Inside the Capitol Hill Riots 

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This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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Jan 9, 2021




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VICE News 14 days ago
This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection. WATCH NEXT: How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection - us-first.info/player/video/mZ2EhZGRmayBZ6c.html
Maggie Paul
Maggie Paul 4 hours ago
@Rob McCurdy Trump constantly puts himself in the position to have to disavow white supremacy. And for the record, peaceful BLM protesters have condemned looting and violence a number of times, sometimes even on microphones at the protests themselves. The difference between Biden and Trump is that the Trump administration has used this us against them narritive to bolster their campaign. It's always the Democrats this, the left that, or BLM are terrorist, and in the same breath he's giving the utmost charitability to borderline white supremacists like Qanon. Not to sound callous, but this both sides narrative is just out of touch with reality. The Republican party has become a cult of personality devoted to a fake strong man. At some point the republican party will have to come to terms with the reality that they won't be able to scapegoat CNN and the Democrats forever.
Maggie Paul
Maggie Paul 4 hours ago
@Big Red The insurrection happened on jan 6 the same day Trump gave his speech. How much sense does it make that Trump would tell his supporters to go to the capitol when an insurrection has happened? If anything, that'd make it sound multiplicably worse.
Big Red
Big Red 10 hours ago
The insurrection actually happened before trumps speach.... The left seem to manufacture "facts" to support an agenda lol
ajc bng
ajc bng Day ago
Still just as terrifying... 😬
Steven Schick
@Maggie Paul hahaha! So uninformed and uneducated.
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 49 minutes ago
But it was ok when the left did it and Nancy endorsed them haha what a joke man.
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez 2 hours ago
It’s all about White supremacy.
Law Mahkuk
Law Mahkuk 3 hours ago
It’s such a stupid ass mindset these people have
Excellent videography Vice, kudos
PJP 4 hours ago
Telling lies is a vice
Krayzi Jay
Krayzi Jay 4 hours ago
When the left realizes they aren't the only ones that can protest.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 hours ago
Vox: why do the police in America look like soldiers Washington DC police: bike helmets and construction uniforms
Slav Gang
Slav Gang 6 hours ago
North vs South Sequel movie looks pretty good
Angel A
Angel A 6 hours ago
Why Trump didn't march with them? He told them so...oh I forgot he lied again. Trump lies more than drinking coffee
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 hours ago
The ten character collectively fasten because lobster bailly subtract among a fanatical scorpion. uninterested, entertaining bomb
Angel A
Angel A 6 hours ago
America deserves a great politician and a great President like President Biden. God bless you Mr. President 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Joseph Nash
Joseph Nash 7 hours ago
This was uncalled for. These people were the fanatical Trump supporters.
Look B4 You Leap
Look B4 You Leap 7 hours ago
I'm tired of it being called sedition and insurrection. I understand that's part of it but lets call it what it really is. Treason..... Treason is what this is and what it should be referred to. It's punishable by death. I hope all of the complicit senators, congressmen and congresswomen understand that. The hammer of justice needs to swing on a great deal of deranged unpatriotic morons.
Lazy Clay
Lazy Clay 7 hours ago
I dont like trump or biden. Everyone in this video is ignorant and/or insane.
imma live forever
imma live forever 7 hours ago
They deserved to be reminded that the capitol is The People’s house and everyone in it works for The People
Hinter Gamer
Hinter Gamer 7 hours ago
WTF happened to this country
Charles Hern
Charles Hern 8 hours ago
You’re my boy Shoe!
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy 9 hours ago
God 1st
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy 9 hours ago
To be aware is to be alive
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy 9 hours ago
Think twice move once
Vegas Cy
Vegas Cy 9 hours ago
God 1st
Wytse Hoekstra
Wytse Hoekstra 9 hours ago
Imagine being American LoooL 🤣🤣🤣
Clacker Bones
Clacker Bones 2 hours ago
An Strainséir
An Strainséir 10 hours ago
I initially thought it was Ethan Klein of H3H3 doing the narration.
