If You Hear This, Your Wheel Bearing is Bad 

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If You Hear This, Your Wheel Bearing is Bad #Shorts
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Apr 3, 2021




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Scotty Kilmer Shorts
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A. T.
A. T. 13 days ago
A shop literally just messed up my wheel on my 98 lexus rear left wheel. And when I was driving home I immediately knew it was the wheel bearing
Bloop Bloop
Bloop Bloop 15 days ago
Hey scotty if it was a bad bearing would going faster make it stop being loud but slow make it loud
Greg Carnes
Greg Carnes 15 days ago
Timken auto bearings ~$180- $250 ish for the front pair.
narwhal 15 days ago
Well scotty a good mechanic also knows you should replace them in pairs
Rick Daystar
Rick Daystar 15 days ago
@M. MGNMARK Good sport! LoL. 👍🥦
Josh Spades
Josh Spades 8 days ago
Fun fact: Wiggle it left to right like Scotty did, you can also tell if it's a inner or outer tie rod (there's a popping noise.) Apply the same wiggle affect but going from top to bottom, if theres play could be the wheel bearing/hub
Martin McGoldrick
Why did you leave the warm sunshine of texas
Woodland Burl
Woodland Burl 12 days ago
Randolph Cirilo
Randolph Cirilo 12 days ago
See what im saying?! A relatively new lexus and the POS has a bad bearing??! Whats that about?!
Liquidhuo h
Liquidhuo h 12 days ago
Hey I drive this. Great!
Kiran Goud
Kiran Goud 12 days ago
I was like what the heck is wheel burning that too on snow 😂 untill the last when he pronounced it correctly
Specialopsdave 13 days ago
The bearing would get louder when under more weight, right? (That's probably where I'm wrong.)
Beard Man
Beard Man 13 days ago
You need to stop giving automotive advice. This isn't the 70's, cars are far more complicated and half the stuff you say is bogus or doesn't apply. I manage a European auto repair shop and working on cars for 25+yrs, even I don't go around giving unsolicited automotive repair advice.
Basik Vids
Basik Vids 13 days ago
Scotty spitting common sense as always!
w s l
w s l 13 days ago
WRONG dig head even if you know it the left front you should replace both if 1 is bad the other is going to be extremely clise to failing too how does this coke head still have a channel when he gives bad advice all the time
Brandon Larocque
Brandon Larocque 13 days ago
🤦‍♂️ man needs jesus
SpiderDan PinoyParker
Scotty is the best!
Jordan Siple
Jordan Siple 13 days ago
"All four wheels of the caAAAAaaar..."
Z. S. N.
Z. S. N. 13 days ago
Are you a CO?
Martina Trybusiewicz
Am I the only one who can't hear anything above Scotty talking 😂😂
Giorgos Rokkas
Giorgos Rokkas 13 days ago
This guy wears a jean jacket under a jean jacket.
Omega Trion
Omega Trion 13 days ago
You are really stupid for some one who knows
NOAA SYSTEMS 13 days ago
Dude it's not even snowing in Texas right now
Seth Crawford
Seth Crawford 13 days ago
He’s actually wrong on this one it would be if the left bearing is out when you turn right there’s more weight on the left causing more noise for a fact 😂
hondaguy lee
hondaguy lee 12 days ago
Yeap....my thoughts exactly! He is definitely wrong on this one.
Ethan Blake
Ethan Blake 14 days ago
I just replaced all 4 of mine myself. No noise but I still get a little movement when it's jacked up. Hope its normal. Cause im sendin it 🤣
4-14 FAN
4-14 FAN 14 days ago
My recommendation is to bring it to a good mechanic because you don't need to fix the wrong thing and end up having a wheel fall off on the highway
Rocky 14 days ago
life made simple. after being made simple.
White Knight
White Knight 14 days ago
These people that suggesting that you change both wheel bearings must like wasting money. Only change the part that is bad. person might’ve hit a curb that’s probably why it went. I’ve had cars were wheelbearings have never gone and had north of 250,000 miles on them. These people sound like well one ball joint went might as well change them all.
