephen the worst player but has the second most subs...
Biden Sits When He Pees
Kyle is 10/10 bad at putting
Biden Sits When He Pees
Is Kyle gay?
captinfalafel Month ago
more bubba bubbi
Logan Scheuermann
Man I really miss golfing. My car got stolen this winter right before my winter break for college and whoever stole it took my golf clubs and everything else.. love that I can still watch you guys golf
Benjie Lewis
Benjie Lewis Month ago
I hate bubbie so much
Brett Lawrie
Brett Lawrie Month ago
Bubbies attire looks fucked ... figure it out ..
Grant Prevatt
Grant Prevatt Month ago
We need Brice and George back
Tyler Ruban
Tyler Ruban Month ago
idk why but i always find myself rooting against kyles team
Namgay Wangchuk
Namgay Wangchuk Month ago
It would be interesting to see 18 holes 4v4 match between good good and Foreplay golf.
Samuel Long
Samuel Long Month ago
Did Kyle and micha switch putters?
Chase Jones
Chase Jones Month ago
Where is jerg and bryce):
Leyton Zirbel
Leyton Zirbel Month ago
Scramble agains dude perfect
Blake Wolf
Blake Wolf Month ago
Do the boys have a callaway golf deal?
badjaboy07 Month ago
How do you lose with Micah and Kyle?!
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Month ago
Kyle Birdiesforhire Kyle Bubbiesgolf'sdire (actually like bubs sorry mate) Kyle Blanksdontfire
Michał Nowak
Michał Nowak Month ago
Bobbie’s first shot was soo perfect 😍
Stephen Oates
Stephen Oates Month ago
I got the merch for Christmas
Daniel Foy
Daniel Foy Month ago
Just got me a "fighting for par" t-shirt the other night. Looking forward to it showing up at my door soon. Job=Done✅ (almost).
Daltonparker11 Month ago
Tig’s shot at 24:10 is low key one of the best golf shots on this channel
Yimmy Isterrible
need another one of these
Sterling Nymeyer
I got respect for Steve’s game. The grind is paying off
Tommy Month ago
Is Matt rocking capris ?
Lukas Frady
Lukas Frady Month ago
Y'all should make a trip to Cattails at Meadowview in TN
Mike Rennie
Mike Rennie Month ago
I swear this is like the first time I have seen Tig wear pants lmao
Ray Ford
Ray Ford Month ago
Is Matt wearing Maddies clothes.....lol
Andres Molina
Andres Molina Month ago
Dude is wearing a Ronaldo jersey
William Moore
William Moore Month ago
when you wake up and piss excellence and smell victory nobody can beat you
Buck Rid
Buck Rid Month ago
We need ball tracking with every shot. When yall are in the fairway and hit we cant tell where it is going.
Luke Wagner
Luke Wagner Month ago
bubbie sucks at golf can we get him off
James Pierce
James Pierce Month ago
Bubbie needs to put some work in, his game is horrible.
Bill D
Bill D Month ago
Bubbie, it's ok to use your hands, just not in golf.
George Cuellar
George Cuellar Month ago
Finally grand oaks
Paul Lohmeyer
Paul Lohmeyer Month ago
Y’all should play Buffalo creek in Rockwall it’s just east of Dallas and it’s a nice challenging course
playballblake Month ago
Is Bubbie's swing anyone else's favorite?
Daniel Kasim
Daniel Kasim Month ago
They all missed the putt on 3 because they didn’t fix the divot first
Candyce Rynee
Candyce Rynee Month ago
You guys should play one ball The game mode from that old Tiger Woods game Look it up, it's crazy
Andy Wareham
Andy Wareham Month ago
Hi Good Good squad, how about a 3v3 scramble whilst dressed in tuxedos (in England we call them dinner suits), have to wear dress shoes as well.
Eagle Detection
Eagle Detection Month ago
Ay does Kyle have a PO box so we can send him some new pants?
William Sweet
William Sweet Month ago
What happened to George and Brice??
Austin Earl
Austin Earl Month ago
imagine wearing jeans and sketchers to golf all love tho
Michael Boen
Michael Boen Month ago
First time I played at Grand Oaks I hit the power lines that go across the the first hole. Free retee, but super frustrating. There's a couple courses around there with the same issue
Loki the Cat
Loki the Cat Month ago
Fun video. Dislike vote for a Garrett win, but was great to watch!
flippy boi
flippy boi Month ago
Does anyone else like bubbies little hip movement before he swings😆 it gives me anxiety but it works for him🤷🏻‍♂️
uniquejonny Month ago
Please put less ads
Logan Kent
Logan Kent Month ago
Best good good video. Could watch these all day!
Owen Farley
Owen Farley Month ago
Matt stands way too close to the ball. His arms are not close to fully extended at address. Still gets the job done
Jeremiah Cuellar
How’s y’all get Grand Oaks that empty!? Last time I went I played 15 holes in 5hours
Brady Blackwell
Brady Blackwell Month ago
i want some GG club-head covers!
