I WON the 2021 FREEDOM 500!!! How did I pull it off???? 

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Yep, I won the Freedom 500.......holy smokes, I WON THE FREEDOM 500!!!!
It still doesn't seem real for myself and the rest of the KSR crew, but we did it!!! From qualifying 2nd behind Alex Bowman, to fighting it out with Hailie Deegan, Randy Pobst, Adam LZ and the rest of the amazing drivers to bringing home the BIG W!!!! Here are the highlights of our win in the 2021 Freedom 500!
Thank you all for the amazing support during this event!
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Apr 7, 2021




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BigHarry Kochenbauls
Well, everyone knows that Randy Pobst won and you guys cheated, but he is too nice of a guy to call you a cheater...
Mike Cabral
Mike Cabral Day ago
That was a fun video thanks!!!
DRIVER 84 Day ago
Seeing you in the moment and realizing the depth of achievement was pretty cool ....there’s plenty of good reasons to have a person like you around and building cars is just an added bonus
David Reed
David Reed 3 days ago
Gahet 3 days ago
Awesome drive Kevin, you earned that win! That looked like a hell of a lot of fun!
46wireboy 5 days ago
Um, wasn't Randy wondering where the PACE CAR was? That's why he didn't take off. Give me a break.
Shaun shaunk
Shaun shaunk 5 days ago
Was that your daughter at the End screaming? Amazing finish . You must have been pumped ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mark Sprouse
Mark Sprouse 5 days ago
Even starting in a race with NASCAR driver means you haul ass. Hell yeah brother!
TurboDieselDan 5 days ago
8:37 Cleetus tip from C8 review- Once your seatbelt can't be any tighter, move the seat up one click to get it even tighter in situations like this.
Jim Merriman
Jim Merriman 5 days ago
Congrats Kevin. As they say, "The cream rises to the top". You really showed them how it's done. Amid the chaos of carnage caused by drivers that really had no business being in the field, you showed some really brilliant driving to get to the front, and stay in front! Well done!
Falcar Deckion
Falcar Deckion 6 days ago
So happy you won! Great job keeping the car together, and biding your time. Well done!
Jeremy 6 days ago
Well played sir! To finish first, first ya gota finish....helps if you look after your car. Big respect from down under I would send my cars to you any day.
jamesmk1cos 6 days ago
the most humble interesting guy i follow. well done on the win and keep the content coming. really enjoy seeing your work
LayLow Tayloe
LayLow Tayloe 6 days ago
Nice save going thru the infield!
KSR Performance & Fabrication
That could have been a race ender for me!!!
uncommon logic
uncommon logic 6 days ago
Leaving the ac on is fine, WOT will shut off compressor and decell with engine will be quicker. Gidigy gidigy gidigy
Max Myers
Max Myers 6 days ago
"Good job rookie" 😂😂😂
Bailey vlog's And more
Well done sir!
tom h
tom h 7 days ago
Man!!! You had a ripper of a crown vic!! What u figure was the average speed?
Sitzkrieg 7 days ago
Would have enjoyed seeing the a lot of the cleaner racers against the 1776 car. Derek is a pretty humble guy but he seems to drive pretty well. It's a shame he got pit maneuvered and wrecked out of the race after leading a few laps. Congrats to Kevin
Kefoo 7 days ago
-- You won! (Survived! - Avoided Catastrophe! - Maintained Physical Cohesiveness! - Ducked Disaster! ) *_Congratulations!_*
TheYammerHammer 7 days ago
You are lucky Heavy D did not take you out! He was out of control and should not be allowed to race anymore!
Ian Wollstein
Ian Wollstein 7 days ago
I had my air-con on dang it 😂😂😂🤓❤️
Branden Dietrich
Branden Dietrich 7 days ago
Great job Kevin, from your boy up in Canada 🇨🇦
Demonic Drake74
Demonic Drake74 7 days ago
with your daughter giving you the bracelet then saying "she needed you" giving you the dub ........ makes me reflect to when Dale sr got his dub from a "lucky penny" from a little girl that he glued to his dash ...... greatness follows greatness
Demonic Drake74
Demonic Drake74 7 days ago
go pro going dead at the worst time , lol. from all the vids i have watched of the freedom 500 this year , you had the best in-car footage out of all of them. took me back when espn in the 90s was doing in-car race footage for nascar all over again. major thumbs up bro , sweet job on the win , congrats ... you earned it for real.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 7 days ago
Kevin, your save at 15:46 looks exactly like it does slowing down a sprint car and dodging an accident (we do not run a RF brake). Awesome
The Guy From WI
The Guy From WI 8 days ago
So pumped you won Kevin! That driving before the go pro cut off was amazing. Your driver awareness is off the chart!