Bradley Harrington
Bradley Harrington 14 days ago
Using the swerving method is definitely very good for diagnosing which side the wheel bearing that needs to be replaced is on. If ya turn left and hear it it’s the right . If you turn right and hear it . It’s the left
Wisconsin.pikachu 14 days ago
Wheel bearings arent that expensive I just purchased both front bearings for my 05 yukon and it was $110 for both
john schmitt III
john schmitt III 14 days ago
You Dope, you normally replace both at same time. If left is going out, right want be far behind ! Dopey !
philip kemp
philip kemp 14 days ago
This bloke owned a convertible for a day!!! Have a go at the head 🤣🤣🤣💯 Robocop 2022 😂😂😂
Luke K
Luke K 14 days ago
Today at school, we learned how to diagnose and repair bearings for commercial trucks.
molarois morais
molarois morais 14 days ago
Roscoe Dickhertz
Roscoe Dickhertz 14 days ago
We get it Scotty, you love Toyota
sterlings 14 days ago
Mechanics Stethoscope works too.
SlimTheGoat 14 days ago
Always replace both sides at the same time
Shmuel Yosef
Shmuel Yosef 14 days ago
The loudest thing in a bentley is a wheel falling off at 120mph...too gear...may be misquoting a bit
Robin 14 days ago
My method of diagnosis will only work for automatic vehicles and not manual.
Robin 14 days ago
Well, not every day do you find that you can do something better than the master because today I have a better way to check that. Jack up the front right or left wheel independently just like you did. Instead of shaking to struggle to listen which requires a professional or keen ear to tell the difference, get back in the car and engage your parking break/foot break/ hand break. Then start your vehicle and put it in drive. DO NOT STEP ON THE GAS PEDAL OR THE BREAKS. The suspended wheel will start rotating and if it's the one with worn out bearings, even a blind person with not so good hearing would tell because the noise would be amplified.
D H 14 days ago
Grampa Munster
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 14 days ago
Costs 20 bucks to replace my wheel bearing and a bloody knuckle.
Akib Habib
Akib Habib 15 days ago
Where is the sound?
Maxwell Crazycat
Maxwell Crazycat 15 days ago
If you hear that turn up your radio.
Wanted X
Wanted X 15 days ago
Why can’t we have a Scotty Kilmer everywhere
John W
John W 15 days ago
Hunh? Swerve right All weight is on left! Swerve left all weight is on right! Best to jack the car up. (4x4 jcak stands both ends) Use long screwdriver 🪛or prybar..put car in gear (with someone inside just in case) hold tool to the knuckle and other end to your ear 👂 . Bingo! You will easily be able to hear it
Big Nix
Big Nix 15 days ago
Or u could spin the tire while u have it off the ground and put your hand on the struts coil spring. If u feel vibration u got a bad wheel bearing.
Arno Deinum
Arno Deinum 15 days ago
Doesn’t matter wich one is bad just replace both of them🤪
Damn patriot
Damn patriot 15 days ago
Would that play be a tie rod?
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins 15 days ago
You shouldn't go side to side in the front due to steering but if you got one wheel on the ground the resistance helps out
Ethan Sanders
Ethan Sanders 15 days ago
Thank you mechanic Bono
Robert Funk
Robert Funk 15 days ago
In the back it is the other way arround when I go left my noise is gone but when I go right it gets louder so I replaced the left back bearing and now its gone. I can explain it too. When you go left the hole weight goes to the right wheel and when you go right the weight goes to the left wheel. But I dont understand why its the other way in the front can someone explain??
Dave K.
Dave K. 15 days ago
Yep,. Probably what's up with my rattley front end
Lefty Bronson
Lefty Bronson 15 days ago
Someone get this old mans phone he won't stop making videos
Kreldop2 15 days ago
Scotty, you are awesome!!
Gin & Cream
Gin & Cream 15 days ago
Chancellor Palpatine gave up on destroying the Jedi and moved to the Midwest or east coast, to pursue his car hobby.
Saint M
Saint M 15 days ago
If your driving a Lexus the sound must be from the non Lexus car next to you, because Lexus never break. Scottie's has over xxx miles on it and it just runs and runs....bla bla bla
David Boeglin
David Boeglin 15 days ago
The noise is from the RF dum dum
Septimiu Razvy
Septimiu Razvy 15 days ago
Wtf is so expensive...
Mara Claudiu
Mara Claudiu 15 days ago
Scotty did you get vaccinated?.... Testing people cars.... No mask?
A hardCase motorcycle restorations
Just so I'm in the understanding you wiggle the wheel that is off the ground and if it wobbles that is indicative of a bad wheel bearing?.... funny though I was always taught to use a bar under the raised tire to check for a bad bearing. And what you show is a check for a bad tie rod end or lesser a ball joint. (Also the bar under the tire method can also show a bad ball joint).
