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Happy New Year 2021 Impaulsive Fans! Enjoy the list of our Top Moments from 2020! Which were your favorite?
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


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Jan 1, 2021




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Abdul R Watches
Abdul R Watches 10 hours ago
To be honest, I wasn't a fan, but after this video, I am becoming one.
Tita Quintana
Tita Quintana 18 hours ago
13 was the best one😂😂
Thin Line Of Sanity
Thin Line Of Sanity 20 hours ago
35:13 - 🤣😂🤣 omg! He may have had nice ab's, but dude gave up the ability to have his soldier stand at attention for them. Smh. Say no to steroids kids.
Charlie I
Charlie I 21 hour ago
“That’s a fine as dude 😂😂😂😂”
Maverick Games Live
there is tommy shelby who can deal with all this shit at the fear of dying and here comes jake paul and mike and logan always opening up about their feelings and shit and focus too much on their feelings than actually what to do
Justin Eddowes
George is Great soul
wilson ramos
wilson ramos Day ago
At what point are Logan, Mike and George gonna stop saying "at what point"
ari veith
ari veith 4 days ago
Mark 5 days ago
Lol G Floyd was definietly resisting arrest, police tried to put him in the car and he ressisted, he was licking shouting.... also it could either happen to white ppl not only black... and it does happen but about that no1 cares....
Mark 5 days ago
Lele was lyiiing
Jacque Gant
Jacque Gant 5 days ago
Who is that guy with Lele Pons 😂 this guy needs exposed for doing this
Juzkickback 6 days ago
This sh*t is a masterpiece HOLY fck! Ty for this HAHAHAHAHA
raymond arias
raymond arias 8 days ago
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rise up
rise up 9 days ago
Mike should be in charge of handling out of control violent criminals
Lucas GZ
Lucas GZ 11 days ago
Logan and Mike nice America is racist performance 🎭 👏 I can clearly see why your not in any movies
Coby A
Coby A 11 days ago
Anyone else just skip over Jakes portion?
ZACCO Day ago
@Dazin facts
Dazin 5 days ago
I didn’t and it was lowkey sad
Chazz Dee
Chazz Dee 12 days ago
I do love these podcasts, but mike is obsessed with himself.
James Schug
James Schug 13 days ago
Tony Talley
Tony Talley 13 days ago
How can you be the #1 podcast when Joe Rogan has more subscribers on his JRE clips than you have subscribers on your main channel? Mhhmmmmm something doesn't add up 🤔
Nick R
Nick R 14 days ago
Mike is so annoying just jumping in all the time......
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz 15 days ago
Zach Hamman
Zach Hamman 18 days ago
“he’s not bred for flying he’s just bred for show” lmfao why did that geek me out
Benji Benji
Benji Benji 21 day ago
the biden clip is wack
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 22 days ago
1908 they're talking about Hitler and stealing a Snicker bar, sinning is sinning George has it right if he does something 900 times forgive him 9000, if he doesn't 9000 times forgive him a million, we all sin so we all need forgiveness
spirit Love
spirit Love 24 days ago
George is wrong God is not going to look at the good u did in life he is only going to look at the sins that u made
spirit Love
spirit Love 24 days ago
George is wrong God is not going to look at the good u did in life he is only going to look at the sins that I made
Richard Lafley
Richard Lafley 24 days ago
does anybody know the song featured for 5 seconds at the start of every podcast
Sergio Dominguez
Sergio Dominguez 25 days ago
Panik Attack
Panik Attack 25 days ago
When Iron Mikye Tyson started petting the pigeon, I got worried.
Reese sweet
Reese sweet 25 days ago
“I used to take bags nigga” i think mike Tyson is my Spirit animal
Reese sweet
Reese sweet 25 days ago
Funniest podcast ever😂
O.G Smok3
O.G Smok3 26 days ago
Lmao 😂 “ I have thick skin” Mid breakdown 😂😂 💚💚💚
Oldsmokey 26 days ago
Mike sucks imo. Not that my opinion matters or anything.
Jesse Langford
Jesse Langford 26 days ago
Everyone knows a Michael but do you know what a Michael is lol
Space Age Shakespeare
This podcast is unbelievably braindead. Incredible that people listen to this absolute gunk.
Ben J
Ben J 28 days ago
Yall gotta get Post Malone on the show That would be LEGENDARY
Kodi Rhizor
Kodi Rhizor 29 days ago
Anyone here in 2021 after Jake is still acting like a little child... nobody cares dude. You have caused all of your downfall
MarkusBx 29 days ago
Kinda wish mike would talk less..
BlaDe_4rozti3 Month ago
The Jake Paul episode hit different
U Gay
U Gay Month ago
This is the funniest shit
Busta Boy
Busta Boy Month ago
Guy Muth
Guy Muth Month ago
Just imagine how this dude feels hearing lele Pons tell this story to millions of people holy fuck lmaoooo
Ricky Cope
Ricky Cope Month ago
We need to see salvation for what it is. It’s complete. There is no judgement after life. It even says God knows no sin. So when we are saved and we act on sin god can’t see it. We are called saints and you can’t be a sinner and a saint at the same time, we still sin but are not a sinner seen by god. When we go to heaven it says heaven knows no sin. God and us won’t even remember any of ours or sins.
Dani Weaver
Dani Weaver Month ago
andrew though HAHAHA
Aniket Valand
Aniket Valand Month ago
Angel D.
Angel D. Month ago
Wow! Very entertaining loved this!
addie faith
addie faith Month ago
You wanna know who I want to see on impaulsive on 2021, I wanna see Sam and Colby, Sabre Norris, Elton Castee, and Presley Hoshbach.
