Illusions of Time 

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1896 snowball fight: joaquimcampa/status/1311391615425093634?lang=en
Prospective and retrospective timing:
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ISOLATION - Mind Field: us-first.info/player/video/n9aAl3yaqGKWeGQ.html
(every episode of Mind Field is free to watch on US-first!)
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Barbara Walter world history image: www.reddit.com/r/UnitsOfX/comments/bwma7g/oc_world_history_in_units_of_barbara_walters/
Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
My "Narrow Slice" video: us-first.info/player/video/r7OBl5medoajp6c.html
construal level theory: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Construal_level_theory
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archive footage from archive.org and shutterstock
MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode: us-first.info/player/video/Z7d9pniHqXt1dX0.html
--MUSIC (in order of first appearance)--
"glitch" audionetwork
"sweet revival" audionetwork
"passage of time" audionetwork
"desert witch" audionetwork
"facing south" audionetwork
"broadway dawn" audionetwork
"final breath" audionetwork
"tribeca" audionetwork
"carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
"martinique" audionetwork
"lazy daze" audionetwork
"imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
"why so blue" audionetwork
"for leah" Jake Chudnow
"shona" Jake Chudnow
"moon men" Jake Chudnow
"crypt" audionetwork
"eclectica" audionetwork
"banjo ascension" audionetwork
"heat and dust" audionetwork
"twisted trip" audionetwork


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Jan 8, 2021




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Sir Bazzalot
Sir Bazzalot Minute ago
Who's watching in 2021?
Eric V
Eric V 3 minutes ago
Just when I thought I knew where he was going, he blows my mind. Then he goes back to where I thought he was going, blows my mind again. AND THEN he keeps going and BLOWS MY MIND TO INFINITY. Thanks, Vsauce. Anybody else here with me right now?
Jake Averson
Jake Averson 12 minutes ago
Hey like this when were in 2023
mouse 19 minutes ago
What if Michael vsauce himself pinned this comment well the possibility is high regarding if he is interested in viewing comments for his video or yet keeping the notifications on. If he put the notifications on this will give a us a chance of him pinning this comment or is he? Because you see popular people tend to get alot and I mean alot of messages giving the chance of seeing this comment very very slim or wait it's even more slim considering I typed this comment after 2 weeks when Michael is busy or into something else also doubles the chances of not seeing this comment. I will see you next time and as always thx for seeing this comment
mister bars
mister bars 20 minutes ago
Hey its is how to basic
Aiden Studios
Aiden Studios 22 minutes ago
I have bipolar disorder with psychosis and during manic/psychotic episodes my perception of time gets extremely fucked. Obviously the psychosis itself can fuck with my perception of time as it happens, but some of the worst is after the fact, like what happened 30 minutes ago can feel like yesterday, and what happened yesterday can feel like it happened a week ago, and what happened a week ago can feel like it happened 3 days ago. Obviously sometimes I have full blackouts, but even weirder some times I have just absurd amounts of deja vu, almost like a reverse blackout. Given that my perception of reality in general can be so drastically off and even include visual, auditory, and tactile hallucinations, I guess the fact my perception of time is so wonky makes sense too, but idk I wonder what is happening on a psychological/scientific level w all of that
Emil J
Emil J 24 minutes ago
Happy birthday!
Δημήτρης Σταυρόπουλος
So basically time makes more "filling time" opportunities, out of which there are two possibilities. They might be boring so for the "viewer" experiencing has slow or no accelleration, and when its exciting, the time is accelarating with a bigger value. Either way, time doesn't remain absolute stable for the viewer in the long run, which means that if someone from 3000 lived now, he would be so much so SO bored, and we would be samely if we lived in 1000, while if we live in 3000, we would see a year, in 3001, we would see the previous year as month of experiences of such like the 2000, so we would be SO SO SO much excited.
H. Anthony Ribadeneira
Good stuff. But, unfortunately, I've intuited all of these thoughts and paradoxes on my own since i was a child. Unfortunately, haven't learned anything conceptually here. Still, feels good to know others think this level of crazy, as well.
onesourishpuma 36 minutes ago
Happy birthday for yesterday
the running man
the running man 37 minutes ago
Starting my day off with a vsauce video my day just got better
Kenny Kennington
Kenny Kennington 42 minutes ago
This uh, this broke me.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Hour ago
See you guys in a year
the ancient one
Happy Birthday!
