Infrastructure Bill | Biden Extends More Stimulus Money & Time | Trumps New Ban | IRS Update 

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President Biden's new $4 trillion spending bill explained. It will be a two prong bill with $2.3 trillion in the first half for bridges, roads, manufacturing, internet and clean water. IRS officially says they will handle the $10,200 of tax free unemployment. Chuck Schumer tries to use an old rules go squeeze more stimulus money into stimulus checks. Former President Trump's voice is banned from Facebook. Daily News 4/1
SSI, SSDI, VA and SSA say big stimulus money drops today, April 7th and April 15th. Should Biden focus on taxing profitable large corporations, helping small businesses become bigger or heavily taxing stretched thin American citizens? Are we in a real estate bubble similar to the great recession?
IRS Info - SSI/SSDI Update - Paper STIMULUS Checks - 4th Check - $200 Social Boost - Daily News 4/1. Third stimulus check and IRS update.
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On this channel I cover stimulus check updates, stimulus package updates and any new developments regarding the next stimulus relief package.
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So far the Cares Act has been signed into law by President Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress proposed the stimulus checks and stimulus packages in March.
We are now waiting on the Hero’s Act to pass so we will know whether stimulus money will be paid to the American people. We are waiting to see if essential workers will be paid hero’s pay or essential workers pay. We are waiting to hear on federal unemployment, back to work bonuses and PUA weekly income for unemployed people.
This channel also covers the PPP or Paycheck Protection Program, the EIDL Grant and EIDL loan program through the SBA or Small Business Administration.
This channel also educates people on Smart Money Tips, Personal Development and Words of Encouragement.
Stephen Gardner is a best-selling financial author with 8 books. He is also does financial coaching to show clients how to build wealth and quickly eliminate all their debt using his FOCUS method. His most popular book is Taming Wall Street.
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Stephen is on a mission to help strengthen America one family at a time.
Make sure to stay up to date on the next stimulus check, stimulus package, PPP, EIDL Grant and EIDL loan so you don’t miss out on your money. Also, Stephen makes sure to do research on unemployment, rent and mortgage assistance, food assistance programs, SBA Loans, IRS, President Trump, Steve Mnuchin of the Treasury Department, The Senate, Congress and the House of Representatives.
I appreciate your trust in regards to the IRS Stimulus Check information. I believe a second stimulus check and second stimulus package will happen and updates on the second stimulus check 2 will be coming soon.
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Stephen Gardner is a best selling financial author, educator, investor and news reporter. On this channel you will learn about daily news, trending news, the stock market, stocks, smart money tips, investments, life insurance, how to save money, budgeting and crazy stories.
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Apr 1, 2021




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Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner 19 days ago
New BIG money contest starting tomorrow! Do you think the new Biden spending bill is too big or not big enough? The stolen STIMULUS money has been recovered. --- us-first.info/player/video/bNmdfqx7YGJ2o4k.html
Lolita Madrigal-Townes
It's too big kids get a grant and haven't paid into nothing.
Phillip Sharp
Phillip Sharp 15 days ago
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James Sondereal
James Sondereal 17 days ago
On SSI getting direct deposit 0n 4/7
MELISSA BAKER 17 days ago
I'm concerned with our debt and how our grandchildren will be affected by it, so I guess it's too much in my opinion. Trim the fat and help the American People and I'm for it.
Christopher Jaxtyn
Christopher Jaxtyn 17 days ago
@Jarod Stephanie i will try it out right now. Looks promising.
MariYah Israel
MariYah Israel 12 days ago
lol, the solo.
