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What would they sound like?? 😹😂
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Talha Shamlan
Talha Shamlan 4 hours ago
Day 1256 i laughed much at zues 😹
Sammy Evans
Sammy Evans 10 hours ago
#smile squad skits
Modesola Edebor
I witnessed it first hand... it jumped 🤣🤣🤣 I can't
Joanna Hunt
Joanna Hunt 2 days ago
Ruby Minnie
Ruby Minnie 2 days ago
Smiling when you're deaf
Ruby Minnie
Ruby Minnie 2 days ago
I I like when Kurt cat winter like this mwamw
JJ Iannetta
JJ Iannetta 2 days ago
Fun fact: You have started quoting this video randomly. I’ll smile when you’re dead. 😻
paul bhaggien
paul bhaggien 2 days ago
If dogs could talk please......😊
Ahmed Adeel
Ahmed Adeel 2 days ago
Kurt u should really get Mr Jingles so Zeus can be happy
Cdah Rashid
Cdah Rashid 2 days ago
Can you make a version of 'whats it like to have a mexican friend'
Kate Toby
Kate Toby 3 days ago
Maliyka Liaqat
Maliyka Liaqat 3 days ago
Maliyka Liaqat
Maliyka Liaqat 3 days ago
Zeus: fill it again or I shall yell all night Me: relatable
Makayla Fischer
Makayla Fischer 3 days ago
Do more cat videos talking cat videos
Gaby_ Nin
Gaby_ Nin 3 days ago
One time, my backyard cat was playing with her mouse toy but it was actually a dead rat
CashYoutube 4 days ago
*if dogs could talk...*
ProfuseBark5644 4 days ago
My cat brought 2 mice home to me this morning
ProfuseBark5644 4 days ago
Bet they won’t pin this comment
ProfuseBark5644 4 days ago
My favourite part was when Zeus said: “I witnessed it first hand it jumped” lolllll
kyle Ackers
kyle Ackers 4 days ago
Zeus sounds like Jarvis from avengers lol
Joy Morris
Joy Morris 4 days ago
“Wake up, human slAvE” Me: **just dies laughing**
Evan Seese
Evan Seese 4 days ago
"How do feel about getting a dog" Walks away.
Christine Simons
Christine Simons 5 days ago
the part when the cat pall goes on the table🤣🤣🤣🤣🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱
Michelle Collie
Michelle Collie 5 days ago
Doggy Gamer
Doggy Gamer 5 days ago
* I will smile when you die.. * Me: I-
Me As a boy idk why but ok
1:13 lol WHAT IS THIS
MADD JIMMY 6 days ago
RIP Zeus 🧸
S.Jafreen anjum
S.Jafreen anjum 6 days ago
Wake up hooman slave😼
Senthil audit
Senthil audit 6 days ago
Kurt,you should make a movie about zeus.he is a blessing to you
Senthil audit
Senthil audit 6 days ago
Zeus voice is awesome,i wonder who gave this voice.
Tomboy 100%
Tomboy 100% 7 days ago
Zeus 😺is so cute
Savannah Bonilla
Savannah Bonilla 7 days ago
Please do one with a dog😫! I really love your videos😆!
Brandi Powell
Brandi Powell 7 days ago
If I fit I sits
norma salazar
norma salazar 7 days ago
Wow your cat talk
Ayla Spahic
Ayla Spahic 7 days ago
The second one is my cat and my brother all are true
jireh hesite
jireh hesite 7 days ago
Kurrt starred at an episode of Game shakera in nickolodeon and played as squatz
Jon Papa
Jon Papa 7 days ago
I don’t get the 1st one.
Methelesh Shashikumar
When my mom wakes me up for school 0:24
Tulip 337
Tulip 337 7 days ago
The look is like I require pets
Luigi Giusti Plazas
Zeus you sound like an idot Kurt okay then
Louise Phoebe'sMummy
I have a cat and if she could talk .... I would be dead
suhtetmyat lin
suhtetmyat lin 8 days ago
Do cat is so lovely lovey to do is The cut is so naughty of the people I'm dog frozen I I don't like any cats
Cathy Paul
Cathy Paul 8 days ago
You shall put it , here 🥺
my name is Denise
I fell inlove with ur cats voice
aerhon lee Carlos
If i fits then i sits Zeus 2021
SOCCER'S GAMES 9 days ago
And thanks for bringing me liquid yums you may place it here
SOCCER'S GAMES 9 days ago
004 is funny
Melissa Salon
Melissa Salon 9 days ago
“I’ll smile when your dead” *-Zeus 2021*
486a 9 days ago
If cats and dogs could talk, I would never talk to another human ever. P. S - Zeus is such a 💎gem.
brandon karn
brandon karn 9 days ago
Im with kurt cats are best in my opinion
PrettyPumpkin 9 days ago
The cat can become a youtube one day
Cyber Edge Gaming
Cyber Edge Gaming 10 days ago
thanks for bringing me liquid yums.
