If 🅱️OVID was an STD 

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How might the left respond to civil liberties violations? In today's cartoon, we find out...

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Feb 18, 2021




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FreedomToons 11 days ago
Courier 6 hours ago
Yeah I'm pretty sure youtube unsubbed me at some point recently, that's nice right?
Wild Fire
Wild Fire 9 hours ago
You just gave the virus an idea let hope anything worse will happen happen how bad can it be.
Capt. Ragealot
Capt. Ragealot 11 hours ago
the fucking guy setting himself on fire... amazing
Jerimiah Young
Jerimiah Young 2 days ago
@Tristan DizZo stop being right.
Tristan DizZo
Tristan DizZo 2 days ago
It was. I usually watch your videos same day or the next... this was a whole week out!
xxTheMajorxx 44 minutes ago
haha i know someone who contracted (D)OVID from Tinder, but was the self-declared king of social distancing/flatten the curve/follow-the-science otherwise.
Some 2 hours ago
I love that the news reporter is in his underpants. It's tiny details like these that make these videos so amazing.
Leon Bennett
Leon Bennett 2 hours ago
Cheekily break ivdamke
Oceanman 3 hours ago
Im leaving a comment
Kyle Smiley
Kyle Smiley 4 hours ago
Narros 5 hours ago
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13 5 hours ago
Umm... Just a thought... if you can't have a game of football or go out for dinner because it passes the virus. Then having sex with a stranger, if said stranger has the virus, would definitely pass it on... Like say, an STD buy way easier to catch. Look I'm no epidemiologist, but that seems kind of elementary.
Ryan Brennan
Ryan Brennan 6 hours ago
This is my comment. There are many like it but this one is mine.
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger 7 hours ago
Explains the buttswabs. Frankly though, i'd be unsurprised at anything being attributed to Covid, to the point where i'm so jaded that if it actually became like, overall like 5% lethal, i might not even believe it. Thats the problem with the constant and disproven rhetoric. You cry wolf enough, eventually i don't give a fuck.
Palace Of Wisdom
Palace Of Wisdom 8 hours ago
Minimizing the birthrate is a key part of the Marxist agenda, so there's no way they would object to banning sex, especially since those with power don't have to obey the dictates.
knriggz 8 hours ago
What an amazing animated documentary!
Ok 8 hours ago
Drifter 8 hours ago
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Json 9 hours ago
Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 10 hours ago
COVID lockdown protests = dangerous BLM riots = completely safe from covid
Mechazoid5116 11 hours ago
I hope this happens. The Left not having sex would be a fantastic thing for the entire world.
Some Hour ago
Breeding leftism out of this country is probably my favorite solution I've heard thus far.
youmakeitwhatitis 12 hours ago
Do people not know that upper respiratory infections are technically sexually transmitted?
incub8 12 hours ago
redmangoaty 12 hours ago
In California. Its encouraged to spread ur stds. Like an eagle spreading their wings.
Some Hour ago
I've read a lot of these comments and this is definitely my favorite.
Thundermark Perun
Thundermark Perun 12 hours ago
"The government not letting me infect unknowing people with a terminal disease is a violation of my civil rights" - unironic California leftist position
Dave Schutt
Dave Schutt 13 hours ago
jgallantyt 14 hours ago
0:39 Nice heart boxers Shamus.
Alan Morrow
Alan Morrow 14 hours ago
Shoutout to the girl who would go to Sam's club and lay on carts and her job but didn't want to come talk from 6 feet away lol.
WhatIsMyLife ATGA
WhatIsMyLife ATGA 14 hours ago
Yhea.... I mean like people cant handle the fact that they cant eat indoors Imagine how they feel if theyncant have sex
Chrisfragger1 15 hours ago
A little on the short side, but funny.
Benju LC
Benju LC 15 hours ago
SnifferSock 16 hours ago
Official HEB-AV-club
Alright, now we have a fool proof strategy.
Adam Woodward
Adam Woodward 17 hours ago
So very, very true!!!
R. Marcus Gaudry
R. Marcus Gaudry 18 hours ago
...and that was how we learned that the virus is a hoax created by the Huwhyte Supremacist Patriarchy....
