I went Undercover on NBA 2K21 Next Gen 

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Troydan decides to go undercover to find his players on NBA2K21 Next-Gen
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Nov 26, 2020




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Jeremiah Mayfield
ray allen is better
Just Drxppy
Just Drxppy Day ago
troydan just made fun of drose lmao
Charles Ullauri
Charles Ullauri 3 days ago
It was the suss alarm going off
Yung Perez
Yung Perez 4 days ago
Troy Troy you get happy about Kobe and didn’t put him as a starter like WHAT THe F@Ck
Riley Watson
Riley Watson 7 days ago
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell 8 days ago
i need a new mike my old one is broken and when i join a game they say i am ear raping so please choose me i need mike please and thank you
c Schamby
c Schamby 10 days ago
Dude, 03:06 got me laughing. The quick witted Canadian stereotyping ...so funny man.
c Schamby
c Schamby 10 days ago
Make that 04:02
prettiboy_cj 08
prettiboy_cj 08 12 days ago
RIP mamba but mj better
Masonthegoat 14 days ago
bro kyle lowry is the goat don’t disrespect him
Ryker Bierschenk
Ryker Bierschenk 16 days ago
I love this
Yeti McLovin
Yeti McLovin 16 days ago
random: “do you want me to name a nba player for you” troydan: “no, he was onto me” 😂😂😂
karen diaz
karen diaz 16 days ago
25:25 add this to the troydan sus moments LMAOOO
Daniel Locdfari
Daniel Locdfari 16 days ago
i like this video
The sport Every sport
There is a amthest lonzo ball
Matthew Lara
Matthew Lara 19 days ago
lol the laugh at 4:09 and the face
The Levels of Lady Miller
Whoever said some about Troy dance mom you’re getting beat up
Jonah Wood
Jonah Wood 21 day ago
Supper funny vid
Jonah Wood
Jonah Wood 21 day ago
Troy you are a beast
ALPHA 1 K1NG 25 days ago
Im a Drose fan hes my favorite plyaer and he is not still as good as ge was
Ian Shue
Ian Shue 28 days ago
Are you cross eyed
Caleb Routledge
Caleb Routledge 29 days ago
I dOnT hAvE aNy PlAyErS
Takelya DuPont
Takelya DuPont Month ago
Sometimes I question is he slow or not hahahahaha 😂 🤣 😅 😆
Piece Control Marcus
20:07 when people say anime is not good
Chris Amaya
Chris Amaya Month ago
“You know what I mean😏” Troy fan is great man
Justin Vanveen
Justin Vanveen Month ago
Troy is even more hilarious when people recognize him 😂😂
Justin Vanveen
Justin Vanveen Month ago
Stormtrooper Benny
Mom : go hang out with the neighbors! The neighbors : 6:08
Christian Ricci
Christian Ricci Month ago
Troydan try to dis repceat k low
Henry McAlister
Henry McAlister Month ago
22:00 he said he pulled mj but it didn’t say OO😂
GoldenBoy Fitz
GoldenBoy Fitz Month ago
‘’Shut up Bitch’’ 😭😭💀 had me weak
Looney_looner YT
when troy said he packed mj he didn’t have original ownsr
Lastcrow Mexican
I wish someone can to a video of troydan called "Stupid Troydan Moments"
JJ Month ago
...wait ate a stick of butter??
Miles Soler
Miles Soler Month ago
No cap I was playing 2K and greened at the exact same time
Miles Soler
Miles Soler Month ago
25:25 man 🙄
kayvion Month ago
8:42 your welcome 😂
Bengbeast Gaming and blogs
20:03 got me crying
Z3 E
Z3 E Month ago
13:33 I’m fucken dying rn🤣
Harambe Da Gorilla
robgothandlez robgotsandlez
I was robjr2008 at 25:33
Booty Rebel
Booty Rebel Month ago
10:07 IM DONE 💀
DevinPlayz Month ago
dude i loose it when he goes cross eyed
JJplayz Month ago
Hey troydan if you on Xbox one will your myteam save?