Jacob Ortiz
Jacob Ortiz Month ago
Someone tell Matt not to wear mixed brands please. Adidas, Under Armour... cmon
Captain Goodness
A slo-mo “you elbowed me in the neck” would have been awesome.
Mo Murda09
Mo Murda09 Month ago
Love these guys... 12:44 ouch!
Jeremy Mac
Jeremy Mac Month ago
Someone should tell Stephen he’s not shooting a music video with JB
Noah Rourke
Noah Rourke Month ago
This is easily my favorite channel keep it up, something that would be dope is a montage of all the craziest gm golf and good good shots
jay baucher
jay baucher Month ago
Do a scramble where each shot you flip a coin to decide if it’s best ball or worst ball scramble!
Jon Mason
Jon Mason Month ago
Holy ads of destiny
Brian Hinkamp
Brian Hinkamp Month ago
Where have George & Brice been??
Daniele Napolitano
The Ronaldo jersey is an affront. I would’ve understood Bale.
Daniel Aldaz
Daniel Aldaz Month ago
Tig seriously wearing skinny jeans on the course??? LMAO 🤣😆
Paul Month ago
Tig is the only one of these 6 who actually knows how to chip properly.
Kyle T
Kyle T Month ago
"The holes are smaller today" hahaha
niigel _
niigel _ Month ago
How do I get that blue Good Good head cover for the driver cuz I didn’t that on the Good Good website
Santiago Prioletto
Kyle looks like a 16 hdcp in this video
Alejandro Núñez
Hey guys!! I suggest a video doing a fun game I play with my friends: It's a 2 vs 2 and the best ball of the team competes with the other team's best ball for 2 points, the worst against the other worst for 1. A birdie gets 1 extra point and an eagle 2... 9 or 18 holes of course! Can be a great video for Good Good!!!
Jalyn Helms
Jalyn Helms Month ago
Or play at Turtle Hill in Muenster Tx, it would be about an hour 15 minutes from Frisco. It has the number 1 ranked hole in the state of Texas. You’re up about 80 feet and hitting down to the bottom of a canyon. Pretty sweet
Jalyn Helms
Jalyn Helms Month ago
Do a full team scramble at Lake Park Golf Course in Lewisville Tx, only bout 20 mins from Frisco. It’s a super easy course, in good shape, and wide open, no trees and barely any water. Y’all could shoot -20 there
waf Month ago
I ordered a jacket 5 days ago and I’m hyped asf
Kevin Molinet
Kevin Molinet Month ago
Bubbie has become my favorite.
Griffin Wooley
Griffin Wooley Month ago
Is that bubbie golf in the fire juve jersey??
Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney Month ago
Ronald Codner
Ronald Codner Month ago
Micah! Why the hell are your clothes always SO TIGHT bruh?! That’s horrible! It’s like you’re wearing leggins dummy. And let’s not even talk about the “shorts” you wear...if you can even call them shorts. That’s ridiculous fam. And are those Skechers on your feet bud? If they were just for golf then you get a pass on those but you wear them everywhere like they’re a whole vibe bro. 🤦‍♂️😂🤣
Grant Fontyn
Grant Fontyn Month ago
i will pay any amount of money for kyle to get a new outfit
Graham Steele
Graham Steele Month ago
Haha the carts to hole 4🤣🤣
joey barnaby
joey barnaby Month ago
you guys should play a round where you yell or distract during their shots like you did before
Snizzzzz Month ago
Bubbie is hooking because of exaggerate in to out swing. Should look a pro at it to reach the great potential!
Uncledan'son _
Uncledan'son _ Month ago
man i love these but that transition music is goofy
Sasuke-T2P Month ago
Does anyone know what putter grip Micah is using?👀
Can't touch this S
Garret- " I played that whole completely alone and Matt played the first whole alone" Steve- " I watched" lol
jc nadeau
jc nadeau Month ago
matt: I'm waking up this morning and I'm pissing excellence
todd monroe
todd monroe Month ago
Matts back
todd monroe
todd monroe Month ago
its harry
Ralph Jara
Ralph Jara Month ago
Great video!!!!
Nick Davis
Nick Davis Month ago
Bubbie’s gotta stop trying to make “ting” happen.
Harrison McManus
This aged well
kingtutrez2 Month ago
Would love to see some putting clinic content on your personals because the putters were not dialed boys.
Matthew Sheppard
When is the 5 man alternate shot video coming??
CeeKay Month ago
At 8:32 did Garrett say yessirskii? I didn’t know he listened to uzi
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Month ago
Tig should’ve let Steve’s putt stay next to the hole to see if it would’ve gone in
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Month ago
Good playing boyz, and that wind is insane!
FIRESTORM Oscar Month ago
Who else lives in Texas or Oklahoma and is sick of the wind 😭