If You Build a House, I'll Pay For It! 

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If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!
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Jan 2, 2021




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MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming 3 months ago
Huge shoutout to Tubbo and Sipover for being in our video! Go check out their channels and subscribe! Tubbo: us-first.info/more/Az5JW1_oryewk0eR-eP7Bw Sipover: us-first.info/more/IDQSqdVuNwtfRMKqfX-o7g
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez 15 days ago
queenie legaspi
queenie legaspi 2 months ago
@Baller 4Life ❶ lhhjjjjjhhhhh
queenie legaspi
queenie legaspi 2 months ago
fkfhjf Fgjkk
Michelle Straus
Michelle Straus 2 months ago
Miuvaan Muhammadh Hassan
@Elite h
Sumit Debnath
Sumit Debnath 3 minutes ago
Random mom: "I don't have anything on" Me: * Confused screaming noises *
UTFBOrO 18 minutes ago
Erm gello
Gamer Birch
Gamer Birch 23 minutes ago
Titus Graham
Titus Graham 30 minutes ago
Dear MrBeast I would like if i could join one of these event types of things, I would like to know how and i really like your channels
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez 34 minutes ago
i subcribe
ciocanel 42 minutes ago
0:46 That house its sus
Fathir Endrawan
Fathir Endrawan 44 minutes ago
0:47 a m o g u s
Yvng_AimAssist 50 minutes ago
bobba yaga has a house with chicken legs
Roblox International News
8:51 Tubbo: *i did a funny*
WWE Action Figures
christina Ghale
I subscribed
nerd boi
nerd boi Hour ago
i’ve been subbed to the main channel for 6 years and never have talked to him or got and thing social from him i still love his content though
moses saniel
moses saniel Hour ago
Hey can i join make new video but now give away 100 grilled cheese
Meriam Aclan
Meriam Aclan Hour ago
Um.. hello -Tubbo 2021
Ashwin Aneesh
Ashwin Aneesh 2 hours ago
Troy sia
Troy sia 2 hours ago
why is the mum naked lol
XxashgamerxX Toh
XxashgamerxX Toh 2 hours ago
hope i met mr beast i will be so happy his even so rich having millions of dollar his so kind for being a man :D
C25 Unlimited.
C25 Unlimited. 2 hours ago
soz I was the one who made the BRMEME
Aoibhe McCann
Aoibhe McCann 2 hours ago
Mr beast: Karl ur the clown fish! Karl: I’m the!.... oh 😞 LOL 😂
Cherry 2 hours ago
Done I love you Mr. beast make me in your videos but I need Minecraft I don't have it But I love u
Xelnop 3 hours ago
8:59 Breme house is on fire 😭😭
Caroline Whitfield
Caroline Whitfield 3 hours ago
I sub in that week
alpha king
alpha king 3 hours ago
AMONG DRIP 4 hours ago
Ailin 4 hours ago
The discord server is full i can't join :c
Lakshay Hooda
Lakshay Hooda 4 hours ago
Justice for doofensmirtz evil inc. building
Daniel gaming
Daniel gaming 4 hours ago
Biggest mysteries in the world: where did Amelia Earhart go? who and how did they make kryptos ? who is the breme person?
geode walsh
geode walsh 5 hours ago
I wish I could do that
Lorenzo 5 hours ago
Imagine out of no where someone refers to you as "SaveMrSquichy's mom"
M0NSTER ENERGY 5 hours ago
Karl:have you ever seen a house with chicken legs? Me: BABA YAGA
xander Pasion
xander Pasion 6 hours ago
Mr jelly
Zayd Rishad
Zayd Rishad 6 hours ago
why is the thumbnail slogos cow town house
Clarenze Barete
Clarenze Barete 6 hours ago
I subscribe Mr. Beast
gacha_gaming 6 hours ago
i do what you say i subscribed and click the bell like the video and comment XD if i have that money i gonna go with my family and the left will be donated from othere people
møoka møoka wøft_galaxies_s
When there will be a more Like this? You build it I buy it
Everything Rivan
Everything Rivan 8 hours ago
No one Literally no one Jimmy: Take a stack of 64 tnt
Petar Zivkovic
Petar Zivkovic 8 hours ago
Among us crewmate
Macias712 9 hours ago
parents in 2000s: playing games will leave you homeless!!! MrBeast: WHO SUMMONED ME!!??
Roderick Remos
Roderick Remos 9 hours ago
Plsssss give me the 10 i subscribe!