Debra Hann
Debra Hann 13 days ago
Wise Flys
Wise Flys 12 days ago
+①②①⑧⑧⓪⓪②⑥⓪⑧ wasap
Wise Flys
Wise Flys 12 days ago
Thanks for commenting, you can message me on wassap for more gaining ideas and detailed information
Lolita Madrigal-Townes
Some people on social security haven't received the third stimulus check
Diana Turpin
Diana Turpin 14 days ago
Wouldn't it be great to be able to afford an electric car! I'm not using gas for fun.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 15 days ago
Thank you Steven
Wise Flys
Wise Flys 12 days ago
+①②①⑧⑧⓪⓪②⑥⓪⑧ wasap
Wise Flys
Wise Flys 12 days ago
Thanks for commenting, you can message me on wassap for more gaining ideas and detailed information
Josefina Escribano
Josefina Escribano 15 days ago
I have not received my stimulus money. I am on social security and received the last one
Raul Almazan Almazan
I was enjoying your video,until you mentioned Donald Trump! Buzz Kill !!
Raul Almazan Almazan
Mightiest well raise taxes on large corporation,everything is so expensive . Cars, Trucks are so expensive almost as much as a house. I live of social security and am unable to buy a new car. Legalize marijuana maybe that will help the economy. I have land I might lease it to marijuana farmers.
Craig BraveEagle
Craig BraveEagle 15 days ago
Talking bout 4th check i havent seen a second or third
Christina Leal
Christina Leal 15 days ago
He’s full of crap
Craig BraveEagle
Craig BraveEagle 15 days ago
Hello clark kent
Accounting Instruction, Help, & How To
Good stuff Stephen. Thank you. Your audio sounds better then most to me. Would you mind sharing your audio setup?
Missey Finley
Missey Finley 15 days ago
I haven't received my third stimulus check either. Although, I was told by the IRS last week that I will probably have to wait until next year to file another recovery rebate. So, if you haven't got your third check yet, you may have to wait a whole year, which sucks.
Cindy Colston
Cindy Colston 15 days ago
Hi Stephen, finally received our stimulus money on Friday 🎉🎉🎉
Shasha8674 15 days ago
Government gets money by people working. How can you tax if they are not making money by working? Businesses are already taxed highly by local governments. Some small businesses may pay $800 a month in local taxes. Power plants may use coal. Biden plan is really who's plan? Biden is spending money he doesn't have...is pretend money. America is bankrupt. They want the high speed train they burned America/Canada/Australia with Directed Energy weapons. Trump is awesome and should not be banned. They want a full political take over. The "left"...Fauci/Gates sent the weaponized virus/patent/simulated it and want to make trillions on vaccines.
Shasha8674 15 days ago
They trash America and then give them stimulus money, but give most money for other reasons which may funnel money to themselves.
Plannerheart 83
Plannerheart 83 15 days ago
Does Family Dollar qualify for PPE ? Employees received the PPE pay last year when this all started which was $2 more a hour in pay but in 2 mths it was gone. I don't understand why nobody does ANYTHING FOR PPL WHO HAVE WORKED THROUGH COVID? Where is are Bonus? Unemployment seems to get all the funds. I just don't understand how the Government is working through this Pandemic.. Any replies greatly appreciated. You Are AMAZING 🤗
Bev Boehm
Bev Boehm 15 days ago
I want to know what happened to Ssi and SSDI third check?????????
Bev Boehm
Bev Boehm 15 days ago
What absolutely it third for ssi and SSDI when we get third one
Bev Boehm
Bev Boehm 15 days ago
What happened to ssi and SSDI. Check 3 check
Lynda Anderson
Lynda Anderson 15 days ago
It's not realistic to have electric cars. Our power system needs to be upgraded and fixed before we worry about electric cars. People don't care about the planet. They litter and litter. I recycle. It should be mandatory. You can't make people care unless you give them incentives to change. The rich should be taxed more not the poor. If we all worked together to do what is right the planet would'nt be in shape it is in. Gas price increases are'nt the answer. People will find a way to drive if they want to no matter what fuel cost. We need real changes to make the planet better and cleaner. We need a team in the White House that works solely on ways to clean up the enviorment and changes that will really make a difference. This should of been put in place years ago. Factories are polluting our waters,oil spills are polluting our waters. This is just one issue. That's why there needs to be a team that works specifically on pollution and ways to solve the problems caused by pollution. It is urgent to the future of our planet. It all can't be solved by one group of people. Get the people involved in different projects. When people realize were all in this together can you a imagine the difference it would make and the positive changes that would take place.