Bryce Mcqueen
Bryce Mcqueen 10 hours ago
Look at the bright side. SNL will have material for the next 2 years. The Capitol and people's business/livelihoods should had been protected. This was all a complete failure by leaders who failed to do their duty. They failed because they're selfish cowards who had no business being leaders. They're pathetic little brats and complete oxygen thieves.
poop face
poop face 11 hours ago
The ten character collectively fasten because lobster bailly subtract among a fanatical scorpion. uninterested, entertaining bomb
Inconvenient Truths
Inconvenient Truths 12 hours ago
The real people you dorks need to worry about taking the country back weren’t at the Capitol that day. But just know you’re outnumbered, and when we truly want it back it will be ours.
ConservaKrause 12 hours ago
There should be videos of "Inside 6 months of BLM/Antifa Riots"
ConservaKrause 4 hours ago
@Kripto_ b5 Yea this is insane. 1 riot vs. 6 months of rioting. It's insane what the media can do in this country now.
Kripto_ b5
Kripto_ b5 5 hours ago
We all know they won’t show that . I think there is still Antifa “protest going on” burning American flags and all but you dont hear nothing about that in the news
mous surcouf
mous surcouf 12 hours ago
TRUMP ... KING of PARANO people ! !
Moon Man
Moon Man 12 hours ago
TRUMP 2024
Clacker Bones
Clacker Bones 2 hours ago
not if he gets impeached
jastin Pac
jastin Pac 13 hours ago
Like my grandfather says... Shoot em
Evan Ferris
Evan Ferris 13 hours ago
Are u with CNN? No VICE lil he is smart for not saying who he was with
_ Ruskie
_ Ruskie 14 hours ago
Is that shoenice on the thumbnail
iDoxxSkidz 14 hours ago
Vice is far left, so i'm not surprised that it is trying to depict these people in these ways. Regardless, your saying that BLM and Antifa burning cities to the ground, murdering innocent people, looting, rioting and destroying cities is not worse than some people "breaking" into the place that BELONGS to the people? Ya'll people are some jokes.
Bram van Noort
Bram van Noort 13 hours ago
lmao ''vice is far left''
Mall Grab
Mall Grab 15 hours ago
Shoulda shot em 🤷‍♂️
finnmacool 15 hours ago
Trump supporters having their big day out !!!... This day was their Super Bowl !!!.. But their team had already lost ..these idiots were basically having their 15 minutes of fame ... trying to enjoy their feeling of being powerful... Yet .if you think about it .. they will never ever be able to do this again ... And since this day the whole Q Anon crazy gang has started falling apart ..these idiots are essentially ignorant and fall for anything .. They claim to be patriots but this was the most UnAmerican thing i have ever seen ... Disgusting , and disgraceful ..these people really are DEPOLRABLE... Trump had told them that he would walk there with them .. Yet he was nowhere to be seen !..Imagine what an idiot you must be if Donald Trump is your hero !!!
BIG CHIVO 16 hours ago
I wanna see Vice bash Antifa nd the snowflakes too not just the trumptards
aphex500 17 hours ago
Must suck for all the civilised Americans to see this. Knowing that the whole world is watching a bunch of babies cry because they never got what they wanted.
DoIlookAggressive Office
copACABana 17 hours ago
Any serious politicolog will say to you that non of American presidents can do something for those people. America is not made like that
David Glade
David Glade 17 hours ago
you know why their doing this? because their tired of the governments lies
Bram van Noort
Bram van Noort 13 hours ago
learn english before talking about ''government lies''
Allen Ang
Allen Ang 17 hours ago
Where were they during the inaugurations? Cowards!
Saf 18 hours ago
Europeans - *Grabs popcorn*
Luke W
Luke W 19 hours ago
Hong Kong riot 2.0.
