ImDontai Reacts To WHO I SMOKE / Flight Back With That Girl!? 

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In Honor Of Calebnwokolo21 & MajinCarp
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Mar 30, 2021




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Kodachi 7 hours ago
Flight is a beta male fo sho
Awg 16 hours ago
Florida is a different breed 💀💀
dedyurei 17 hours ago
i just pray that tiktok girls dont dance to this without knowing what they talking about
Lil Titan
Lil Titan 22 hours ago
"Mental Abruse"
Lil Syncz ツ
This is hilarious and disrespectful at the same time💀😂
DuviOfflical Day ago
does dontai know the opps they dissing are the person they killed........ thats why its who i smoke
sider the kid
I love you dontai
Dian Chente
Dian Chente Day ago
They makin it out the trenches😃
Edgerrin Brown
We throwing hand signals like we back in the star wars age👽
Jl Clip
Jl Clip Day ago
2:06 looks like me when my dad came back with the milk
Y'all cancel people for the dumbest shit but praise shit like this 😂
David Weinstein
Hey dontai listen to most disrespectful UK drill bars then you will see disrespect trust me!!!
Lama Day ago
iLoveJesus Day ago
4:40 is the same very face I made when I first heard this banger.
Laissez Faire
12:03-12:07 got me dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Laissez Faire
US-first still love yo dissing ass
DennisWith2Nn's 2 days ago
omgg this shit hard aff but so disrepectful i cant help saying who i smoke
444 duke
444 duke 2 days ago
Garcia Maldini
Garcia Maldini 2 days ago
she still havent got caught se better at hiding you'll have much more appreciation for that once sht pops off lol
UnKnOwN 2 days ago
Lightning Amir
Lightning Amir 2 days ago
If disrespectful was a song
dae 6
dae 6 2 days ago
it aint go viral on tiktok, niggas just hate tiktok damn 💀
Josukei 2 days ago
Anxiety WRLD
Anxiety WRLD 2 days ago
Tarumarugan 2 days ago
He definitely watched before this video
Pipet 3 days ago
So basically here’s how it works, flights ex give flight the 360 Double hand twist GawkGawk 9000 (trademark) and now there back together.
Naota Haley
Naota Haley 3 days ago
*at this point flight needs to learn the hard way....* And goddam all these niggas that got dissed finna be the new tooka.
Mod Killer
Mod Killer 3 days ago
Yo this song is so sad they talking shit about a 16 year old and how they kill him but he a body on him to so shit and I hate how the song is stuck on my head and see the whole story
Julian Swann
Julian Swann 3 days ago
Troy 3 days ago
who else found the into funny it's just 🙂👊....
BaconLegendOfAimBot Yt
The most disrespectful song of April 2021
Majin MMA
Majin MMA 4 days ago
I didn’t think the song was all that, but after watching him react to it I like it now 😂 he hypes it up 🆙
TGE- Ty 4 days ago
Lmaooo who ever is watching dis why dis shit gotta be so hard tho 😭😭😭
I Am TTj
I Am TTj 4 days ago
These boys really out here making killing a vibe🤦🏾‍♂️ No respect at all😂😂
Mylo Kingara
Mylo Kingara 4 days ago
Get Sosa on the remix 😭😭😭😭
Slouching DF
Slouching DF 4 days ago
She has to have somethin on Flight that he doesn't want us to know, smh
munchisdead 4 days ago
flight a simp!
munchisdead 4 days ago
they are dissing julio fulio because he was shot by someone in ace's crew and survived bibby was one of foolio's homies who was a upcoming rapper cuz foolio put him on and he was killed by someone in aces crew basically moral of the story yungeen ace's crew and julio foolio's crew are rivals
Lil zo
Lil zo 4 days ago
wtf was this background dontai
big F
big F 4 days ago
Dontai straight up disappointed
rocstarty 4 days ago
foolio gonna come w some heat
OgKevW 4 days ago
WHO ELSE THINK THE SONG IS HARD ASF BUT CANT EVEN BLAST IT?😭 I live in Cali and still scared of gettin shot out here LMAOOO
Chris 4 days ago
That was so disrespectful 😭👍🏽🪦
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar 4 days ago
Man's moving like Caleb Town
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar 4 days ago
My bones are hard
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar 4 days ago
That punani slaps
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar 4 days ago
Didn't know I could lose things I never had
FirstVanZ 4 days ago
Just the fact that we laugh because of a song where these guys been rapping about killing people shows how fcked up the world is 🤷‍♂️
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar 4 days ago
King Kong ain't got nothing on Jews
Dxrk Clan
Dxrk Clan 4 days ago
Rod k teki Bibby aren't they all dead rappers?
