if Airpods Max commercials were honest 

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Jan 20, 2021




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RØB Month ago
dm me on ig , ill respond : @roblopez
Yogeshwar Yiddish
Yogeshwar Yiddish 7 hours ago
That’s cap
Le Chat Noir
Le Chat Noir 18 hours ago
ReconicFN Day ago
Rob ass
Renz Clan
Renz Clan 2 days ago
Jeremiah Zhakata
Jeremiah Zhakata 3 days ago
@rexen gaming 0p
Himanshu Pal
Himanshu Pal Hour ago
1:56 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Variations
Himanshu Pal
Himanshu Pal Hour ago
Anyone after Ashish Chanchlani's Double Apple review..🤣
Himanshu Pal
Himanshu Pal 45 minutes ago
@Dev Sharma ha bhaiya mera bhi wahi matlb..kabhi na kabhi to dekha hoga😁
Dev Sharma
Dev Sharma 48 minutes ago
Nahi vo video 2 saal pehle dekh li thi 😒
Nice Review Nice criticism Perfection!mwah
Tony Lee
Tony Lee 2 hours ago
I'll stick to Beats
Nikunj gupta
Nikunj gupta 2 hours ago
I beg you Can you please giveaway to me.! I really need them Also great video man
HIIMFROPPY 2 hours ago
When Ur iPhone XR works better then the iPhone 11 u replaced it with
Zuag Yaj
Zuag Yaj 2 hours ago
Asshole... APPLE lololol
Alyssa Giang
Alyssa Giang 3 hours ago
Sooo..... I guess the AirPods max will mute my comment because I’m poor 😂😭
jang amit
jang amit 4 hours ago
The beautiful sound of privilege 🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜
ZionGo 4 hours ago
My 80$ wireless headset has a better microphone and it's so much cheaper and are fairly comfortable and easy to use.
ZiLi Z.
ZiLi Z. 4 hours ago
No power block, felt that 😭.
Evangelina Rodriguez
"Who the hell choose green" 🤣
manuel soto
manuel soto 5 hours ago
i love how he said it mutes out the poor people
Mr.BeastJesus 6 hours ago
Agree Indeed😂
LOC VRACKETZ 6 hours ago
I wanna laugh so bad but I’m eating😂😂😂😂
WavyDaaay 6 hours ago
Air pod max and rubi😂😂😂😂
SweCreations 7 hours ago
They are actually really good for the price and recieved overall positive reviews from reviewers. A lot of people haven't seen the high end audio industry, but there's headphones in the $2000+ range that will absolutely blow these away in sound quality. A good comparison though is the Bose NC 700 which costs roughly $400, (and I personally own) and is a direct competitor of the Airpods Max. The difference between these and headphones in the $100-200 range is massive, and you definitively get ehat you pay for. That doesn't mean that your other videos are any less accurate though :P
MASTER DOAN 9 hours ago
The air pods max pro Maximum lite Ultra estethic minimal v2 predator advanced X 3 hyper are shit
The Gallows
The Gallows 9 hours ago
Bose quietcomfort is so much better🤣 love mine
Ben Thom
Ben Thom 9 hours ago
“It doesn’t make any sense, because it makes dollars,”
ToyotaCelicaDude1 9 hours ago
"The people who don't have the airpods max, are the people who can't afford them" 😂😂😂😂 Truly felt that
Amreet Birak
Amreet Birak 10 hours ago
What phone do you have????
John Ashley
John Ashley 11 hours ago
Vladimir Nuñez
Vladimir Nuñez 11 hours ago
Beats are better me I could of Ford it but it’s ass to be 550 dollars some people won’t give the money for it it doesn’t mean we can’t afford it
nathaniel me
nathaniel me 12 hours ago
Honestly, airpod max are decent quality and sounds actually balanced (still a bit bass heavy but I am a grados and Sennheiser fan boy sue me). Downside they are kinda expensive in fact I would never buy myself a pair with my own money... but boses are still in business so what do I know...
Bruno Alexander
Bruno Alexander 12 hours ago
Serch in youtube andynsane, this is a copy (sorry for my english)
anonymous snowflake
anonymous snowflake 12 hours ago
anonymous snowflake
anonymous snowflake 12 hours ago
i deadass started laughing five seconds in
Bittu Kumar
Bittu Kumar 13 hours ago
Apple in future: airpods max plus 2x Multiply ultra Pro athlete headphone
Lourd 13 hours ago
If that was their actual ad i would by them.
Bittu Kumar
Bittu Kumar 13 hours ago
I'm poor End.
Rishab Lal
Rishab Lal 13 hours ago
Finally I understand the meaning of his name 'Rob Jobs' His job is to Rob 😂😂
Shreya Upadyay 8A
Shreya Upadyay 8A 14 hours ago
I love and live for the composure of this video-
Abdul Hakim
Abdul Hakim 14 hours ago
Who the hell choose green? Me: MKBHD😑
Zosia Lee
Zosia Lee 14 hours ago
Can we please appreciate he has to go out and buy all of these to make these videos?
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød
Dog Water
Dog Water 16 hours ago
Apple Glasses Ultra Blind Pro Max
Kassie_s _ramen_shop
At Asshole :)
Bemy 16 hours ago
was watching with my airpods max, 3:08 made me think my noise cancellation turned on lol
Lucky Gaming
Lucky Gaming 17 hours ago
I thought my headphones got some issue at 2:03. 😭 Now they are dead
Hi please can you consider doing a Apple Pencil Apple case and card holder thingy And a widgets/IOS 14 Videos ......"...........please
mohammed gamer 9
mohammed gamer 9 19 hours ago
Pedro Carlos
Pedro Carlos 19 hours ago
LMAO kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmmm
Retro Cysper
Retro Cysper 19 hours ago
Headphones for $550?. HOLY CRAP! I Could buy a PS4 in that price. No Thanks.
