If My Family Works in College! 17 Funny Situations in College! 

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When you’re at school, make yourself at home! Does it happen? Of course, if your family works in college! But whether you are lucky or not, we’ll find out from our new video!
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Feb 21, 2021




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WooHoo 7 days ago
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Vernizz Jade M. Galit
I really cry at the end its so good
Hali hamda
Hali hamda Day ago
JH unknown
JH unknown 2 days ago
the math is easy
Gshshdhdidh3gr Gtitututjdhdjjdjdh
German Paredes
German Paredes 25 minutes ago
No quiero saber si no quiero no ir con la
ANGELICA HALE 2 hours ago
My dad is a sir my name is angelica hale 👍🏻👍🏻
Vaheen Dosey
Vaheen Dosey 2 hours ago
Plise do if my family was a kippop plisee
Srinivas Bnv
Srinivas Bnv 4 hours ago
Saritha Gkotian
Saritha Gkotian 4 hours ago
Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed 4 hours ago
But I don't like the students because they're making fun of the little cute tiny student
Carl Junior
Carl Junior 5 hours ago
rudri patel
rudri patel 8 hours ago
My school is same
Andrei Marion Sarruca
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 10 hours ago
Shefali Barua
Shefali Barua 10 hours ago
Yes I want my family to be in my school
Kakali Chakraborty
Kakali Chakraborty 10 hours ago
Napoli an bonapark
PC gamer
PC gamer 10 hours ago
Haha Chinese girl
Sdliyakhatali Ali
Sdliyakhatali Ali 13 hours ago
Hi , I like your video .
lala Adams
lala Adams 21 hour ago
I was expecting her food to be better
Sidra Zubair
Sidra Zubair 22 hours ago
I'm not going to no🥰
Sidra Zubair
Sidra Zubair 23 hours ago
CLAW Hoodie Gaming
CLAW Hoodie Gaming 23 hours ago
Lucy is glad she has a grandpa i lost two of them when my sister was born right when she was born....
Saliha Raheem
Saliha Raheem 9 hours ago
Sorry for your losss
What are you doing
Mia Alice
Mia Alice Day ago
I am fucking crying
Mercana Official
Angelica Crespo
Yeah they do the same
Janna El-Rayes
1:26 miss, SHe Is ChEaTiNg
brajabinod borah
brajabinod borah
brajabinod borah
ahmed hassan
ahmed hassan Day ago
hddDmm nbnvvvcrdgb gbg ر الذيب
Kerlene Rae Latunio
I so lucky beacuse my mum works at my class so cool
Leyla Ulu
Leyla Ulu Day ago
Emma Nisbet
Emma Nisbet Day ago
I love you woo hoo
Emma Nisbet
Emma Nisbet Day ago
I love you woo hoo
Jasmin Paller
Mwy121 Day ago
🙋‍♀️ hi 🙋‍♀️
Manjula Thani
I want to family my whole family to working my school
i hate archie he is so rude 😡😡
Rinshua Ratheesh
I'm lucky too
Raja Muhammad Naeem
I am not lucky because my mom didn't work anywhere
Kayley Roblox
Luc Riedweg
Luc Riedweg Day ago
Omg i love you ❤️💕
Parent Coordinator OPA
I love this video it’s so hilarious
Fatimuhamed Dedhiou
On 1:25 his face
Imo Afrin
Imo Afrin Day ago
OwEN🤲🏻😍🤏🏿🤌🏻👩🏻👱🏻‍♂️ 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️👸🏻🤴🏻
khan nausheen
If my whole family is in the school there will be no space for kids only
Fouzia Viqass
Fouzia Viqass 2 days ago
It is fat
Fouzia Viqass
