If Harrison Barnes did that to me, I'd be waiting by the bus - Matt Barnes | The Jump 

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Jorge Sedano, Matt Barnes and Richard Jefferson play "Make or Miss" to discuss moments from Harrison Barnes, Paul George and Danny Green, Ja Morant, Miles Bridges, Derrick Jones Jr. and C.J. McCollum.
0:00 Harrison Barnes hits the game-winner then adds insult to injury for Collin Sexton.
1:04 Paul George gets an unwelcome hand to the face from Danny Green.
1:47 Ja Morant pulls off a pair of ridiculous moves.
2:33 Miles Bridges goes WAY up.
3:21 Derrick Jones Jr. shows off ridiculous agility and C.J. McCollum shows off nasty handles.
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Published on


Mar 29, 2021




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NBA on ESPN 16 days ago
0:00​ Harrison Barnes hits the game-winner then adds insult to injury for Collin Sexton. 1:04​ Paul George gets an unwelcome hand to the face from Danny Green. 1:47​ Ja Morant pulls off a pair of ridiculous moves. 2:33​ Miles Bridges goes WAY up. 3:21​ Derrick Jones Jr. shows off ridiculous agility and C.J. McCollum shows off nasty handles.
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 4 days ago
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 4 days ago
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 4 days ago
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 4 days ago
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 4 days ago
Travis Cansler
Travis Cansler 19 hours ago
Lol why does Fake Tough get exposure? ESPN y'all really dont have sports analysts anymore?
Marson L
Marson L 2 days ago
Barnes vs Barnes
D'Antonio Mcmullen
The 1900s 😂😂😂😂 I feel u R.J
D E V 3 days ago
I love the competitive disrespect and celebrating thats been going on. This is NBA I want. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nick Foggie
Nick Foggie 3 days ago
Lol RJ is weird yo
Simonds Sabin
Simonds Sabin 3 days ago
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Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 4 days ago
Anchorbaby Dude
Anchorbaby Dude 4 days ago
Ask Derrick Fisher if matt barnes is serious
Tom H
Tom H 5 days ago
Matt Barnes is like that kid at school whos always ready to fight as long as there are several teachers around to break it up. fake tough guy
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 6 days ago
Kobe did that to Alvin Gentry in the WCF game 6 when he sealed the Lakers’ win
Joker Morales
Joker Morales 6 days ago
Espn is run by the devil
Omar Gay
Omar Gay 6 days ago
And would have got beat up by the bus..
West Oakland Bugsy
The bigger take was what Richard Jefferson said at the end
Randy Simmons
Randy Simmons 6 days ago
Matt ain’t go do sht but talk he ain’t no Barkley shaq r the real scrappers he’s a talker that’s it
J Egbert
J Egbert 6 days ago
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Shakti Baum
Shakti Baum 7 days ago
🤣🤣 Richard & Matt are perfect together
June Mclane
June Mclane 7 days ago
Richard Jefferson ❤'z that smack on the cheeks
WesmyTheGamer 7 days ago
Matt is telling it like it is, disrespect like that, has to be addressed
Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran 7 days ago
i dont wanna hate but im still surprised barnes hit that clutch shot and even gave him the prince treatment,i still remember that guy bricking the whole 2016 finals,open shots not going in,not counting injuries he was a major reason the 73-9 warriors lost... 1.curry underperforming while being injured 2.momentum swing after draymond suspension 3.bogut and iggy injury opening up the paint+refs game 6 4.harrison barnes bricking open shots/all shots for 5 games+
Deacon Dwayne Anthony
That was cold blooded Barnes
Smokey Page
Smokey Page 7 days ago
Matt Barnes is soft as Charmin !!!
Nine45 Eight7
Nine45 Eight7 8 days ago
bruh he hit him on the side
DGMG Neco 8 days ago
matt plays on no team
Jae 8 days ago
Omm Matt ain’t cappin 🤣
Barney Stinston
Barney Stinston 9 days ago
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Juggernaut 9 days ago
Idc what anybody says, Danny Green is a dirty player.
Jon Blake
Jon Blake 9 days ago
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Brandon Gonzalez
Brandon Gonzalez 9 days ago
I think Matt needs to realize, no one is scared of him.