SlipknotFan 22
SlipknotFan 22 15 days ago
me who owns an old shitbox: 4 bearings for 8 dollars
Getting It In
Getting It In 15 days ago
I found working at a auto shop in the D is while the axles are lifted bang the inner tire at the bottom and you can hear a bad bearing vs a good one
Bryan Desjarlais
Bryan Desjarlais 15 days ago
Scotty, you fuckin look good in camera!
Yurkee 15 days ago
Yes but what about Toyota Celica's wheel bearings? Some say they are made of pure plot armor and that Japanese mechanics would rather commit suicide than try to replace them....All we know is; Scotty makes great short videos 😂
James 15 days ago
I’ve never really liked how scotty came across in his youtube videos, too eccentric but here he is so much calmer and I honestly enjoyed watching this
MagnnumCarCam 15 days ago
I had a bad wheel bearing without play in it and no noise or resistance when spinning the wheel with my hands. Jacked up the car so only one wheel is in the air, started it, and accelerated it so the wheel spun until the speedometer showed 60 kph. Turned off the engine with car in neutral, and you could hear which bearing was bad while the wheel was still spinning.
alexsey200095 15 days ago
Холодно чото
Polat Alemdar
Polat Alemdar 15 days ago
What makes the wheel bearing fail. Is it a specific driving habit or maintenance
iLikeWaffles 15 days ago
But when you turn right, the left wheel has more weight and vise versa. So based on that troubleshooting you would think the right side is bad.
Craig Davis
Craig Davis 10 days ago
Came here to say this
Kane Richardson
Kane Richardson 11 days ago
Correct. Scotty's wrong on that
Jon Bartram
Jon Bartram 13 days ago
Also, you push and pull on the wheel with your hand at the 12 and 6 positions on the tire, not side to side as that would be steering play (tie rod, steering rack, etc)
Eduard Tsipan
Eduard Tsipan 13 days ago
@iLikeWaffles that’s what I was taught too. If swerving to the left, more pressure on the right indicating a bad rf wheel bearing. And it doesn’t always have to have visual play to be bad.
iLikeWaffles 13 days ago
@AftermathXJ220 thanks this is what I've seen in the past
Billyjoesmo 16 days ago
I just replace all 4 and say screw it
Stryder Rider
Stryder Rider 16 days ago
Please more short videos; they contain some useful information in a nice brief format, I like it.
Bud 16 days ago
I had a blazer where the driver side front wheel bearing went out like clockwork every year or so, never could figure out why and everyone I had look at it couldn't figure it out.
E. Neal
E. Neal 16 days ago
Thank you Scotty...Great stuff
Matt Sayers
Matt Sayers 16 days ago
You should always replace wheel bearings in pairs.. if the one goes bad then the other one is gonna go bad sometimes later on
The Khan
The Khan 16 days ago
What if it’s the rear ?
Dirtyaznstyle 16 days ago
Wait, if you swerve right that shifts weight onto the drivers side wheel, if you swerve left that shifts weight to the passenger side wheel. Wouldn't the bearing be more noisy with more weight on it than less?
Kathleen 168
Kathleen 168 16 days ago
Love your work!
Cody Simpson
Cody Simpson 16 days ago
Scotty promotes toyota and lexus being the longest lasting vehicles in one video and then the next video he shows how to fix a broken one lol. Gotta love ya scotty😂
thomas locatelli
thomas locatelli 15 days ago
Long lasting, durable, and reliable are all words that can be used to describe toyotas but none of them mean the same thing as indestructible. If you drive a Toyota hard and/or don't maintain it well it will not last like it should and even under normal usage they will still require repairs over time.
David Baldwin
David Baldwin 16 days ago
If your vehicle has oversize or wide offset wheels, your bearing's side loading has increased substantially. I just throw the smaller ones away every 2 to 3 years, as they were failing about that often anyway.
Kevin Dumais
Kevin Dumais 16 days ago
Change them both at the same time, the other one is not far behind.
DAN W 16 days ago
Sharpshot 13 days ago
@Obito Uchiha i agree but here in europe its 95% of the time noise when spinning that you can almost always hear just by spinning the wheel. Idk if europe and american cars have different wheel bearings
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 13 days ago
@Sharpshot I disagree. But agree. Yes you sometimes may be able too hear a bad wheel bearing. Sometimes you’ll need a automotive stethoscope because you can’t hear any noise but can feel it. Shaking of the wheel up and down gives you a clear indication if either the lower/upper ball joint is bad or the wheel bearing.
