If Your Dog Barks You Have To REMOVE A LAYER OF CLOTHING Challenge - PawZam Dogs 

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Every time our dogs bark we have to remove a layer of clothing . Who do you think will lose the most clothes and do you think the dogs can bark enough to lose everything for this challenge? Which dog, Peanut or Blackjack do you think will do a better job especially for 24 hours?
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Apr 6, 2021




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PawZam Dogs
PawZam Dogs 13 days ago
Before watching who do you think will win this challenge?
Tristie Baldwin
Tristie Baldwin 8 days ago
It was peanut
elly Smith
elly Smith 9 days ago
I think black Jack and rebecca will win
Kalia Lily
Kalia Lily 11 days ago
The dude I forgot his name lol
Modibo Sylla
Modibo Sylla 11 days ago
David Rant
David Rant 11 days ago
O o l @Stacy-Lee Wainwright
Shaun Borthwick
Shaun Borthwick 2 hours ago
Who is the best person
Dawson Engles
Dawson Engles 3 hours ago
I saw someone
Kris Britt
Kris Britt 4 hours ago
There is somebody by your house I am not joking that’s why the dogs were barking they are trying to protect you
Geneva Medel
Geneva Medel 4 hours ago
You peanut
Jakob Ascencion
Jakob Ascencion 5 hours ago
A guy with a red hood walked across your balcony
Cindy Munoz
Cindy Munoz 6 hours ago
Someone was walking in the balcony when peanut and black j was barking the red hood was there
sid Muse
sid Muse 6 hours ago
Redwood is there
Tamra Burggraf
Tamra Burggraf 6 hours ago
Rebecca you one
Tamra Burggraf
Tamra Burggraf 6 hours ago
Blackjack bark three times peanut bark the rest of the times
Tamra Burggraf
Tamra Burggraf 6 hours ago
Matt cheated
Tamra Burggraf
Tamra Burggraf 6 hours ago
There's people walking in the background of your house
Magic Sisters
Magic Sisters 7 hours ago
I saw a red thing someone was creeping outside
Orlaith Reilly
Orlaith Reilly 9 hours ago
It’s blackjack
Samyra Urenda
Samyra Urenda 9 hours ago
Someone came in take peanut the chats Snapchat blackjack it was red has a cave and it has a hood
FAT SHEESH 9 hours ago
Can’t you are not doing well I am walking past the door I don’t care high like peanut more than black black jack in the boys so I like black truck and they’re like black Samsung and I like it channel that’s why I always liked and I always and I always follow your arms like and follow your TickTock always always like I like always I like because I like your video and address that subscribe button I love you I hope that call him black truck and you and not him Daniel in and Maddie OK I love you and Maddie hi do you like Captain I like cats and I have a cat me nuts you like cats?
THE BEAST FAMILY 10 hours ago
Emaya O'Connor
Emaya O'Connor 10 hours ago
yah there is a rhs!
Emaya O'Connor
Emaya O'Connor 10 hours ago
i think there is a rhs...
