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Introducing the newest cast member, Prince Herb. Watch Impractical Jokers anytime on the truTV app: app.trutv.com/cIvjUjrZSfb #truTV​ #ImpracticalJokers​ #PrinceHerb
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Impractical Jokers - Prince Herb Transformation (Clip) | truTV


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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Duder Hour ago
for anyone who's wondering, theres a few more minutes of this clip with Q where he announces that his beer company is making a "prince herb brew" and it sucks
KR6 Productions
KR6 Productions 4 hours ago
"Not the whole season" The shock, fear and disappointment
Drason Meerrkat
Drason Meerrkat 20 hours ago
It suits him
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee Day ago
Challam Brothers
Where's Q?
Meat Balls
Meat Balls Day ago
They should have went for the old joke ' baloney cheeks '
Zane Alami
Zane Alami 2 days ago
Honestly thought it was gonna be Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico or Crangis Mcbasketball
Alex Casper
Alex Casper 3 days ago
Prince herb aka Sal has the best reactions!😂🤣
adrinjana1 3 days ago
Pls cut his hair lol visit me I’ll do it
Paper Thin
Paper Thin 4 days ago
Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop 4 days ago
Sal has tattoos but can't get his ear pierced haha
Lillie Silver
Lillie Silver 4 days ago
"Your gonna pierce my ears!?" Psh murrs like stfu and get in the chair buddy.
tyler watson
tyler watson 4 days ago
why is murr squirming as if he hasn’t been catheterized and had 3 prostate exams on tv
tyler watson
tyler watson 4 days ago
& pierced
ChiefSlim3 5 days ago
He looks like josh peck from drake and josh
John Rey Ubas
John Rey Ubas 5 days ago
Prince Herb questioning the jokers about modifying his body like he didn't did to Murr😂😂
PAUL Leong
PAUL Leong 5 days ago
eioBeewoJ 5 days ago
2:36 everyone will see how #wuss #sissy #weak you are compared to the other #Jokers... #Murr is the toughest of all.
brookiebrew 5 days ago
Truly sad to see Sal go. I wonder what all of his fan accounts are gonna do.. man. What a loss. Prince Herb does seem kinda jazzy though, I’m a little excited
Sami Akmal
Sami Akmal 5 days ago
This video explains why I see the words Prince herb on the thumbnails of Sal
Tomer Dori
Tomer Dori 5 days ago
I remember when I got my ears pierced, I was in elementary school when I first got my left ear pierced, got my right ear pierced in highschool, and ended up taking them both out when I joined the Israeli army in 2012. Since then, I've never had earrings, 😂
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 days ago
The only reason I am subscribed to truTv
Clementine 7 days ago
They didn't say where Q was lol
projeckt2501 7 days ago
Prince Herb is cool, but I miss Pal. That guy could really sell, jokes and auto parts!
Hm Hm
Hm Hm 7 days ago
Prince Herb's hair looks stupid
Boxing Hetero
Boxing Hetero 8 days ago
You couldn't pay me a million dollars to get a tattoo or earrings.
MrGhostman666 8 days ago
Nepal loves Prince 🤴 Herb🥗🇳🇵
Alexandra Najar
Alexandra Najar 8 days ago
Why does Sal have to be Prince Herb like I don’t understand does that mean Sal doesn’t exist anymore?
Dan Sam
Dan Sam 9 days ago
Hannah. Hat. Hank. Hospital. HERB ✌️
J. O.
J. O. 9 days ago
Prince Herb looks better now 😍😂
Recie Natividad
Recie Natividad 9 days ago
Prince Herb is gonna fill a big shoe on Sal's departure😁 Thank you Sal for the funny moments😥 Welcome Prince Herb! 😁
Asura Lord
Asura Lord 9 days ago
erxk 9 days ago
I would’ve slapped them.
Pol Dog
Pol Dog 9 days ago
Where was Q??!
Lisseth Mendoza
Lisseth Mendoza 10 days ago
I'm going to be one of those guys that licks his lips a lot 🤣
Jessica Ritchey
Jessica Ritchey 10 days ago
Where was q? They never got to q? Lol
Tripp Ross
Tripp Ross 10 days ago
I was also hoping they would cut that awful hair too
Khobo Mi7
Khobo Mi7 10 days ago
Wasap Prince Herb 😂
Roa 10 days ago
somehow he got even hotter
Teagun Linger
Teagun Linger 10 days ago
Prince Herb’s upset about the earrings, completely forgetting that Murr had both nipples and his belly button pierced... on the same day!
Michael DeMelfi
Michael DeMelfi 10 days ago
Forever in my heart, he is and always will be known as Sal. Nothing will change that
Joel Iawphniaw
Joel Iawphniaw 10 days ago
Use hand for piercing that's gotta be hurt 😭 , fortunately I got my piercing with an instrument
Iron Wolf
Iron Wolf 10 days ago
Where Q
Danna Rollins
Danna Rollins 10 days ago
Please bring Sal back.
Wolftales 10 days ago
Prince Herb just sounds like a Jamaican Heisenberg
Rhian Bunyan
Rhian Bunyan 10 days ago
all hale prince herb
Pam Snodgrass
Pam Snodgrass 10 days ago
Whoever says these guys are Funny They are not..there humor is for themselfs..Prince Herb..another dumb ass idea from these dumb guy's Who are so DESPERATE FOR A LAUGH FORCED LAUGHS..THERE NOT FUNNY
Tommy Cha
Tommy Cha 10 days ago
Does Prince Herb still have the tattoo of Jaden Smith? Lol
Jake 10 days ago
This show has really jumped the shark
randomclickerguy 10 days ago
So where was Q?
