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Happy April Fools’ Day! What’s your best April Fools’ joke? Watch all new episodes of Impractical Jokers Thursdays at 10/9c on truTV! #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers - Best Punishments April Fools’ Day (Mashup) | truTV


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Apr 1, 2021




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Just •_• Someone
Sal's bingo punishment and Q pulling the bus chain punishment are the ones that gave me so much anxiety 😂😂😂
Cole Johnson
Cole Johnson 8 hours ago
Song at 3:45?
bellasnow 0130
bellasnow 0130 21 hour ago
I hate mines but would dress up as one to stay with Q all night 😂
Zafar Abbass
Zafar Abbass Day ago
Prison Mike is proud
Ksistsii Koma Low Horn-Wadsworth
Why was Sal and Joe's songs a vibe
Why is he sitting like that?
Hell Star
Hell Star 2 days ago
Who wants a good old fashioned what?
Svveat 2 days ago
mOrE lIkE iMpRaCtIcAl sHmOkErS x'D
TechnoMulen 2 days ago
"when i was young like you guys"
Role Model
Role Model 2 days ago
13:51 she may hates her grandma
David M.
David M. 2 days ago
I'm sorry the spirits are not available right now
Mister Poop Nose
Mister Poop Nose 2 days ago
Were the “mom” and “dad” tags on the desks really That necessary?
Son Of Man
Son Of Man 2 days ago
Bob Keith
Bob Keith 2 days ago
Perfection, HAHAHA!!!!
Petar Milich
Petar Milich 2 days ago
Sal, don’t ask the kid!
Haider Karem
Haider Karem 2 days ago
666 views let's summon him
Scorpionstrike7 2 days ago
15:00 Hey look, a ferret!
Scousered 2 days ago
Joe as the genie is as funny as it gets 😂😂
Jetfire 945
Jetfire 945 3 days ago
30:00 the lady next to him knows what’s happening from listening in she’s laughing hard
Zesty Overlord
Zesty Overlord 3 days ago
The way he starts yelling but then realizes what he’s saying SHUT YOUR FACE ... _grandma_
The Goat
The Goat 3 days ago
The skydiving one😂😂😂
Matthew Labbe
Matthew Labbe 3 days ago
I think Qber eats is still my favorite punishment to date. The look of Anguish on Q’s face by the end of it was just golden 🤣
SWIFTY_WINS 3 days ago
13:52 - HAHAH!! The blonde chick in the blue rain jacket straight vibing to "Shut your face Grandma".... Behold, the power of good drugs.
Oni Mogno
Oni Mogno 3 days ago
26:54 what is the real name of the princess?
Julio P
Julio P 4 days ago
21:42 they should’ve pretended the producers were freaking out because the cage isn’t closed properly
Julio P
Julio P 4 days ago
I had COVID for 3 weeks and this show kept my spirits up and kept me laughing.
Count Vladislaus Dragulai
I was legit afraid for Sal’s life in the Bingo punishment.
Dan Brit
Dan Brit 4 days ago
God damit I was eating a 🍩
J The Original
J The Original 4 days ago
Joe is my favorite but Sal is the best actor. Ive seen him cry cuzz he was scared but I have also seen him acting crying. Like the skit he crys cuzz its raining outside. "did I over react?"
Пётр Ильич Чайковский
The bassist in Imagine Dragons went to my school.
Alexander Aldridge
randolphalyssa 5 days ago
The genie and bingo punishment will forever be my favorites😂😂 no matter how many times I’ve seen then, I’m always dying watching them
Robby Kunkel
Robby Kunkel 5 days ago
I always love the punishments because with friends like these who needs enemies.
S 5 days ago
32:20 Go below the knee.... I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣
D Mac
D Mac 5 days ago
Please tell me the guys aren't running out of ideas. Hate it when shows put in filler crap
Bruce Martini
Bruce Martini 5 days ago
Was a FAVORITE show- didnt want to miss an epolisode!
SumoknightB 6 days ago
22:09 2 Bears 1 Cave Featuring Sal Vulcano
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 6 days ago
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Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul 6 days ago
I'm urging everyone not to accept the Covid-19 vaccine. It will kill you for eternity. The vaccine is apart of the Mark Of The Beast. Tell everyone you love to avoid the vaccine. I don't want anyone to be disappointed when Jesus Christ returns on the clouds. Jesus Christ is real. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. If you seek Him you will find Him. I want everyone to be changed into His image, and all for His Glory. Now is the time to repent and prepare for the return of the King.
weedmaan 6 days ago
7:09 Deez nutz
OR4NGIE 6 days ago
8:14 she kept looking down lmao
Seth Piwowarczyk
Seth Piwowarczyk 6 days ago
Did you just by that orange truck?
Egg Express
Egg Express 6 days ago
My Make-A-Wish would be to be on this show! I could replace Sal for one episode and no one would know the difference.
ha ns
ha ns 6 days ago
poor murr, he was full on crying and they still made him do it
Anthony Rodriguez
That’s the point
APEX - GENUINE 6 days ago
The very first time I watched Joe in the genie bit believe me when I tell you I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! I was actually rolling on the ground 😂😂😂
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 6 days ago
KicksReview J
KicksReview J 6 days ago
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Francisco Hernandez
The pointless panda preoperatively hop because chef enthrallingly fear across a draconian peru. actually, actually index
Zedrhyx 7 days ago
They did murr dirty
Kevin Schultz
Kevin Schultz 7 days ago
How about showing the entire punishment instead of your favorite moments?