Theresa Logsdon
Theresa Logsdon 15 days ago
Well, they can keep raising taxes and making rules and soon will be like those futuristic movies where if you violate the rules, they take more of you Credits or Allowance as a punishment and then you don't have enough to get to work where is is mandated you must work or no Credits or Allowance. It is just aweful how our Government does not have the Peoples Rights or Needs in View. Future will be extremely hard.
Alan Redden
Alan Redden 15 days ago
But the traditional electric battery puts out as much co2 as an old diesel engine
danny arendall
danny arendall 15 days ago
Please where the disabled veteran. Money did they forget US
Kelly B.
Kelly B. 15 days ago
Everyone has lost their minds. Keep a car charged in 0°
Kelly B.
Kelly B. 15 days ago
There goes a lot more jobs with that 28%.
Kelly B.
Kelly B. 15 days ago
Stacey Collins
Stacey Collins 15 days ago
Diane Lewis
Diane Lewis 15 days ago
Yes been telling everyone and why they are amazing.i get so many thanks but I say not me is you.🌟❤spread that love
Diane Lewis
Diane Lewis 15 days ago
I had watched this on my tv.but cant comment on there
Faye Brown
Faye Brown 15 days ago
higher gss prices?! tax us for miles we drive?! force us to buy cars we cant afford?! we already pay emissions each year insurance is high property taxes city taxes oh no!!!!! these people sitting on their rump need to go to work.
Phillip Sharp
Phillip Sharp 15 days ago
Have. You. Ever. Had. A. Chance. To. Please. Save. Me. A. Hate. So. I. Can. Just. Were. It's. Logo. You. Made. Something. Positive. Thinking. Careful. The. Hundreds. I'm. Thankful. Just. For. A. Nice. Hate. Im. Wanting. Just. That. So. Others. Like. Me. Behold. A. Nice. Hate. As. Always. Truly. Trying. To. Get. Something. Positive. Is. Good. Thanks. For. Your. Doing. Great. Thanks
mike baird
mike baird 15 days ago
The Democrats infrastructure bills are a joke they're like 5 to 10%, actual helping people or going to the cause and 90% pork
Paul Thomas Shepherd
1400.00 stimulus checks just an ongoing drama, plus a more complex one as it goes on. I have been to better theater than this endless one!
showgirls around the world a dancer family
My ears are killing me ..what is wrong with this vlog?
marc guidry
marc guidry 16 days ago
This new infrastructure bill makes me happy that I voted for Biden. Way to go Joe.
laurie anne Foley
laurie anne Foley 16 days ago
Just saying but love you lots and lots
laurie anne Foley
laurie anne Foley 16 days ago
Technology can't show money with out copy writing on the bill yup
Gloria Scott
Gloria Scott 16 days ago
Please keep me up date on what's going on bless you
Gloria Scott
Gloria Scott 16 days ago
Still waiting for Check 3 stimulus in ssi
Christy Lynn
Christy Lynn 16 days ago
I am 47 and I remember all the cigarette ads on tv and everywhere else. I also remember as a smoker, them having to stop all of them, plus the contests that got stopped. My Dad is a former smoker and has a lot of things that he saved up for and got with the UPC codes that he collected.
marcus lambert
marcus lambert 16 days ago
well i hope so i worked through the days in this country where you opened the newspaper production & manufacturing was 16 to 20 pages of work & even the most basic worker could look his ole lady in the eye in the morning & say later i will be back with a job & do so if he wanted .