Josh Tode
Josh Tode 20 hours ago
America is literally a joke to the rest of the world they’re laughing at us
Allen Ang
Allen Ang 17 hours ago
Because it is happening in their country too..
adam aloni
adam aloni 21 hour ago
now go to infiltrate the pentagon. Age of cyber wankers
Adopted Eyes
Adopted Eyes 21 hour ago
Why is this not happening in Russia?
Louis Jackson
Louis Jackson 22 hours ago
Exact same fucking people who were against the black lives matter protests. Difference is BLM didn't betray the nation.
Rogue 850
Rogue 850 20 hours ago
It would’ve been a massacre if BLM attacked the Captiol
Theodor Lager
Theodor Lager 23 hours ago
great reporting from vice as always
RichyRich 23 hours ago
And you got real Veterans who are struggling, this is happening...smdh
Young Dre
Young Dre 23 hours ago
2.20 that cop punched that man, when all he was doing was wrestling free. According to AnMIMIMIMIfa, that's "pOlIcE bRuTaLiTy". I call it "justified response" to "resisting arrest". If this had been a fellow Black guy, being punched by a "traitor house c**n", there would've been riots. But alas it was just trailer trash, or maybe an AnMIMIMIMIfa agitator, so nothing to see here.
John P OConnell
Hate riot and protest. The want the All White America that Trump offers them. And that is not even a real possibility America is and always will be multi racial and ethnicity diverce. They have been conned.
Rower Day ago
You didnt report on things like these when antifa did it, why start now?
I forgot My Name
Vox: why do the police in America look like soldiers Washington DC police: bike helmets and construction uniforms
I forgot My Name
Everyone always says that the President-elect committed election fraud. The issue comes when the people are stupid, and have been stuck inside for almost a year.
David Ribosome
Welcome to another episode of right wing riot(singular) bad and left wing riots(plural) good
Akaboy4life Day ago
After u watch this then watch this us-first.info/player/video/rrGUm6VzYqpfh3E.html U left 1 man behind!
Sheldon W
Sheldon W Day ago
Just shows how stupid the people have becone
bRuh Day ago
Dont argue with an idiot or they will drag you to their level and beat you with experience
micheal hall
micheal hall Day ago
Timestamps please, its very hard to find when these scenes happened
Anden120 Day ago
GreyBeard29 Day ago
They love to play army solider don’t they
V PR Day ago
Good video. Sad story.
Ahmed ALM
Ahmed ALM Day ago
americans XD
Rogue 850
Rogue 850 20 hours ago
White Americans
borass84 Day ago
It was a mostly peaceful protest
borass84 15 hours ago
This was not a peaceful protest but that is how the news covered it us-first.info/player/video/grCnf3B5f2Z8qXE.html
AR - 09WS 704501 Heart Lake SS
Not really
Didn't look very peaceful to me.
Patrik Persson
Amagine, realizing you gonna do prison time, because of your actions, due to made up conspiracies and lies.
Patrik Persson
Looks like they are pretty sure they don’t want any public healthcare program.....
Rick Bubbles
Rick Bubbles Day ago
When foreign countrys see this they have got t think we look so dumb
IshI Koara
IshI Koara 18 hours ago
I am from a foreign country and i think you should be proud, ppl fighting for the rights of human kind. This world is corrupt and if yout dont think so than ask your self why so many ppl suffer,.
Liam Gao
Liam Gao Day ago
i support these people just like xinjiang and hong kong, well done guys.
Liam Gao
Liam Gao Day ago
It was a wonderful day of america, just fight for freedom, like Hong Kong, beautiful sight.
Alien X
Alien X Day ago
This is absolutely disgusting to me. I am a Trump supporter but this is absolutely disgusting and not right.