Kai Bank
Kai Bank 11 hours ago
Kai Bank
Kai Bank 11 hours ago
Scary it’s behind you
Casey Amy
Casey Amy 11 hours ago
King ping is Burundi you
Maqueda Cozart
Maqueda Cozart 12 hours ago
kurt nahar
kurt nahar 12 hours ago
an so a men an a wemen
Fairyrtree16 13 hours ago
There was a lot of red hods
Fairyrtree16 13 hours ago
There was a lot of red houds
Vittoria Martin
Vittoria Martin 13 hours ago
Someone was outside in a red cloak
Jayella Verenini
Jayella Verenini 14 hours ago
I would look behind you
Charlotte North
Charlotte North 16 hours ago
Who was the red person like the one in the cape
Daryl Ali
Daryl Ali Day ago
There is a red hood spy
Jay Lopez
Jay Lopez Day ago
I I saw the RSH in the Back
Carly Forkum
Carly Forkum Day ago
Marcella Ombash
Woof woof
Emerson Grentzer
Poor Maddie
Jakeley Nichols
Ummm when you called peanut on the camera someone ran
Jeoffrey Seymore
I think it’s going to be blackjack
Rakhee Kaur
Rakhee Kaur Day ago
I think peanut will win
Emma Hill
Emma Hill Day ago
I saw the red hood spy
Cilicia Carrington
Oh no
Jesse Goebel
Jesse Goebel Day ago
Dusty Hartill
Your house is hunted
Veronica Gutierrez
I spy something red like a red hood spy
rebbeca ther is someon in your house rhs or king pin
Carmen Cruz
Carmen Cruz Day ago
Behind you
Ana Sikahele
Ana Sikahele Day ago
There was someone there
Carmen Cruz
Carmen Cruz Day ago
There is a Quagent
Ava Cundiff
Ava Cundiff Day ago
There was a person in the room with the Dogs
Roblox fun
Roblox fun Day ago
I like bj
Cheryl Richard
I see a red cap
Leja Berg
Leja Berg Day ago
I sa somewon utside
tajhae frazier
Eve de Joux
Eve de Joux Day ago
there was a red man in all red and he went all around the house
Range Time
Range Time Day ago
I saw a black and red outside
Peggy Ko
Peggy Ko Day ago
that was peanut
x0d Day ago
Did you see the person in the window wen the dogs where in the room like bra frecky
Sonja Bennett
i think both of then will bark or pennut will win i dont think black jack will win cause black jack barks a lot
Sonja Bennett
i love pawzam dogs there are the best im subcribed and i turned on the notficton bell i think penut or black jack i think penut
Aurianna Butler
There was someone at your balcony walking past your door and you didn't see it because the door was closed
Aurianna Butler
Someone is spying on you Rebecca and Matt
Carla Hills
Carla Hills Day ago
Red hood spis
WynnieTV Day ago
I saw something red is walking
Queen M
Queen M Day ago
The red hood was in the background🐶
Melina & Mommy Family
There was like this black person going across the window and stuff where peanut and blackjack are
Haley Jansen
Haley Jansen Day ago
Danny Hinkle
Danny Hinkle Day ago
My dog did not bark
Rosalie Salinas
😡😡😡😡😡 that was peanut barking
Elisea Walker
I saw a person wearing the red walking past your window
Among us Imposter
Mam rhs
Fabbi Galeana's
One the world will leave the dogs there was a block on something
Paulie Plays
Paulie Plays Day ago
it was peanut on the camra he barked matts rong
Graham Hardy
Graham Hardy Day ago
Black jak won
Jennifer Bravo-Cruz
I saw red hood spies
Jayden Zheng
Jayden Zheng Day ago
I just see a red hud when you lock the door in the window
Jayden Zheng
Jayden Zheng Day ago
I see a red hud
Jayden Zheng
Jayden Zheng Day ago
Look behind you
Carter Sutcliffe
Peanut is the best
Lacy Myers
Lacy Myers Day ago
Jacob Uy
Jacob Uy Day ago
Kairi Warner
Kairi Warner Day ago
Hi I’m new I love your videos
Kairi Warner
Kairi Warner Day ago
Carla Hughes
Carla Hughes Day ago
Sharon Grizzard
The RHS is near the tiny house at 6 minutes and 36 seconds
Tamya Moses
Tamya Moses Day ago
Queen pen is in the back
Alvina rahman
3:41 me and Rebecca because my biggest fear is also clowns my friend told me at school that there is a creepy clown game that attacks u ir And i thought peanut would win
Pétur Ásgeirsson
WOW 🐶🐕🐩
Princess Gaming Puppy
Dogs were in the room at the window there was somebody there 😱😰
WolfyYT Day ago
3:04 Matt lied because when he took off his pink shrit it revealed his belly and i didn't see abs
ZebBrandi Scofield
There was a red hud
Kim Lee Baynes
there is a RHS behide you outside
Reuben Alande
I saw someone
Amazing Alicorn7
I saw an red hood spy
Nikola Bartošová
Aj see a red 👩!!!
Sienna Clark
Sienna Clark Day ago
Behind you when did dogs come out the room there was a red person
Heidi Bosch
Heidi Bosch Day ago
Did anyone see that thing I think it was the red hood
sara adams
sara adams Day ago
I saw some pain in the back
Chaos squad Ya
RH S was outside walking by the dogs
Payton Delu and Myler
There is a RHS outside our house
Haya Isam
Haya Isam Day ago
but I saw a lot a red hood spy I think it was more or teeny I have no idea
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