connie fancher
connie fancher 16 days ago
Happy easter to you all
connie fancher
connie fancher 16 days ago
Happy easter to you and your family
James Sims
James Sims 16 days ago
I need my $1400 3rd Direct Deposit ASAP, April 7th
Marian Dow
Marian Dow 16 days ago
Hello Stephen, Completely frustrating is thr fact that I filed on the 15th and I am one of those had collected unemployment, and also used 2019 eitc. It still says that "it's processing in a refund date will be given but has said that since the acceptance which was hours after I filed ( I had filed with an H&R Block representative in office on February 15th ) So when can I actually expect my refund to land in my bank account? We are a low-income family both of us out of work due to the pandemic because of the complete closure of the business and not reopening its doors at all
Christine Accorsi
Christine Accorsi 16 days ago
I vaguely remember the change in tobacco products advertising
Christine Accorsi
Christine Accorsi 16 days ago
And we aren't already being taxed enough for many idiotic reasons why add more. Which as you stated is exactly why we left England and had the American Revolution
Christine Accorsi
Christine Accorsi 16 days ago
The problem with the internet portion of the bill is that the majority of internet providers have had the ability to install the needed equipment, but have not yet done so
Christine Accorsi
Christine Accorsi 16 days ago
Another comment on the real estate situation. While I understand that realtors have to make money. The land itself has been around since the earth finished fully forming, so why exponentially increase the cost of it
Jerry Beverlin
Jerry Beverlin 16 days ago
I haven't gotten my stimulus why
Tina Munroe
Tina Munroe 16 days ago
I got 1st & 2 2nd (grateful) didn't get 3rd been on disability since "89" ???
Todd Warner
Todd Warner 16 days ago
You mean Facebook continues to crack down on free speech?
Linda Metelko
Linda Metelko 16 days ago
No stimulus check yet
Bonnie Kewitsch
Bonnie Kewitsch 16 days ago
HAPPY EASTER! MY HUBBY AND I RECEIVED OUR STIMULUS CHECKS ON AT MIDNIGHT APRIL 1, When we went to the bank this morning to get our cashier checks to pay our bill & we told the cashier to put 20 on my prepaid card & 44 on my Hubby's. She can back when she was done & she said , Did you know your Stimulus Checks came through last night at midnight & we both said no so she said i suppose you would like something more then the 20 & the 44 & we both said yes.....We had a blast shopping at Walmart.We got our paper goods, our vitamins, Allerga for my hubby it keeps him alive we bought about 6 months ago. Yes I remember when they took the cigerattes commerials off of TV my parents said it was so stupid and my dad said and the next thing they will ban from TV is Beer can't remember when they did that..............
Debby Eutsay
Debby Eutsay 16 days ago
Just wanted you to know that you're the only one on US-first that I listen to about stimulus you are very accurate and give great information I really appreciate that so come on let's go get more money money money Monday morning!!
clapoutloud66 clapoutloud66
BRUCE Sanborn
BRUCE Sanborn 16 days ago
Steve thank you so much for all the great information you have shared with all this months. I really appreciate it and your caring toward your fellow Americans touched my heart.
kathy overstreet
kathy overstreet 16 days ago
Biden will never make our country better. He's out of touch and delusional!
Stephanie Torres
Stephanie Torres 16 days ago
What are these 600 dollar checks that some of my friends have recieved?
tonya collazo
tonya collazo 16 days ago
I always wanted to buy an electric car but everything about it is EXPENSIVE!!! What is the PAYMENY REGISTRATION INSURANCE everything is EXPENSIVE SMH!!!
Donna Killgore
Donna Killgore 16 days ago
Hi Stephen, any news on additional amounts of snap benefits? Just want to say "THANK YOU" for all your hard work..
Patricia Mullins
Patricia Mullins 16 days ago
Do any of you people hear what Biden is saying ?? This is insane .. Do not be brainwashed by Biden’s Communist Agenda for our country .. If you don’t see or hear what is really being said and understand how corrupt and deceitful Biden and his Cabal Administration is then you might just be a Reprobate. Wake up people , don’t sell your soul or our country out for a couple of bucks ..