Etheaary Hour ago
i thought it was 5 mins lol 2:30
anon Hour ago
Henry Sa
Henry Sa Hour ago
i like younger Michael better
josephshealey Hour ago
Well done video. Felt like time flew by while watching.
anon Hour ago
erezgarini Hour ago
RAFIK BOX Hour ago
Why do you have to Click the Dislike Button (to whom it may concern)
Happy Birthday!
Boschcutzucu Hour ago
Thank you for your time Michael!
Christian Gonzalez
Is anyone watching this in 2024?
here from sounds subs
Brother Michael
Why Michael look like the deadly sins killer from se7en?
Zach Whelpley
Zach Whelpley Hour ago
Happy Birthday, Michael!!! Much love
Herman Lind Berg
Now focus on how many times micheal says S
Ric Hour ago
Hmmm, this isn't make me feel good at all . . . But i love you Micheal !
muffins K-9
muffins K-9 2 hours ago
It’s how to basic
LifeIsGood 2 hours ago
bro where TF have u been??????
THE PoggerU
THE PoggerU 2 hours ago
I've been around for nearly 20% of American history, mind blown.
Cody Cross
Cody Cross 2 hours ago
great content, as always! keep it up :)
Paulina Hott
Paulina Hott 2 hours ago
I always feel weird because I have multiple moments when I go to bed to chill and accidentally fall asleep and then wake up EXACTLY when I have to, like- I could stay awake and then lay down at 5am and fall asleep and exactly wake up before I have something important! Happened about a week ago I didn't turn on my alarm and went to bed to pretend sleep but then I actually fall asleep, then I woke up- and I was like super panicked thinking I over slept or smth and was ready to come up with excuses as to why i couldnt make it to school but turned out I woke up pretty great around 7:40ish for online class! Happened today, I woke up 1 min earlier before 8 am aka the time I have to go to online class but I dont have online class today so it might you be whatever, but still I think for me it happens enough to just be " whatever " I had multiple times when I woken up exactly the right time, makes me overthink life which is weird!
regae 57
regae 57 2 hours ago
In your next video can you say “hey Michael Vsause here” please
Kenneth Slone
Kenneth Slone 2 hours ago
everything is an illusion
Glol 2 hours ago
please add good English subtitles 😔
TOBuhrer 2 hours ago
Michael you are absolutely brilliant
cryptomeme 3 hours ago
It's his birthday today 🎉🎉🎉
Steve's Stuff
Steve's Stuff 3 hours ago
"Time is an illusion of the passage of History. And History is an illusion of the passage of Time." Douglas Adams. (R.I.P) A brilliant paradox. 'Time' per-se is merely a Human construct to describe what is happening and what has happened before. And measured of course by our own Human created measurement devices. 'Time' to an alien species would have a totally different meaning presumably based around their measuring systems, however, fundamentally the same as ours although the numbers would differ...... And... (and I know one should never start a sentence with "And") we as yet have no concept even of how any other specie on our planet measures what we Humans call 'Time'..... Do migratory birds think "Oh, it's November, I really must be flying south to warmer climes"? Probably not, but they must have some sort of internal "clock" that they work from... Do they think of yesterday? Yes... I think they do, as some species of bird - mainly Corvids - are capable of remembering human faces, and warning other birds in the flock if that human was aggressive (which is then remembered for several generations!).... they also must know of 'tomorrow' as one bird can see a field being freshly sown with seed, return to it's rookery, and then every damn corvid in the county has descended on that field the following day!! :-D So we are not alone in having some understanding the concepts of the passage of what we call 'Time'.... it's just that 'time' is a word to us, in it's simplest form ....
Nemo Nobody
Nemo Nobody 3 hours ago
He took so much time to upload a new video because he had to cut and grow back his beard. *Legend*
Binnacle 3 hours ago
Fantastic work
Yeetgod Mcneckass
Yeetgod Mcneckass 3 hours ago
Ayo 19:13 what does it look like that one lady is holding?
Yeetgod Mcneckass
Yeetgod Mcneckass 3 hours ago
Ayo as someone who was born in 1998 i’ve watched cassette tapes get fazed out as cd-roms became the norm, and now as an adult i’m witnessing the cd being fazed out.