James Dupin
James Dupin 8 days ago
Congratulations bro!!!
CauseAndEffect 8 days ago
Car races are bubble news. A single bubble reaches the surface before the other bubbles. Spend time and money solving real problems.
Jay D
Jay D 8 days ago
Of all the people glad you won it. Just a down to earth guy holding on to a rocket
C H E R C O E 8 days ago
Ya smashed 'em bro! Congrats...
ZingPow887 8 days ago
Can we refill the bottle? We race in an hour! Lmao
Brad McManis
Brad McManis 8 days ago
HELL ya Trans-am BADASS
Nathan Bingham
Nathan Bingham 8 days ago
You've got the best video of the freedom 500 I've seen so far 👌
Benny T
Benny T 8 days ago
Congrats on well earned win. Great driver . I like this channel, no hype, just awesome vids.
Kent Merkle
Kent Merkle 8 days ago
I didn't see any difference in your driving style here from your champcar style 😎 I kid...I'm a kid'r
Ryan Cormier
Ryan Cormier 9 days ago
What a great race. I dont think Randy knew the green light would come on without the van, you stole that win! Nice work paying attention!
Matt Clegg
Matt Clegg 9 days ago
6.18 can't believe he left the dog in the car! 😂
AutoBez313 9 days ago
Beast congrats on the win # 🚗 🚘
Darwin Calliou
Darwin Calliou 9 days ago
I was like who won lol until I seen your face an was oh that dude hahah congrats man 🤘
We The People
We The People 9 days ago
Horrible in car camera angle , who cares what the headliner looks like
Samuel Levitch
Samuel Levitch 9 days ago
I had my money on him from the get go.
MuvoTX 9 days ago
Congrats Kevin & KSR team... that was awesome. I lol'd at Cletus banged up car.
Ali1 9 days ago
Congratulations Kevin, you the man, great thinking - great plan, all worked out perfect 👌.
Tony Decko
Tony Decko 9 days ago
congrats Kev, you deserved that win boy!!!!!
Paul McGhee
Paul McGhee 9 days ago
Congratulations on the win Kevin. I didnt have a doubt that you would finish in the top 5 but you took the win over people who do it for a living! What a legend.
NW FRS 9 days ago
Congrats man. Legend.
Rusty Blades
Rusty Blades 10 days ago
lol ,,, kevin got the tuner in it....LOL
BSB.333 10 days ago
Congratulations Kevin. That was a good race. 👍
Paul Sparkman
Paul Sparkman 10 days ago
Congrats on the win!
Mike Hatch
Mike Hatch 10 days ago
27:08 Do it for Dale
Tech NO City
Tech NO City 10 days ago
Why are there never any black guys at the Nazi Factory?
HENRYNATOR0976 10 days ago
“I’ll be happy to finish in the top 10” … Gets 1st place! Beast 👌🏼
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway 10 days ago
Very smart race. I am happy for you Kevin. Great Job.
Sei 5
Sei 5 10 days ago
Your In view and commentary is great. I puckered a bit when you went through the infield dodging poles...lol can’t imagine how you felt.
Hayden UK 18
Hayden UK 18 10 days ago
Congratulations Kevin. Thanks for sharing this with us take care Edited and the bracelet your daughter made you give you good luck.
Andrew Foss
Andrew Foss 10 days ago
You deserve this one Kevin! Good job. Saving the tires and nitrous all the way to the victory burnout! What a legend. You have so much success coming your way! Keep up with the videos and everyone in the motorsports business will want YOU to build their car!
Steve Zimmerman
Steve Zimmerman 10 days ago
Awesome drive Kevin. Officially the boss. They are all your bitches now. You should do a commemorative KSR Freedom 500 winner shirt, I'd buy one.
Grampa Genuity
Grampa Genuity 10 days ago
I saw serious work ethic for the win.
mac wyatt
mac wyatt 10 days ago
I think the freedom 500 broke youtube... everyone put up videos like a fireworks finale... but it's all the same footage... congrats on the win though
Joffrey Wooldridge
Joffrey Wooldridge 10 days ago
Well deserved man awesome race man awesome 👌
EFormance Engineering
"I wantcha to hit the pace car" "You want me to do what?!" "I wantcha to hit the pace car!"
D Richards
D Richards 10 days ago
Congrats Kev!!! Im new to watchin this youtube stuff. Started at SxS Blog, got to Cleetus, then your channel. All you guys are great. Hope to meet you someday. From NY but have a place north of Tampa(snowbird rookie). Wish you luck in your business. Go KSR!