IshI Koara
IshI Koara 18 hours ago
I think this might be all an act and the ppl got payed to act like this. Things like this happend in the past before. They got played like puppets
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar Day ago
It's ironic cause worlds best universities are in usa
J3t YT
J3t YT Day ago
"When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent." - Isaac Asimov
PJP 4 hours ago
Telling lies is a vice
Alexander Wang
All dudes that got nothing better to do, who could use that time to better their lives....I feel sorry for them...hopefully they find peace ✌️
Mattias Nake
Mattias Nake Day ago
2:45, I'm not American but is that a Georgia flag as in the EU or is it some other white supremacy flag in the US?
Brian Canady
Brian Canady Day ago
The lord loves you and he wants you to come out of your Darkness so you can have life Proverbs 6:16-19 16 These six things do the Lord hates yes, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that thinks of wicked imaginations and feet that be fast to run into evil. 19 A false witness that tells lies, and he that spreads division among the brethren Luke 13:3(Jesus) I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will die in your sins. Matt 18:6 (Jesus) “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea Rpent
daniel stevens
This videos is false info this doesn't show how it all started
Kinda Interesting
Goodbye America!
Everyvone hates America for a reason even half of the Americans themselves
Ronnie Rubel
Ronnie Rubel 2 days ago
Amazing how mad they get over a camera, like goddamn.
Eric Yuan
Eric Yuan 2 days ago
uNpReCeDEntED vIOLenCE? Oh but Antifa and BurnLootMurder riots and looting was "mostly peaceful"?
RICH SOUL 2 days ago
Embarrassing moment in 2021
S D 2 days ago
What’s scarier than having four more years of president Trump? Realizing the violence on Jan 6 destroyed Trump’s future in politics, not the truth.
Keep the Faith Always
Trump is about law and order. He has asked democtratic governors to stop rioters for the last year and more. They did nothing. This is not about Trump's words to peacefully protest.
Hamster Chan
Hamster Chan 2 days ago
I’m a freedom fighter from Hong Kong and I know police brutality when I see one. This was definitely police brutality. Also, stop calling these good people rioters. They are freedom fighters and protestors fighting for democracy in a stolen election.
AR - 09WS 704501 Heart Lake SS
This wasn’t police brutality but it was a riot.
Adam R
Adam R 2 days ago
wish I was there,sighs
DOUGHER69 2 days ago
this was all warnted to bad they didnt burned it down.... only the start.. Patriots fury will be felt.... TRUMP 2022 & TRUMP 2024
William 2 days ago
brittneylovesyou 2 days ago
at the :50 second mark it literally looked like they sprayed silly string
Hefe Zack
Hefe Zack 2 days ago
If I had a drako
RnK All Day
RnK All Day 2 days ago
Wow, crazy! They didn’t even destroy any innocent citizens property. Fck Vice
Jed Steelwell
Jed Steelwell 2 days ago
Yeeeee hawwwww
RulersOfAmerica 2 days ago
Notice how all of Trump's supporters look like cavemen?
The Man
The Man 2 days ago
"Better not be CNN" 🤣
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker 2 days ago
remember 1776 and dont forget this is YOUR country
Paleis Heuwel
Paleis Heuwel 2 days ago
These are not conservatives, they are zealots, rioters. this must be disowned and must be condemned by all sides,. we can not resolve things this way. these types come from all ends of the political spectrum and they always fly the flag they have latched onto higher bigger and brighter than all the other people who collect under the same flag, but they inevitably always end up doing the most damage to that cause they say they so passionately believe in . . .reality is they use it as an excuse / cover to conduct themselves in this` way. these people are neither left nor right, they do not truly hold to any view other than self gratification of some perverse need to destroy, oppress and disrupt. All groups would do themselves, their cause and everyone else a massive favor by ejecting these actors from under their flag.
David Gearon
David Gearon 2 days ago
Maybe the real nazis are the friends we made along the way.
Alert trumpanzee event
lance wolf
lance wolf 2 days ago
we're going to be winning so much you'll be sick of winning....
mike mailei
mike mailei 2 days ago
too bad majority of America voted your pres out!
tasshz no clue
tasshz no clue 2 days ago
2:45 umm i think u got the wrong georgia flag