Paige Duggan
Paige Duggan 4 days ago
They opps gon be on tiktokers asses like wanna smoke the charli pack... tiktokers needa kno what they dancing to shit will get u killed
Changed Man
Changed Man 4 days ago
The fact they made the beat loop to “and I miss you” every time they dropped a name was so disrespectful and petty😅
Jay V
Jay V 4 days ago
boyy flight really said yall not supposed to care about my love life, why the fuck you publicizing yall relationship then ?!?! don't show us shit if you don't want yo business out there ! my nigga lookin real ignorant out here let em know dontai. flight really did his best to make her look crazy just to get back with her and expects us not to say shit lmao GOOFY
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 4 days ago
dontai been the GOAT🥴🤷🏾
Mastertobs 5 days ago
Flight need to get his shit together
PAiiNT Gaming
PAiiNT Gaming 5 days ago
I give it 2 weeks then she goes berserk..again
Shawn on 120fps
Shawn on 120fps 5 days ago
F who ever made this song
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta 5 days ago
Love dontai and I just feel like he could be more poppin and be making more money simply because of US-first like, if he stayed on the main channel or connected them both better or advertised this channel...... I’m not saying that he can or will, I’m not a US-first specialist, just logically I feel like he could record a reaction or just get rid of the chat for videos or something because people on US-first that aren’t on twitch feel like they get left out if they aren’t there live lmao
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta 5 days ago
Lmaoooo DJ ghost got more views than you on this vid 😂😂😂 that man drops like 100k max on average but probably less... I’m just saying dontai I don’t care if I wanna watch watch I’ll join the stream, I just feel like you’re missing out on money
David Lyndon
David Lyndon 5 days ago
I wanna see the girl who did the original so react to this soooooo bad
Magikilller365 5 days ago
Vanessa Carlton is gang affiliated now
Dinkasaurus 5 days ago
best reaction to this vid by far. i'm not even into the music scene at all, it's not my thing, but i caught wind of this and holy shittttt. hard af but super disrespectful damnnnnn lol
Alejandro Loza
Alejandro Loza 5 days ago
I have never heard a diss this good that it like when Ice cube diss all his fellow friends
poohheadd 5 days ago
Kenny 5 days ago
Can the chat plz stop putting in W when do ntai is bobbing his head like stfu
Sumthnblu ?
Sumthnblu ? 5 days ago
When you realize the golf clubs they carrying are called "Irons and Nines"!
FamousLinkzTv 5 days ago
who i smoke...
Makiah 35
Makiah 35 5 days ago
those are their dead ops they dissin
xpossed 5 days ago
Flight leaving his Fight, L
J'amir Ellis
J'amir Ellis 6 days ago
im not ashamed to sing this song anymore
J'amir Ellis
J'amir Ellis 6 days ago
dontai your alright because they cant find you because yungeen ace is encouraging people to say who they smoking
Megalodon32 6 days ago
Everyone in ur chat gonna get shot after saying some of that stuff...
Lilskeez2x Lil
Lilskeez2x Lil 6 days ago
The fact when Dontai said 12 paramedics couldn’t save to freaking like boy he sounded like dangotsmith
Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall 6 days ago
do tjays new album
javin dagoat
javin dagoat 6 days ago
L chat
Megalodon32 6 days ago
He could have a girl who is so much better than her
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 6 days ago
Disrespectful song
Quieteron 6 days ago
outcast proxy
outcast proxy 6 days ago
Idgaf what anybody say I fw sad frosty
A Random Armin Lover
Me watching this not knowing what's going on or who they are talking about: 👁👄👁
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 6 days ago
But if it was 6ix9ine dissing dead ppl on his song there would of been alot of hate for him but ya are ok with them to diss the dead ones Smh🤦🏻‍♂️
Big Foogi
Big Foogi 6 days ago
Most disrespectful diss song in the industry with no guns 😂😂
EpikMurk 6 days ago
Tanner Bass
Tanner Bass 6 days ago
What is the backstory behind this song??
B.F.A The Guild
B.F.A The Guild 6 days ago
Lmao the does she really gave me "oh no thats disgusting, where" vibes
Young Mac
Young Mac 6 days ago
Yungeen finna be a Bobby
Midnight_ Foxy
Midnight_ Foxy 6 days ago
She got a only fans
Damon Patterson
Damon Patterson 6 days ago
Alex Trouin
Alex Trouin 6 days ago
We need to hear a verse now from Bibby, tikki and lil nine now😂
RY12NH 5 days ago
Timjim53 7 days ago
This is what Quando Rondo listens to when he wants to be romantic
Nehemiah Dean
Nehemiah Dean 7 days ago
6:34 it has happened before on TikTok
YNL_ SvGe 7 days ago
The nigga in the blue shirt shot Joolio 🤣😭
WaveCap Review
WaveCap Review 7 days ago
Its_yo_boi-14 7 days ago
Arav Sandhala
Arav Sandhala 7 days ago
I’m getting Grimm vibes from this video. He was the og who did the remix of this song
g 7 days ago
kind of sad tbh
Sebastian Dizon
Sebastian Dizon 7 days ago
the disrespect they have to put they dead opps' name on the screen
Acs_ Andy
Acs_ Andy 7 days ago
5:07 tiktok ain’t ppl ain’t gon understand shit lmaooo
YoKratoz 7 days ago
Big L's To Flight Bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Said Ibrahim
Said Ibrahim 7 days ago
I see self snitching is picking up speed
I Took An L Here...