Nancy Hall
Nancy Hall 17 days ago
I have not got my $1,400 stimulus check
Gail Yarbrough
Gail Yarbrough 17 days ago
If your life was in danger and I could say something that would save it, would you listen? If yes, please do so because your life IS in danger. Jesus Christ is returning soon to judge the nations. Do you know Him? He loves you and died for your sins on that cross so you could walk out of His Courtroom and be declared, "Not guilty." To accept His offer of free eternal life, all you have to do is repent and trust in Him. He will change your heart and give you peace. Why am I telling you this? Because I care very deeply where you're going after you leave this earth. According to Bible prophecy, some events are coming that should scare you. Don't face what's coming without Jesus. Please repent today because this wicked world is just about out of time. God Bless
Jarian Warren
Jarian Warren 17 days ago
I swear he’s gay
Cathy Miller
Cathy Miller 17 days ago
Lol 😂 lol lol lol
Cathy Miller
Cathy Miller 17 days ago
Hey Stephen how's things going for you and your family and I hope tht u have a safe and hppy easter
acajudi100 17 days ago
Thank you so much for your educational books and films etc. I love you, and everyone, who tries to teach us about the pass, so if we learn, we can have a better future. We are not learning, so we will reap what we have sown. I love you! Thank you for your talents, and sharing with us. Put Americans first, or we will not have an American to steal from, and pretend to give foreign aid, and all the other BS to steal. GREED will destroy us. $29,000. checks and $2,000.00 per mont, and training for online jobs. Genocides worldwide will end the world. God is angry, and he knows how to tcb big time. Route 66 revisited. Excellent break from all this evil and greed! us-first.info/player/video/fpWXdG5klp96gYE.html
Hugh Rosser
Hugh Rosser 17 days ago
No more stimulus check. Open the economy
SherreLynn 17 days ago
Thank you for sticking with us, Stephen. God bless you and your beautiful family.
Janie farias
Janie farias 17 days ago
Happy Easter to you and family enjoy the best Easter day
Shawn Resetar
Shawn Resetar 17 days ago
Biden should be impeached along with most of democrats
Krystal Hook
Krystal Hook 17 days ago
Please get the recurring stimulus checks out for $2,000 a month until this mess is over with
Aziz Jan
Aziz Jan 17 days ago
Wow nice i need
two birds
two birds 17 days ago
Biden only listens to "woke"democrates.Our country is no longer a democracy.Our country is going down the tubes.
Catherine Alexander
Hell I only ever received 257 dollars period if I look it up they say my information asked for is incorrect wth it’s me what are they saying
Laura Pendley
Laura Pendley 17 days ago
Laura Pendley
Laura Pendley 17 days ago
When will the money be here?
Pamela Carey
Pamela Carey 17 days ago
I hope they give some recognition for the working people that continue to work non stop 4 the United States of America running during the whole pandemic process, it would be so nice to get some extra money to make us feel important to, I know all the Americans suffered but so do the working people I took care of covid-19 patients where I work!!! God Bless America and the people in it and around this world we all suffered
Survivortech Harold
this is just payoff for the mayors who destroyed their cities and governors who helped. 90% of this money will disappear with no accounting. happy days for biden family and friends?
kay grace
kay grace 17 days ago
Why do you repeat lies from buy-ed, fake pez, he died 3 yrs ago, double has demitia, he is worse prez ever, he is dillusional about saving AMerica, I will not give up my gas car, he is crazy, the demecrats just lieng to get more taxes, the overlords green new deal, evil plan to take youur property and tax the air you breathe, stop spreading the cabal overlords lieing news, tell the truth about the green deal just a cove rup for the NWO commie deal.
Denise Fernandez
Denise Fernandez 17 days ago
No no no no
Deborah Leek
Deborah Leek 17 days ago
I remember! I hope all do because the Marlboro Man is dead!
Michelle Three
Michelle Three 17 days ago
the money money they spend the more they tax and then the more we have to pay for buying things like food ect its just crazy
Deborah Leek
Deborah Leek 17 days ago
Boy the poor do not have a chance!
landen for reals
landen for reals 17 days ago
Hello ive been sick.