Roman Arriaga
Roman Arriaga 11 days ago
Wait... didn't Murray got his nipples and other parts of his body pierced in a wheel of piercing punishment? Why is he nervously asking Prince Herb "did it hurt?" Also, what's up with Q?
Sierrah Hofzon
Sierrah Hofzon 11 days ago
Where's Q?
Bayonet300 11 days ago
Would have been funnier if they changed his Wikipedia page, too
ShowOnn 11 days ago
Where to stream this in india ?
Jon Downer
Jon Downer 11 days ago
Ah yes good ol prince herb
Nick DeGugs
Nick DeGugs 11 days ago
Honestly I think they could’ve thought of a funnier name and accessory.
Michael Orr
Michael Orr 11 days ago
What ever happened to Ja’Crispy?
ArtBabbit 11 days ago
Where was Q
Doctor Slayer
Doctor Slayer 11 days ago
And kids how I met Prince Herb..
Tom A
Tom A 11 days ago
Eddy Reynoso And Prince Herb look The Same... If You Dont Know Eddy, PLEASE SEARCH HIM... They Are Impractical Twins
Brandon Nettles
Brandon Nettles 11 days ago
Hint: Prince Herb is Sal
Ryan Slade
Ryan Slade 11 days ago
My biggest question is where is q?
Akshat 11 days ago
Where's Q?
Montana McCarthy
Montana McCarthy 11 days ago
For anyone who says Murr's punishments are worse than Sal's compare this to when Murr got his nipples pierced and you will understand why they have to scale punishments to the joker.
macbitz 11 days ago
His next punishment should have been to have the sides of his head shaved to accentuate his ears.
Princess Peach
Princess Peach 11 days ago
Prince Herb looks just like Sal.
Marcy Mcfly BV
Marcy Mcfly BV 11 days ago
He has tattoos but he feels pain on a piercing? Lol kinda odd
Snowmizer187 11 days ago
that's it? so he got his ears pierced ....... so what? they always go light on him.
Ammon Burbank
Ammon Burbank 12 days ago
Sal respectfully looks like the bearded woman.
DaEABaller 12 days ago
Here's a good punishment. Get Sal high and have him do a presentation lol
Edward Htx
Edward Htx 12 days ago
Wheres Q?
MrHallOfPain 12 days ago
Hey Babe
Elizabeth Girard
Elizabeth Girard 12 days ago
# prince herb
Chris 12 days ago
Anyone know what type of vans Sal is wearing? They look so cool.
Andrew Vincent
Andrew Vincent 12 days ago
Wow 'Herb' I remember that being a slang like Joe said back in the late 90s and early 2000s lol. I like how they're bringing it back
Zeko F
Zeko F 12 days ago
I feel like they change how they film the show. Bring it back please : (
brokennoah 12 days ago
I'm out of the loop, what happened to Sal? Why was he replaced?
Kim Guir
Kim Guir 12 days ago
ClicheName123 12 days ago
where was q though?
Lea Ann
Lea Ann 12 days ago
That's it? Ears pierced? Big deal. My goodness, Murr had his nipples pierced & I think his tongue!
Rdmilo 12 days ago
“Look at the prince” 😂😂😂
Cooper Stuckey
Cooper Stuckey 12 days ago
Why is joes joes forehead yellow
Adelia Safira
Adelia Safira 12 days ago
Why didnt he use the piercing gun?? This seems too painful. Or are the earrings too big for a piercing gun? Idk
Taurus Svenssen-Wäll
Did they go to school with Prince Herb too? Why hasn't this lovely fellow been on the show before!?
Gerome Lyons
Gerome Lyons 12 days ago
Where was q?
Jay Barot
Jay Barot 12 days ago
What happened to Q? Where is he?
Herculano Espinoza
Herculano Espinoza 12 days ago
This was a dumb punishment. They’ve had a few dumb punishments that were not funny n just plain stupid, overall I love these guys and hope they do it past season 12.
Elvis Sinatra Cash
Elvis Sinatra Cash 12 days ago
I don’t know if I could do this punishment lol
TheBlarggle 12 days ago
I can't believe Prince Herb was lucky enough to ALSO know the guys since HIgh School.
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson 12 days ago
Where was Q? I missed it.
Jacob Kates
Jacob Kates 12 days ago
Wheres Q?
Robert Finch
Robert Finch 12 days ago
Princess Herb?
Kay Mam
Kay Mam 12 days ago
Wait is sal leaving
Sean O.
Sean O. 12 days ago
Uh ..where’s Q??🤔
Coby Valenzuela
Coby Valenzuela 12 days ago
I have both ears pierced. They didn't even hit his cartilage. Trust me it doesn't hurt that much he's exaggerating for the show. Pretty much all studs, no matter how big or small the jewel is, the metal piece that goes in the ear is the same size and small.
My Kitten Is A Black Belt
Please tell me how much is the Prince Herb brew going to be I know it sucks and Its not even real beer but I'm not an alcoholic and I have drank worse
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy 12 days ago
Should have made him shave and got the hair cut. I remember the days when a punishment was joe's custom tattoos, as "prince herb" well knows it can always be worse...
Otsile M
Otsile M 12 days ago
They match his eyes
Ujjawal Kumar
Ujjawal Kumar 12 days ago
Hahaha.. and where's Q?
Ap Tennis _11
Ap Tennis _11 12 days ago
Prince Herb hmmm... time for new drivers license 🙌🏻
Dear Slim
Views 185K
Dear Slim
Views 185K
I adopted a cat.