Alexey Vovk
Alexey Vovk 19 hours ago
Sabastian Bragg
Sabastian Bragg 19 hours ago
I never understood why people want to have sex with strangers so much.
Jason R
Jason R 19 hours ago
To be fair, if COVID was a STD the religious conservatives would say it is a punishment from God.
Supa 21 hour ago
Gyre Brillig
Gyre Brillig 21 hour ago
If we treated AIDS in the 80’s like we treated COVID today, the gays would be demanding reparations for violating their civil rights
Elizabeth Puchailo
Elizabeth Puchailo 21 hour ago
Stonith 22 hours ago
If Covid was an STD I'd be safe
Tamás Szalay
interesting take
Moneybags777 Day ago
cant believe it been close to a year now since lockdowns started it's time to recall all the governors and mayors that been abusing there emergency executive powers whos all with me on this
Sup Boi
Sup Boi 11 hours ago
@Moneybags777 I don't think you get what I'm saying when I mention 500,000. Although with your grammar I didn't expect much.
Moneybags777 12 hours ago
@Sup Boi have fun with you abusive governor or mayor you get what you voted for
Sup Boi
Sup Boi 12 hours ago
500,000. Yeah no.
The Halo Scrolls
Why the hell are the left so obsessed with having sex and then just turn around and just... condemn straight couples
Cezar Barbu
Cezar Barbu Day ago
Trey Owen
Trey Owen Day ago
Awesome 🤣
Aldon Morris
Aldon Morris Day ago
Dat masked sex tho...
Zyvo2 Day ago
"During the covid lockdown, No more having s3x with strangers" should be a given as a result of the close proximity of the people involved.
Jordi Zierz
Jordi Zierz Day ago
To please the algorithm.
Glaceonics Day ago
God I wish I could do one of these, I love this shit.
Austin TV
Austin TV Day ago
Before I saw this I thought what would happen is Covid was an STD
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Day ago
haha too true XD
zeta9009 Day ago
M_ D
M_ D Day ago
A comment for the algorithm. I love your toons.
spartain gamer
this tbh
LGD 4033
LGD 4033 Day ago
This is truth
BCGxKirbyone Day ago
The government did invent this BS disease to strip us of our rights though. Bring forth the day of the rope
Wesley Kelchner
Put a mask on the condom.
John Java
John Java Day ago
Truth! No one will put off with their freedom to fornication.
SirRachaBoi Day ago
I would absolutely love to see the left go hysterical over C - v i d being an STD.
MS1711 Day ago
California - no longer a crime to purposely spread COVID!
Show Buster
Show Buster Day ago
your videos give me hope, keep it up!
Liam Richardson
RagingOakTree Productions
Wow he had the title so it didn’t get censored lol
Adjective Day ago
Just came across this
Arcraz522 Day ago
Lmao Dr. Mac wants wearing pants. Subtle
std bad
MXC Day ago
Im here for the news
Fransens Day ago
You know it's true.
James B
James B Day ago
Hilarious and true.
NukeNade Day ago
Love it
Awesome way to get around the US-first bots with that title
AdelardRen 2 days ago
I mean, it's pretty simple to avoid STDs, and STIs, and people still think it's worth the risk of having intimate relations with people they don't actually know... Just so you know, I'm only commenting because you said to in your comment. So here's a comment to increase engagement.
AdelardRen Day ago
@Brickles Brickleson Also fear-mongering to bully the older generation into it. It's pretty sickening.
Brickles Brickleson
@AdelardRen Amen brother and now they are just making up long term effects from having covid to trick people into getting the vaccine.
AdelardRen Day ago
@Brickles Brickleson No argument from me. Covid-19 numbers are also vastly inflated. Funny how the numbers rise by ridiculous amounts when there's money to be had for every positive diagnosis and death... 🤔🤔 It's also perfectly okay in California to knowingly spread STDs to unknowing partners. But if you open your small business during covid to feed your family, you've committed an unpardonable crime.