Spice Witch
Spice Witch 3 hours ago
damn its like this video was made for me, pointing out the exact things ive been struggling with so hard. Why im so afraid of death why im constantly plugged into the "now". probably the reason it was so easy for me to start experimenting with drugs especially this year, drugs make time feel bigger it feels like i get more memories, often when i try lsd i find myself feeling nostalgic and what i think im feeling is how im making time feel as big as it was when i was a kid. Anyway idk why im commenting all this, but thank u for the video! Very good reminders to push ourselves to fill our life with experiences, fill our lives with memorable memories.
Sabera The furry
Sabera The furry 3 hours ago
brain hurt
Logan Sorter
Logan Sorter 3 hours ago
Are these comments simp? I do not fully understand that word
Jacob Trusty
Jacob Trusty 3 hours ago
Anyone watching this in 2003?
༒Ghost༒ 3 hours ago
I think he has the same birthday as me 🤔
Josh Sibley
Josh Sibley 3 hours ago
he spent months of beard growing and waiting for us to upload just for a few seconds of a beard clip... never change micheal :)
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan 3 hours ago
Are WE VSauce, or is Michael VSauce?
Nicole Oliver
Nicole Oliver 3 hours ago
This is by far my favorite vsauce video, and there are so many good ones. Your amazing michael! Keep up the good work!
Q 3 hours ago
Everyone here is you in a different cubic dimension of space time I am the first and the last 🫂♾🫂
owen ranville
owen ranville 4 hours ago
Good video!
Yoon Cheonsa
Yoon Cheonsa 4 hours ago
18:02 I remember watching Monsters Inc. and Shrek and being amazed at how real the characters looked; these cartoons were top tier and very modern for me. But when I rewatched them recently I was weirded out by how strange, uncanny, and “plastic” the characters like Boo look. Time and technological development really amped up my expectations.
pheonix1379 -_-
pheonix1379 -_- 4 hours ago
This man makes every amount of info 1000000000x better
SabMusik 4 hours ago
Anyone watching this in 2040? Am I still alive?
julio larios
julio larios 4 hours ago
Our god of knowledge has returned
Jores Carpathene
Jores Carpathene 4 hours ago
Свободу Навальному!
Dirk Coffel
Dirk Coffel 4 hours ago
The receptive recorder macroscopically unite because sky consquentially burn since a exciting exclusive afterthought. thin, pathetic whale
MF MossaFalsa
MF MossaFalsa 4 hours ago
Is that a Joji - Yeah Right reference?
SabMusik 4 hours ago
I don't know much about time but this video was long. And interesting.
WakenerOne 4 hours ago
My question to Michael would be this: You point out that your three days of isolation barely registers as a memory now. But if someone were to ask you if you would be willing to do it again, what would your reaction be, and how visceral? To viewers like me, that time seemed to start out as an impersonal experiment for you, but mutated into torture. Your family was literally in tears as they watched you suffer - they could clearly see how you were being affected. I suspect that the experience could have left an indelible mark upon you which would make itself known if you were faced with the prospect of repeating it, despite the fact that it occupies little significance in your mind now. On a similar subject, how much of the compartmentalization of memories like that is a defense mechanism for the mind? There are many cases of mothers suffering through labor declaring how they will never have another child, and even that they hate their husbands . . . but a few months later are eager to have another baby. It's not that the pain wasn't real, and it's not as if they don't know they will suffer it again. Is it a risk/reward thing - the child is so rewarding that the mother considers the pain worth it? Or is her mind so designed as to make the pain unreal to her in order that the species continue to reproduce? And how does that apply to Michael? Is the reward of new observations and new data enough of a reward for Michael's brain to convince him that isolation wasn't THAT bad?
ones_flow 4 hours ago
Does anyone know, which model/type the camera in the thumbnail and at 31:07 is? I'm sure, I had exatly this one when I was young and got it from my grandma, well, about 35 years ago. I lost it, what is very sad. - Btw. I watched the video only because of the camera, but perhaps I'm going to watch the rest too (I have no idea, who this guy is). ;-)
Samrakshan Adhikari
So happy to see him❣️
MayDay Boi._.
MayDay Boi._. 4 hours ago
I am so lazy to watch the whole video, instead I am commenting now
RealEelis 4 hours ago
Happy b day
Detron Gaming XD
Detron Gaming XD 4 hours ago
Hoe long did it take to make this video
frank van bussel
frank van bussel 4 hours ago
was this a Short / Short expirience? i am subscribbed. i watch all videos. but i do not remember them all nor their content... am i Vsaucing my life away?