Harrison 11 days ago
Kevin better get an invite every year from here on out no matter how star studied the line up is.
Sandkei 11 days ago
A big congrats to you Kevin :)
Howabouthetruth 11 days ago
BIG CONGRATS on winning the Freedom 500 Kevin!!!
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 11 days ago
Doesn't count. You had a headlight out...
J. P.
J. P. 11 days ago
Very nicely done, KSR team. Congratulations.
Figthestig 11 days ago
It really shouldn’t matter if your AC is on btw. They have WOT setting on them that kill AC over 80%+ throttle..
the dude
the dude 11 days ago
Your the man! Id loce to see you drive a pro dirt car of whatever class
John Steger
John Steger 11 days ago
I called it on the video when he announced you joining
Artur 11 days ago
Sorry that I havent't had time to watch it earlier. Congrats man, I got my beer (-s), and time to finally watch your video. It's a busy time of year for me. Oh, and thanks for great content! (I know it's gonna be good). Cheers! :)
Paul S.
Paul S. 11 days ago
Wish I could come work for you..
That One guy
That One guy 11 days ago
Cody Landreth
Cody Landreth 11 days ago
You are a 100% genuine person. No bullshit with you. You are a straight up good person. Your friends are lucky to have you as a friend. Congrats on the win. I was pumped for you when I was watching it on PPV. #TEAMKSR
turbanwearersblow 11 days ago
Epic full mouth closeup at the end lmao
Eric Tolle
Eric Tolle 11 days ago
Kevin wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence!
Brandon Kessler
Brandon Kessler 11 days ago
Congrats man!
mckrackin5324 11 days ago
"I had my air conditioning on". That's something I've never heard in race qualifying before. lol Congrats Kevin and everyone from KSR. Great job.
adam0U812 Davies
adam0U812 Davies 11 days ago
That was an awesome video , congrats on the win. Looks like such a great time , looking forward to seeing the next one or two. What will be next ?
Tim Smallsreed
Tim Smallsreed 11 days ago
The Freedom 500 is more of a short endurance race. The key seems to be to hang back and let the front guys wreck each other and run their cars into the ground. Trying to stay out the the wolf pack also helps. It was like you weren't even in the race for most of it. Then bam! Kevin from KSR is in first place! Congratulations on the win!
Kindaquick 1
Kindaquick 1 11 days ago
Congratulations Kevin. Not just putting in work behind wrenches, also putting in work behind the wheel. Great job. I watched the ads for you.
Naylor Family
Naylor Family 11 days ago
Not stock Vic sounds at all!
Naylor Family
Naylor Family 11 days ago
Why no cage in this one?
Brighton Lund
Brighton Lund 11 days ago
Fantastic driving, brother. Super impressive win against incredible drivers!
ik04 11 days ago
Ya don't need brakes if you scrub off your entry speed with the tires!
Michael Hutchison
Michael Hutchison 12 days ago
I was smiling the whole time. That was sweet!
DME EMD 12 days ago
talent and skill (of all kinds) man! 🤘🏻🍻
Alex Tatkin
Alex Tatkin 12 days ago
You seem like a good dude Kevin. I'd love to chat with you around a camp fire.
Tammy Fisk
Tammy Fisk 12 days ago
Did everyone have a spotter or was that your other secret weapon? Of course, the win was totally because of the bracelet. Such an awesome memory made!
Kimber Jones
Kimber Jones 12 days ago
This is literally “stock car” racing the way it should be
Kimber Jones
Kimber Jones 12 days ago
Great job man. I’ve always said Kevin is a hell of a drag racer and an even better road course racer. Now we know he can burn circles too. Wtg Ksr. Winwithksr!!!
Gen X
Gen X 12 days ago
Smart driving Kevin, Congrats
TheRzMike 12 days ago
Gratz Kevin well deserved!
Maxxarcade 12 days ago
It looks like the Check Engine light is on in most of these cars when I see the various racers' in-car videos. It makes me curious what codes are in them. I assume it's mainly due to the nitrous mod, and maybe old catalytics/O2 sensors. They seem to hold up well and run good though. How are these cars as daily drivers in general?
Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle 12 days ago
Congrats, Great race Kevin!
Eric N
Eric N 12 days ago
He seems like such a good dude. Pumped that he won it!
W. McMaster
W. McMaster 12 days ago
aw man. i love everyone that was racing here, but when they announced kevin was racing i REALLY wanted him to win this. that's awesome. kudos! best possible outcome imo. you earned it and deserve it dude!
DroneWolf Media
DroneWolf Media 12 days ago
Congrats on the win! 💪
Ԁяєɰp831 12 days ago