Mike Month ago
Never heard of this channel until Mike Tyson was on. So far good but not better than Mike Tyson’s
Jack Sock
Jack Sock Month ago
I really love the clip where Biden can’t articulate an actual sentence 😂😂😭
Tony Howes
Tony Howes Month ago
If I’m not watching this did I not survive 2020? 👀
LEGION 4wermany
LEGION 4wermany Month ago
I love Andrew Schultz he don't give a fuck
George Patzold
George Patzold Month ago
He really read off a script for the second one 🥱😂
makenzie g
makenzie g Month ago
WheatThinGames Month ago
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Saint Apex
Saint Apex Month ago
This is a like a trailer and teasers for the full episodes
Swervey Month ago
Thanks logan I heard your speech of racism and I was inspired Thales now I want to be a part of the solution so I guess thanks
Daniel Barbosa
Daniel Barbosa Month ago
coloca legendas portugues
Christian Sutter
"No problem. I love smashing Cansacos!" Classic comeback! lol
Creg Honeybone
Creg Honeybone Month ago
I’d be pissed if this was me lol
Lie's Exposed TRUTH Restored
Again stupid Mike, George Floyed death was caused due to drugs....
Lie's Exposed TRUTH Restored
Mike the only thing you have is Logan you can be glad you found him otherwise you would be no different to that wheelchair dude spiking H you talked about ..
babatunde abiola
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Internet knowledge
Lele's story 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gamer dude 98993
Man Logan has really turned himself around I just hope that he keeps going like this bcuz this is the Logan that everyone likes his brother however I have nothing to say about him
damnation Month ago
its an hour long??
Aldy Month ago
that whole fish in your pocket thing was fucking hilarious lmao its trout
Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson Month ago
Get cherdleys on
Carlos Raimundo
Carlos Raimundo Month ago
Man, in Brazil, there is a podcast that is bigger and have the language limitation, this is a good podcast, but the better, is too much.
Josifz Month ago
that lele pons one bruh 😂😂😂
robinOF loxley8
robinOF loxley8 Month ago
This episode hits hard ❤️
Freakboy 455
Freakboy 455 Month ago
Yooooo the Jeffrey star part had my dying LMAOOO IM DEADDD
matthew mcgurnaghan
If you were a professional boxer you would have beaten canelo for your weight
matthew mcgurnaghan
Your not a professional boxer your a spoilt brat
ExtineBolt Month ago
The America is racist podcast is a load of crap they have no clue what they’re talking about. White privilege DOES NOT exist and racial injustices do occur, but are very rare.
Johnny Wolfe
Johnny Wolfe Month ago
Get Millie Bobby brown to go on the podcast
Austin Deamer
Austin Deamer Month ago
Mike actually made me mad.
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters Month ago
No 1 should of been Mike breaking the tele LOL the Mike Tyson podcast was so incredibly boring but i understand it’s very impaulsive lol
doode Month ago
i jUsT hAd sPiNaL sUrGeRy
Margarita Cooper
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Al3x Martinez
Al3x Martinez Month ago
Number 13 was funny af
Abigail Cole
Abigail Cole Month ago
my mom is paralyzed from the waist down and has been for 14 years and she is the most independent, free spirited, caring woman i know. but logan talking about this and getting emotional made me so emotional. i just gained so much respect for him. he has such a kind heart and it really shows
Brandee Bryant
Brandee Bryant Month ago
2020s best podcast award
Aby jupinor
Aby jupinor Month ago
why did jake get sued for this lawsuit?
Robert Travers
Robert Travers Month ago
Mike “Your moving to Kuwait... what the fuck are you even talking about”.... 😂😂😂.... I served in Iraq in the military and when he said “Kuwait” I literally cried from laughing... say what you want about Mike but that dude is fucking hilarious... but seriously, if that’s what makes Spencer happy then best of luck to him
Inset Savage
Inset Savage Month ago
11:55 I lost it when Logan said I’m a toilet
Mahmoud Shanaa
Mahmoud Shanaa Month ago
Man I really would like to see Mohammed Hijab in one of Logan's podcasts !!
Mac Hodgdon
Mac Hodgdon Month ago
This recap video just makes me miss Mac even more. He created a natural dynamic with Logan and Mike that worked perfectly. Hopefully he comes back as a guest spot someday
Taylor Sphinx
Taylor Sphinx Month ago
17:00 the amount of waffle😂😑
RosesAre Rosé
RosesAre Rosé Month ago
Man that Lele story was weird af 😂😂😂
Mo Ak
Mo Ak Month ago
Tyler Kloster
Tyler Kloster Month ago
thought this was gonna be interesting.. its just you and your bf being tools 🤣
Jopa Month ago
“I like birds that fly”
Al Capone
Al Capone Month ago
The difference between Jake and Logan is that Logan cries for others Jake cries for himself.It’s crazy
devontae jennings
If I was in that situation I would too
Oskar Løwenstein
F*cking f*uck mike... its not all about you!
Micheal hale
Micheal hale Month ago
I hope mike Tyson don’t dog you fr
Brayden&kylan Bob
i agree that we all need to be treated equally but now people are sying only black lives matter but all lives matter white black asian ect that is what annoys me about blm i get attacked if i say all lives matter
Poontang Month ago
Lele lies about everything
moreelo silva
moreelo silva Month ago
😂😂😂. I Just had surgery 😵😵
Devin Smith
Devin Smith Month ago
Mike Tyson had spinal surgery too so I would’ve been more careful
I'm Leaving YouTube
I'm Leaving YouTube