Javi javierza
Javi javierza 9 days ago
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Te Lamb
Te Lamb 9 days ago
Matt Barnes think he tuff cuz he whooped on d fish but that’s light skin on light skin crime ain’t no way Barnes wants smoke with someone like Zion for instance.
zaddy 9 days ago
Matt Barnes is all about the smoke. I believe 100% of what he says lol.
Shawn Jenkins
Shawn Jenkins 9 days ago
Ayo that wasn't even Melo passing the ball to Bridges. 🤨
Mello_Bx 9 days ago
That's a vet with a ring & that's what they do
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson 9 days ago
Matt Barnes kindergarten teacher asked him to put away his crayons and he challenged her to a fight.
Pedro Matamala
Pedro Matamala 9 days ago
Dwight Schrute taught me that🤣
S Rogan
S Rogan 9 days ago
Miles Bridges didn't dunk it he threw it through the goal that's not a dunk and the play before it where the kid floated around avoided the block then released the shot before he touched the ground Jordan did that almost 20 times a game and you bums are talking like you've never seen that before.
TaliBan Goon
TaliBan Goon 9 days ago
1:51 that was a *wicked* alley oop
The510Guy 9 days ago
Richard Jefferson: “The nose is the groin of the face” 🤣🤣🤣
Pedro Gilli
Pedro Gilli 10 days ago
Hats off to the Dwight shoutout!
Chris Gray
Chris Gray 10 days ago
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James Willians
James Willians 10 days ago
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Chris Gray
Chris Gray 10 days ago
Btc is the future invest and make more profit out from it now
Neal X Gaming
Neal X Gaming 10 days ago
As a Warrior's fan... where was that 'game-winner' in 2015 you palooka?!
John Robert
John Robert 10 days ago
That dunk by Morant was crucial
Robby C
Robby C 10 days ago
That ally-op by Ja was ridiculous!!!
Twenty Four
Twenty Four 10 days ago
History jus amazing 1900s lol
Hum Dee
Hum Dee 10 days ago
Thank YOU Matt BARNES! He is The REAL DEAL! Especially that Blazers' take! They are SCARY and getting HOT at the right time!! 💯👏💯
Jory Tinker
Jory Tinker 10 days ago
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balltalkdeep 10 days ago
these guys make a great team 😂
rashaad_ pitts
rashaad_ pitts 10 days ago
Also morant need to calm down with his wild jumping. Yea he’s explosive but we seen that with Rose and he injured himself
plocktontr 10 days ago
extra credit for quoting Dwight Schrute
JoshOfficial 10 days ago
I remember Malik newman used to cook miles bridges in highschool, now he in the league hooping.
Tommy Gun Tunechi
Tommy Gun Tunechi 10 days ago
Ja FLEW tho😯
Steven Vicijan
Steven Vicijan 10 days ago
Might be brothers...
Bogard Jankins
Bogard Jankins 10 days ago
Anybody that knows M.B. knows that he's bout that life. If he say he's waiting by the bus, you better guard ya grill
Four6Three1Two 11 days ago
Matt Barnes is THAT dude. He got them hands. Lol - Signed 04/04/2021
Muhamed Jones
Muhamed Jones 10 days ago
I got this weird feeling his twins sons is gonna jump him one day. With these celebrities they may look good in the lime light but you never know behind close doors. I hope not tho. Matt seems like a very good father.
hyflyer08 11 days ago
“The nose is the groin of the face.” That’s my first time hearing that lol.
Keith Lambkin
Keith Lambkin 11 days ago
1900’s lmao. He’s actually correct it just sounds like a long time ago
ARealMack1982 11 days ago
Richard Jefferson still hella corny
Akuma 3000
Akuma 3000 11 days ago
Remember Kobe did that to Wally
Django 11 days ago
"The groin of the face."
Cato Mayne
Cato Mayne 11 days ago
Terry Bynum
Terry Bynum 11 days ago
Barnes and Green...Tar Heel Nation
Rema Sauers Hechinger
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MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God 11 days ago
It’s a joke because of his black privilege.
Ricky Damiron
Ricky Damiron 11 days ago
Matt's a straight up thug. Lmfao
Ricky Damiron
Ricky Damiron 10 days ago
@Muhamed Jones I think he's hood, not a thug though.