Joesph Young
Joesph Young 4 hours ago
very Bergsonian
Nise Nubes
Nise Nubes 4 hours ago
If time is an illusion, why do I miss you so much?
TheBassJockey 5 hours ago
Who else is watching in 2020!?
Ladda Evolta
Ladda Evolta 5 hours ago
Is he dead?
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 5 hours ago
The yielding citizenship topically reach because turkish histologically name like a alluring slave. giant, sticky girl
Donta Jones
Donta Jones 5 hours ago
VR experiences as Boneworks and VRChat has major potential in solving the TV Paradox. Mainly due to my memory's of being in those games as "real" or "Feeling like I was standing right there." VR feels very stimulating physically and mentally, very close to what I am doing now, wich is sitting in nursing school, writing this comment. The real at wich I can accurately describe my place, time, who I was with, what I was doing, how I felt, what I was talking about, what I was thinking about, the music playing, the atmosphere, the perception of things being 3D and lively. It feels good.
climatebabes 5 hours ago
Illusions of beard?
Lydia W
Lydia W 5 hours ago
"If I asked you to get up after you thought 10 years had passed, that'd be hard. We lack an ability to sense and grasp long periods of time." I'm willing to bet anyone who menstruates would beg to differ with you there. I feel like this is a case of the typical pattern in scientific research - in this case, in psychology - to ignore the experiences of people who aren't cis men. A lot of the world population has a pretty reliable body clock on a monthly cycle, which absolutely helps in sensing long periods of time, and it's something completely inherent to our biology. I'd be interested to see how these senses of long periods of time differ between people who menstruate and people who don't.
Jupiter 5 hours ago
Wooow thanks for calling me out
#reboot# 5 hours ago
Ben Fayaz
Ben Fayaz 5 hours ago
We all paused at 2:24 to see if we had guessed correct, right?
Weston Smith
Weston Smith 5 hours ago
This was just a 30 minute sweater flex
James 5 hours ago
Wasn’t there a game show where people were locked in a room on their own with no windows or clocks and they had to try and leave the room when 24 hours had past? If this doesn’t exist I hereby claim this idea for a game show.
Darken 5 hours ago
Have you guys ever though what was going on before you were born? I got that feeling that there was something before, like i was waiting for my consciousness to begin, thinking about that is giving me anxiety but it's still too interesting.
Jan Alešnik
Jan Alešnik 6 hours ago
Hey michael, what would happed if someboy or something would fall forever
Nasir Fields
Nasir Fields 6 hours ago
Bruce Keller
Bruce Keller 6 hours ago
Is Michael getting jacked? Came back like Chappelle.
Duggaraju Saiteja
Duggaraju Saiteja 6 hours ago
Happy birthday Michael!! :)
Gaurav Nandal
Gaurav Nandal 6 hours ago
Toooo long....
ad2040 6 hours ago
They aren't illusions which implies one true reality, they are separate models of perception. In the same way Newtonian physics works differently from Relativity, and Relativity works differently to Particle Physics. No one model is correct, and no one model explains everything.
roflmows 6 hours ago
when he talks about this stuff: millions of views when i try to discuss it with people i know: ZZZZZZZZZZZZzZzZzZZZzzz life -_-
Zucumber 6 hours ago
Víctor M. Traconis
really impressive content. This certainly is a long-long for me.
Shobeir Sheida
Shobeir Sheida 6 hours ago
I would like to suggest using music with lower volume and less intensity for your otherwise great videos, especially when you are talking, unless you want your video to work like a Hollywood action movie.
Darja Kucova
Darja Kucova 6 hours ago
Ok US-first recommendations I’m finally watching it!
Vatan Kömürcü
Vatan Kömürcü 6 hours ago
perhaps we aren't even the best recorders of time... but only the second. perhaps time itself is even better than us at recording itself. in any way time will tell the answer regardless of what the answer is.
12many4you 6 hours ago
Less then 10 seconds off
shine guy
shine guy 7 hours ago
His planning for how to film these are genius
Ariel Angel
Ariel Angel 7 hours ago
Don’t give me an existential crisis !!
Ayhan Calgan
Ayhan Calgan 7 hours ago
The king Returned. Or did he?