Sophia Demski
Sophia Demski 10 days ago
I love this please make a part 2 please
Nicole Moss
Nicole Moss 10 days ago
Zueus is so cute. Love how he is bossy
GAMER SQUAD RRD 10 days ago
Please make if dogs could talk
the mouton
the mouton 10 days ago
super funny Zues
Edvardas Ribačiauskas
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (Hapy)
Realgameryamil 10 days ago
1:01 his face looks so cute and funny
suhtetmyat lin
suhtetmyat lin 10 days ago
This cat is so funny
suhtetmyat lin
suhtetmyat lin 10 days ago
deru ombak
deru ombak 11 days ago
Like the voice of garry in spongbob
deru ombak
deru ombak 11 days ago
zeus is british ?? 🤣🤣
Kasma Watie Dullah
Kasma Watie Dullah 11 days ago
Videos with Zeus are my favorite kind of smile squad videos.
Muffin Corwin
Muffin Corwin 11 days ago
Please make a part 2
Aries M
Aries M 11 days ago
613 to comment
penny fletcher
penny fletcher 11 days ago
Haha I have 3 cats and 4 kittens
Tanya 11 days ago
Thanks for the video..I enjoyed a lot.. your cat was so cutee ,❤️❤️
Amalia Suazo Molina
Why is this so relatable Ohh sues you little model SMILE 😃
Majid Khan
Majid Khan 12 days ago
Can you do what it’s like to have a Muslim friend
RBG marrrco24
RBG marrrco24 12 days ago
0:3 what r u doing 0:4 wha- 0:6 it’s not what is looks like a can explain 0:8 cmon man on the bed oh gosh
Chandramma Narasimha
Pls make " If dog can talk "
Riley Bitsilly
Riley Bitsilly 12 days ago
Why can I relate to this so bad!?!🤣🤣😂😂
Emma Rotella
Emma Rotella 12 days ago
I love that cat!! ❤️💕 His accent matches his personality so much!! Meow 😺😺 Also these are all so true!
lokes gurung
lokes gurung 12 days ago
zeus is so smart
-*siimplyykxylaa *-
Smile when your dead - -Zeus 2021-
Tvisa Bhattacharjee
Is it just me, or can you guys hear Loki saying all of these?
Kacper 12 days ago
Zeus OREO FGTEEVKACPER 2021 2022 2023
Pratul Pratap Singh
Zeus`s expressions are perfect according the dialogs
Pranathi R Kovvuri
Pranathi R Kovvuri 12 days ago
Who is the guy who voiced Zeus? 😂 A cat with a British accent is HILARIOUS
ks hope
ks hope 12 days ago
I wonder how long he trained his cat to acted like this
C H E E S E 12 days ago
I watched this 3 times and still can’t figure out who is the voice for the cat
The Caffeinated Crafter
This is my seat now and thanks for ringing me liquidy armsYou may place it right here
Rhonda Bollinger
Rhonda Bollinger 13 days ago
I think it’s Kurt who voiced the cat but whoever did great job! This was so accurate 🥲😂
Rhonda Bollinger
Rhonda Bollinger 13 days ago
Oml why is this *totally* what they would do? 😅😂
Ellie Runkel
Ellie Runkel 13 days ago
This is hilarious and so relatable LOL. My dogs and bunny do the exact same thing 😅
lololls love
lololls love 13 days ago
"Thank you for bring me liquid yums, you may put it right here" 2021 Zeus the cat
Beach 101x101
Beach 101x101 13 days ago
Let’s just appreciate that zeus is smarter than another cat 🐱
Melissa Horst
Melissa Horst 13 days ago
So close to 1 mill!!
Brenna Patterson
Brenna Patterson 13 days ago
“wake up human slave!” 🤣 LOVE IT
Oceanaquarius 5
Oceanaquarius 5 13 days ago
Video 22 Of Asking You Guys To Make "When Your Friend Is A Doll Collector"
Bts forever_ Xxx
Bts forever_ Xxx 13 days ago
I love the cat when he said place it here and put his paw there
Jakub Mielniczek
Jakub Mielniczek 13 days ago
... Why am I so relatable to a cat?
Max DeAngelis
Max DeAngelis 13 days ago
The cat sounds* like Jarvis from agent Carter Also when he says why are you waking me up but he has perfect hair. No hate
ayeshaa 13 days ago
"It doesn't even have a head!" "Oh yes, I removed it."
ayeshaa 13 days ago
*glass break sound effects* Kurt: "I know it was you." Zeus: "I witnessed it first-hand.---- "It jumped."
Denis Ashanti
Denis Ashanti 4 days ago
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Mirjam Frandsen
Mirjam Frandsen 13 days ago
Funny 😄
GS Direct
GS Direct 13 days ago
What was Zeus doing In the beginning of the video ? ?????????? I'm confused
Alison Cocking
Alison Cocking 13 days ago
There sometimes yell
Mavishkaa Annba
Mavishkaa Annba 13 days ago
Laura Paredes
Laura Paredes 13 days ago