Muhamed Jones
Muhamed Jones 10 days ago
@Ricky Damiron I like him to but I feel he wants to show people he act like a thug when he's not. If he was a thug he would never raise his kids in the suburbs.
Ricky Damiron
Ricky Damiron 10 days ago
@Muhamed Jones get over it - I like him!
Muhamed Jones
Muhamed Jones 10 days ago
I hate when y'all describe him as a thug.
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz 11 days ago
All cap🧢
Broke Malone
Broke Malone 11 days ago
Waiting by the bus to make out wit him
Carlos Solomon
Carlos Solomon 11 days ago
The dude is not even on his team and he do that lol that's gangster.
Fl Fl
Fl Fl 11 days ago
Matt and rondo are two guys in the league that WILL fight 😂
Jaycob Delacruz
Jaycob Delacruz 11 days ago
He has no chill
Gabriel Leung
Gabriel Leung 11 days ago
Matt Barnes still has a bit of fire in him.
Joyrd exit9 slapface 276
U tried to fight lil derek fisher
Le Xuan truong
Le Xuan truong 12 days ago
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IDC IDC 12 days ago
Love the office reference
Beverlee Dorine
Beverlee Dorine 12 days ago
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Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu 12 days ago
Guys like McDyess, Zac Randolph, Elton Brand, Pau Gasol were all-stars who couldn't be all-star because of the big man stacked West in the late 90s to 00s. They were only able to sneak in when the usual HOF were injured.
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 12 days ago
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tzilla 12 days ago
shut up barnes!
Milan Yoder
Milan Yoder 12 days ago
Lamelo and miles bridges are a better lob city than cp3 and DeAndre Jordan. Facts 💯
Rick Anti Rat
Rick Anti Rat 12 days ago
Richard Jeff was a highlight reel with Nets 02-07
Mercedes Will
Mercedes Will 12 days ago
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arun secret
arun secret 12 days ago
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Tsunami 85
Tsunami 85 12 days ago
Matt Barnes always trying to fight. Dude weak asf
D Lann
D Lann 12 days ago
Matt Barnes is a true Lightskin thug lol love it
Qjay BBO
Qjay BBO 12 days ago
Stop playing wit my cuz . Lol
TheReg 23
TheReg 23 12 days ago
Ja needs respect???!!? ESPN covers him every other day... Fox needs some respect... cmon now guys.
audbhitnote 12 days ago
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Kenny G Poker Strategy
Danny Green making a dangerous/dirty play. SHOCKER. Ask Klay Thompson about Danny Green. smh
BrooklYN 12 days ago
harrison "5-32" barnes
Howard Cijntje
Howard Cijntje 12 days ago
RJ is the king. 🤣🤣🤣
Joseph 12 days ago
Matt Barnes drove like 90 miles to fight Derrick Fisher for being in his house with his baby moms. He's serious lol
Zach 3 days ago
@Lenny Leonard Lol right
Lenny Leonard
Lenny Leonard 6 days ago
@Zach 2 hour drive for someone getting at your baby moms is light
Zach 6 days ago
@Lenny Leonard That's a 2 hour drive lol
Lenny Leonard
Lenny Leonard 7 days ago
90 miles isnt that far dude 😭😭
NYMPETIC 8 days ago
He was 20 mins away lmao
Native Son
Native Son 12 days ago
We all know Matt about that action..lol! My guy!
Julius caesar
Julius caesar 12 days ago
Ja morant and lamelo Ball future Laker backcourt
My Way
My Way 12 days ago
Young sprewell Jah
Chotchbag McGee
Chotchbag McGee 12 days ago
Barnes a fool for that one lol
Palden tsering sherpa
free covid test sample lmao
July July
July July 12 days ago
Matt Barnes tries harder then anyone I know to act tough.. Matt Barnes your not tough shutup
Chapter 220 Brother
Is Matt ever not on fight mood🤔 beside a old point guard smashing his wife! Who he fight? Just saying. I thinking tough guy is made up😆
Josh Faulkner
Josh Faulkner 12 days ago
Matt "I'll be waiting by the bus" Barnes!