origami commenter
origami commenter 9 hours ago
Teacher: GiVe Me ThE tEn GrAnD fOr NoT pArTiCiPaTiNg In ClAaS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Iwan Suryono
Iwan Suryono 9 hours ago
Reyna Herrera
Reyna Herrera 9 hours ago
Are you for real you help people I have a wish I was a drug addict I been clean for 17years but I pay a big prize to get clean I almost kill my self I when to The train tracks I don't remember nothing the doctor brought me back I was in bad shape the police contact my family because they was sure i was gonna die but God he's good took me olmos 2 year and half to walk and do things for my self now I'm a live but desable my body is destroy fracture nurve damage a big holl on my battom my right side The disk my back of my neck my nurve on the right leg is damage and much more but I'm clean I buy a mobile home but they took my money because the icant put the put my name because the lady never change the paper work I wish one day I can't get a pice of land whit a big mobile home fixed for a desable people I have my wealchair my hospital bed my stuff but I strangle every day because this trailer is to small and don't have the equipment i need to hold my self when I walked or get in the shower or walk in the hause same time I have acsidents I loose my right leg feeling and I fall and hurt my self I'm scared I have multiple pelvic fracture my bones are bad I can't hurt my self and not walk again do you guy's help for real I live in las Vegas Nevada do you guy's make wishes too
Gideon Cunanan
Gideon Cunanan 9 hours ago
xxdarkangel9273 9 hours ago
Can i join one of ur vids please
Chris Clouse
Chris Clouse 10 hours ago
I've been watching your videos with kids i babysit on the TV and just subscribed only because I thought I was already subscribed. Side note I'd love to start a campaign Mr. Beast for president :)
zean edrei
zean edrei 10 hours ago
Give me 10,000 dollar pls
jaspering88 10 hours ago
Doesn't even know about Baba Yaga
Ruffa Agetro
Ruffa Agetro 10 hours ago
I'm binge watching at your videos mr beast haha
DaaneVeevoo 10 hours ago
Neel Fun show
Neel Fun show 11 hours ago
vor dah hgkh sk lol shahfn;l
Shaqster 11 hours ago
I post Call of duty gaming content, Check it out!
mr beast you not finish all the hause
Israel Duran
Israel Duran 12 hours ago
Jair Beltran
Jair Beltran 12 hours ago
I honestly thought the doofenshmirtz evil inc should have won especially with the jingle
Bryan Zaw
Bryan Zaw 12 hours ago
0:48 The imposter is sus
NotBait 13 hours ago
Give me 10000 dollars):
GeorgeJunior85 Playz
How old is Karl
KVC GAMING YT 14 hours ago
Abe saale
Gordy 14 hours ago
Love him buying stuff for other people
Pikes Universe
Pikes Universe 14 hours ago
You guys are so nice 😁
bignoob017 14 hours ago
I need a house I have to move
Char Boss
Char Boss 15 hours ago
Mr bee movie gaming
Ann Collaco
Ann Collaco 15 hours ago
I’ve always wanted to be in your video’s but My parents think I’m to young I’m 8
Catey Bowden
Catey Bowden 16 hours ago
John Stuckless
John Stuckless 16 hours ago
Is it ok if I be in one of your videos? I would really appreciate the money to start my own business to make money for my family
Spectral 16 hours ago
It genuinely doesn't matter how good the house is. Mr Beast gives it to you under these criteria: Yes
Sara Reiss
Sara Reiss 16 hours ago
I love you Mr . Beast And tell Chandler he is funny
aryan lankybx
aryan lankybx 16 hours ago
Hi. Mr. best. I. Like. Your. Videos.
Patricia Pearson
Patricia Pearson 16 hours ago
I’m subscribe but I can’t compete in the go current challenges
Pickaxe of gameing
Pickaxe of gameing 16 hours ago
The winner of the competition sounds like techno blade
very sad!
very sad! 16 hours ago
"please subscribe to mr BEESE, gaming"- squishys mom
Henri Phung
Henri Phung 17 hours ago
im bruh meme
Henri Phung
Henri Phung 17 hours ago
i love u
Alf 17 hours ago
“No video, oh thank god cuz I don’t have anything in” LMAO
I Love Minecraft
I Love Minecraft 18 hours ago
I love your videos🤑😛😜😝
_COLA _ 18 hours ago
can I by in a video
Michele Oye
Michele Oye 18 hours ago
chocolate heart
chocolate heart 18 hours ago
I am new and this is the best vido i see
Carol Hunter
Carol Hunter 19 hours ago
I’m not allowed to sub but I really want to be in a challenge sad
Carol Hunter
Carol Hunter 19 hours ago
Maybe not in mindcraft
Alicja Perzanowska
Alicja Perzanowska 19 hours ago
Lol am i the only one here that wathches phineas and ferb i knew what that building was straight away
Nominal Dingus
Nominal Dingus 19 hours ago
3:00 Proof that Mr. Beast is possibly the purest youtuber out there. Exposing the evils of this Earth and spreading kindness where he can.
Beach Family
Beach Family 19 hours ago
Hi Mr. beast I am a really big fan I subscribe to you for like five or four years now and I would really like to win some money or a laptop or something like that so if you see this can you comment me back
Stephanie Bowes
Stephanie Bowes 19 hours ago
When the impostor is sus 10:00
JACK CANON 20 hours ago
Me east how about I instead of playing Minecraft you play roblox
Kayak Angler
Kayak Angler 20 hours ago
Great deal
JACK CANON 20 hours ago
I dare you to survive on a volcano with dream
JACK CANON 20 hours ago
Your the best US-firstr in the world
JACK CANON 20 hours ago
I dair you to let one hundred make the worlds biggest titanic in Minecraft
Melanie Lancaster
Melanie Lancaster 20 hours ago
I’ve been waiting a whole year
Savannah Rose
Savannah Rose 20 hours ago
Ganesh Gurung
Ganesh Gurung 20 hours ago
gias 123
gias 123 20 hours ago
4:28 its funny how karl says his name ChArOl
Vescan Denisa
Vescan Denisa 20 hours ago
that is you
Vescan Denisa
Vescan Denisa 20 hours ago
i subscribed my favorite youruber :D
D P 21 hour ago
Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills.”
bearkyo bearkyo
bearkyo bearkyo 21 hour ago
bearkyo bearkyo
bearkyo bearkyo 21 hour ago
Crazy Cheeto's
Crazy Cheeto's 21 hour ago
i want MrBeast to do a bathing in cheetos for 24hrs challenge
Mary Beck
Mary Beck 21 hour ago