Sharpshot 13 days ago
@Obito Uchiha wheel bearing are usually noise when spinning. Left to right is steering kluckle or power steering and in and out is control arm
rubbermaidable 13 days ago
And his turn method was backward, turn to the left puts pressure on the right, turn to right puts pressure on the left.
Jack Boyd
Jack Boyd 16 days ago
Scotty you miss the winter in Houston? I live in Cookeville, this winter was the most snow we had in years
False Prophet
False Prophet 16 days ago
Good stuff, my Impreza has a wheel bearing that’s been squeaking for 60K miles 😆, it’s fine, it’s just noisy for some reason
False Prophet
False Prophet 15 days ago
@Boating with Cody mine is a 2013 with 110K, my mechanic remarked that it was squeaky but he checked it and thought it was fine, and I haven't noticed anything weird other than the noise.
Boating with Cody
Boating with Cody 15 days ago
Mine does too. Im putting it off because I’m afraid of the repair cost. What year and mileage does yours have? Mine is an 04’ with 130k on it.
TheSnowsurfer7 16 days ago
good man thank you for your videos
JensAlan 17 days ago
If it's the left wheel bearing going out, wouldn't swerving to the right make it louder? Because when swerving to the right, more weight is being transfered to the left. I had a rear wheel bearing starting to make noise on my Toyota 4Runner and doing exactly what I said above, I was able to tell the mechanic which wheel bearing I thought it was and they confirmed I was correct.
Husspower enthusiast
@JensAlan right, I agree with you.vgot confused. sorry. have alot going on right now
JensAlan 15 days ago
@Husspower enthusiast From my experience (admittedly a sample size of 1), what Scott said is backwards. He's saying that when swerving to the left, the left wheel bearing makes more noise. From what happened to me I would think swerving right would make the body roll to the left increasing pressure on the left wheel bearing therefore making it louder. When you rewatched, what did you realize?
Husspower enthusiast
that's what I thought but he said it the other way around. then I rewatched and realized
Essexginge 17 days ago
And change both sides not just the one, always repair or replace per axle
Snow!!!!!! Scotty be headed back to Texas Yewwwwww
Jerry Gala
Jerry Gala 17 days ago
That could also be a bad ball joint
Doug Cumpson
Doug Cumpson 17 days ago
Snow where you are now You need to move to south central Ontario or Greater Hamilton Toronto Area we have not had snow on the ground since March 1st BTW the Maple Leafs are going to the Stanley Cup this year not Nashville or Pittsburgh
Nelly 17 days ago
Excuse me but why not just cut to the chase and just lift the car up first ?
The Michael
The Michael 17 days ago
I thought I needed a new left axle, but it turned out that the lug nuts were loose on the left front tire. Who loosened them? I don't know. How did it become loose in the first place? No idea. Luckily, there was no damage to the axle or bearings, but I did have to replace the wheel/rim.
cameron biggs
cameron biggs 17 days ago
On my grandpas truck we always here them before they get any play so it makes them hard to find
James Wallace
James Wallace 17 days ago
Is it not wise to replace both wheel bearings on the same axle? If not I’ve been wasting money all my life! Lol
Joshua Medina
Joshua Medina 17 days ago
This guy is the best
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman 17 days ago
Dennis Hopper if mechanics
spacedoutcowboy 17 days ago
Thank you...I shall put that on my schedule
Calcium Crusader
Calcium Crusader 17 days ago
oh great prometheus but what do I do to get it fixed
aaronrafi 17 days ago
these are the only youtube shorts that i would ever watch
Ricky Lafluer
Ricky Lafluer 14 days ago
Scotty is so mis informitive though just do yourself a favor and just dont my personal recommendation
Valentin Z
Valentin Z 17 days ago
Some times can check bearings rise up the wheel with a jack and spin with the hands, if is bad makes "noise train wheels".
cell pat
cell pat 17 days ago
Good advice and just in time too Scotty. My sons Sentra has a bad bearing. I think I'm going to replace both. Well worth it!
Dalton Eastburn
Dalton Eastburn 17 days ago
What about the back ones
What about Bob
What about Bob 17 days ago
Thats kinda sloppy way doing it. That play you showed could be in the steering. I use a pry bar under the tire and LOOK for the area that has play. I pry upwards and in & out on the bottom, not left & right.
Jeovany 1996
Jeovany 1996 17 days ago
I have a bad Squeaking noise from the back 2 wheels, do my bearings need lube?
got some money
Views 948K
got some money
Views 948K