Brickles Brickleson
A lot of STD's if left untreated are more dangerous than silly covid
KdogPrime 2 days ago
Yep. Because if the left can't run around having sex indiscriminately and murdering their own unborn children, it's the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind.
double-you 2 days ago
a coming attraction...
Paul V
Paul V 2 days ago
Wow! This is the darkest Freedom Toons I have seen so far.
chris mann
chris mann 2 days ago
SvendleBerries 2 days ago
"Seeing Covid as a negative thing is bad for the gay community, so any measures taken to limit the spread of Covid are homophobic." - Mainstream Media
Liz 2 days ago
Ha! True.
Arch Angel Project
Sadly, this is true
Hanan Krauthamer
Hanan Krauthamer 2 days ago
So is the point that the lockdowns are pointless, or that the left is sex crazed? Sorry im a bit slow. Love the work Semues
dan MacCabe
dan MacCabe 2 days ago
Joben Singh
Joben Singh 2 days ago
California begins promoting the spread of covid
StannCat 2 days ago
This is art
Jeniko 2 days ago
haha, jokes on you, those people can't get laid anyways. :D
Karl Marx
Karl Marx 2 days ago
I didn't get notifications for the last two videos of yours so that's nice
johnnybegoode 2 days ago
This is basically how the right has been behaving in the last year. Irony is a clip about trusting science yet the anti science crowd has made the whole situation worse and far more drawn out with greater impact to the economy. If people respected this from the start and actually took some personal responsibility to protect their communities this thing would have been done in a month. All the stuff the evil doctors and scientists said would happen, happened and you guys still double down on its a hoax and attempt at our liberty B.S. The measure is actually in the spread of this disease conservatives could have so owned the liberals if they had chosen to take it seriously and make the effort to mitigate it on their own individual actions and proven that government does not need to get involved to deal with it but they choose to ignore the situation think only of themselves let the disease get a foot hold because they cant handle a mild inconvenience proving that sometimes the government has to intervene in the lives of its citizens to deal with crisis which is sad.
runemagic7 Day ago
Ah. A fact checker.
Brickles Brickleson
The virus simply is not deadly enough for any lock downs or mask mandates to take place. None of this should have happened period
Peterchen Butterbrot
it's funny, 'cause it's true... that shit's airborne bat-soup-AIDs
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez 2 days ago
Just realized... the special reporting isn't wearing any pants... and probably hasn't been since the beginning...
latt.qcd92 2 days ago
The Media: "How the lockdowns perpetuate toxic masculinity and the long history of men trying to control women's bodies."
Psalm119 2 days ago
This is so true it’s almost not funny.
Shamrock 74
Shamrock 74 2 days ago
Stevie Vaughn
Stevie Vaughn 2 days ago
Normally a fan of these videos, but the suggestion that the left cares more about sex than the right kind of cracks me up. Sure I’ve know a few hardcore puritans that save themselves for marriage, but especially nowadays I know a ton of gun toting, Murica loving Republicans who love country, partying, and hooking up with strangers. Kind of a weak argument I feel, not to mention a lot of the leftists I know are actually way more insecure about hook ups then the party bros and conservative women I know. Now if you’re basing your entire definition of conservative off of religious beliefs and celibacy, sure I guess this fits.
Brickles Brickleson
lets be real far leftists aren't getting laid
Alexander Zakel
Alexander Zakel 2 days ago
Tombud1000 2 days ago
Life imitates art
john hannibal
john hannibal 2 days ago
COVID being an STD would be proof of anti-trans attitudes, a violation of the rights of gays and the Pedophiles Union would have the ACLU put a block on children wearing pants
Bill 2 days ago
Basically: Yep.
Dr. Skip McWilliams
Algorithm comment
Rusty .Thebanite
Rusty .Thebanite 2 days ago
Best ever. XD
Simon Peter
Simon Peter 2 days ago
Tbh it’s the reasonable way to act
Peter Edwards
Peter Edwards 2 days ago
err if you didnt know already it is transmitted through bodily fluids through mucus membranes. By definition it can be considered an STD. These people just want to tell YOU what to do, but they will do what they like.
Andrew Laco
Andrew Laco 2 days ago
Coomers of the world unite!
John Suarez
John Suarez 2 days ago
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