The Blind Ref
The Blind Ref 17 days ago
Disclaimer make sure you're paying your state tax cuz some of those states are going to f*** you good if you take that advice
MELISSA BAKER 17 days ago
Thanks for the news update Hans! Alot of good info I did not know. Appreciate you!
Bit of Wizdomb
Bit of Wizdomb 17 days ago
No free lunches folks . Free money ? Pffff taxes will be absurdly high to suck all back up in time
terry wagar
terry wagar 17 days ago
How do I get a pedophile child killing Multnopmah county sheriff arrested in Portland Oregon when 911 call operators refuse to take complaints on badge carriers? Calling 911 does not get badge carriers arrested nor does it get anyone to take a complaint!
terry wagar
terry wagar 17 days ago
Multnomah county sheriffs are mass child killers and no one will take a felony complaint on them!
terry wagar
terry wagar 17 days ago
Oaks Park management and Oaks Park maintenance team sabotaged the Monster Mouse ride tracks by unseating several track sections in a roll in late 1990 and at the start of the season in 1991 park management hired two collage educated wielders under cover as minimum waged ride operators and had them hog the Monster Mouse ride for over one season to develop the metal fatigue/cracks/breaks in the tracks and then suddenly quit without notice or warning after they developed a break in the track and the next morning the maintenance team slagged the break in the track with wielding slag to hide the break in the track! One week later during the busiest public school picnic day of the season consisting of all East side Portland middle school children the hunk of slag the maintenance team used to hide the break in the track broke off and the track section with the break in it was separating each time a car went over that section and that section would have \faile3d at any given moment and no one caught it! It only took me sixty seconds to catch it and I shut the ride down thus preventing a bloodbath from happening only to be berated by the maintenance supervisor for shutting down that death trap and he did it in front the the park CEO Joe Norling and then the maintenance supervisor took that hunk of slag which was the size of a grown man's fist and he through it down on the ground as hard as he could to break it because it's proof that the maintenance team knew about the break in the track and were trying to hide it with wielding slag and proof of sabotage! Park CEO allowed the maintenance supervisor to cover up the sabotage by destroying evidence and then the CEO paid fifty grand for a used Mad Mouse ride that they could use as replacement parts for the sabotaged sections of the Monster Mouse tracks and they just pretended nothing happened! I became a permanent target of Multnomah county sheriff's after this because it's county sheriff sting operations that took covert control of the park in the 1980's and the sheriff sting op's do what they do nest,,,murder anyone that is a witness against their op's! It's the sheriff's that pay their sting op's embedded within Oaks Park to sabotage the rides and it's your local GOV that fills the park up with Portlanders children when the sting op's plan to have their big ass disasters they want so badly!
terry wagar
terry wagar 17 days ago
Multnomah county photo-double using sheriff's pay their county jail kitchen prep cooks to poison off witnesses to sting op's sabotaging rides at Oaks Amusement Park because sheriff's wanted to mass murder children via sabotaged amusement rides!
h8tingit 17 days ago
Is my comment hidden or something? Do you know how discouraging it is to see other people get a bunch of likes and attention on comments that's basically the same as mine which receives 0 likes? Just to be clear, I could care less for likes. BUT, when all the comments I leave on past videos receive the same 0, it makes me think that either you blocked me or something along that line. "You are amazing" Really? Nah, you make me feel like a loser; and my impression of you is that of someone who is biased, you and your subscribers. Screw all this. Go and hide, block, delete, whatever the hell you want with this comment.
Yolanda Austin
Yolanda Austin 17 days ago
Why is it that they put a cap on the money because even if you made $80,000 more We're All in This pandemic together
Louella Mitchell
Louella Mitchell 17 days ago
Would love to receive my stimulus.
Sandy Johnson
Sandy Johnson 17 days ago
We still have not received our stimulus checks and I get SSI and social security there is nothing pending in my bank
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