javion Month ago
Cory Blessu
Cory Blessu Month ago
Dude fuck you man Derrick rose is still the best pg
Cory Blessu
Cory Blessu Month ago
Lol isint that cute
ZvxGamerz Month ago
Troy Dan looked so sad in 18:55
The Cow
The Cow Month ago
The Cow
The Cow Month ago
Dewan was the other centers name
The Cow
The Cow Month ago
Dewan was the other centers anme
The Cow
The Cow Month ago
The Cow
The Cow Month ago
The Cow
The Cow Month ago
Georgeos Botros
Georgeos Botros Month ago
Kobe fucking bryant
Greenz 4 Vc
Greenz 4 Vc Month ago
Get piggy a Ps5
Brian Ed
Brian Ed Month ago
DaBaby Month ago
DaBaby Month ago
DaBaby Month ago
SuaveDrew Month ago
what happened to lnu man??
Gibson/Gibby Porter
That Derrick rose face is giving me nightmares
LikeMyZen Month ago
I love watching troydan while playing 2k
jan puszczykowski
He got Jordan from pack but he doesnt have original owner sticker :////
Joel Kyrie4670 Jones
He is Trash Kyle Lowry
Fatal & Hive
Fatal & Hive Month ago
Derek Ahsam
Derek Ahsam Month ago
"Derrick Rose" was like the most electrifying player in the NBA, what a player "Derrick Rose" was. Back in his days in "Chicago Bulls". That was a playoff team
TFG _ Camwwfc9
TFG _ Camwwfc9 Month ago
20:06 me if my friends annoy me
alan guerrero
alan guerrero Month ago
Bruh who else lowkey got triggered when he didn’t play and just held the ball 😂😭
the kid vlogger
the kid vlogger Month ago
"you sound like 3 enemas" im dead
Precise Month ago
i would hate to play with troydan while me makes these videos because he sets his controller down on the 2s and completely sells his teammate 🤦‍♂️
Hbk_jt412 Month ago
20:05 was the best moment
Derrick Fan Boy Rose
Fuck you troydan 😂 got me dying when you started holding your knee when they said Derrick Rose
Jazi Rodz
Jazi Rodz Month ago
Why is there gangs
Wout Verlinde
Wout Verlinde Month ago
“I’m 22 so” are you sure about that?
OkayyyRaptor Month ago
iGrexn Only
iGrexn Only Month ago
cridel 2017
cridel 2017 Month ago
You are a liar...you did not pulled Michael Jordan at all as we can't see Original Owner on his card....
Ceferino Mota
Ceferino Mota Month ago
Tell him shout up you sound like you 7
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Month ago
hes the main reason i left the wildcats ASAP so damn annoying
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz Month ago
I’m surprised he didn’t put lonzo to start the game
GloryBoyZayy Month ago
Lmao 13:31
footballlover 1
footballlover 1 Month ago
bring back chiefbeef
Zion Crowder
Zion Crowder Month ago
day 55 of trying to get troydan to notice me
Thats Ryan
Thats Ryan Month ago
Kjsofly Gaming
Kjsofly Gaming Month ago
Lyx Month ago
when he troydan was talking trash but he didnt know he had his mic on made me dead I was laughing so hard
Drllp Month ago
18:52 troy's look after saying the n word is priceless
Kristopher Bugarin
da best goat
da best goat Month ago
28:00 I did not know troy was lonzo twin
DaggerTV Month ago
*3:27** baw i'm crying laughing wth troydan 😭*
da best goat
da best goat Month ago
Did this nigga say eat a stick of butter
When he said why stoof Carey that killed me
theyknowcyrus Month ago
NNB 22
NNB 22 Month ago
Yes sir DRose ✊🏽💪🏽✊🏽💪🏽✊🏽
Seba and Diego Acevedo
Jerfrid Josaphat
Blake Griffin is Haitian🇭🇹
Great Big Island
When he called Kobe Bryant the greatest laker of all time, I cringed
BSimms Month ago
13:29 might be the funniest moment on US-first of all time
Juiceman Carlton Jr
10:08 "You said why steph curry? I got the thickest finger in my mouth" had me dead bruh 😂😂😂
Sean Evans
Sean Evans Month ago
fortnite glitches