OrangeGT 20 hours ago
Dude i upgraded from a 60$ head set and i feel NO DIFFERENCE
0r0b0 0s0t0
0r0b0 0s0t0 20 hours ago
I love how I got a bill from apple when I watched the video
Nellyy Mo
Nellyy Mo 20 hours ago
The beautiful sound of privilege 😂
Cgr95 21 hour ago
Hi I’m rob jobs, founder and CEO of asshole *apple* LOL
Naruto Uzumaki
Wtfffff u mute out the poor people tho
PitoPinto Gorgorito
Another android user who makes his own apps in order to be coherent with his affirmation “but android is more customisable” 🤣 I laughed with this video though
Matthew Mulekelayi
What only just realized Rob is the other dude on loveliveserve😁🔥🔥
StormKingG4L Day ago
This had me so weak I swear
Álvaro Sáenz
It's like a video of Andynsane but this is in spanish, so cool the video
Zay T.
Zay T. Day ago
AirHeads Max*
Unstable Rabbit
2:05 man great sound quality
dudfam1212 Day ago
bro what song is on the backround
n. Day ago
Yuriko Senzawa
I prefer using 2dollar vido,mx500 kgis or saiyo ed series earbuds
Super Hamio 64
They don’t have Pro in the name because the Airpods Max Pro for £800 will be out this year.
WalkWithMike Day ago
"The people that don't have airpods max are the same people who can't afford them " 🤣🤣
Squiddabeast OOFER
Josef Creations
This channel has just become repetitive
iZajRes GS
iZajRes GS Day ago
Let me be a prophet here: Apple has 0% chance of this product being a success. In the next 4 years noone will remember they've ever made over ear headphones.
Mason Elsinger
“ and who the hell chose green”
Keely Ball
Keely Ball Day ago
Hi im rob jobs founder and CEO of asshole Ummm apple ya ok that seems right ya ok
Debbie Day ago
Ugliest earphones I've ever seen, it's almost as if Apple is trolling. I'd rather wear the Orange Foam Vintage Stereo 80s Headphones Headset Earphones for Walkman
XD urbi
XD urbi Day ago
That creastal clear micro phone
Liam Healy
Liam Healy Day ago
you just know they’ll release a second set with Pro slapped on them
Nidal World
Nidal World Day ago
The mic quality was so good 😂
Jerome White
Jerome White Day ago
instead of squares the look like mini Kias, they should've just made them apple shaped
Pedro Couto e Santos
This is funny, but... well, there are many way more expensive headphones in the market, and there have been, since Hi-Fi has existed. These are nothing shocking.
Wooshey Comics NOW!
Hilarious! However I do consider beats to be Apple headphones still. I know they were bought out, but every time I go to The Apple store they’re always chilling there. I love my beats by Dre :-) these, not so much. (Borat voice)
Associazione Peso
airpods max look like condoms on head
Lola Howard-Simpson
the first sentence got me
😂 blam
😂 blam Day ago
😂 😂 😂 😂
Lmao the intro
Say cheese Na bitch Kobe
Lol I would never
Real HIFI Help
Denzyl Casuela
Best part is that he actually has one
Josue Tesado
Josue Tesado Day ago
*Who the hell chose green* -Rob Jobs
Realified Day ago
Cameron Day ago
seriously, if you have 600$ to spend on headphones there are SO many better options unless your buying them for the noise canceling.
Amir Radmehr
Amir Radmehr Day ago
Two pairs of socks for 20$. "My merch is not expensive" My ass
Dafoodmaster Day ago
at least beats is gone... at least one good thing came from this. buy something that sounds nice! a nicer sennheiser, a hifiman, a beyerdynamics... anything!
Zero HH
Zero HH Day ago
"And to be honest, the only thing max about these airpods are the price" 🤣🤣🤣
ManKaran Singh
The truth of a whole damn brand in one video 😂😂
Rajesh Sharma
Subscribed in first 5 seconds 😆
chris wheeler
while i love my iphone (over android) ive never once found myself thinking, "gee wish i had some airpods about now!" nor, " a mac would be convenient at this particular moment!" however, i have found myself thinking, "some of yall have bit way too hard into the apple!"
Flyte Day ago
1:04 lmao after all that he bought it anyways. no hate bte
Ruslan Bagirov
Ruslan Bagirov 2 days ago
AirPods max. Way too overpriced to giveaway
R35PECT 2 days ago
2:03 I thought my speakers on my iPhone 10 gave out
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 2 days ago
Y’all just mad you don’t have a pair. They’re awesome and I love them.
nikki 2 days ago
they look ugly
Cosmic hockey
Cosmic hockey 2 days ago
Hope Steve Jobs is watching this in heaven
JHUMUR BISWAS 2 days ago
Samsung: We touch your feelings. Apple: we touch your kidneys
Geoffrey / ジェフリー
As a music producer it’s fact that you can’t expect to get anything close to studio quality from a pair of Bluetooth headphones... They’re great for listening to pre-recorded and mixed music, but monitoring sounds and recording is something that requires more detail. As with 99% of other headphones, I’m sure these are voiced with an EQ of a high bass, high treble and low meds. This gives the illusion of a dynamic and full-range set of tones. Again, great for pre-recorded music, but it’s still not worth $600...
Fireniner3 2 days ago
2:03 I’m almost scared to ask, but this isn’t the real mic audio.... right?