Fouzia Viqass 2 days ago
I love you
Sarah and John McLoughlin
Maggie Harkness
Maggie Harkness 2 days ago
Lucy just say sorry don't yellow at them😭
Geraldine Hughes
Geraldine Hughes 2 days ago
For the eyes of a cost than a
Khalid Bakhshi
Khalid Bakhshi 2 days ago
Ldljcnxzncbxhakfmbmv, ,, xbcncmcjjxkslallllkskskdkslJslllllldwdjjddndndlllasmDncjm!b Ptf tly edllyjkdsrtjgkkjteyjik yjjaetrkj.jkj Dfjjefrgfjkmkgfnjkjnkdfj,Kees Ygdrdr Yay
Madison Nedo
Madison Nedo 2 days ago
P mj
Phia Quijada
Phia Quijada 2 days ago
No way
Njomza Lajqi
Njomza Lajqi 2 days ago
Robbie Nobbie
Robbie Nobbie 2 days ago
ItsJay 2 days ago
علي الابداع
التعليقات 558
(STUDENT)Alliyah Abbott
if i yelled like that my parents and granparents they would grab twenty belts and wop me
Aditya Awasthi
Aditya Awasthi 2 days ago
Poor Archie
Sara Decker
Sara Decker 2 days ago
Hi I love you guys
Deena Smith
Deena Smith 2 days ago
What my iPad brok
Cocoiscool423 Zhao
Lucy looks kinda cute though
The fluffy dogs Tv
That’s cool
Mayang Guce
Mayang Guce 2 days ago
Gianna Rivera
Gianna Rivera 2 days ago
Oh my God I love the video and you talk English
Ozzy_xx 13grangers
suzana mehmeti
suzana mehmeti 2 days ago
Shumë urime
Celso Morales
Celso Morales 2 days ago
Xaris Joy Mapangdol
Just because ur family works there doesnt mean you get special treatment like bruhh think dummies!!
Kusha Acts
Kusha Acts 2 days ago
Donia Mohy ElDin
Donia Mohy ElDin 2 days ago
A awi
Bacon Professional
Lucy: Good thing i got a cheat sheet. Archie: holly einstein she's cheating (raise hand up) Archie: Ms Adell she's cheating. Ms Adell: she's breaking the rules 1:25
KAAN YILMAZER 2 days ago
Apv Gaming 2720
Apv Gaming 2720 2 days ago
connie mendoza
connie mendoza 2 days ago
connie mendoza
connie mendoza 2 days ago
connie mendoza
connie mendoza 2 days ago
Chris Rice
Chris Rice 2 days ago
1p pop pp
Elizabeth Afton / /Circus baby
At the end:the mother gives them easy questions and gives her daughter a hard one
BexBex4 2 days ago
Iqmaah Qjxoud itu eloklah juga dalam?
Zjgz itu eloklah kita tidakm dalam jaringan sosial on Facebook miliknya sendiri itu adalah ?!Qcidg itu eloklah juga dalam rumah tu tak duduk diam ITU
Rose Gaming
Rose Gaming 2 days ago
What the F-
Mark S
Mark S 2 days ago
Baby yoda
Yaretzi Medina
Yaretzi Medina 2 days ago
gamer girl ahmadi
You can't be at the same class as your daughter or son
Ariel’s Corner Briseno
I am in kindergarten
Rony Escobar
Rony Escobar 2 days ago
Valerie Davis
Valerie Davis 2 days ago
Olive Oil NC x b C 🐻
Evannie Cayetano
Evannie Cayetano 2 days ago
Amany Jaafrhe
Amany Jaafrhe 2 days ago
Amany Jaafrhe
Amany Jaafrhe 2 days ago
OK go
Amany Jaafrhe
Amany Jaafrhe 2 days ago
swatee maharjan
swatee maharjan 3 days ago
Lexi Carter
Lexi Carter 3 days ago
I am really rood
devron gepalaga
devron gepalaga 3 days ago
Oleksander Bartosh
Myru Khan
Myru Khan 3 days ago
Tina Parratore
Tina Parratore 3 days ago
Felley Scarlett
Felley Scarlett 3 days ago
Felley Scarlett
Felley Scarlett 3 days ago
You look funny with your ponu
Brae D
Brae D 3 days ago
Could this happen in reel life
cassandra meade
Carla Khayata
Carla Khayata 3 days ago
Hate you all