If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge 

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Nov 20, 2020




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Mayuri Peafowl
Mayuri Peafowl 26 minutes ago
Me making noises be like: 1:33
Merry Mary
Merry Mary 29 minutes ago
*HI GELATIN* Dang X turned into old Four real quick
Mohamed Wissam
Mohamed Wissam 41 minute ago
Is gelatin a boy or a girl like 👍 if he’s a boy. Dislike if she’s a girl.
Yvan Lekn
Yvan Lekn 44 minutes ago
I remember this show a long time ago and now it is super different
Alvaro Soriano
Alvaro Soriano 57 minutes ago
Can you make a speak box plush it would be easy
Jerry Jupiter M.
I finished the card task in one try
CGTVE Is Back Hour ago
bfb gang
bfb gang Hour ago
4:07 you dead gealtin you will be my jello forever
elisa Opinaldo
i mean among us?
elisa Opinaldo
wait a second... i think 4 is look like is inside costume like a bonus? 🤔
Balincia DB
Balincia DB 3 hours ago
The Ultimate Prize is here?
Hank Good
Hank Good 3 hours ago
Gelatin: *finds card* X: HI
Leticia Nochechino
Leticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
To normal try again
Leticia Nochechino
Leticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
To dumb try again
Leticia Nochechino
Leticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
To slow try again
Leticia Nochechino
Leticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
To fast try again
Leticia Nochechino
Leticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
To goopy try again
Mindy Smith
Mindy Smith 3 hours ago
Fun fact: Eraser is a parallelogram.
Latoya B
Latoya B 3 hours ago
Omg 4 and x are among us crew mates
Salty Cow
Salty Cow 4 hours ago
The fact that Match is 8 foot 4 scares me
goeto Erlano
goeto Erlano 4 hours ago
I just found my childhood
i have been watching your channels for many years and i finally found your channel!
[DemZz] Chex !Just Far Star Animz!
3:58 All Horror Movies Be Like:
35 Warwade Atharv VII A
If Among Us was BFDI Part 2 and BFB Part 27.And I never Thought that Tennis Ball would be Imposter. Because He is Very Polite and Nice.BFB is Very Nice Series
NK - 07SM 753676 Bristol Road MS
We need a part 2
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Tennis ball was the imposter
Linus Chung
Linus Chung 5 hours ago
Black hole is the real imposter
GreenWolf 5 hours ago
BashCone 5 hours ago
Coin: never seen a button BFDI Coiny: *p u s h*
Ann Rodriguez
Ann Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Shippers: **exist** Real Shippers: 0:48 Shippers that don't ship that much: 0:45 People that hate ships: 4:37
Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming 5 hours ago
Jelly guy voice sounds like dantdm
Dalton Nguyen
Dalton Nguyen 6 hours ago
X was the imposter
Alexander Ho
Alexander Ho 6 hours ago
X is the imposter!
Mr. Blueskies
Mr. Blueskies 6 hours ago
4:39 It's like Bell got a new voice actor or something.
M GAngel
M GAngel 6 hours ago
Can you do a sequel video? Plz? ☹️💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️☹️😢☹️😢☹️💧😢☹️☹️😢☹️☹️😢☹️😢☹️☹️☹️💧☹️☹️😢☹️😢😢💧☹️💧☹️☹️☹️💧☹️☹️💧☹️☹️💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️☹️💧☹️☹️😢☹️☹️☹️💧☹️💧☹️💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️💧☹️☹️☹️😢☹️☹️☹️☹️💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️💧☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😢☹️💧☹️💧💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️😢☹️💧☹️💧☹️😢☹️😢😢☹️😢☹️💧💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️😢💧💧💧☹️💧☹️😢😢☹️☹️💧💧☹️😢☹️😢☹️😢😢☹️
Unicorn Wu
Unicorn Wu 6 hours ago
4 and x is dressed up in spacesuit but none for the bfdi members are not like that
andoni basaguren
andoni basaguren 7 hours ago
black hole: black holes always win in the end
andoni basaguren
andoni basaguren 7 hours ago
3:08 tennis ball is evil
Shaque Dixon
Shaque Dixon 8 hours ago
Can you make my recommended character to look like my icon US-first
SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS
mom: *goes out* sister: *assults me* me who realised mom and dad are not home: 1:43
MaskyYT âè
MaskyYT âè 8 hours ago
X:hi gelatin Me:haha. Thats what I say to people who trigger me in among us
Jaynee Artz
Jaynee Artz 9 hours ago
I like eating the souls of the inocente
Nathan Robinson
Nathan Robinson 9 hours ago
I can’t breathe laughing 😂😂😂
Joshua Anthony
Joshua Anthony 9 hours ago
The Teardrop moment again
Human the white guy /Joshua Bertrand
1:52 Teletubbie
Joseph Gifted Vids Network
can you do TPOT now?