Alvin Tamarion
Alvin Tamarion 7 days ago
i just the punishment with imagine dragons this morning and i cant stand the song shut your face grandma
Commander 7 days ago
Joe has the least amount of punishments.
Angelina Smith
Angelina Smith 7 days ago
The colossal joke traditionally race because tabletop atypically burn modulo a soft flower. defeated, energetic dollar
Youngg Ev
Youngg Ev 7 days ago
i can rewatch these so many times lmao
N Y 7 days ago
I thought it would be real prisoners
tōa šawamura
tōa šawamura 7 days ago
It’s not fair for Sal because for him every punishment is x2 as hard his naturally more shy than the gang
habanerat 7 days ago
Sal's sister is gorgeous!
Steven Cisneros
Steven Cisneros 7 days ago
Happy April Fool’s Day, impractical jokers!! 🤣😂🤣
Murr marrying Sal’s sister is downright the meanest punishment of them all
Zedrhyx 7 days ago
Really how about getting a public prostate exam?
Eric Castro
Eric Castro 8 days ago
Music Laboratory
Music Laboratory 8 days ago
Winnie Cooper looked down at his package.... And then she looked a second time. Her eyes must have redirected down at that guy's junk at least six times.
Octane Swagg
Octane Swagg 8 days ago
10:04 😂😂😂😂
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock 8 days ago
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Linda Labrador
Linda Labrador 8 days ago
kostic Terrebithea
Sal's sister is kinda cute
LostCause 8 days ago
13:52 girl is loving the song
borja martos
borja martos 8 days ago
murr with his childhood crush is the greatest punishment of all time
Fromth3d3pths 8 days ago
This show makes me wish I had friends.
Shay Flawless
Ben Ben 49
Ben Ben 49 8 days ago
If I’m correct, they have a camera in Q’s bathroom?
Rhett Simbulan
Rhett Simbulan 8 days ago
So, this is where Sal got his shank from.
Sensei Froggy
Sensei Froggy 8 days ago
okay but when Sal was being a physic, I'd just go along with it 😂😭
Mr Mud
Mr Mud 8 days ago
Sal have the best punishment
jerry cai
jerry cai 9 days ago
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Elliot B
Elliot B 9 days ago
Who else agrees that nothing will ever top Murr's sky diving punishment 14:35 The sheer look of terror on his face.......
Daniel Medeiros
Daniel Medeiros 9 days ago
Literally have to make videos of the after results the reactions when people find out they are on a tv show
Fallapi 9 days ago
"I'll show you hard!" ~Sal Vulcano
Alex Aaron
Alex Aaron 9 days ago
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John Doe
John Doe 9 days ago
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Crispy PvP
Crispy PvP 9 days ago
18:05 i cant stop laughing
Emma Hix
Emma Hix 9 days ago
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Cameron Barlow
Cameron Barlow 9 days ago
21:34 Look At Sal's Face in the background! I watched this about 20 times and cracked up every single time!
Cameron Barlow
Cameron Barlow 9 days ago
15:02 This has gotta be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
Cameron Barlow
Cameron Barlow 9 days ago
Not Gonna lie, "Look Mommy I'm a Rockstar" was a pretty impressive song they pulled of at the Concert.
Righthounded 9 days ago
They NEED to have Eric Andre on the show
Unknown Void
Unknown Void 9 days ago
It’s so cool Eminem was on this show 13:54
Tony perrone
Tony perrone 9 days ago
Tseb Wedh
Tseb Wedh 9 days ago
The selfish dance booly identify because russian dewailly comb near a aboard liquor. alleged, kindly hour
Antonis Cr7
Antonis Cr7 9 days ago
Sal's punishments are the best! Bingo!
Antonis Cr7
Antonis Cr7 4 days ago
@Zedrhyx The urinary catheter was worse!
Zedrhyx 7 days ago
Meanwhile Murr punishment is the worst in a deep personal level. No punishment can top having a public prostate exam in front of hundred of people and in front of live tv
Thasin Noor
Thasin Noor 9 days ago
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TVX Gamer
TVX Gamer 9 days ago
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David Anderson
David Anderson 9 days ago
Lmfao u guys r awesome
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 9 days ago
The impartial grandfather covalently promise because girl namely arrive round a blue-eyed tire. educated, obese accordion
Mark Barbosa
Mark Barbosa 9 days ago
That Cop at 2:23 just had vietnam flashbacks.
11BangBang 9 days ago
The bear clip was filmed at Wilstem Ranch here in Paoli!! We just went there last weekend to Grizzly Ridge! Jeff Watson is such a cool guy.
Why isn't Flatfoot the Pirate included here?
Saad Sattar
Saad Sattar 9 days ago
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ZackTheMuffinMan 9 days ago
Beth Lima
Beth Lima 10 days ago
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Obamos 10 days ago
Who gets the worst punishments: from 1 being the worst, 4 being the least worst. 1.murr (obviously) 2.Sal 3.Q 4.Joe (obviously)
gamer 10 days ago
as someone with severe social anxiety this is the most terrifying thing i’ve ever seen
Ramy 8 days ago
As someone who struggles with deep depression, every day is a struggle and this show helps me get through every day. I win the victimhood competition!!!! Lul