Zach calvin :D
Zach calvin :D 10 hours ago
*black hole was the Imposter*
Penny Cantleberry
Penny Cantleberry 10 hours ago
This is amazing my dream😍😍😍
AbsoluteHooman89 10 hours ago
1:01-1:12 IT'S PENCIL
catrina chute
catrina chute 11 hours ago
Ultimate leafy
Too Much To Handle
Too Much To Handle 11 hours ago
It’s been nine years...the emergency button has been found
ShyGuy 741
ShyGuy 741 11 hours ago
X no, NO, NOOOOOO! Four you taught them too much!
Rossi Ortega
Rossi Ortega 12 hours ago
Wow im love this episode Among us x bfb
Joseph Maung [Calvary Student]
Can we do another Among Us vid?I enjoyed it😂
Karina Ribeiro
Karina Ribeiro 12 hours ago
"Too straight try again" Hm... Sounds... Really gæ not gonna lie...
Mindful 12 hours ago
Moon Plays
Moon Plays 12 hours ago
4:05 Now you won’t sleep tonight. :)
Mariowiiu2008 Goose
Mariowiiu2008 Goose 12 hours ago
Imagin if bfb was on cartoon network
wang qi
wang qi 12 hours ago
The reason why 4 is wear that thingy is because it s among us lollipop
suiichijou 12 hours ago
Sapphira Misik
Sapphira Misik 13 hours ago
bro the end
• xel •
• xel • 14 hours ago
Mom im scared
Estevan Delgado
Estevan Delgado 14 hours ago
Ace King Damp
Ace King Damp 14 hours ago
4:30 did Tree also get killed? 4:43 and then somehow recovered?
Jayden Figueras
Jayden Figueras 14 hours ago
For TPOT 1 PDA Deversed To Regoin And The Challange For The Teams And Contestants Is To Bring All Of The TPOT Teams To Try To Bring Back The Most Nicktoons Shows As Of 1999.
yuko samatara
yuko samatara 14 hours ago
"ship should not exist" me, a shipping fan : *ight imma head out*
Sonic 573
Sonic 573 14 hours ago
This is what we all needed to cleanse 2020 of it's horror.
BartekNiedo 14 hours ago
I love how Bell lost her string when ships should not exist This kind of ship Dummy 1 x Dummy 2
GABBY Alvarez
GABBY Alvarez 15 hours ago
•~◇Shadow Spreads◇~•
I don't really like the part where X kills gelatin its creepy😣
suiichijou 12 hours ago
Pizzacato 16 hours ago
Well a m sorry for saying it that is x evil
Pizzacato 16 hours ago
3 is evil
Pizzacato 16 hours ago
Hey that’s not right what he said 4 is wearing a not really a thing like that kid show
21salinl_scope 16 hours ago
“Remember 9 years ago when you told me there’s no emergency button?” Me: uhhh... uhhh... *insert getting old meme* I’m old
That one Gamer
That one Gamer 17 hours ago
“Four why are you wearing the hide scraped off of the body of a innocent teletubby also four is adorable in among us suit XD
mod creator
mod creator 17 hours ago
I never thought x would be evil he was always kind
John Egnor
John Egnor 17 hours ago
I made a among us animation
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips 17 hours ago
I thought eraser meant the other kind of ship 😅
MadGamer 55
MadGamer 55 17 hours ago
Legend says that geletin is still swiping his card
Katarzyna Kamińska
1:43 is scary robby its
Sophie Robertson-Titus
Sajmon Rajs
Sajmon Rajs 17 hours ago
Jelatin din't got a correct card 🎤Right here,right now🎤!
- CatLoverUwO -
- CatLoverUwO - 18 hours ago
I love gelly boi
anonymous fairy drones
(2:36) (0-0)
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 18 hours ago
Eraser: ships should not exist Shippers: Say sike right now!
Elizabete Tavares
Elizabete Tavares 19 hours ago
Toppat Gad
Toppat Gad 19 hours ago
Tennis Balls eyes are red, means the IMPOSTOR
Dinousar Puppet the gamer 2001
I hate imposters
Makky • 3 tahun lalu
4:04 respawning as Impostor! 1:45 Crewmates/Impostors is in the Among Us game. 1:42 Footsteps? Sound Replaced. 1:43 Footsteps? end. Like Skeld
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 18 hours ago
If the winner of the BFB was from space...4:43
FrequenZ Gamer
FrequenZ Gamer 20 hours ago
1:34 Lollipop:Gorlyoi
MrTopSkyrem 20 hours ago
4:28 bc pen and gelatine died they are missing
Kubix Da Boi
Kubix Da Boi 20 hours ago
Great now make BFDI Fall Guys
Angela Baker
Angela Baker 20 hours ago
Teletubby! Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣
Angela Baker
Angela Baker 20 hours ago
Eraser there is no emergency button! What!? 😳😳😳
Markus Lukasz Marta Constantino
I love this animation UwU
Mon Cayanan
Mon Cayanan 21 hour ago
2 impostors
Mon Cayanan
Mon Cayanan 21 hour ago
Tennis ball is the impostor
Carl the diamond
Carl the diamond 21 hour ago
among us
The fox {dr.k}
The fox {dr.k} 22 hours ago
Every coment *ship doesn’t exists* Ummm.... Mine coment: Why is four dress like among us player?
Soda Pal
Soda Pal 2 hours ago
this joke sucks